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Love yes; trust no.

She immediately sank back down.

"Don't be a baby," he scolded. "I'm just avoiding getting oil on your top. Lie still."

"Okay, buster," she said, relaxing again. "Just be careful."

"I'm always careful, Gina," Tommy softly said, allowing her to ponder on his meaning.

He smiled to himself and allowed his hands to softly run along her sides, close to the breasts that were flattened against the towel. He gently caressed the oil along her skin, allowing his soft fingertips to run feather-light down along the very outer edges of the curves of her breasts. He waited for the rebuke but none was forthcoming. If anything, he heard her breathing deepen. She allowed his caressing for some time before he felt her move slightly.

"Okay," she softly said, her breathing a little ragged. "I think I'm done now."

"Yep," he agreed, but then added, "But I'd better do your legs."

Before she could answer, he poured some oil over the back of her legs. Even the feel of the liquid as it hit her skin felt sensuous to her. She allowed herself a soft sigh as she felt his hand run across her calf muscle, sliding up to her knee and back down again. She sighed again as he developed a steady rhythm and she felt the delightful sensations that were running through her legs, trying to find a way to her sex.

He dug his fingers firmly into her calf muscles, easing away any tension, and then repeated the exercise with her right leg before gradually moving up towards her thigh. Using both hands now, he was blatantly massaging her and was delighted at the way she responded. There was no longer a hint of any objection, instead he heard soft little grunts of pleasure as he increased the pressure of his fingers.

He began to massage the oil into her thighs, alternately hard and slow strokes, with each touch heading closer to the material of her bikini bottoms. The sensations were now well and truly running through her body and she tried to ignore the moistness growing between her legs. Her sex was now pulsating and she felt her breathing coming in soft, panting gasps of arousal.

"Tommy..." she gasped, but he ignored her.

He ran his hands higher until they bumped into the tiny triangle of material that covered her magnificent tanned buttocks.

"Tommy..." she gasped again, but again he took no notice and she made no further move to stop him.

He ran his oiled fingers around the superb globes, digging into the flesh as he did so. Hearing a louder moan, he slipped both hands underneath the material so that now he was massaging her magnificent rounded buttocks, pressing hard and then rotating his hands, making no further pretence at massage. This was now a blatant act of sexual pleasuring and he felt Gina pressing her bottom back against his fingers.

He realised that Gary's girlfriend was allowing him to bring her to orgasm, her hips and bottom now moving faster under his pleasuring fingers as they dug into her skin. For a few moments she undulated against his working hands and then she let out a long, low moan and began to tremble with agonised relief as her climax took her.

Tommy continued to massage her shuddering buttocks, digging his fingers even harder into the flesh and gripping tightly, holding her trembling globes until her spasms subsided and her breathing eventually began to return to normal. They both knew a line had been crossed.

"Gina..." he began to say, but she pulled away from him and stood up, quickly gathering her belongings.

"I should get back." she quietly said, her flushed face giving away the sexual tension inside her. "I'll see you later..."

Danny and Veronica....

When Danny walked into the bar with his parents after dinner, his eyes roamed across the room looking for Veronica. He immediately spotted her, talking to one of the women who worked there. As soon as she saw Danny, she smiled and he felt himself blush.

He watched as Veronica ordered from the bar and when she picked up the two bottles of beer, the two women walked over to him.

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