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Two scientists undertake the most erotic of experiments.

She almost could have knocked me over with a feather when she retorted that a blowjob would be fine, as long as it did not lead to us fucking. As she said this she was already pulling my shorts down and my cock was in her mouth pronto. I leaned back against the wall and relished in the feeling of her mouth giving all this attention to my now rigid cock. I felt myself ready to cum but when I warned her she just sucked harder and faster until my juice spurt into the back of her throat. She seemed to go crazy as it hit, she sucked deeper until she had taken every drop of me, then she pulled back used her tongue to make sure that I was totally clean, and free of tell tale signs that my wife may have noticed.

I could not believe what she had done, as well, this was the fist time in my life that anyone had ever taken my cum fully into their mouth and swallowed every drop. The experience had me hooked and I was already planning on how to make this a regular event. Every two weeks for the next 6 months I would be making excuses to visit her and do odd jobs, just waiting for her to offer to suck my cock for me. I had the best of everything going for me. She would give me the blowjobs that my wife would not, and then I could go home and fuck my unsuspecting wife, and last for ages and give her so much pleasure. My wife never suspected why I became such a "stayer", she was just so happy that I could giver her so many orgasms before blowing my load.

Unfortunately all good things come to an end, and in my case it was my own undoing. I had been at Jenny's for a few hours and instead of waiting for her to bring the subject up, as soon as she put the kettle on for the coffee, I jumped the gun and dropped my shorts, sat myself down on the "blow job bench" then eagerly awaited her mouth to administer its pleasures.

"You bastard!" she yelled at me, "You only come here to get your cock sucked," she added, before finishing off with "well this is the last time mister, no more cock sucking from this mouth".

I was devastated, I knew I had been too eager and now I had lost my fortnightly pleasure. Even my wife began to ask me what had happened and why had my sex drive changed so much that I would cum so soon. But how could I tell her without admitting what I had been getting all these months. I just told her it must be age creeping up on me. A month later Jenny quit her job, married her boyfriend, and they moved out of the area. I never saw her again for 10 years, but never again did I get to have fun with her.
Unbeknown to me at the time, Jenny had left me with a parting gift. Not the usual type of gift that comes wrapped as to be expected, rather her gift was in the form of words. Not even words to me, but to the other girls where I worked. It was the week after she had left, and as usual a few of the staff and I were having some drinks, but this time the girls invited their boyfriends to join us. There were 6 of us in total. Veronica and her guy, Susan and her new boyfriend, myself and Sally, the apprentice cook, who had started a few weeks before.

As the time passed the subject turned to sex and before long Veronica was running her hand up her guy's leg and rubbing his cock and not caring who saw her. As the talking slowed and the free 'perv' increased, soon Susan was doing the same with her boyfriend. That left Sally and me to sit and watch. Soon the show was getting the better of her and she suggested that we play a game of pool and let the lovers have some privacy. It was a good idea and we went to the next room to have a game. As I went to break I joked and asked her what were the stakes for the game.

"The loser has to be on top," was her reply.

I was sure that she was joking but it played on my mind and I did not play very well at all, I lost.

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