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The ending.

The pulsating fingers of pain shooting from the second welt quickly subsiding to the warm tingle that he craves as he slowly breathes out and closes his eyes. Again she strikes, harder and lower, catching the top of his thigh. By now though, he is ready and accepts the sting, taking a shallow breath before pushing it out again in anticipation of the next blow.

He sinks to a trance-like state as she continues to cane him, each stroke eliciting immediate pain and regret, quickly followed by warmth and acceptance. Unsure of how many strokes she's delivered he dwells on a higher plain now, separating the physical from the emotional as he rides the wave of endorphins coursing through his soul.

The stroke didn't come, but the cane did, running between his shoulder blades and down his spine. He opens his eyes and she tells him to stand. Slowly he rises; she leans in to kiss him as he runs his fingers through her hair. She drops her head to lightly bite and tug at his nipples, he drops a hand to squeeze hers through the silky top; passion consumes them as they explore each other's bodies with a touch that is in complete contrast to the violence of what had gone before. He lifts her chemise over her head and she returns her hands to cup his balls while he enjoys the freedom of her bosom caressing his stomach. He tries to thumb down her loose bottoms but she puts a stop to it immediately...he is going to have to be patient.

He dutifully bends again, both in anticipation and dread. A numbness had set in before, but his buttocks are now swollen and super-sensitive to the touch, so round two will be a tough ordeal. She rummages in the drawer and quickly returns behind him to drip the cold lube between his cheeks. He groans, not through anguish, but with expectation at the imminent invasion. This is not the first time she has plugged him prior to a second caning, but it is not a regular occurrence and at this stage of proceedings he is happy to accept whatever she gives him. The tip of the plug nudges his arsehole and he pushes out to receive the guest, but it is big and he finds himself contracting as the pressure grows. She eases out a bit, drops more lube in and again pushes, harder this time. He reaches back with both hands and spreads his cheeks while relaxing his ring in order to let the plug in, which it finally does with a sting that causes him to tighten his grip, ensuring the invader is trapped.

As the throb reduces he sets his feet apart again and dips his back, but again the stroke doesn't come. She is still behind him but this time grabs his balls so that her thumb and forefinger create a ring separating them from the base of his cock. This is new! Again he moans, and a wave of warmth flows through him as his lover pulls and stretches causing an unfamiliar ache. Now she loops a boot lace around them and pulls tight, and then around again and again until he can feel his nuts squeezed in to a sack too small for its charges. Just as he's getting used to this sensation, she yanks the lace up and slips the loop over the top end of the plug, causing his cock to jut out behind him and an upwards pressure to be applied in his anal canal. Laughing now at his helplessness and her ingenuity he wonders how she came up with this. Not one to watch or even read porn, her creativity astounds him as she lightly runs her nails down his shaft and over his head. The resultant flow of blood to his member causes further pressure between cock, balls and arse, but when she presses the button on the remote for the plug and the slow pulsing vibrations travel through his butt and via the cord to his scrotum, his mind is well-and-truly blown.

While he's revelling in the new sensation, she steps out of and kicks away the material that had encased her lower half, and to his delight she is wearing hold-ups; a personal favourite that seldom make an appearance.

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