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If you would like to freshen up, the ladies room is just through that door; I will order us some wine. Yes, I do need to freshen up a little; Ruth managed to get out in a whisper and made her way in the direction indicated. Reaching the ladies room and surveying the damage, Ruth was pleased to see that her makeup was still in tact and that all that she needed was a touchup to her lipstick and a little gloss to go over it. Finishing the touchups she slowly made her way back to the table where Richard was waiting for her.

As soon as she came into view Richard stood, taking her hand he guided her into the booth and slid in beside her. He poured her a glass of wine and slid it carefully toward her, taste he said. She picked up her glass feeling the weight of the fine lead crystal, the way the light played off of it and brought it to her lips. The aroma of the wine was intoxicatingly delicate, taking a careful sip the taste proved to be equally exquisite, not to dry, not to sweet, with a blend of grape and spiced undertones that danced across the palate leaving pleasure in its wake.

A quite mhmmm of approval was all the answer she needed to give as Richard nodded his head noting her appreciation of his choice. Rebecca stepped up to the table, her white linen shirt and black skirt perfectly pressed, placed a menu in front of each of them. Would you care for any appetizers this evening Mr. Riley she asked politely? Richard ordered a shrimp cocktail and asked Ruth if she would like something before the meal Ruth decided on the cocktail as well and Rebecca was off in a flash returning shortly with a perfectly arranged appetizer for each of them, carefully placing one in front of each of them.

As they sampled the perfectly prepared shrimp they looked over the menu, a small concise offering of various dishes, each one sounding more tempting then the last. Ruth finally settled on the smoked salmon salad, Richard decided on a sirloin steak, rare, with a blue cheese sauce and a double baked potato with butter, sour cream and chives. Rebecca returned, bringing a basket of freshly baked breads and rolls still steaming from the ovens, fresh cream butter and a delicate honey, laying them out on the table before them.

She spirited away to the kitchen taking their orders with her only to return what seemed like moments later with their meals in hand, Richard obviously given preferential treatment as the investor that made all of this possible. As Rebecca laid each of their meals out in front of them, arranging things just so, Ruth noticed as Richard reached slowly into his jacket pocket, a side long, mischievous glance in her direction. A moment later the strip between her legs sprang into action with a slow, pulsing hum that just stimulated her clit enough to make her aware of it. A breath caught in Ruth's throat and a blush quickly formed across her cheeks.

Rebecca didn't seem to notice, and Ruth sighed with relief at the thought, her thighs pressing together a little trying to both contain the sensation she was experiencing and at the same time pressing the strip tighter against herself. The light tingling felt delicious between her legs, just enough to make her aware of the device, but not enough to over-power her and send her into convulsive fits. Is it too warm in here miss? Rebecca was looking at her and shattered her thoughts, her blush deepened and all she could manage to get out was a whispered, no, I'm fine as the pulsating between her legs continued.

As Rebecca finished arranging their meals, offering fresh cracked pepper to each of them in turn, she asked if there would be anything else they needed for the moment.

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