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Anna's first day of training.

Teasing me right now will only get you punished." Four smacks in quick succession followed his words.

She still couldn't resist reminding him, "You forgot about it last night, I imagine you'll forget again." Turning her head to grin at him, she saw his incredulous expression for a moment before it split into a wicked smile.

"Woman, you were warned. I can give you what I promised last night, if it will make you happier." Eight more stinging slaps to her ass cheeks had her squirming helplessly and promising to behave. Draeseth looked viciously smug as he let her up and watched her wash in the basin before considering the layers of Torgan undergarments.

"My flower wine? I'm not teasing you, but how many layers do Torgan women wear? This looks like far too much."

"The small clothes, you don't require, my jewel." He pulled away what looked like loose linen knee pants. "I still insist you keep nothing between my hands and your finer parts."

"Why would they wear such large undergarments?" Isonei shook her head.

"Propriety." Under his direction, she put on the long grey chemise, the black underskirt, and the black silk stockings he had gotten for her. The dress itself was in three additional layers a grey long-sleeved shirt, a black skirt with a snug fitting underbust bodice attached to it, and a silvery grey overdress that was heavy and intricately embroidered with black vines and flowers.

Moving slowly under all of the weight to the mirror she had to admit the effect was lovely if extremely modest and warm. "It's beautiful, my Draeseth but how do they move under all of this?"

"Gracefully." He stood behind her admiring her reflection and looking incredibly pleased.

She sighed and shook her head, "I need to put my hair up. And I'm not sure I can lift my arms in this."

"It will be done for you, my jewel." Draeseth reached out to straighten the high collar of the shirt where it peaked out from under the high-necked overdress. It reminded her of the way Andnaeuth had straightened the ribbon and she studied his face with amusement in the mirror.

It was barely a moment later that the maids came bustling in, surprised to see her already dressed. After a few moments of their questions about how she wanted her hair in Lerian, she almost wanted to kiss Ivorith for not letting her forget her Lerian entirely. He'd been wretchedly persistent about making her speak it with him at least once a week. Or he had until he'd been so angry about her choosing Draeseth he could barely speak civilly to her.
They were putting her hair up in the older Lerian fashion she favored, half up and half down when Draeseth interrupted. "No. In the Torgan style." The frown he directed at the maids made them step back.

"You could try suggesting it without scowling like a storm cloud, my beautiful Draeseth. They don't know you're more of a kitten than a beast." Isonei tried to contain her laughter as he blushed and bent to whisper in her ear, his black eyes glittering as he held her gaze in the mirror.

"I will give you more next time since it was, clearly, not enough."

"How can I resist teasing you when you keep looking at me like that, my flower wine?" She lifted her hand to touch his face and heard his soft groan as he brushed her hair back to kiss behind her ear.

"Perhaps your Highness would care to wait with Prince Burgath?" Krouth carefully suggested.

"I would not trade a view of my silver Aran jewel for my brother's face, not for any persuasion a man might give me," Draeseth spoke with a proud smile as he straightened and rested a hand on her head. "Will you wear your hair in the Torgan style for me, my jewel?"

"For you, my flower wine." She couldn't stop smiling, he looked so pleased by her words.

One of the braver maids stepped forward to shoo him back and undo the work they had started.

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