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"Without the shadow of a doubt Delaney you are correct. The very skill in the matter is to make the effect last as long as possible. For hideous punishment it is and for a heinous offense without question."

"But the rummest thing there was no noise. The devils must have been in agony from the first incision, if one can call it that. Why didn't anyone hear a damned peep? Walls in these buildings are so thin you could hear a mouse fart through them."

"I would suggest you check their mouths. Probably a good deal of opiate powder therein."

"You have seen this before Holmes?"

"Not seen, no Delaney. Not witnessed personally, but I have read accounts that describe in some detail the events you here see played out. It is without question 'Lingchi', slow slicing, the slow accent of the mountain, the death of a thousand cuts. A punishment considered so severe that it is held over only for treason and patricide. In the hands of the skilled executioner such punishment might last many hours, in fact one tale tells of the victim surviving several days. The use of opium is well recorded. Some suggest it ensures the prisoner will not faint to fast, whilst others that it has quite the opposite effect and brings on a blessed stupefaction quickly."

"Chinese then you are saying Holmes. But why here man, it makes no sense."

Delaney was still mumbling as I left. No point feeding more information into his already frazzled mind, I had probably been too explicit as was. Without question some of my deductions would be passed to Lestrade and he would soon enough be banging at my door.

Fournier Street was crawling with traffic. The m__l__e caused by the events in Brick Lane had caused a major bottleneck and the crush of individuals and carts attempting to traverse between Whitechapel and Stepney had every spare Peeler on his toes running hither and thither. I managed to slide through the morass without being either felled outright or pick pocketed by the ever crowd present finger men. The junction with Commercial Street just ahead I darted into the protection of Itchy Park before there was a chance of my being spotted by either Watson or Abberline should they have need to raise their heads from the tankard of porter each would be imbibing happily in the Ten Bells.

Itchy Park was full, all seats taken and the overflow reclined on the flag stones between. The air was turgid with an atmosphere of gin fumes and unwashed bodies, an olfactory critique of the degradation spewed within this Church yard by an uncaring government and society. Christ Church rose above me in all its English Baroque splendor but was more far familiar to these poor wretches laying drunken within its shadow than to any of its intended gentrified parishioners.

"You needing something gov'ner?"

A young man, probably in his mid teens stepped into my path. He was dressed very sportingly for this locale and had a knowing twinkle in his eye that showed more worldly knowledge than was the general rule.

"I am looking for Jeremiah Flagstaff. You knows him?"

"I knows Jeremiah sir, might we enquire the nature of ours interest?"

The rather odd syntax of our conversation was following ritual exactly as prescribed.

"Interest is ours alone, profitable but private like!"

The lad spat in his right palm and extending the hand awaited my reciprocation. I necessarily obliged and followed his lead into the graveyard.

Jeremiah Flagstaff sat enthroned on upturned fruit baskets beside the mysterious copper faced pyramid of Hawksmoor's design. As serene and resplendent in pearl buttoned costume as any other monarch the king of beggars watched me approach.

"Stand stranger. This door is closed without profit."

The speaker was Michael Renshaw, Flagstaffs master at arms and quite the most cold hearted killer I had ever met. A man who would quite willingly gut his mother slowly for a sovereign, his eyes had the cold stare of Jack Catch beneath the Tyburn Tree.

"Three golden keys for entry are offered."

"Two are taken for profit, the third is your interest."


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