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There she stood, her prey on the other side of the great chasm...

Annie prolonged it by slipping additional fingers inside me stretching me wide as she continued suckling on my clit. And then as my orgasm slipped away, she released my now too sensitive clitoris and kissed and suckled all around it as I began to return to reality. I eventually opened my eyes and looked down at Annie's grinning face between my wide spread thighs.

"How was that?" she purred as she slid up my body wiping her sopping face on my skirt on the way.

I signed, "Fucking fantastic."

Her lips found mine and I ignored the taste of my pussy as her tongue played with mine.

"And the nights still young." she whispered between kisses.

After a few minutes of kissing and caressing, Annie prised herself from my body and got to her feet, she held her hand out to me, "Come, let's go to bed."

I caught my reflection in the bedside mirror as I entered the bedroom. I looked a wreck, my hair all over the place, my breasts hanging out of my top and my skirt creased to buggery. On the other hand, Annie still looked a million dollars. I stood still as Annie removed my top and bra, she leaned forwards and kissed me as her hands found the zip on the back of my skirt. In seconds I was nude as the day I was born. Annie then explored my body with her hands and mouth, and although I was post orgasmic, it was still all very erotic and new to me.

She then kissed me, "Take my clothes off."

My fingers trembled as I stripped another woman for the first time in my life. I removed her top first revealing a lovely pink bra, her breasts seemed small but pert, her nipples erect and trying to escape. I struggled at first with the top button of her jeans but eventually succeeded it releasing and lowering the zip. Annie wriggled her buttocks as I tried to slide her skin tight jeans downwards, but held her G string in place. She stepped out of her jeans and then took me in her arms.

Annie was slightly taller than I, but we kissed passionately as I unclipped her bra and let it fall between us. She bent her knees slightly so our nipples could touch which sent little shivers through me. She took my hand in hers and guided it down to her G string reminding me that I hadn't quite finished my job. I knelt down and admired the matching pink triangle. Annie opened her thighs slightly as I eased the G string downwards. A thin line of short pubic hair ran down her navel just meeting the V of her pussy lips held my attention for a few seconds before I stood and took in the rest of her lean body. Her breasts were pert with large nipples and her waist narrow but flared outwards to curved hips and buttocks. Her thighs were nicely rounded and toned as the rest of her legs.

"Bitch." I commented humorously.

Annie laughed and slid one hand between my thighs and the other on my left breast, "Hours at the gym and eating like a sparrow just look like this. And having you like this makes it all worthwhile. Anyway, as I said before, you've got a killer body. "

She then turned away from me and pulled the bed covers back, from a cupboard she took a large silk sheet and spread it over the bed. From a drawer she picked up a bottle and placed it on the bedside table.

"Lie down and I'll give you a massage."

I lay face down on the bed and Annie straddled my thighs.

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