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A feline woman gets picked up by a mysterious stranger.

The young boy from town who delivered her supplies left them at her door and took to heel as if the very devil was chasing him. Always a loner by choice; she now became shunned even more by the small town. As each day worsened; she knew she was well and truly on her own and her fears escalated.

She had no one; she had nothing. The cloud of doom had seen to that quite effectively. In a period of weeks she was isolated, a virtual prisoner in her own home. The cloud became denser; seemingly to come and go at will. Objects became blurred or distorted in the wavering mist and her mind began to slowly unravel. The creature comforts were secondary now; her main goal was survival from a force she had no power to fight. The days and nights seemed to blend into one; there was no respite from the continual sense of dread that loomed over her.

Until tonight - tonight was different and she had felt it from the moment the sun had sunk over the horizon. Darkness had come quickly; the house had seemingly been enveloped in one fell swoop. It was if the giant cloud had finally completely swept up the little cottage permeating every fiber of its being. She had wandered the rooms trying to understand the change but to all outward appearances it looked the same. No it wasn't the rooms and the furnishings; it was the atmosphere. There was an air of malice, a malevolence that filled her with dread and fear. The evil, malignant stranger had finally captured her home.

Hurriedly she had stoked the fire in a futile hope that she could purge the invader in her home. Pulling her chair close to the fire she took up her knitting. Her hands trembled but eventually the constant repetition of knit and purl seemed to sooth her tension. The crackle of the fire and the steady beat of the rain were comforting and she began to relax. Her eyes grew heavy and the knitting dropped heedlessly into her lap as she drifted off to sleep. It was the wind that woke her with its eerie whistling sound as it moved through the trees. She yawned; it was late and her bed called to her.

It was at that moment she felt the evil return. One moment all was peaceful for the first time in months; the next moment her heart was pounding wildly. The room seemed darker and she stood quickly and banked the fire. Almost in a panic now she hurried to her bedroom and undressed. The heat of the fire hadn't reached here and she shivered in a mixture of cold and fear. Whatever force that inhabited the house was doubly strong here and she looked around the room in dismay. She saw the mist as it rose and swirled around her legs and tried to run but her body was frozen in place. The small mirror on the wall captured her horror as the vapor enclosed her body in an almost claustrophobic embrace and tossed her effortlessly upon her bed.

Her mouth opened in a silent scream as once more horror fought a battle with disbelief. She felt the pressure of an unseen hand as it clamped over her mouth and nose and she fought wildly to breathe. Her hands and legs were wrapped in bands of steel as she was held spread eagle to the bed. Just as her lungs were about to burst; the pressure was removed and she gasped for breath; desperate for air. Her clothes were ripped from her and she sobbed in terror as the cold air hit her body. The vapor had no form, she could see through it but nevertheless she could feel it as it moved over her body. She cried out as she felt her breasts being squeezed by invisible hands.

She blinked rapidly - this had to be a nightmare.

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