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Brother comforts sister and finds they both want sex...

She could feel her juices starting to flow again as his fingers moved deeper still. Soon the soap was all washed away but Juliette's own lubrication was more than up to the job as Dave's fingers pushed deep inside her, his thumb idly rubbing her clitoris.

It felt to Juliette like no time at all till she was desperate to cum and all at once her vaginal muscles clamped hard on The intruding digits as she pushed her hips forward.

Hearing a couple of people talking in the changing rooms Juliette whispered in Dave's ear. Liking the idea he whispered back, "How did you know that was one of my fantasies?"

"I saw you looking at Sophia's crotch when you were working with her last week." She answered, suppressing a giggle before adding, "But I'm the one who gets to try it out!"

One of the balances they did was that he would hold her shoulders as she did a handstand on his knees and he would lean back to balance against the weight of her body. Dave had often been aware of the proximity of his flyer's sex to his mouth and tongue in this position.

Together they worked out how they were going to get into the position in the cramped space of the shower cubicle.

After a couple of minutes Juliette crouched on the floor with her hands on Dave's knees as he squatted down with his hands under her shoulders. Juliette lifted first one foot then the other onto his thighs and then walked her feet up Dave's abdomen and chest. Once in position she kept her legs bent at the knees so as not to attract attention with her legs sticking up above the door to the cubicle!

"Don't fucking drop me! There aren't any soft mats here." Juliette's warning just reached Dave's ears as his tongue started to lick the shaved area surrounding her cunt.

Juliette pushed forward to reach the cock she wanted to taste. It had shrunk while they were concentrating on getting into the balance but was now starting to grow again. She licked the head, encouraging it further until it had grown enough to suck the head into her willing lips. Dave pushed his hips forward as far as he could without losing the balance, at the same time running his tongue just inside Juliette's opening flower.

Taking his tongue away for a few seconds Dave gazed upon Juliette's sex. As he blew gently on it, he saw the subtly changing colours as the blood flow increased along with the puffiness of her lips. Delving deeper now with his tongue he responded to the growing urgency he felt below. As he swirled and poked, his bottom lip was working on her engorged clitoris.

Dave's sense of humour had often been a source of trouble to him, both at work and in his relationships but at the same time it was a big part of what made him popular, so he didn't make any great efforts to curb it even when he knew he should.

Now was one of these times. Even as his climax was approaching fast, Dave took his tongue away again to look at Juliette's gorgeous cunt and asked, "Did you model for Georgia O'keefe?"

Now, none of his previous girlfriends would have had a clue what he was on about but Juliette with her degree in art knew all about Georgia's paintings that were an ambiguity which could be seen as vaginas or flowers and had even seen some of the originals as part of her education.

She burst into another fit of giggles just as Dave suddenly found himself unable to hold back any longer and exploded into her mouth. Juliette choked for a second, coughed and trying without much success to suppress her laughter, even as she fought to keep her arms locked straight shouted, "You stupid bastard! I'll get you for that. I could have bitten your fucking cock off!"

Sensing the danger Dave meanwhile pushed his upper body forward to support Juliette and grabbed her round the waist with his arms, pulling her tits hard against his stomach and her snatch hard against his mouth with which he started to suck any part of her lips he could reach and then tasting her fanny juice.

Amazingly, given that they had just fucked upstairs Juliette was stil

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