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An air hostess has a life-changing experience in Rome.

I'm the one who's taking the risk when I do so. I have read some of those stories and there are some that I really liked. Different cultures have different ways of looking at things. No, I take issue when the author is Bill or Mary Somebody, the story is set in Hometown, USA, and I still find the kinds of things I spoke of in my first note.

I also know that we're not all English Lit. professors. I'm not, and I don't expect that many of you are either, though there may be some. My talent, if I have any, has always been in science and mathematics, not grammar. I do have a computer though, and it has a word processor with a spell checker and a grammar checker. If you're on the internet, and can submit things to a site like Literotica, you probably do, too.

I hope I didn't give the impression that I think I'm superior to anyone, because that's not the case. I am as fallible as anyone out there and I know it. A couple of people pointed out mistakes in my own writing and I'm now a better, and somewhat humbler, writer for it.

Third, I've been reminded that there are some other things that irritate the senses of readers; things that I didn't mention. Take an overview of the stories here and you would have to assume that almost every woman in America has, at the very least, a size 38D chest and that the only men in America with less than an eight inch cock are those pitiful husbands whose wives are being fucked by anybody else in town. Of course, most men have ten or more inches and are as big around as a beer can. You know, that's alright sometimes, (even I get off on it now and then), but when it's in fifteen stories in a row it gets to be a bit much. I start to feel inadequate. I've had real, live women tell me that I'm big, but I'm not all that; certainly nothing to compare to the guys in these stories. I've put a few stories out there myself and I tend to model my characters after real people. The situations and action may be fantasy, but the people are just the way I describe them, as least as far as I know. I think that if you use believable characters, then the reader is more likely to stretch his/her imagination enough to entertain the possibility of extraordinary events. Maybe I'm wrong. I've noticed that none of my stories have reached the "Top Lists", except for my single non-fiction entry.

I've had people tell me that my stories are too long. Maybe they are, but that leads to another of my pet peeves. If I say that I walked into my sister's bedroom one day and she threw herself at me, then I think the natural question is, 'Why?'. What made her just throw out a lifetime's worth of moral upbringing? What made her decide that mine is the only cock that she's ever really wanted? I try to provide a background that will answer such questions. Maybe my introductions are too long, but there are certainly a lot of stories where it's too short, or non-existent. I'm not talking about Chapter 2 and beyond; it's to be hoped that Chapter 1 has this information. I mean that I've seen stories where it was just that quick and easy. 'I wanted to fuck my mom, so I did, and this is what she said while I did it.' If I can't believe it, I usually don't enjoy it; I'm too busy picking it apart. I don't mean here, pure fantasy like you find in the 'Celebrity' section. I know that, almost without exception, the stories here are fantasy. But much of what you'll find on this site, within the fantasy context, is presented as real events that happened to real people, in the same way that 'Robinson Crusoe' or 'Star Wars' was presented to me. I know that these things didn't really happen, but I'm willing to suspend my disbelief. Give me the means to do so and I'll be happy.

A few more of those words that make readers cringe: Site and sight - one is a place and the other has to do with vision Waist and waste - I'd love to place my hand on her waist, but she can leave her waste somewhere else Taunt and taut - I can tell she's excited because her muscles are taut,

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