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She flirts with him, then seduces him.


I took my familiar plunge, kneeling in the center of the floor. My hands caressed my breasts as my eyes watched him drop his pants and dark blue briefs to the floor. He stroked his cock in front of my face for a bit before turning around and bending over, using a nearby chair to hold on to.

There, in front of me, was his ass. Moving closer, I tentatively began to lick the cheeks before slithering my tongue slowly down the crack. This was virgin territory for me, and I wasn't really sure how to proceed, but played things my ear.

"That's it, lick my ass," said the guy.

I did, licking up and down the crack while I held on to his waist. It didn't taste all that bad, it was just different.

"Hold my balls carefully, and then stick your tongue into my hole," ordered the guy as I slowly complied. "Yes, yes, that's it, stick it all the way in."

I played with his balls with one hand while my tongue wormed in and out of his asshole. My nose was hard pressed against his ass crack so I could get my tongue deep. My other hand danced in the area between the balls and his asshole, something he liked.

"That's it, that is, lick my ass," said Barry from above, while his midsection began moving in a fucking motion. I think he was jerking off, but couldn't tell for sure. He rock and talked and moaned as I licked away at ass for the first time in my life.

All of a sudden he moved forward then spun around, and before I knew it his cock was spurting several volleys of hot cum onto my face as he jerked his cock off at me. The first shot hit right between my eyes, the second on a cheek an then he put his cock in my mouth so I could suck off the rest. He fucked my face for about a minute, calling me several names. When drained he pulled out and smacked my face with his dick.

"Now that was a blow job," complimented Barry, "you are incredible."

He got his pants on but asked me to lick his dick by the door to the room one last time so he could remember me. I did, right before we walked back down to the main room while all the while wondering if the guys would know what I had done. Not only was I a dick licker but a true ass kisser.

Tiffany was leaving with a guy as I walked into the room. She gave me a sly smile and winked, making me feel good. We were in the home stretch.

I had notice a cute, well dressed guy earlier who again caught my eyes and I selected him as my next conquest. Turns out his name was Jeremy, and he was all over me on the way upstairs. Little did I know the mistake I had made with this selection.

Oh, he was hot and horny, but he'd been with Tiffany just minutes before.

When we got inside the room he said he was sorry, but that this would be sloppy seconds for me, so to speak. "Your friend is quite sexy," said the guy. "She, uh, is talented as well."

We both knew what that meant. I'd be working overtime to get him over the top.

Jeremy was a history major. He liked looking up girls' skirts, which was unfortunate since I was wearing jeans. "Why don't you pull down those pants and play with your self while I get myself ready," said the experienced guy. "I want you to do well in the competition."

At this point I realized how dastardly this could have been as a true competition. I mean, he could have been coerced by Tiffany to take forever. But with a degree of fairness, it appeared he'd do what he could to help my cause.

As if reading my mind, he chuckled. "Hey, I win either way tonight! I get two beautiful women to suck me off, how can that be bad. She was great, yes, but I am looking forward to cumming in that beautiful mouth of yours. I just need a lot of help, because, really, she drained me."

Up for the challenge, I dropped my drawers and began to play with my red panties in front of the wide-eyed guy. Soon the panties started down my thighs, but he insisted I keep them there while I played with my hot, wet and horny pussy. "It's a great look. It's like I've caught you in your room masturbating. This is so hot. Keep them on your thighs."

As he talked the guy lowered his trousers and the boxers.

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