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She stroked my cheek, ran her thumbs over my throat, my collarbone, twisted the buttons of my shirt between her thumb and forefinger to release them. I wore one of my many oversized men's shirts, stained with paint, with nothing underneath; she pushed it off my shoulders and it fell to the floor.

I shivered as my chest was exposed, and she leaned forward to press her breasts against mine, smaller than hers, her firm nipples brushing against my skin.

Next she trailed her hands over me, cupping my breasts, thumbing my nipples. Down to my ribs; she traced her fingernails against them, sending more shivers up my back. She took an excruciatingly long time with each motion, paying special attention to each part of my body until I was vibrating - thrumming with need for her. Another peal of thunder sounded outside, louder than before, and this time she shivered. In one quick motion she pulled down at my waistband until I was naked to match her, and I kicked my clothes away and fell to my knees before her.

"So eager, young one," she scolded me as I pressed my face into the juncture of her thighs, breathing her in. Her scent - spices and musk - extended here too, and I kissed her softly, again and again, until she started to open for me. She moaned her approval then, and I pressed my tongue against her, tasting her, sliding my tongue along the length of her slit and gathering the warmth of her juices. As I lapped at her, thunder boomed, so close now. The glass of my window rattled in its panes.

Her hand tightened on the back of my head and she pulled me away from her. I panted with desire, and begged her: "Please..."

She tilted my head up with her hand on my chin and looked at me, chiding me gently. "Not yet. Come with me."

She pulled away from me and walked toward my open window, a full-length old wooden frame that opened out on to the fire escape I awaited her on each evening. Reluctantly, I raised myself up from my knees and followed her. Lightning flashed outside and for a split second she was silhouetted, her naked form against the brightness of the sky, framed by the open window. The air outside was practically steaming.

The street was deserted; I noted this as she led me out onto the old iron fire escape, both of us naked, the sky dark and the rain falling hard. It hit our bodies, drops sliding down our bare skin, the water cooler than the hot air. Thunder sounded again and the whole fire escape rattled. While I held on for dear life, she laughed aloud, throwing her head back, rain hitting her face, her throat, her breasts.

She kissed me then, pouncing on me like an animal, her teeth sharp against my lip, drawing blood that mixed with the rain running down my face. When her fingers found my sex I was more than ready for her, and she plunged inside of me. She drove into me as the sky flashed and shook, her fingers pressing deep inside of me, and she pumped her wrist almost in time with the thunder. Every time thunder sounded, her frenzy seemed to increase in intensity; the fire escape shook and rattled as she pushed hard into me in the stormy night. Her fingertips curved against my deepest spot and I felt the heat build inside of me.

She growled then, an animalistic sound. When lightning flashed again it lit her up, and I stared into the face of a monster, her yellow eyes suddenly frightening with intensity. I'd never seen Lucine lose control like this - the hunger in her face was absolutely bestial - but somehow I wasn't scared. In any case, I was frozen, powerless to stop her with my orgasm so close.

As the crescendo built, she moved faster, inhumanly fast, fucking me hard and hitting my deepest spots with each stroke. "Yes, come for me," she moaned at me, and as the wave of my orgasm crashed over me, she latched on to my neck with her teeth and started to drain me.

I remember shuddering and going limp as she pulled her fingers out of me, sagging against the side of the building as she fed on me.

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