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Sisters holiday.


Clicking on my picture gallery I brought up the photo he'd sent me a few weeks ago. Any doubts about my arousal vanished as I looked at him. He wasn't that tall or muscular, just nice, with little excess weight and a, frustratingly to me given my bulges, flat stomach. The white, almost cyclist shorts length boxers clung to him like a second skin. They accentuated and emphasised his genitals making them, as maybe they were, I didn't know for I'd never seen them naked, huge. Not the boastful type at all I'd had to drag out of him that he had a thrillingly near eight inch and three inch diameter cock!

I was almost shivering with desire as I imagined him at his PC in that deliciously alluring underwear.

"Just them Matt?"

"Yes love just my boxers, just those tight white boxers you like so much. Just those skin tight pants Cat that cling to me so closely."

"Mmmmmm," I clicked feeling the surge of arousal at the words he was manipulating me with.

"The ones you said made my cock look big."

"It does Matt; I have it on screen now."

"Does it look big now? Would you like to see it right now?"

"Yes, yes Matt it looks huge."

Suddenly the window in which we were chatting said,

"Matt has invited you to photo share, Accept or decline."

I don't usually like pictures of men's' erections. To an extent it's "seen one seen 'em all," well to me at least. Obviously that's different when looking at the real thing. When near to a penis that you know you've made hard, it's a totally different ball game. When up close and personal to something that's shortly going to invade you, plunder your insides and do such amazing things to your mind and body, well then they look fantastic. But on a computer screen or a paper, no thanks not for me, usually.

Matt's cock looked magnificent. It was big, it was long, it was thick and in the about to be fucked state I was in, it looked beautiful. Yes, though cocks, most of the time, have little going for them and certainly are low on aesthetic values, when hard, hot, nearby and are about to be shoved right up a girl's pussy, then they really can look beautiful. Beautiful and powerful is how I like to consider a cock that I am about to devour.

"Oh Matt," I whimpered, adding "thank you, thank you," remembering that last week he'd asked if I'd like such a photo of him and I 'd said I would.

"Oh yes," I went on as several more of him in various naked poses lit up my screen.

"What's under the blouse babe?" Came up, making me tear my eyes away from his body and cock

"What would you like to be under it if we were together?" I asked rather coyly given the circumstances.

"Nothing of course."

"Spot on Matt, you got it in one." I typed trying to sound sexy in print.

"Does it feel nice Cat, the silk on those big, full tits of yours?"

"Mmmmmm," wonderful.

"Are you rubbing your boobs, through the silk?"

"Yes," I told him truthfully feeling a shudder go through me as my fingers ran found my nipple and caressed it through the pleasure giving silk.

"And under the trackies? Are you naked there as well?"

"No Matt, just a nice little thong, just like this," I typed as I forwarded him the page, www.agentprovocateur.com that showed the most gorgeous, but annoying stick-like model in the thong with shots from the back and front.

"I bet that looks fantastic Cat, are you looking at that thong?"

"No of course not," I typed as I started getting a little more involved with the silk on my breasts. "It's hidden by the trackies isn't it?"

"Yes, but should it be Cat? Need it be? Wouldn't it be better if it wasn't?"

"Lol," I typed turning to the chat room vernacular. "What, pray sir are you suggesting?" I asked in the mock, shock way we sometimes messed around as I undid the buttons on my blouse and pushed my boobs together with the silk between my hands and my skin. Memories of that 'goodbye fuck' with Craig came into my mind.

"Well, my naughty, randy Cat just one thing."

"Yes and what can that be I wonder?"

"Take your fucking trousers off," came up followed by "lol."

"Well as you ask so diplomatic

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