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She said little at first, watching and learning. Soon she had a circle of friends and was doing very well. The fact that everyone knew how much money and power was backing her, and that she was just plain 'hot', helped considerably.

After a few months, Gwen hired a private investigator and tracked down her mother in Florida.

She appeared at her trailer door one day and gave her a choice, sign over permanent custody or come back to Alabama and be prosecuted for felony child endangerment and abuse. If she signed, a small cash exchange would take place.

Her mother remembered her as an a.d.a., and quickly signed. Before Gwen left she gave her a picture of Melissa, and one of her in a group at Pleasant Hill.

"She has a good life now. If she wants to see you I won't stop her, but I will watch you like a hawk. Here's her cell number."

As far as she knew she never called.

Right after Thanksgiving she asked her if she'd like to see her mother. Melissa didn't even look up from her homework.

"I see my mother every day."

Gwen barely made it back to her bedroom before the tears started. When she settled down she took Melissa out and bought her a top of the line smart phone with matching tablet.

One unexpected side effect for Gwen from Melissa moving in was her father. He loved her, and visited a lot more often now that she had the big house. He even took her to Boston for a holiday. She came home with a paper, showing them together at a charity event. The byline identified them as Greg Canaday, with granddaughter Melissa Sue Wilkes. She framed it and hung it in her room, and from that day forward he was grandfather.

He saw Hardy from time to time, mostly for business. He was thinking about opening his own office, and Greg talked him out of it.

"You've got a good life. Why try to fix something that's not broke."

Hardy didn't have a good life. He had family, he had friends, but he was alone. He had finally filed the divorce, when Gwen got the final notice she cried for two days. He could never seem to find anybody that measured up to what he had with Gwen, and he had pretty much stopped looking.

Gwen finally starting dating again, even allowing one man into her bedroom while Melissa was on a sleepover. Other than physical relief, she felt nothing.

They both wandered aimlessly through life until, as usual, cataclysmic events threw them together again.


Gwen was sound asleep when Melissa burst into her room crying. She immediately hugged her.

"What is it? What's wrong?"

"Grandpa Hardy had a heart attack. Aunt Hildy called, she must have dialed my number by mistake.

They're airlifting him here, he should be arriving soon."

They were up and dressed in a flash, breaking speed limits to get to the hospital. Hildy was there, practically in hysterics. She clung to her

like a drowning person. It was five minutes before she could understand her.

They were having a hard time getting him admitted because he was on Medicare. The bulldog negotiator in her surfaced with a vengeance as she literally charged the desk.

"You've got my grandfather here. What's this bullshit about admissions? Never mind, here."

She took a checkbook out of her pocketbook and signed one, handing it to her.

"Fill in the blanks later. I want the best, top of the line, you hear me? If I find out he didn't get the best care possible, I'll pop so many lawsuits on you this hospital will go under."

A deep voice spoke from right behind her.

"And when she gets done, I'll start. Now get your ass in gear!"

She turned and buried her head in Hardys' chest, sobbing. He gently stroked her hair and back.

"It's all right baby. We'll get him the best care possible. Now, can you go help Aunt Hildy settle down? I think she has Melissa Sue scared to death."

Joshua had triple bypass surgery four hours later, as soon as the team of specialist were flown in.

So many relatives showed up they almost had police direct traffic, and filled waiting rooms on every floor.

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