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A stalking story.

Sandra leaned back and whispered, "This is really hot; play with my pussy while we watch."

I slipped my fingers between Sandra's legs and massaged her panty covered cunt while we watched Julie suck Barry's cock.

Julie was attacking her lover's erection with wild abandon. She was obviously already lost in a frenzy of lust. Apparently, the earlier events of the day had gotten her very aroused.

Barry enjoyed Julie's blow job for a few moments then took his cock out of her mouth and moved around to the end of the conference table. He rolled Julie onto her stomach, pulled her panties off and spread her legs. Barry tried to push his cock into Julie's cunt, but she stopped him.

"Remember your promise Baby; I want you to fuck my ass."

Barry smiled and rubbed the head of his cock in Julie's pussy. When he had it nice and slippery, he pulled her back just a little so her ass was easily accessible.

I was fascinated as I watched Barry press the tip of his cock into Julie's tight little anus.

Julie held her breath as Barry pushed harder and harder. Suddenly she gasped as the huge head of Barry's erect penis popped into her asshole.

They both remained perfectly still for a moment. Finally Julie started to move. When Barry felt Julie's movement he began pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her ass.

Julie's eyes were closed. Her breathing was labored. She was biting her lower lip.

I started to worry that Barry was hurting her.

Sandra must have sensed my concern. She whispered to me, "Don't worry Stevie, she's doing fine."

Once Barry had the full length of his cock inside Julie he stopped. He gave her a moment to get used to the feel of his enormous penis, then he started to move. He worked slowly at first. Barry fucked Julie's ass with long graceful strokes.

Julie looked at me and smiled as her lover pushed his cock in and out of her ass.

Sandra leaned over, "Do you see how much she's enjoying this Stevie?"

I nodded.

Barry was good. He knew how to vary his rhythm and pace. The changes in tempo drove Julie wild. Soon she was moaning with delight as she thrust her hips back to meet Barry's cock each time he pushed it into her.

The two lovers started to lose control. They were fucking each other with unbridled fury. The sexual tension was becoming unbearable for both of them. Suddenly Julie started to cry as an orgasm exploded inside her.

At the same time Barry made one last thrust deep into Julie's ass and stopped moving. After a moment he groaned as he began ejaculating.

Julie screamed with pleasure when she felt Barry pumping his semen into her. It was a public office. Sandra jumped up and put a hand over Julie's mouth to try to muffle the sound.

Barry and Julie gradually relaxed as the waves of pleasure from their orgasms began to subside. Barry leaned forward, gently kissed Julie between her shoulder blades and stood up. Julie uttered a muffled cry of protest when she felt his limp cock slip out of her ass.

Sandra pulled her hand from Julie's mouth, kissed her on the lips and whispered to her, "Just lie still baby."

Sandra spread the cheeks of Julie's ass and turned to me. There was a huge grin on her face, "Cuckboy I think you have a little more cleaning to do."

Julie moaned as she felt me lick Barry's semen from her gaping asshole

After Julie and Barry got dressed, we discussed some quick details about the house. I requested a walk through next weekend so that the girls could start making decorating and furnishing plans.

Barry was very accommodating. We agreed to meet him at the house at 10:00 Saturday morning.

We left Barry in his office just before 5:00. It was still too early to go to dinner, so we decided to drive by the house.

We parked in front. The girls were so excited that they could barely contain themselves.

We spent the next hour exploring the neighborhood. We found what was soon to become our local grocery store. We went in and looked around just for fun.

Down the street, we found

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