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Training himself to cede control.


Still conflicted, Carol took her wet clothes off and put on her bathrobe. Putting the lotion in the pocket of her robe she started down the hallway to Chris's room. Just as she turned to enter his room she realized she had forgotten to put on a new set of underwear. She wondered to herself, 'Did I really forget or did I do it on purpose? Please God, give me the willpower to behave myself.'

Chris was lying on the bed, his massive cock bouncing up and down on his belly. It looked like a demon serpent calling to her. She knew deep down in her mind that the minute she put her hands on it, her willpower would wane. Standing in the doorway admiring her son's magnificent cock was making her pussy wet. She couldn't imagine what was going to happen after she touched it.

Chris's cock was every man's dream, except for the pain. Not only was it long, it was thick. Back when he went to high school all of the guys called him horse because of his big cock. While it gave him a certain status among the guys it worked against him with girls.

He dated regularly and had his share of girlfriends but when they saw his big cock, most of them shied away. Only one girl ever even attempted to let him fuck her, Mindy Carson. Chris had barely put the head of his cock into her before she started screaming for him to take it out. After the embarrassing episode with Mindy, Chris decided to wait until college to try and fuck another girl.

While waiting on his mom, Chris kept thinking. 'College was supposed to be fun. How am I going to finally get laid, if every time I get a hard-on, it's going to hurt like hell. I sure hope Aunt Deanna can cure me.'

When his mom came through his bedroom door, he could see the look of trepidation on her face. Thinking his Aunt Deanna must have told her something bad about his condition, he sat up in the bed and asked. "What's wrong, am I dying? Oh shit, that's it I'm dying! Go ahead, tell me the truth! I can take it!"

Upon hearing her son think he was dying, Carol rushed to him and hugged him tight. She told him. "No son you're not dying. Everything's going to be alright. Deanna will be here shortly. She explained everything to me and I know what to do."

"But mom, I saw the look in your eyes when you came in here. You looked like it might be the last time you ever saw me. If there's something wrong I want to know. Please, just tell me." Chris implored.

Looking into her son's eyes Carol explained to him why she was looking at him that way. "Honey, you're not dying. You have to realize you have a rare condition. Plus it's not normal for a mother to have to do what needs to be done to make you well. I'm just a little nervous, that's all. Just lay back and let mommy make you feel better."

After explaining her feelings to Chris, Carol took the lotion out of her robe and squirted it in her hand. She started vigorously rubbing her small hands together. When she felt the lotion was warm enough, she gently started stroking his cock.

Trying to keep her emotions in check Carol began sliding her hands up and down Chris's cock like a pro. She made sure when she reached the head of his cock to grip it extra hard as are hand passed over the top. Every now and then she would look up to Chris and ask if he was feeling any pain at the base of his penis.

Each time she asked Chris if he was in pain, he would shake his head letting her know he was fine. He still could not comprehend why the only time he had the sharp pain in his cock was when he tried to jerk himself off.

It had only been a few minutes since Carol began to stroke his cock when her willpower started fading. His cock looked even more massive in her small hands. It had been a long time since she had a cock in her hands and she could already feel the wetness developing between her legs. Her clit was throbbing so hard it felt as if it was on fire.

Knowing she would lose all of her willpower soon, she started stroking his cock earnestly. She had to make him cum cum and quick.

Chris was enjoying the pleasure his mom was bestowing u

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