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Bi transvestite has fun with hunky Eddie.

So what's going on?"

"I uh...I was dancing with Shay, but I guess I was staring at someone else and she mentioned it to me."

"So...were you staring at someone else?" she asked.

"I think you know the answer to that, Erin."

"I beg your pardon?" she said indignantly. "How would I know that?"

"Because you were staring back."

Flustered, Erin told him, "I was doing no such thing! Okay, I may have periodically glanced your way, but that's only because I wanted to make sure Shay was having a good time. That's all."

He pulled her closer and in spite of her asking him what he thought he was doing, she didn't stop him. He said, "You're far more beautiful than Sarah Palin ever will be Erin, but if you lie to me I'll begin to see you as Hillary and she's neither physically nor politically attractive."

The comparison stung. It was like telling a liberal they reminded someone of Dick Cheney. It was the ultimate slam. Even so, she wasn't about to surrender her dignity without a fight.

"You can think whatever you like, Cameron, but I'm telling you the truth." She hated lying but the truth was too painful to admit.

"Okay, then what's your excuse for when we were at your home having dinner? You barely took your eyes off me the entire evening-Hillary."

Erin made a noise indicating her strong disapproval. "Okay, that was totally uncalled for. That was just mean," she said.

"No denial this time. That's a great first step! As they say, the truth shall set you free."

"I'm just concerned about Shay, Cameron. She did come here with you, you know."

"No worries," he told her.

"How can you be so cavalier about her feelings?" Erin asked with real concern.

"Because she's been staring at my brother all night herself. And if you look over there, I think the way they're acting will answer your question."

Erin looked over and noticed Shay and Adam were both smiling and laughing. Could it be that... No, that wasn't possible-was it?

Erin was so deeply confused she was surprised when she realized how much she was enjoying the dance. The song was coming to an end when he said, "I was looking at you because you are so beautiful to me it takes my breath away, Erin." Before he let her go, he moved very close to her and said, "I know you like it when I look at you and I intend to keep looking." He then moved his face even closer and gently kissed Erin on the neck which would have appeared to anyone casually looking as a polite kiss on the cheek. That briefest of kisses sent shock waves through her body. She was so stunned that when he let go of her hand she just stood there and watched him walk away.

When they got home around 2am, Erin said, "Shay, honey? Is there anything we need to talk about?" She'd been in such a good mood since she and Adam danced together she was hoping the 'incident' with Cameron was over, but she needed to make sure.

"No, I don't think so. Why? Did Cameron say something to you?"

"He might have mentioned a misunderstanding of some kind."

"I didn't think he would say anything," Shay replied quietly. She waited for a moment then told her mother, "You know, Adam helped put things in perspective for me and after that, it was fine. Oh, and I did meant to say thanks for suggesting that we, you know, switch partners. It was really helpful, Mom. And...kind of nice."

Erin was still so shaken from the kiss she wasn't sure what else, if anything, she should say. She finally told Shay, "Well, I'm glad to hear that, honey. I was just concerned whatever happened with you and Cameron might have ruined Homecoming for you. And between you and me, I think you should have been Homecoming Queen."

"Hah! Fat chance with Little Miss I'm-So-Perfect, Lindsay Grimes in the mix," she said with sarcasm dripping from her words.

"You know what, honey? For Lindsay, tonight is the high point of her life.

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