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Brother catches her shaving & the fun begins.

"Are those all johns?" I whispered to Pip and Tanya.

"No, I think their names are Tom, Dick, and Harry," Tanya replied, and they burst into laughter again.

"Are they looking for sex?"

"I'm pretty sure they are," said Pip with a smirk. "Why don't you go ask them?"

I was going to protest that I could never do such a thing, but they came right over to the booth and asked if they could sit with us. Pip said sure, so they asked what we were drinking and went off to the bar to order the drinks. As they waited for the bartender, Tanya asked me, "Do you want to have a little fun? Why don't you pretend you are one of us, just until things get rolling? We'll take it from there."

Alcohol can make you do some pretty risky things. It made me say yes to their silly plan, and the next thing I knew, Jake, Thomas, and Marshall, those were their names, were sitting with what they thought were three prostitutes. They were just kids, really, and sailors, like I said, out for a night on the town. They looked innocent enough, although it looked like Marshall might have had a little more experience than the others. He kept looking at me intently in the eye.

We carried on for a while, flirting and drinking. I used the word cunt for the first time when Jake asked me what my favorite word was for my vagina because I couldn't really remember any of the other words I had just learned. Their attention flattered me and I began to feel quite warm and relaxed, and my clitoris began to call my attention once again. I was sure this social time was just for my benefit. Pip and Tanya didn't get paid to socialize. Even back then, I knew that prostitutes weren't in the game for the sex, but they were playing along for me, and I was enjoying it.

And there we all were when Marshall suddenly turned to me and said, "Why don't we continue this party somewhere more comfortable?" as if I were in charge of the negotiations! I looked to Pip for help who said, "Yeah, we know a place." And the next thing you know, we are walking down the street, each of us with a sailor on each on our arm, as if we were going to the movies. If you didn't know what was supposed to happen next, you'd think it was pretty sweet.

But Pip and Tanya stopped us at a little hotel a couple of blocks from the Evergreen. And I realized that it was time for them to do their jobs and me to go home, now that I had, you know, climaxed and all.
* * *

Whew, I thought. Thank God this story was coming to a conclusion. I mean, her story was actually pretty funny and kind of arousing and all, and she was clearly enjoying telling it, but there was just something so unnerving about it. Why was she telling me this?

Hazel noticed my attention wandering. "Well, do I get to finish my story or not?" she asked rather impatiently.

"Umm, yes, sure you do," I stammered. Where else did I have to go really? Frank wouldn't be home for hours and the kids had their afterschool activities. Hazel probably wasn't going to have many more opportunities to get this off her chest.

* * *

So I was all set to leave when Tanya pulled me aside and whispered, "Hazel, they say it's no deal if there isn't one for each of them. But listen, once we get upstairs, we'll make them forget all about the numbers and you can leave then." Now, I may not have had an orgasm until then, but I wasn't stupid. It sounded like a dubious plan to me. But then I thought about how much time they had spent with me and how they needed to make a living, and who was I to cheat them out of that. Well, that, plus that my panties were unbelievably wet from all the sex talk we were exchanging and I was still pretty drunk. So I figured I would go upstairs for a few minutes, like she said, and once they were all occupied, I'd sneak out.

I guess I haven't told you about these sailors yet, have I? Well, like I said, they were pretty young, maybe nineteen, twenty, could have been my sons really.

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