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Young sailor meets a Tasmanian Devil.

Chapter 2

No matter how much I tried to avoid it, here it was, another Tuesday. And with it came the class I taught to the girl ruling my wettest dreams and scariest nightmares. Sure, last time I was able to stop myself before we got too far, but I couldn't very well explain my tongue on any student's body parts to the Dean. No matter how sweet they smelled, or how delightfully frightened they looked.

After staying in bed much longer than I should have, for one last orgasm, I was definitely running late, so late that the thought of wearing underwear did not even cross my mind.

Jumping straight to explaining the group exercise for the day, I avoided even looking in the direction where Faith usually sat. After they separated into groups to workshop their latest essay, I sat behind the desk to finally catch my breath and look over the resubmissions.

Faith's second attempt at the topic was much better handled, even bringing out a few chuckles out of me. Her writing style was direct, almost irreverent, yet her points were clear, pertinent, and humorous.

As I moved her paper to the complete file, a small blue envelope fell on the floor. Picking it up, I glanced at the students and caught Faith's eye. I had to soon avert my gaze as her seductive smile was back, and she proceeded to slowly bite her lower lip while staring into me. Just like in my fantasy this morning. And just like that the flood between my thighs was back. What was I going to do with this little temptress.

Opening the envelope, I emitted an audible gasp. There she was, bent over a desk, her perfect globes confined in the tightest miniskirt that accentuated her long legs ending in a pair of red heels. On the picture, a simple question, "what happens if I don't?"


I hadn't wanted to think about what would happen if she didn't stop. We were past the point of getting the brass involved. And I couldn't very well contemplate giving her what she wanted...could I? My eyes darted back down to the picture. The images of what could happen, what I could make her do, the pleasure we could give each other, overwhelmed me. I really needed to get laid if I wanted to be able to adequately deal with this girl.

The rest of my classes was a blur. Finally, the room was empty and I emitted a sound of relief, glad the day was ending. I was off the following day and planned for a long night at the library, followed by more studying in my apartment. In my last stretch for my doctorate, I did not have much time to spend on spoiled little girls. Plus starting anything with one of my students was ill-advised.

I reached the library without noticing, completely lost in my thoughts. Quickly locating my favorite corner in the basement, I got ready to settle in before noticing I was missing a crucial element: caffeine. Groaning, I headed back upstairs. Making my way back to my seat from Java City, I stopped dead in my tracks.

- "Hey Ms. D." Ah no, please tell me I was hearing things now. But no, she was right there, standing next to my chair.

- "Miss Hill, getting a head start on next week's homework?"

- "Depends. How did you enjoy my last paper?"

As she spoke, she settled into the comfy chair across from mine. This was my favorite location on this floor because the chairs were placed in a little alcove that one would notice only if expressly searching for it. I had a feeling that this would not be to my advantage in this case. The aisles were deserted and we could have very well been the only souls on this floor of the giant library.

- "Miss Hill, if you need to discuss your grades, it would be more appropriate to meet during my office hours."

- "See Ms. D, I wasn't sure I'd be safe there... I felt threatened last time."

The coy little nymph would be the death of me. Looking around us, making sure that we wouldn't be overheard, I leaned towards her.

- "Faith, you have got to stop. You are my student. None of this is appropriate"

- "So you didn't like the pi

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