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Pete's panty play with friend's wife continues.

...pllleeasee...." I wasn't sure what she meant I lifted a finger and begun gently rubbing her anal entrance, it was throbbing I pushed the finger and felt her sphincter give way as my finger entered her anal passage and I begun fucking her with it. She was shrieking in delight so I brought the second finger, which was still wet with her cunt juice, and pushed it into her arse, her sphincter muscles sucked it in.

I was now fucking her cunt with two of my fingers and sucking her clit, while two fingers from my left hand were deeply imbedded in her anus, she suddenly let out a stifled scream, "Ahhhhhh.... Fuuuckk ..yeehhs ..." and ejaculated thick creamy cunt fluids, which hit my chin and trickled down the outside of my throat. I quickly left her clit and pulling my fingers out of her cunt, covered the whole of her cunt into my mouth and begun sucking and licking her for all I was worth trying to suck out every drop of her nectar and still fucking her arse. She climbed down from her high and pushed me away, "That was good Paul I can see you're a natural cunt sucker but I can't manage any more attention on my cunt at the moment, so I think its time you received some education on these."

I couldn't believe my eyes she had just pushed her tits and was holding those wonderful orbs one in each hand, they were absolutely perfect and stood out firm with huge pointed brown nipples that were fully erect and begging to be sucked, I had never seen nipples that big in any of the nude pictures that I had seen and was awe struck, the areola was a very dark brown and covered about a third of the area at the top of each breast.

My cock was now very uncomfortable and was straining to be released, my balls were hard as rocks and were almost painful; she came down the stepladder and saw the tent in my trousers. She liked her lips, "Paul, you are a good boy, we'll have to do something about that so that your able to concentrate on the next lesson." She said it casually but there was no mistake as to what she was referring to as she glanced straight at my tent pole when she said it.

We made our way to her bedroom and she sat on the bed motioning me to go to her. I moved so that I was standing directly in front of her, she didn't hesitate and went straight to my hips and pulled my track suit bottoms downwards but they snagged on my cock, she put her hand inside and gently pushed my cock back .so that she was able to lower them further, just the feel of her touch on my cock through the thin flimsy cotton of my Y fronts virtually had me releasing my load, she sensed this and moved her hand to the base of my cock and squeezed, "We can't let that happen yet, think of the waste." She said in a matter of fact way as if she was talking about a milk spill.

Once the tracksuit bottoms were down to below my knees she lent forward and liked the head of my cock, which was by now pocking over the waist of my Y fronts, "Nice I like fresh young cock, it's so alive." While saying this she lowered my Y fronts all the way done and my cock sprung out in front of me, I relieved myself of my bottom garments quickly without too much movement and stood there in front of her.

Putting her hands on my buttocks she pulled me close to her and took my 7" inch cock into her mouth, my cock is very thick but she didn't seem to have any problem accommodating it, I was well aware that I wouldn't be able to last long with all the attention she was paying to my member but she seemed to know exactly what to do and when to do it.

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