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First time encounter starts a lifelong relationship.

'Wear the thong' he commanded. I gingerly picked the black piece and started thinking how would the rest of the office react if I walked around and a dildo slipped off to the floor from between my legs! When the thong was in place, I ran a finger from my ass to my pussy, the thong line ran right on the centre of the dildo between my now gaping open pussy. I was so wet by now the line was soaked.

'Now that's a view I wouldn't miss for the world and don't take it off before I told you to' he exclaimed. I was busy thinking how I wouldn't be able to move much during the day and how horny I would get. Already I was squeezing my pussy muscles, trying to savour the sensation. Suddenly the door opened and another guy came in. We quickly tried to look as if we're busy doing something else and after a minute I came back to sit on my place.

When I sat, I was surprise on how the dildo nudged my cervix ever so lightly and it only happens when I'm sitting on a certain position. 'Damn!' I thought, 'this is gonna be hell!'

During the day I saw him putting a hand on his mouth as if trying not to laugh or maybe he was covering a smile. 'Fuck! How he loves to see me suffer!' but then if he likes to play it that way why shouldn't I join in the game? I walked to the rows of cabinet and saw him raised an eyebrow, it was the first time I dared to walk around today. I opened a low drawer and walked to its side, so only he can see my back. I bent forward to show him the dildo still lodged in my pussy and took my time in selecting the documents I want.

After I finished, I slowly closed the drawer and stole a glance at him, this time he had his hand on his eyes. He looked like someone with a bad headache. By the end of the day, I was so wet I made a mess on my seat. My thighs were sticky and I'm sure my leather skirt had stains! Hot and horny and no relief! I was ready to do anything! Including going to the toilet and fingered my engorged clit!

But still I waited until everyone went home before I came to his desk. 'What you did earlier was very naughty' he said, 'I'm sorry, but I was so hot and I need to air it a bit' I answered. It was a stupid answer but I couldn't be bothered anymore and he wasn't impressed. 'You need to be punished some more. Sit down' as he pointed his desk. I did as he asked and he peeled my thong and brought it to his nose. 'I see you've been bad too! Tell me what you did'. As said as he continued to type on his computer.
'I uh tried to rub my clit when sitting down, but pushing forward real hard' I said

'Did it help?'

'No, it got worse'

'What did you do next?'

"I opened my legs, and tried to rub my slit on the rough seat fabric. But nothing helped. I only made a mess and now my pussy is all red and tender from too much rubbing' I whimpered

'I saw you fidgeting on your chair and I saw you beside the copier with you legs slightly apart. I was imagining your pussy contracting trying to keep the dildo in place.' He shifted his chair so he's now between my legs. He prised my knees wide open. I laid on his huge desk, with my legs dangling down 'My poor baby girl.' I heard him said before kissing my soaked pussy. I raised my knees, so my pussy is right in front of his face. He licked the length of my slit without touching the swollen clit. I shoved my pussy to his face.

Then I felt his fingers, reaching for the dildo and pulling it out swiftly. I was dripping wet, I could feel my juice running down from my pussy to my ass. I saw him dangle the dildo in front of my face. 'See the mess you've created?'

'Please' I said, 'I need to come so bad'

'Sit up' he ordered and then pulled me to stand. My knees were useless, my legs have turned into jelly. He supported my weight and flop me on his lap, straddling on to his thick left thigh. With my back facing him, and my skirt bunched up my waist, 'Show me how you did it' he said. 'What?' I was all hot and flustered, the only thing I could feel was my pussy throbbing on his thigh.

'Show me how you did it with you

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