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A sexy performance.

So much. Tom."

She was smiling at him. Without looking back, she locked the door to their shared office, walked a few feet towards him, then froze. She looked down at her feet and closed her eyes.

"I'm no longer attached," she whispered to herself, as if she needed convincing.

"Neither am I," Tom replied in a hushed tone, and it didn't feel like a lie, despite his ongoing affair with Myriam.

Dana leaned forward and got on her knees, facing him. He rolled his chair slightly forward to get closer. She moved her head towards his, but pulled it away before landing a kiss. Instead, her hands went to his hands, and she wrapped them tight.

"Tom... I don't know if it's a good idea."

"It isn't," he told her, "but that shouldn't be a reason to act on it or not. At least, I don't think so. Ask yourself if you want this."

"Right now?... yes. Do you?"

"I do."

This time, she leaned in and they kissed gently. A moment later, suddenly feeling flustered and rushed, she started fondling with his belt and pants. As he was about to complain and tell her to take it slow, she shushed him with another kiss. Rapidly, she started pulling his trousers down past his knees. Too stunned to react and too motivated to continue, Tom allowed her access to his lower body; she pulled his underwear off as well. All of it stuck around his ankles.

For a moment, she stared at his hardening erection, a smile on her lips. The hesitation was mixed with desire and folly, but she was still aware of her actions and what they entailed..

"Do you have one?" she suddenly asked.

"One what?"

"A condom. Do you have one?"

Tom laughed. He did. It was in his pants pocket - the one Myriam had told him to bring. The irony was not lost on Tom but he kept it to himself. He told her and she quickly looked or it, pulled it out and tossed it to him. As he struggled with the plastic wrap, she started pulling off her own form-fitting jeans, revealing a nice white featureless panty which she also took down without hesitation. As he unwrapped the condom, she pulled him forward to the edge of his chair to give herself room to go over him, and she moved over to straddle him, grabbing the condom from his hands.

"Let me."


Leaning over his shaft, she unrolled the polymer cylinder over it and down to the base of his now fully erect penis. She stared into his eyes as she gently lowered herself into position, her lips slowly parting above and below as the penetration happened.

There was no resistance. She was as wet as could be, and she wanted it badly. The confines of her vagina wrapped around his rubber-covered manhood; she moaned from the entry as her body welcomed him.

"...Dana..." he mumbled.

"Tom... Wow. So big inside me."

It was flattery, the kind you use when you want to please your partner. Yes, he filled her up, but not in any exceptionnal way. She merely wanted him desperately and that made his presence inside her frame that much more pleasing and memorable.

At first, neither of them moved, trading kisses as their upper bodies, still fully clothed, pressed against one another. Tom could sense all the warmth in her mature body, and he was the first to start moving up and down. Because the chair had wheels, it started to slip backwards. The movement made Dana laugh even as her pelvic muscles tightened, and she took charge of the action, securing her feet to the ground to prevent rolling as she grinded on him back and forth.

"Oooh..." she whimpered, returning to kiss his lips a moment later.

Despite being involved with Dana, his erection trapped inside the confines of her sex, Tom couldn't help but think of Myriam. He wondered what she would say if she knew of this or if she saw them so intertwined. Would she be jealous? Would she even care? Perhaps she would enjoy it, just stare and smile. She would probably masturbate to the sight of their passionate embrace. She might kiss either of them.

"Oh my..." Dana continued to echo, reminding her partner of the moment.

Tom suddenly felt guilty for thinking of another woman, and he re

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