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Thorough, but not professional.

" I smiled and poured her a shot. She looked confused, and for a second I swore I saw a glimmer of jealousy. "So tell, me, was I any good?"

"Good? At what?"


"Actually, you didn't really kiss me. I mean, you did, but only a peck on the check. Wow. I feel stupid." I laughed as Meghan took the shot and motioned for another one. Shit. This was gonna be too easy.

"Well, I'll tell you what. I go on break in about an hour. If you want your real kiss, and the free drinks still stand, meet me back here and I'll take you on a tour of the employees only lounge."

"Um, well okay I guess." She stuttered, "I guess you have to at least make it up to me." I smiled as the alcohol started talking. I knew she only said yes because she felt jilted she wasn't memorable.

"See you in an hour then." I said, and walked to the other end of the bar. I tried to keep a straight face for the next hour as Meghan and all her friends kept drinking. I really didn't have a set time for a break, but I figured Id let her think it over, decides she wants me, and let her come to me. They always did.

45 minutes later, Meghan returned to the bar with freshly applied lip gloss and only slightly tipsy. She wasn't as drunk as I thought she would have been, but at least now I knew she wouldn't throw up on my cock. Or my new shoes.

"Well, well." I said, stacking some glasses. "look who's back."

"Yeah, well, you said in an hour, and I keep my word." She looked at me through hazy eyes. "Lets see you keep yours."

"Whoa, chicka!" I said, holding up my hands. "We just met!" I laughed and she smiled. A good sign. I lifted the bar top and gently led her to the left of the bar by the small of her back. I opened the double wooden doors and took her hand up the stairs.

When we crested the landing, she looked around in awe. It was an often look the bar guys got when they brought potentials up here. It was art deco, completely modern and colorful. There were lounge chairs, couches, a big screen TV. All the essentials for a hot and hip uptown nightclub.

"Wow." Meghan said, walking the perimeter of the room. "I'm impressed."

"Well, its nothing rally." I said, modestly. "Just a place the staff hangs before, during or after closing."

"Its beautiful."

"Well, would you like a drink?" I asked, heading for a bar stashed in the corner.

"Um, sure. But water this time."

"Big drinker," I said, grabbing an aquafina.

"Well, I hide it well." by now I had made my way back to Meghan and instead of handing her the water, I pressed it to her neck. Instinctively she rolled it to the side, and moaned.

"That feels so good." She said, her eyes closed. "I've been burning up down there."

"Yeah, it gets pretty steamy around here." I dropped the bottle to her cleavage, the beads of condensation rolling down her chest, between her breasts and disappearing under her shirt. I felt my dick stir and I was primed.

"Um. That does feel so good!" She grabbed the water bottle from me and pressed it to my neck. I grabbed her hand in the process and stopped her from trailing it down my black t-shirt.

"I know what else would feel good." I said. "But only if you were still up for it."

"Oh! That's right. You owe me a kiss!" He eyes popped open and she smiled.

"That's right!" I said, taking her around her waist and pressing her to me. I heard the air escape her lungs and her smiled faded.

"Lets see if what my friends say is true." she purred. I was taken aback.

"Your friends?" I asked. "What do they know about me?"

"Do you know a woman named Reagan?" She waited for the name to register with me. I coyly smiled.

"Ah, yes. The ever so grand Miss. Reagan. I do know her." I began to nuzzle Meghan's neck, planting gentle kisses on her shoulders.

"Well," she started, become more and more distracted. "We are best friends. She confided in me about you. Being that you are one of the only black bartenders in the area, It wasn't hard to track you....down!"

I had nibbled my way to her breasts, and I had bit the nipple through her shit.

"So, your not g

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