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Their unusual introduction.

Reaching the bed her hands had worked my pants open. As she sad down, she pulled my pants down to the floor, my cock bouncing up to brush against her warm cheek. She grabbed my cock with her mouth as her soft wet lips engulfed me with such hunger that I thought I would scream from pleasure if only I could.

I quickly threw off my t-shirt letting it fall to the floor. Her mouth drew me almost completely taking my breath away. Leaning forward, I grabbed her nightie which had bunched up above her hips and pulled it over her shoulders. As her mouth let go of my cock to let her nightie slide off, I quickly replaced my cock with my mouth. We leaned back so she could rest on the bed. We kissed passionately, my hands tweaking hard nipples. As I hovered over her, my cock head was brushing ever so slightly over her slippery pussy. I swayed my hips ever so gently letting my precum soaked head slide back and forth across her pussy lips and engorged clit. I felt her moan into my mouth. She reached down grabbing my cock in an effort to guide me into her. I had other plans.

I grabbed her hand and pinned it behind her, as I continued to tease her with my cock. Her legs still hanging off the bed, she had little leverage to resist. She reached out with her other hand and I grabbed that one too and pinned it above her head. My cock was now soaked with her juices as I placed the swollen head so it parted her pussy lips. I pushed slightly so just the head entered. She moaned softly, quietly, in anticipation. I moved back to see my baby through the moon light that lit the room. She was staring at me with pure lust in her eyes. A slight smile parted her lips and I smiled back.

"Do you want me?" I asked.

"GGooodd! Yes I want you!"

I thrust my cock so that the head barely entered her pussy. I began small gentle strokes to further tease her aching pussy. I smiled mischievously. We were two couple having the time of their life.

"Not before I eat your pussy."

"I want you now!" She thrust her hips up trying to get more of my cock inside.

I pulled back.

"Do you want my mouth?"

"Yes! I want your cock too!"

"Two bad you couldn't have both at the same time," She knew where this was going and she thrust up again, this time my cock head slid out of her pussy and the length of my cock brushed up against her wet lips. She continued to stroke her pussy and clit using the full length of my cock.

"Mmmm... god that would be amazing!"

"I know, I would love to give that to you."

While still holding her hands, I moved down her body such that her hands were now pinned down on either side of her legs. I slid down on my knees on the floor between her toned legs.

Whispering, I asked "Don't you wish I could suck your clit like this" ...and brought my mouth to her clit as I sucked it into my mouth and rolled my tongue around it

"... while"... letting go of her hands...

"... his hard cock was sliding in and out of you like..." ... and I inserted two fingers into her pussy as my mouth returned to ravage her clit.

I frantically worked on her pussy with my fingers while my tongue flicked her. And soon, her body arched, and her pussy convulsed around my fingers. I eased up on her clit because I knew how sensitive it got when she started cumming...

"Yes baby, cum all over his cock...mmm...yeah, make him cum for you."

Her orgasm peaked as I began to lick her pussy lips around where my fingers were frantically moving inside her. I watched her face throughout her orgasmic ride taking pride in my handy work. Watching that girl cum is priceless!

After her orgasm started to subside, I climbed up her body and we began to frantically kiss as she licked her cum off my glistening lips.

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