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...moving back to his lips and the down the other side of his neck.

Her hand continued caress him...his chest...stomach...with her lips close behind her hand. Her exploration was slow, very sensual. Her hand hindered his view as she gave each of his legs the same wonderful treatment. He was beginning to ache with need... wanting to feel her lips upon his now throbbing cock. She positioned herself between his legs and raised up to look at him...watching his both her hand began to tease and caress.

One hand reached very softly circling his hardened shaft. The other hand moved lower causing his breath to catch as he watched the scene before him. She looked totally enthralled with her efforts of not only exploring his flesh....but with exquisitive desire and need. His breathing was heavy now as she teased him. He began to moan ...

"Ooohhh baby...yesssss....ahhhh that's it my luv...."

His tone was deep and husky with his rising need. She continued to tease his hard cock with her hand. She knew what he wanted...but she intended to now tease he had done her. Making him beg....cry out with his desire....just as wantonly as she had done. She was not however, expecting it to affect her as it did him. But from somewhere deep within she could feel the soft whimpers of pure need that erupted sounding much like purrs of contentment as she stroked. She was no longer able to just feel with her hands. She had to taste him too.

Looking at him through deep hypnotic blue eyes, she slowly began to tease the head of his cock. The feel of her lips on him jolted him like lightening causing him to gasp. He could see her smile slightly before she slowly began to enclose her mouth over his cock He did moan then....very loud as she took more...and more.....of his length within her mouth.

"Oh YESSSSSSSSSSSsssss baby...ahhhhh suck me...suck ...more..."

She was rubbing his balls as she pumped his cock in her mouth...ever deeper and faster. Then she stopped....causing him to she once again slowly teased with her tongue....and still he tried to get her to suck on him.

She looked up as she slowly stroked his hard aching cock with her small hand....

"Baby, now it's" Her voice was raspy and he could tell she was thoroughly enjoying seducing him.

Again he watched with agonizing ecstasy as she licked around...and around...on his cockhead. Kissing the tip...tasting....then her tongue began to trail down underneath his shaft....

"Aaahhhhhh oooo baby...that's is...take my balls into your mouth...ahhhhhhhhh."

She did as he requested first one...kissing....sucking...then the other. Her hand continued to stroke his hard cock....and quickly her purrs turned into moans of her own. She could feel her pussy so wet....wanting to feel his glorious cock inside of her again. But just as he had done...she waited....making it...last.

Her lips quickly captured his hard cock in her mouth and he could take no more as his hand reached down on top of her head...guiding her to his release.

"Suck me baby...all of me...take" he groaned with his moans. His hips bucked up to meet her mouth. Faster and faster....harder and deeper she sucked him. He was filling her mouth as he swelled....ever closer to releasing his seed within her sexy mouth. He grabbed her head...holding her as he bucked hard now....moaning louder and louder.

She grabbed the base of his cock as he swelled and began to cum....."aaaaagggggg yeeesssss oooooo babyyyy ..."

She swallowed all of his cum...not wasting a drop as he pumped harder and harder. As she licked him thoroughly she gazed up to find him smiling at her.

He could tell by her breathing just how close she was as well. He pulled her up to him...kissing her and tasting his cum still on her lips. With a quick easy movement he had rolled her over onto her back and pulled her legs open wide. She gasped as she felt his tongue entering her wet cunt....

"Mmmmmmm yesss

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