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My love for taking hidden cam videos leads to the unexpected.

I ran through a couple stop signs to keep up with them, yet stayed far enough behind so as not to draw suspicion. However, Becky was one clever dyke: I am sure she knew I was following her. She taunted me with her sports car. She had already emasculated me in the bedroom. Why do on the road, too?

She must have planned this from the start. I felt like a fool now. Obviously, Tami was very aroused by the sex. (I admit I have been a boring lover over the past year. I won't give her anal sex-something I know she loves-and I am not that into giving her oral sex. It was all adding up to my downfall, on this night.)

I followed them for about 20 miles on the freeway and finally saw the car pull into a driveway near some canyon side homes. I cut the lights and parked the car half a block from the house. My heart was pounding in my throat, as I snuck up to a collection of modest little houses hidden by shrubs and vines.

I was not sure which house they went into. I walked around one house after another, looking into any lit rooms. I did come to a window with a light on. I heard a thumping, music beat, and a female moaning. I peaked in a saw a silver haired man and young woman fucking like rabbits. As hot as it looked, I had to move on.

I moved over to the next house. I saw a heat vapors coming out of a half-opened, lit window. I peered into the room, and found Tami and Becky-sweaty and naked.

Becky was telling Tami to suck her "big cock". She was leaning back against the headboard, wearing a big, strap-on dildo. Tami crouched in front on her. She could barely get the large cock head into her mouth. She looked up at Becky with those "innocent" eyes-seeking permission to continue. (I used to love that look, when Tami sucked me off-innocent and naughty at the same time.)

She prodded Tami to admit that her cock was superior to her husband's thin, little dick. She boasted that her cock would not go soft in 5 minutes-like her husband's. (I was fuming inside.) Tami nodded in agreement-swallowing several more inches of "cock". (This dildo was much thicker and longer than my cock! I felt jealous and impotent. With Becky, she could have endless orgasms, and the luxury of a big cock, that would stay hard all night long. How could I ever compete with that? How?)

Tami deep throated as much as she could get in her mouth, and then licked up and down the thick shaft, making it shine with her warm saliva. She was totally submissive to Becky's will, yet Becky did not seem satisfied. She pushed Tami down on the bed and told her to spread her legs as wide as she could. Tami's pussy was oozing wetness. I had never seen it that wet. Her perfect thighs were quivering in anticipation.

In the chill night air, I felt my cock hardening in my jeans. I started rubbing it through my pants. It warmed me up. I pulled it out and jacked off.

Becky's back was to me, and I could see her muscular ass cheeks clench each time she thrust deeper into Tami.

I had seen this kind girl-girl fucking in porn videos, but never in person. My head was swirling in a mixture of lust, anger, and jealousy. It felt like a feverish dream. Tami wrapped her legs around Becky's back as they found a rhythm to their fucking.

Becky slow-fucked her for several minutes, giving her every inch of that monster cock. Tami's pussy looked so stretched-its lips tightly gripping the flashlight-like thickness of the cock shaft. Her pink asshole was also stretched wide open, collecting the stream of her pussy juices."

Becky grunted like an animal as she fucked, and was calling Tami a "sweet little tease". As she stabbed every inch of the cock deeper and deeper into her little pussy, Tami cried out in shattering orgasms. Becky came too-grimacing and growling.

I jerked my cock in mad lust, and lost my hot load against the house. This was my "peeping Tom" and "lesbian strap-on" fantasy combined! The only thing that ruined it-it was my WIFE, and I felt a jealous rage!

The window fogged up from all their sex heat.

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