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Divorcee finds a special couple.

I still fantasize about finding the perfect partner who will fulfill these and other fantasies.

I popped the video into the machine, took a nice long sip of wine, and began to watch. The movie was great - not much plot, but lots of wonderful slow erotic and explicit sex, including some great male-male scenes, and a wonderful scene where the male protagonist was placed over the other male's lap, spanked and fingered.

I was very content, stretched out on the sofa, drinking wine, and slowly stroking my panty-encased cock.

About __ hour into the film, when I was feeling comfortable and relaxed, I heard the front door to the house open. The family room was very close to the front hall, and anyone entering was sure to hear the television. I jumped up from the sofa, convinced that the house was being robbed, and wondering how I was going to explain to the police what I was doing at the house dressed as I was. As these and other thoughts raced through my mind, footsteps approached the family room and in walked Larry.

"What the hell........" exclaimed Larry, as he took in me and the video playing on the large screen. "Who are you and what are you doing in my house?" he demanded.

"Um, Larry, I am sorry, it is me, Ben, from next door." I replied, having a hard time looking into his face, and wanting to melt through the floor.

Larry stared at me, and then at the TV, then back at me - his eyes scanning my outfit. All of a sudden his eyes widened a bit: "Are you wearing my mother's clothes??" he demanded.

"Yes," I replied softly, still not looking at him. I started to look for the remote to turn off the TV, which now was showing two men in a deep sixty nine, while the woman alternated fingering each ass. Despite my embarrassment, I was still a bit aroused and hard.

Larry stared at me, and moved a bit towards me. "This really turns you on, doesn't it?" he asked, waving his arm at the TV and me. "You like wearing women's underwear don't you?"

I looked up at Larry. "Look, Larry, I know this looks really bad. I am really really sorry. Why don't we just forget this ever happened?" I began to move towards the stairs leading upstairs to the bedroom to get my clothes.

"Answer me," Larry said a bit more forcefully. "You get off on wearing my mother's underwear, don't you?"

"Please Larry....." I was frozen, not sure what to do.

Larry walked over to me, a bit more confident than when he first entered the room.

After looking me over some more, he said that he thought we might be able to have some mutual fun - and that if I cooperated he would not tell his parents what I was doing in their absence.

I looked at Larry. He was a mature 19. Self-assured, smart, and physically trim as he worked out regularly. He was just 6 ft tall, about 170 pounds, dirty blonde hair and green eyes. I was not sure if I found him attractive or not - I am not sure what man I would find attractive, never really going beyond thinking of playing with another man without much attention to "type" he might be.

I searched Larry's eyes, looking for a sign for what he was thinking, and asked what he meant by cooperate.

"Well," he said, "if you do as I instruct you, your little secret will be safe with me. I have no desire to do something you will not like - but I think you have demonstrated that you are at least curious about many of the things that intrigue me."

I looked at him, my heart pounding, not sure if I was excited, scared, or something in between. My cock twitched a bit, rubbing against the smooth silk panties. The moans from the TV, as the cocks exploded in each of the men's mouths, distracted me.

Larry walked up to me, and looked down at my cock. "Yes, I see that this does excite you."

He was very close to me - he placed his hand on my panty covered ass, and gave my cheek a nice little smack.

"Do we have a deal?" he asked. His voice was much more confident then when he first entered the room.

"Well?" he said as I hesitated, his hand caressing my ass, t

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