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Bobby's plan to see his former teacher nude.

Before Shannon could object Cindy pulled her slender wrists together and quickly tied them. She held Shannon against the pole and pulled her arms up so she could catch the silk onto the hook above the girl's head.

Shannon was sobbing and pleading now but Cindy ignored her; instead she tied her ankles together. Finally she slipped her hands under the veil and gagged the panicky young girl.

Cindy kissed her own finger and placed it on Shannon's cheek. Shannon groaned into the gag as Cindy went back in the house and turned off the one light they had used.

The witch's instructions were clear. Shannon had to be alone in the dark. No moon was out and little light from the city made its way to this gloomy place. The house loomed like a hulking beast. Just a few stars managed to glimmer through the hazy and humid New Orleans air.

Shannon writhed and moaned for a few moments and then a strange calm came over her. Dressed like a bride she felt herself worthy of being the sacrifice. She felt a yearning to be possessed, even violated by the demons haunting this place. Suddenly she believed in these ghosts but knew that her spirit was a match for their powers.

The first bell from a far off church began the tolling for midnight. Shannon jumped startled by the deep resonating sound. The brass of the ancient bell seemed to vibrate against her tender thighs. Shannon's breasts shimmered like creamy pools as she shuddered.

Even as the echo of the first bell ebbed away, the brass was struck again and the reverberation gripped her virgin body made her writhe. The captive was groaning loudly into the gag.

Another strike, then another, on and on. Each peal of the bell shook Shannon ruthlessly and panic and desire swirled inside her. She struggled against the silk cords like a trapped animal.

Finally, the last tolling of brass faded into a gentle song which harmonized with the shallow anxious breaths of the bound bride. A pause filled the humid air and all Shannon could hear was her own breathing and the beating of her heart.

She heard the crush of a heavy boot on the pebbled path. Her body stiffened and she strained to follow the sound. When she saw the ominous shadow approaching Shannon screeched with joy. It was true! The curse was real and the ghost was real. Now all Shannon could think of was being ravaged by this ancient spirit. Her body thrashed and wriggled with yearning; the white of the bridal gown fluttered, making her appear as a seductive angel. She continued to scream out her craving and even with the gag it sounded like a siren's song.

The figure stopped in front of her deliciously struggling body. He was dressed all in black with a cloak and a tri-cornered hat. He spent a long time watching his prize dance erotically in her bonds.

Finally he put his hands on her waist. This stilled the writhing girl and the physicality shook her. Now she was reminded that the ghost real in every way and soon this massive shape would be piercing her maidenhead.

The figure gripped her waist and squeezed her body as they ran up her trembling torso; he cupped those quivering mounds of cream and fondled her chest and shoulders and back. His whole body was pressed against her now as his hands roamed up and down his virginal treasure. He revealed in the firmness of her flesh and the completely perfect curves of her.

His mouth was hot and wet as he licked her neck and the tops of her shimmering breasts. Shannon was in a trance. She had never been handled by a man this way and she felt wild stirring between her legs, but fear filled her heart as she thought of him violating her innocence.

His hands lifted the veil and pushed it back. Tenderly he undid the gag and covered her mouth. His lips tasted of wine and his all too fleshy tongue pried open her lips and filled her mouth with his probing.

Shannon felt herself lifted into the air and she was released from the pole.

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