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Darren learns how to let go.

He whispered next to her ear, "Someone has been a bad girl."

With her teeth clenched she barked, "Leave me alone!"

His blue diamonds sparkled, "No, I cannot leave you alone."

She tried to force her legs shut. He shoved his leg between her knees. He swept the lace cocoon covering her honeypot to the side probing her tight tunnel with the tip of his finger. She pushed at his hand. He held firmly pushing his whole finger inside.

Her cheeks were stained with scarlet fury, "You have no right!" He leaned in to her, "Yes, I do. It is my job to make Belle's pussy feel good."

He harpooned in and out her tightness feeling her luxurious walls grip his finger. He moaned, "Belle's pussy is so happy, so warm, so moist, and so tight. Damn!"

Heads were beginning to turn as Belle's voice spilled over, "Let me up! I am going to the bathroom!"

Trent lifted his brow, "Good idea!" Belle pushed him, "Stay away from me!"

She turned on her heels on a fast trek to the ladies' room. Trent was dead on her tracks. She reached the door finding only the handicap stall available. She heard women gasp as she was slamming the stall door. An arm jutted in to prevent her from closing it. Trent forced it open, then locked it. He started towards Belle with a hungry look.

Belle yelled, "Get out!"

Trent smiled, "Your problem is you want me to put my cock in you deep right here in this stall, but you are afraid to say it! I want deep in Belle's pussy, Baby."

He turned her away from him placing his arms around her to pull their bodies tight. He gripped her full breasts. He fingered her top button open then ripped her white blouse to provide full access to her red silk Vera Wang bra.

He popped her round perfect globes out like pop-tarts warm from the toaster. His finger drew a circle around her teacup sized tawny areolas. Belle stopped fighting, Is this what you want, Trent? Huh? You want Belle's pussy up on the tip of that dick? Answer me!"

Trent's ears perked up, "Yes, I want to fuck Belle's sweet pussy!"

Belle's voice rose, "Yeah? You want Belle's pussy riding that fat cock? Come on! Fuck me!"

Belle hiked up her skirt revealing her wet red lace panties. Trent's animal instincts took over as he leaned over to take a deep whiff of her flowery musk, "God Damn! You got my helmet stretched to the max! I am going to fuck you until you walk sideways! I want in deep!"

He ripped a small hole in her panties. m pushed his firm fleshy cock against the tear. He drove in so hard the threads made ripping sounds but followed the ridge of his cock inside her warm glazed walls.

She squealed, "That is what you like, right?" And with that Belle slapped his face, "You like this pussy? No! You fucking love it! Say it!"

Stunned, Trent grunted, " I fucking love your pussy!"

Belle slapped him again, "Whose pussy? What am I to you? A slut?"

Trent slammed into her ripping the delicate panties completely over his cock where he could feel her soaked lace pushing into his balls, "Damn Belle. Where did that rage come from? Do you want to be my slut? Is that what you desire?"

Belle slapped him again, "Answer me! Am I your slut? Say what you mean! How do you view me?"

He worked his veined pole in and out her wet, tight pussy feeling her pink drapes graze over his shaft, "Yes, You are my slut!"

Belle slammed her pussy into him, "I am your slut? I am your fucking slut?"

Her laugh echoed wickedly off the ceiling, "Fuck you, Trent! I hate you! I hate you, but I love that dick! Fuck you!"

Trent laughed, "Oh, yeah. Fuck you, Baby. So hot."

Belle slapped him again, "No fuck you! Do you like this pussy wrapped around that fat pole? Whose pussy do you want gripping that dick?" She reached for his balls pulling them downward as she squeezed, "Answer me!"

Trent was trapped deep in her pussy feeling the warm honey trickle down her panties to dribble along his balls.

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