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My new clinic boss needs a full service workout.

Paul thought that these two women were amazing. They never seemed to tire and they were absolutely delightful to have sex with. He was going to miss them!

Melissa pulled away from Paul and when he looked up to see why she leaned down and kissed him. He watched her move around in front of Karen and kneel down and then he felt her hands on his balls and cock.

Melissa liked watching people fuck and she liked to watch it close up. She leaned in and began kissing Karen's thighs while playing with Paul. Paul opened his legs a bit to let Melissa have better access to him and when he did Melissa had enough room to lean her head in and begin sucking on his balls. She also had enough room to begin to play with Karen's clit and feel Paul's cock sliding in and out of Karen's pussy.

Karen, when she felt Melissa's finger on her clit, leaned back against Paul's chest and began to hump Paul strongly. She was going to cum soon and wanted to get there as quickly as possible. For some reason she felt an urgency to cum she had not felt all night.

Paul sensed Karen's urgency and fucked her back as hard as she was fucking him. Melissa had one hand massaging Paul's balls and one finger rubbing Karen's clit. She reached in and managed to get Karen's clit between her thumb and first finger and began to roll and squeeze it. When Karen felt that she shoved her ass downward as hard as she could to get Paul into her as deeply as possible and throwing her head backward and moaning she came.

----- Kate & Josie, Ken & Jill -----

Mom and I watched the kiss between Jill and Kate. She looked over at me and raised one eyebrow and I had to smother a laugh. When the kiss ended Mom kissed Jill on the cheek and stepped back. The group hug broke up and the three of them stood looking at each other.

"Now that everything seems to be more or less settled and you seem to be doing okay, Kate and I will be going. Besides, it looked to me as if we may have interrupted something when we barged in with the doughnuts," and she looked at Jill and then at me with a grin. "So, why don't you two go back to what you were doing...or thinking about doing?"

I looked at Mom and Kate and nodded. Jill looked at me with smugness and a smile and then back to Mom and Kate and, somewhat self-consciously said, "Well, I have to admit that when you knocked I was in the process of seducing my nephew."

Kate laughed out loud, "Seducing Ken? Well, that would be interesting to watch." She walked over and stood in front of me and looked down at George who was totally ready, "From what I see here I think your chances of success are 100%!"

Mom laughed as well and taking Jill by the shoulders sat her back down on the couch next to me. Then she knelt down and reached out her hand and wrapped it around my cock and looking at me stroked me several times. Looking over at her sister she said, "Kate is right, this certainly does not look like it needs seducing! Kenny, sweetie, do you want to have sex with your aunt?"

I nodded and smiled broadly.

Mom let go of me and taking Jill's hand placed it on my cock. "Sis, I think that you are in for a real treat! My boy knows how to make a woman feel really good!" She leaned in and gave Jill a kiss (2 on the scale) and a hug and said, "Enjoy yourselves!" She leaned in and took my chin in her hand and kissed me (4 on the scale). "Take real good care of your aunt Jill!" while looking me in the eye!

"I will, I promise!"

Mom stood up, put her arm around Kate's waist and said, "Well, Batwoman, it looks like our job her is done! Best we take ourselves elsewhere!" Kate laughed and shook her head. With a wave to Jill and me they began to walk toward the door.


Mom and Kate stopped.

Leaning over to me Jill whispered in my ear. Surprised but pleasantly so I nodded my approval.

Turning back to look at Kate and Mom, Jill said, "Why don't you stay?"

"Excuse me?"

"We'd like you to stay!"

"You want Kate and I to stay?"

Jill nodded her head.

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