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She pays for her smart-assed remark.

"I just feel like such a little slut," I said horrifyingly.

He chuckled and gave me a gentle kiss. "In the bedroom it's okay to be a little slutty. I love the fact that you're a little dirty. As long as it's only for me."

The sound of possession in his voice squeezed my heart. I gave him another shy smile feeling a lot better about my outburst.

"So let's see... where were we?" he said looking down my body. "Oh yes, that's right... you were just begging me to touch your pussy."

I nodded. He smiled and reach down to brush just his fingertips across the top of it. Moaning I raised my hips up to urge him to go further, but he stopped instead.

"I'm not ready yet," he said suddenly.


"I said, I'm not ready yet. I'll touch you there when I want to and not before. Do you understand me?" he asked forcefully.

I moaned in disappoint but nodded.

"Speak, girl."

"Yes, Sir," I repeated quietly.

I was aching for him to hurry and wanted desperately to beg him for more. Yet, when he stepped up and took control like that it ramped up my desire.

I laid my body back on the bed and draped my hands over my head then just waited. A light came on in his eyes and he gave me a purely carnal smile before he walked over to his closet. I was given a delicious view of his taunt buttocks as he sauntered. They were tight and perfectly rounded, I had to suppress a girly sigh; while I fantasied about grabbing them just to see if they were as muscular as they looked.

I really wanted to reach out and explore his body as well but I knew that time would come. If he wanted to act the Dom to me, I needed to act the sub and show him just how amazing this power exchange can be.

When he stepped up in front of me he held a few ties that looked like they'd come off a bathrobe along with a tie.

"Do you trust me, Vie?" he asked.

I hesitated for a moment. Did I trust him? I knew he wouldn't hurt me. He'd been nothing but kind to me and had been so protective of me especially when I'd been hurt. Did I trust him? I knew the answer to that with complete certainty.

"Yes, Sir," I replied finally. "But, Sir, you don't have to do this."

He gave me a curious look. "I know that."

"Then... why are you?"

He thought about it before answering. "Because I want to."

"You do?"

He gave me a soft smile. "Yes. Do you remember the last time you were at my apartment and you said you'd come into my bedroom and let me tie you up?"

I nodded.

"Ever since then I could not get that picture out of my head and I've had practically a permanent hard on."

"Oh," I said softly with a little secret smile.

"Are you still willing?" he asked with a hint of worry in his voice.

I lifted my chin at him and answered without hesitation. "Yes, Sir."

Relief touched his features and with a curt nod of approval he switch back into what I'd consider 'Dom mode'. His shoulders straightened and his features took on the odd arrogance that Masters seemed to have. Maybe it wasn't actually arrogance, but more along the lines of confidence. He knew what he wanted to happen and it was going to happen.

"Before this happens I know we need a safe word. Do you have one?"

I shook my head. "Not really. I usually just used the club's safe word."

"What's that?"

"Red, Sir."

He nodded. "Ok, we'll use that. Now spread your legs wide."

Under his dominance I allowed my embarrassment slide away and concentrated on nothing more than pleasing my Master. I spread my legs as wide as I could not willing to think of how exposed I was.

He grabbed several neckties and tied each ankle to a post at the bottom of the bed. Then he circled around to where my arms were still draped over the side and used his bathrobe to tie them.

I pulled on each of the ties to see how well they were tied.

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