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She warned him that the club ladies would be all over him from the moment he arrived, and that he might want to make the most of the opportunities in that.

But, at least for tonight, thought Gloria, I'm the one he'll be going home with.

* * * * *

They arrived at the club at the most fashionable not-quite-on-time hour. Each guest was handed a slip of paper with a two-digit number on it as they arrived. David had no idea what the number meant, and no one offered an explanation of it, but his mother accepted hers as if it was something done at every 3040 meeting.

Gloria was instantly met by several club friends, all of whom wanted to be introduced to David. If she'd had any doubts about the welcome her son would receive at the club, they were dismissed right away. It seemed clear that David was going to get all the attention from the female club members that he could handle. And then some. Gloria felt both maternal pride and a twinge of jealousy about this. She kept reminding herself of George's instruction: Let him be free to be playful in any way he wants to.

Sally came rushing over to greet them She gave each of them the exact same greeting, which involved a powerful hug, a deep and lingering wet kiss, and the pressure of her ample breasts in her industrial-strength bra against their respective chests. If David had wondered about the tone of the party, he knew now what he might expect. For openers.

Gloria took Sally's arrival as her clue to set David free for the evening. She kissed him on the cheek and left him in Sally's capable hands and irresistable clutches. There was some music coming from somewhere. Without waiting to be asked, Sally moved into David's arms and began to dance slowly and sensuously with him. Half of the women in the room lost track of whatever conversation they'd been in and watched enviously as Sally worked her seductive magic on this hot young stud who was new to the club. David was well loosened up, and more than a little horny, by the time Sally turned him over to another eager and strikingly beautiful woman. Sally moved off toward one of the several men who were lying in ambush waiting for her to pass their way.

In less than an hour, David had danced with a number of shapely and fragrant mature females, and had felt their lower bodies moving in an almost masturbatory fashion over his. He'd had his ears nibbled and softly blown on. He'd had his hands seized and forcibly moved from the small of his partners' backs onto the swells of bottom cheeks clad in whatever tight skirts or even tighter pants struggled to contain them. He'd felt hands moving in and out of the pockets of his blazer, which disturbed him until he discovered that his pockets had become the repository for slips of paper with first names and phone numbers on them.

There were refreshments continuously available. Finger foods mostly. There was also a fruit-based punch which had been laced with vodka to a literally breathtaking degree, making the punchbowl a good place to meet extremely friendly people. A few of the guests just hung out there while waiting for the more exciting events of the evening to start.

Finally the organized games began.

The games were intended to make the players work individually or as teams in unusual and fun ways.

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