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Church visitor finds truth in a nursing home.

To reach that far, my bared mound pressed against the cold bath tub. I knew that if you behind me at the door, you would surely see my pussy growing wet from the coolness contrasting with my heated flesh since I could feel my clit swelling searching for something to brush against it.

I considered turning around to make sure you weren't standing there watching me, but decided that if you were, I really didn't want to know. I just decided to try and hurry to finish the tub or at least the part of cleaning it that caused my clit to ache and my ass to be up in the air as if waiting for your hands to spank it some more. Quickly enough that part was done, and I sat back into a kneeling position to wash the outside of the tub, when I hear you question, "Do you grow wet when you kneel like that?"

I once again am blushing, both knowing that you could have seen my earlier position and now had caught me kneeling as I had read subs should do. I wanted to stand up and rebel against the implications, yet couldn't bring myself to do so. Instead, I simply shake my head and say "Kneeling isn't affecting me.", not entirely sure who it is that I am trying harder to convince. Just knowing that my clit is a hardened nub and my pussy is begging for someone to satisfy it. Then I realize that while having to look up at you, my pussy is opening and seems to grow damper as I am able to see the sheer size of you filling the doorway.

"Good, I don't think today is a good day for you to be truly horny and ready for me, too much stuff to do. What is there that you haven't done in here as of yet?" "Just the floor I think that is if it looks good enough to you." I say slightly disappointed that you had said you didn't want me to be "horny and ready" today. "Yes, everything seems fine. Please, continue and we will see if we have time for anything more today before you leave."

In order to not scrub myself into a corner, I had to clean on hands and knees with my ass towards the bathroom door. You seemed to try and make slight noises every time you were near, and every noise you made, be it a cough to clear your throat or a foot step, make my clit swell and ache more. I know that with the movements of the scrub brush in my hand, my ass was swaying before you like a white flag and in my opinion, begging you to touch me.

By the time I was finished crawling on the bathroom floor and knowing you had been standing there watching me for the last ten minutes or so, I was almost ready to beg you to touch my clit and help me cum. My clit was so swollen that I could picture it poking out from between my pussy lips, looking for the slightest amount of contact to send me into orgasm.

"You are all done with the bathroom?" you question.

"Yes, I think so. I got the stains up off the floor, though still not sure what had caused them to be there." I say, forgetting for a moment that I should be covering myself and almost smiling as I wonder if I am growing use to you seeing me naked already.

"I am glad you are finished. It is too late in the morning for you to begin another task today, so how about we go, talk a little bit, and have a drink? I am sure after all your efforts in here that you must be thirsty."

"Yes, I would like a drink. I will go get dressed and then we can sit and talk."

"No, I said we didn't have time for more tasks, that doesn't mean that you should get dressed yet. There is some soda in the refrigerator. Why don't you forget you're naked and go get us both something to drink?"

I blush again, as I head for the kitchen still naked after being so sure that I was going to have my clothes on before I would have to sit down and see you looking at me.

I walk to the refrigerator begin getting our drinks ready, finishing by putting the bottle back in, and then head over to set the drinks on the table.

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