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Dad chases the hot babysitter.

" He said as he started tickling my sides and I squirmed with laughter trying to escape the torture. He finally relented and pulled me back into him.

I broke his embrace as I stood up. He looked disappointed until I held out my hand to him before saying "what are you waiting for stud." He grabbed my hands and let me help him up. He quickly rolled up the mats, extinguished the lantern, and threw the crown in the cooler before he practically chased me back to the truck. He tossed his cargo in the bed of the truck and was disappointed when I opened my own door. He walked over to his door as I pushed it open for him. He started the pickup but looked concerned as he spoke "you don't have to spend the night with me Bobby, I don't want you to feel pressured, or we can just cuddle if you want."

His concern touched me, and cuddling was awesome, but after that frantic experience in the bathroom I was ready to explore more with him. "I love kissing and cuddling with you Rob. After what we shared the other day I'm ready to keep exploring with you." I reached a hand out and squeezed the bulge in his jeans while flashing a bashful smile. He gasped and quickly got us on the road towards his house.

His house was dark as we pulled into the driveway. He waited at the front of the truck for me and took my hand as I approached. "I have my own door around back," he said as I followed him around the corner. There was a small light shining over the door. Watch your step he said as we took the concrete steps into his room. Aside from the concrete steps, you wouldn't be able to tell this was a basement. There were a couple of doors and he led me through the first one which opened into his room. His room was neat and his bed was made. He pulled off his jacket and hung it on his desk chair. "Make yourself comfortable," he said, "bathroom is the door right next door." I nodded at him as I kicked off my shoes and pulled my hoodie over my head. He moved in front of me rubbing his thumb over my neck where he had been sucking earlier. "I might have gotten a little carried away." He admitted and I shuddered at the contact.

"How'd I get so lucky?" I asked as I took my hands and wrapped them around his waist pulling him towards me.

"I was asking myself the same thing." He replied as he started nibbling on the other side of my neck. He licked slowly up my neck before he licked a circle around the edge of my lips. I stuck out my tongue to meet his and he quickly engulfed it with his mouth. Using my tongue I sought out any part of his mouth I had yet to taste. He began untucking my t-shirt and I put my hands in the air not breaking the kiss until the last possible moment. He observed the lean muscles on my chest and his light caress had me sighing as his fingers roamed over my body. He took a second to pinch my tiny nipple and I winced and let out a slight yelp before he bent down to kiss and lick the hurt away. He stood back up as I pulled up his shirt and stood on my tip toes to get it over his outstretched arms.

I bit my lip at what I saw. I repeated his actions and slowly moved my hands on his hard chest. I loved the feel of the soft hair as I ran my finger around it fascinated with the texture. I felt each ridge of his abdomen before finding his pink nub and returning the favor. He didn't yip, but he moaned. I bent down and kissed and licked the tortured part of him. His skin tasted too good, I didn't want to lose contact with him. I let my tongue roam through his chest hair over to the other nipple. I lightly nibbled at it and smiled when that got him squirming. I licked up his side and paused near his armpit. I inhaled deeply and was drunk on his scent. I licked around the edge of his arm and he lifted it for me to explore. "You smell so good." I moaned as I buried my nose in his armpit savoring the smell. I couldn't take it anymore and licked his pit deeply before breaking away to attack his mouth.

I pulled him back with me towards the bed slowly

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