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I was surprised but then she laughed and told me that she wanted to join me this time to see what it was like. I agreed and drove to the other end of the parking lot and parked in the last stall. The rest area is pretty well lighted but not so much where you can easily see everything.

We both got undressed, all she had on was her pumps and I was wearing black fishnets and heels. I drive a Mini van with the sliding door so we got out where no one else in the car area parking could see. There were only 2 other cars in the lot so it was pretty quite but the truck parking was just about full.

I told Tina we could walk across the road to the tree line and then down along the back of the trucks to the beginning of the lot and she agreed. We made it to the tree line with no problems and started walking. It was so exciting having someone else out flashing with me that it already had my pussy getting wet.

We got about 3 quarters of the way and I saw a truck coming up the off ramp to enter the rest area. Tina grabbed me by the hand and we ducked behind a tree. I laughed and told her that it was alright he probably would not have seen us anyway but she was still shy about what she was doing not to mention she was drunk and scared LOL.

We got to the beginning of the lot and I looked and didn't see anyone walking around or any signs of life at all.

You could see lights on inside some of the trucks so I knew we would at least get some drivers looking at us which again made my pussy get wetter. I asked Tina if she was ready and she tried to back out but I gave her a nice deep kiss and assured her everything would be fine.

We started walking along the front of the trucks hand in hand and there were a few drivers still awake. We smiled and waved at them but Tina didn't want to stop and we kept walking. When we got about half way back I saw someone walking from the building towards the trucks. Tina again pulled me in between 2 of the trucks to wait till they passed. I watched until they disappeared and we continued walking.

There were only about 5 trucks left to walk past when we heard a male voice say

"How are you ladies doing tonight?" Driver.

He startled us both and we stopped. I looked over and saw him leaning against his truck. He was about 5'9", black hair with a pretty nice build

I smiled and said "We're doing fine and how are you?"

Tina was holding onto my hand tight and trying to urge me to keep walking but I wouldn't LOL.

"What are you 2 girls up to? Are you out looking for some fun?"

"We're just out taking a walk and what kind of fun do you mean?" I asked.

"Well that would depend on how much it would cost." Driver.

I told him "We're not hookers just out taking a walk. What kind of fun did you have in mind?"

He smiled stood up unzipped his pants and pull out his already hard cock. It was a nice size about 8" long and thick.

I smiled at him "Oh you mean that kind of fun." I walked towards him with Tina in tow and knelt down in front of him. Then I started licking and sucking his cock.

Tina was standing next to me and was whispering that she wanted to leave. I told her that we couldn't just leave this poor guy with a hard on and not do something about it.

I continued sucking him off and was telling Tina she should join me but she just stood there watching me as I sucked him. I reached over and slipped my hand between Tina's legs and could feel her wet pussy and started rubbing her clit.

Now both the driver and Tina were moaning in pleasure. Then Tina just came out and said. "Fuck this. I want some of that cock too." I laughed and told her to come and join me.

Tina "I don't want to suck him, I need that cock inside me."

My eyes opened wide as she turned bent over and put her hands on the step of the truck. The driver didn't need to be told anything he just turned from me moved in behind Tina and shoved his cock inside her wet pussy.

She let out a loud moan and he started pumping her hard and fast.

I moved over and started sucking on Tina's hard nipp

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