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Rachel makes three - again.

I'm just looking at the women. Forty minutes later the pizza is here. Sue has brought a robe out and she goes to pay for the pizza. As she walks back I say "Sue, you should have answered the door naked. Could have got the pizza free."

She laughs and says "Yeah, might have gotten something else free raped."

I say "With all of us here? I don't think he's have gotten far."

She laughs and says "You are probably right. But we can't take a chance with any nudity outside or near the door."

We dig into the pizza and continue to watch the movie. After the movie, Maria comes over and kneels in front of me and says "Please, Master John. Please do not close your marriage again."

Joan quickly kneels in front of Vanessa and says "I agree, Mistress Vanessa. I love you and can't live without having sex with you and your husband. Please don't do that again."

I say "I don't think we'll ever do that again. We found out that we really need everyone else in our lives especially the three of you."

Vanessa says "Yeah, our marriage is open now for you and we will not try that again. I was surprised how much I missed you three especially and really everyone else. I really love this man but I found out I need the variety of Jim, Mike, Carl, Tim, even Marcus occasionally and I know John was missing Adriana, Hoshi and Julia plus all the other women."

"I missed my subs the most though. Remember when we started the BDSM hobby. I wasn't thrilled about it but now it's a part of my life that I'm not ready to give up, ever. I missed you three the most. My girlfriends with benefits are a part of me now." I grab Joan, French kiss her and say "Especially, this old broad. I can't live without any of you anymore than I can live without Vanessa."

We all give each other a big hug and French kisses are passed around. "Okay ladies, I think we will go to bed. Thank you for a wonderful evening. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good night, my girls."

We all say good night and head for our respective bedrooms. I'm tired and I'm sure Vanessa is too.

We jump in bed and cuddle. Soon we are both asleep, exhausted.


Joan's Diary: October 21st. I'm so damn happy. John and Vanessa are back and their marriage is back open. I feel like I've been reborn. I've got a lot of work to do today though. I let myself and my bedroom suite go for the past five weeks or so. I'm going to be working my butt off to get everything back the way it should be. I think every piece of clothing I own except the corsets is dirty. I basically lived in my bed for most of a month. My bathroom is filthy. I know John didn't enjoy my pussy very much because it doesn't feel clean to me. Well, diary, I'm signing out for now. I've probably got eight hours of cleanup to do and then I'm going to douche and give myself an enema. Then it's a very long shower. I've got to do something about this hair too. Man, what a mess!.


October 25th - John calls the Whites and tells them he and Vanessa want a BDSM night with them. They are thrilled. Maryanne asks "Are you opening your marriage again, Master?"

John says "Only for BDSM right now. Vanessa is missing her sub George and I am really missing my sub Maryanne." They set it up for the 28th. I'm going to be watching it all on the TV.

Maryanne says "Yay, we'll be there Master."

"Wear the butt plug, sweetheart."

"Yes, my Master."

October 28th, 8pm - The Whites Come For A BDSM night.

Vanessa and John are ready in the living room and I'm right there waiting in one of the overstuffed chairs. I'm going to watch everything on DTV, the "dungeon" channel.

The Whites arrive and John tells me to let them in. I open the door and they both have big smiles on their faces. They hustle in and both run over and kneel in front of John and Vanessa. Maryanne says "I'm so glad you are back, Master."

George says "I was so happy, Mistress, when Maryanne told me about tonight I got really excited. I'm yours to use however you wish."

Vanessa smiles and says "Very good

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