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She uses a strap-on dildo on her boyfriend.

This tongue action from Kim also caused Lisa to have two more earth-shattering orgasms. Once Lisa came back down to earth she just laid there basking in the glow of her sexual release. All of this noise from the two of them did not wake up Jen. Now that Lisa had been satisfied, she sat up and saw Kim laying down with her knees up in the air and three fingers buried in her wet pussy. Lisa felt so good from what Kim had done to her that she wanted to pay her back and make her cum that hard and that many times.

Lisa moved over towards her masturbating friend. She grabbed the screw-driver from near Jen and brought it over with her. She got down between Kim's legs and smiled up at her. Lisa grabbed Kim's probing fingers and removed them from inside of her dripping wet love tunnel. Lisa then licked Kim's moisture off of her fingers. It tasted good and Lisa liked feeling her friend's fingers inside of her mouth. Kim liked it too, the picture and the feeling of Lisa licking her own love juices off of her fingers made her even hotter.

Lisa released her friend's fingers and placed them on Kim's own hard nipples and C-cup breasts. Now that Kim was playing with her own nipples, Lisa went to work on Kim's dripping love box. She spread her friend's pussy lips wide open revealing her soaking wet hole. The cool air hitting her wet pussy sent shivers down Kim's spine. She liked it. Lisa took her tongue and began to lick Kim's hard, sensitive clit; just as Kim had done to her only minutes before. The sensations that Kim was feeling were incredible. She could not believe that her friend and the girl she fantasized about was licking and sucking on her love trigger. Kim's body shook with the sparks that Lisa was creating throughout her body. After Lisa had been sucking on her friends sensitive clit for a while and Kim was dripping wet and moaning a lot; Lisa reached for the screw-driver.

Kim was too busy rubbing her soaking wet pussy in her friend's face that she did not see Lisa reach for the screw-driver. All of a sudden Kim felt the hard handle of the screw-driver against the outside of her hot love tunnel. At first it startled her, and then when she realized what Lisa was doing, she let out a long moan. This woke Jen up. Lisa rubbed the screw-driver handle around the outside of Kim's dripping hole. She then slowly began to push it inside of her hot and horny friend. At first it hurt a lot for Kim to be having something of that size entering her tight little love tunnel. Just like Jen, this was the largest thing that had ever been put into her. Her tight pussy grabbed a hold of it as Lisa kept slowly pushing it into her love tunnel. Her pain started to turn to pleasure as Lisa got the screw-driver as deep as it would possibly go into Kim's tight pussy.

Lisa then started slowly pumping it in and out of her friend's tight hole. The sweet fragrance that was coming from Kim was beginning to drive Lisa wild. Lisa quickened her pace and began pumping the screw-driver into her friend's sweet pussy like a jack hammer going into concrete. Kim's moans increased in intensity as she felt electric shocks of pleasure travel through her young body.

Jen got back to her senses and looked over at the scene in front of her. Her two best friends were naked and pleasuring one another. Jen watched as Lisa pounded the thick, hard screw-driver handle into her friend's hole. She started to feel those familiar feelings of needing pleasure come over her. She decided that it was time to bring this love fest to new heights. She got up and walked over towards her friends. She stood over Kim's thrashing body and Kim looked up and smiled at her in between one powerful moan and another. Jen then lowered her sweet love box onto her friend's waiting mouth.

Kim instantly accepted Jen's soaking wet, hot pussy onto her sweet lips.

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