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Two lovers are reunited.

"You can go down on me after and lick his cum out of me."

She had reached over to the nightstand and found a glass of wine. She nodded as she raised the glass to her lips. With the other hand, she gave me a thumbs up, before reaching out and pushing my head back down between her legs just as hubby was sliding his cock into me from behind.

A muffled moan escaped my mouth up into Chrissy's pussy as I felt hubby's cock slide up inside me. Having his thick, veiny cock up inside me was always a great pleasure.

I felt Chrissy writhe underneath me as I gripped her hips and darted my tongue in and around her sopping pussy. I was as much into lapping up every bit of her slick goo as I was with pleasuring her as hubby pleasured me with his cock.

Even doing it doggy-style he made of point of thrusting himself forward in such a way that his big, fleshy cock-head grazed over my g-spot every time. Even with the pleasure he was giving me, and the pleasure I felt having my mouth on a hot pussy, my mind drifted back to my author.

Just the thought of telling him about this made me spew cum over hubby's cock, while at the same time sucking hard enough on Chrissy's clit to make her cum all over my chin.

Hubby's pace increased, and I knew it was because I had cum. He always loved having my slick goo coat his cock, to say nothing of the fact that the way me cumming made my pussy tighten up around his shaft. It was much longer before I felt hubby's cum shoot forth inside of me.

I moaned loudly with pleasure and took one more gentle suck of Chrissy's moist pussy before I raised my head and gave her a knowing look. "Are you ready to eat?"

"Oh hell yes!" she whimpered at me.

Once hubby slid his goo-coated cock out of my pussy, I crawled up onto the bed next to Chrissy. I reached over her sweaty body and grabbed her glass of wine from the nightstand. "Well?" I smiled at her. "My pussy is waiting."

"On it," she grinned at me as she ran her hand through her hair. She sat up slightly and kissed me deeply before shifting places and taking up position between my legs.

I moaned loudly as Chrissy worked her tongue over the outside of my pussy, lapping up the mixture of both my own slick goo, and hubby's cum, before diving her tongue inside of me and swirling it around.

HOLY SHIT! The girl had a talented tongue! Not only was she using her tongue swirling to scoop up hubby's cum from inside me, she was hitting the walls inside my pussy, my pussy lips and she even managed to swing her tongue up and hit my clit too!

I eased my legs up and rested them over her shoulders as she continued her outstanding work, bringing me LOADS of pleasure. At this rate when I came I was going to coat her face!

My gaze drifted over to hubby who sat in his chair with camera in hand. I smiled at him and beckoned him over.

"Wanna kiss?" he breathed at me as he glanced down and looked at Chrissy's head bobbing between my legs.

"No," I whimpered playfully at him. "I just needed a refill." I managed a soft chuckle as I waved the near empty glass at him.

"Of course," he playfully groaned at me.

Chrissy was bringing me right to edge of a massive orgasm. "Oh I'm kidding," I moaned loudly as I set my glass down roughly on the nightstand. I reached forward and grabbed the back of his head.

The second our lips locked, and tongues intertwined, Chrissy's tongue and mouth finished me off! I practically shrieked into hubby's mouth as I came! My legs tightened around Chrissy's back and I bucked wildly as she continued sucking on my clit as I gushed (again!) all over her chin!.

I collapsed to the bed in a contented heap of pleasure as hubby kept kissing me deeply. Chrissy slowly eased up the bed next to me, opposite hubby and caressed my tits softly.

Hubby must have felt her presence, because he suddenly broke our kiss and eased back off the bed. The man knew how to obey our rules!

I immediately turned over and kissed Chrissy deeply as we embraced each other deeply.

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