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Sally joins in the fun.

my mother's asshole!

I almost squealed as a surge of excitement coursed through my entire body and, involuntarily, I thrust my hand into my underwear and began to diddle my clitoris. I bit my lip as pleasure washed over me as I masturbated to the sight of my mother being eaten out by my aunt. I was terrible, I was beyond disgusted ... I was hornier than I'd ever been in my whole life!

"Oh fuck," my mother gasped as I watched her sister stick her tongue up her ass. "Still just as good with that as you always were!"

"If hubby here wasn't such a stick in the mud, I'd have been doing this to you much more regularly than once every 20 years!" Emma said between licks.

"Stick something in my pussy, I really need something in there," my mother moaned. Emma's travelling bag was on the floor nearby and, with a grin, she reached inside and pulled out an enormous black dildo. My eyes opened wider, if that was possible, as my aunt started to work the gigantic plastic phallus into my mother's vagina.

"Just like old times, Horace!" Emma laughed. "Well, except there's only one in there now, of course, ha ha!"

My father said nothing, but continued to watch the two sisters fornicating in front of him. Emma was driving the big fake cock in and out of my mother now, the frighteningly big object disappearing all the way to the root inside her over and over again. Just as my mother began to gasp and moan that she was cumming, I too felt my own orgasm shake me to the core. My knees almost buckled and I drew blood biting hard on my lip to prevent myself from crying out.
"Fuck .. get me a glass of water, Horace, I'm feeling lightheaded."

I almost squealed in horror as I realised my father would catch me and, throwing caution to the wind, dashed upstairs as quietly as I could. I just made it to my room when the lounge door opened and my father stepped out, looking puzzled.

"Thought I heard ... hmm, never mind."

I gently shut my door and lay down on my bed again. Images of what I'd just seen played over and over again in my mind, but exhaustion - brought on by the crushing climax I'd forced out of myself - sent me drifting off to much needed sleep soon after. My final thought before drifting of was of what my sinful aunt could possibly have planned for me tomorrow...


"Wakey wakey," a voice said softly, rousing me slowly from my slumber. I gradually opened my eyes and then, when they had focused, I saw my aunt Emma standing over me, clad in a lusciously soft, furry dressing gown.

"Ah, there you are, sleepy head," she said, sitting next to me on the bed. "You all ready for your big day?"

"Um ... I'm not sure," I said, still reeling from last night's peep show.

"Don't worry, your mother and I will be here to guide you and your sisters through it all," she said, patting my hip through the duvet. "It's a lovely sunny morning, so let's get you ready. Everything kicks off at 9 so we've got about an hour or so to get you made up and ready. I let you have a bit of an extra lie in - your sisters are all prepared in the kitchen, waiting for you. Come on, let me help you."

I followed her into the main bathroom - we had three in the house, but this was the one I tended to use - and she plonked me in front of the mirror.

"Ah, you are so pretty anyway, we don't need makeup ... but perfection can always be improved upon for our male counterparts, right?" she said, peering at me in the mirror from behind me.


"Well, female if you like, depends who you are trying to impress," she said and I had a sudden flashback to her and my mother ... but she didn't seem to notice the change in my expression, momentary as it was. "Anyway, let's get started. Let me do it for you, see if it meets with your approval."

She wasted no time and I was worried by quite how much she was putting on me.

"Steady on, auntie," I said at one point. "Don't you think it is a bit much? I mean, it is just a family thing for now, right? I'm seeing my friends later, we should probably do it then... right?"

She tutted and continued, not explaining why she ignored m

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