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Wife accuses him of having an affair.

I was now prying her buttocks apart, trying to give her a urine enema. It was filling her up and spraying everywhere. But it was inside her. I emptied my bladder into this lovely woman, receiving me from the floor. I could love her, I knew. I finished and immediately plugged her up with my thumb, releasing her legs and letting her lie down.

"Ohhh, I can't, I cannot hold it any more, your pee is so hot.... in me... it's breaking me, please, whatever you want Diane, let me free, let me go"

Not wanting to lose it here, I quick helped her up, around, and on her knees.

"Katie, I'm going to make you come. Hold it just a little more. This is all for you."

I lay down under her and slid my body under her legs, my face in her crotch, my pussy under her head. She took the hint and began biting my cunt lightly. Two fingers went in me and I gasped with surprise.

I in turn tongue fucked her pussy like no other. Wet, she was ready. I groomed the clit and danced circles around it. I mimicked her fingers in me with my own deep in her tunnel. A slather of red mucus came out again, which I thickly drank in.

"Uggn, mmmmm, oh Di, yes, yes, go, go, more. Like that, oh."

And her hips gyrated, putting more weight on my head. Between her pussy and ass, my face was underwater and I could hardly breathe.

I was getting the feeling of my own rise to orgasm when her tongue poked my asshole. My opening loosened for access and she responded with a darting motion. I was exhilarated. I felt her generous mouth gaining inside me, trying to enter my forbidden smell hole. A finger slithered into my rectum. Then another. She started finger fucking my ass and I met her rhythm enthusiastically. Now they were pumping me hard, to the hilt. I felt my ass full of something, her fingers, maybe some of my own richness, I couldn't tell. I squatted into her pistoning hand. She hand pumped me while her mouth ate me furiously.

I responded by finding her precise spots to bring her screaming in ecstacy. My own tongue attacked her bloody slat from behind, but kept returning to her bum, warm and full, clenched in tightness. I pushed in, I could wait no longer. It remained tight. I slowly forced a wet finger in, her sphincter opened. Then another. We had tow fingers in each others' assholes, deep. We a reciprocating pulse and moved together.

"Diane, oh, oh... yeah, mmm, yeah, mmm, oh, no, no, I can't, mm.." her rate increasing, her tiny yelps getting louder.

Then suddenly, a jet shot from her anus into my waiting mouth. Hot ass piss, my piss trickling down her crack and my chin. I drank from the fountain, filling up. Oh, was it heavenly, this wine. Salty and dirty, with her deep dirty. Strong seedy and ammoniac in scent, but earthy with subliminal bitter flavors. My mouth was overflowing, my ass was writhing in excitement from her fingerwork, I was close to coming myself, but I needed to kiss Kate, I needed her mouth in mine.

I jammed a hard finger back in her asshole and toppled her over on her back, leaning over to kiss her hard, my lips pouring piss into her mouth. She met me and locked her lips on mine. We drank each other for a long time, engaging teeth and tongues. I fully tasted every piece of her luscious mouth. A long glob of cunt blood was clinging to her eye brow, which I licked off and offered to her. She was crying in anticipation and the ever fullness of her gut, still full and plugged. Her nipples were biting into mine as we shackled each other. I felt her taught stomach, gurgling with my liquor enema.

But I needed to finish my business.

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