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Two lovers plan to meet...

He had moved his mouth to her neck, kissing and licking and sucking her skin. He kissed all the way up to the spot just beneath her ear where she'd always been most sensitive. She felt herself jerk involuntarily against his hardness. Her body responded in an instant orgasm she hadn't at all been expecting. Normally a sensitive woman, this was beyond the bounds of even her normal reactivity.

She clutched his strong, muscular arms as she rode the waves of her orgasm, peaking over and over again just from his touch at that one spot. He continued his exploration of her neck, using small bites that excited and soothing them with kisses.

Her body didn't feel languid after the orgasm passed, as it usually would. He'd already built her back up into a frenzy of heat and urgency.

She brought his head up and kissed him, hard, biting his lower lip less gently than she intended. He moaned and she leaned away, wondering if she'd hurt him. "Is that okay?" she asked, wondering if she could help herself if he said it wasn't.

"Yes, I think it's sexy." He said, his voice octaves lower than usual and rumbling through her like a physical force.

She kissed him again, her body still writhing uncontrollably against him as it had been the entire time they'd been touching. He pressed into her and held her ass, making sure that the pressure was as deep as it could be with him still outside of her.

"God, I love the way you smell." He said, his face in her neck again.

"Mmmmmm" was all she could come up with as a reply, especially since he'd moved his hands under the skirt of her dress, caressing her ass through the thin black mesh of her panties.

She ran her hands all over him, loving the feel of him beneath her fingers. He was so hard everywhere, so different from her curvy softness. She knew it came from his work, knew also that his job was the reason his hands were so work worn and rough. Her father was a mechanic, her grandfather the hardest working woodsman she'd ever heard of... Nothing became a man more in her eyes than rough hands and hard arms.

She ran her hands under his shirt, reveling in the feel of soft skin over taut muscle. He had come back to kissing her on the mouth and moaned when she ran her hands over his sides and down to his firm ass. She pulled him into her, hard, rubbing against him and mewling deep in her throat. God, they'd done practically nothing and she'd already gotten off once. Meanwhile, he was straining against her so hard that she almost couldn't believe that was all him.

The line of a song drifted through her mind briefly as she reached for his zipper: "You're someone else's man and that ain't the kind of man I want to want..."

Too late now, huh?

The guilt fled at the site of him, the length and girth of him, resting in her hand. There was no more room for wondering what might happen, or how long it would take for people to make the connection between the locked bathroom door and the two missing people.

She fondled him from balls to head for a brief moment, loving the velvet over steel feeling, the bulging veins, the straining tip, the droplet of precum... All indicators of what she was doing to him. She shivered a little with anticipation, tracing her thumb through the tiny bit of cum.

He watched her hands on him in amazement, surprised it had gone this far.

He'd flirted with a lot of women the same way he had with her. No one had taken him seriously thus far...

She grasped him in her hand, as completely as she could and began to run her hand up and down the length of him, preparing him for her in honest. She still couldn't stop the involuntary motions of her hips and found herself lightly humping the counter she sat on, her hips moving in slow circles. He noticed and slid a hand around from her ass to her slit. He pushed her panties aside and his rough fingertips came into intimate contact with all that wet heat.

She was wetter than anything he'd experienced before.

His fingers were long but blunt and she thoug

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