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A recent grad finds a different sort of job.


Maureen said, "That's the plastic one we saw."

"Yes, it's not a spikey thingy."

"Thank goodness, if it had been one of those I would have spent the next month worrying about David and I don't even know him."

I continued reading.

"Matt suggested that since David was my husband I should buy the chastity cage. He told me I could get one at The Sex Emporium. It's a store on the outskirts of downtown that specializes in erotica of all kinds. Matt also told me that they're expensive and offered to pay for it. I accepted his offer. I was certain David would get a thrill out of knowing my new boyfriend paid for the chastity cage I'm making him wear."

"Michael, your friend Ruth has a creative imagination."

"It doesn't surprise me. She's bright. She also loves her husband."

"So she wants to do everything she can to make this fun for him."

"That's right."

"I'm really beginning to like Ruth."

"Even if she's planning to make her husband wear a chastity cage?"

"Because she's planning to make her husband wear a chastity cage. Michael, she's doing it for him."

"Yes she is and you're making outstanding progress."

"You're a good teacher."

"I'm trying."

"Keep reading."


"Matt then asked me if I was serious about trying this with him. I told him I was and added that I was sure David was too. He said that if I was certain, he thought our next step should be a dinner out for the three of us. He invited David and me to have dinner with him at the Kennsington Grill next Saturday night. After dinner, if everything goes well, we'll go back to his penthouse apartment for a cocktail.
I told Matt that I liked his plan, but needed to talk to David about it. He understood. We turned our attention back to sex. Matt fucked me one more time. It was even better than the first time.

After we finished we dressed and walked out into the living room. Michael, it was amazing. Jeanne, Abby, Mark and Bobby were all naked. Jeanne was lying on her back on the couch. Mark was straddling her shoulders facing her. She was sucking his cock. Abby was lying on her stomach between Jeanne's thighs eating her pussy. Bobby was sitting in a chair jacking off while he watched them. Matt and I interrupted them so we could thank Jeanne and Abby and say goodbye. All four of them politely stopped, looked up at us, said goodbye and then immediately returned to what they were doing."

Laughing, I said, "That's my wife. She knows how to focus on a task."

Maureen giggled. "If I was getting my pussy licked while I was sucking a cock I'm not sure I could maintain enough composure to look up and say good bye to someone who was leaving."

"Care to give it a try?"

"I'm not sure how we'll do the part where we say good bye to someone who's leaving, but you and I have already established that we can do the licking and sucking with aplomb."

"Shall we?"

"Now it's you who can't stay on task." Maureen paused and then with a sly smile, she added, "Maybe we could wait until we get back from The Polynesian Lounge."

"It's a date, unless of course..."

"Unless of course what?"

"Unless you meet someone at the Polynesian Lounge."

"Michael I'm going there with you and I fully intend to come home with you."

"Even if you meet someone very interesting?"

"Very interesting?"

"Yes, very interesting."

"Well then maybe we'll have a little fun together first, but I'm still going home with you." Staring into my eyes, Maureen said, "Michael, you're my friend. I don't have many friends."

"Okay, but there may come a time when you're going to want to spend the night with a man you meet."

"And if that time comes we'll deal with it."

"Yes, you're right, we will."

"Let's read the rest of Ruth's email."

"Good idea." I started reading again.

"Matt walked me to my car and kissed me goodnight. I promised to call him in the morning. He told me he would be eagerly waiting to hear from me and then he kissed me again.

Michael, driving home my heart was racing at a

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