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Meeting a new friend and making memento.

Susan threw her knickers over to where her bra had landed then turned round looked at me and said, "Get up Bobby, swap places." She was very commanding.

I got up and Susan took a pillow and placed it against the wrought iron headboard, then sat down and leant against the pillow.

I was on my knees, cock sticking out like a hot poker, and a bottle of baby oil in my hand. Susan cupped each tit and wobbled them up and down as she said, "Come on Bobby, you going to be a good sonny to me!"

I waddled over on my knees towards her, she parted her legs wide, to allow me in closer. The gap between her thighs at her pussy was the widest I'd ever seen on a woman, I was sure I could have placed my fist at her pussy and still not touch either side of her highs. Her pussy lips were well developed, puffy and pink, and trailed out at least an inch and a half.

I dribbled the baby oil over both of her tits and threw the bottle to one side. Some got onto her hands which she wiped onto my cock. I massaged her tits moving around her vast glands, making sure I got all around them; I stroked her nipples with my thumbs, and occasionally pinched them as they became harder.

Susan pushed my hands away from her tits, grabbed my cock again and pulled it to her tits, allowing it to enter between them. She got hold of her tits from the sides and squeezed my cock between them. I instinctively started to thrust up and down. Susan opened her mouth to let my cockhead in and sucked on it. It made a popping sound each time I drew out. Her tits felt real nice, warm and very slippery. My hands were on her head forcing it onto my cock with each plunge.

Susan held my mushroom head between her teeth as I plunged, up and down, the sensation was fantastic, she moved her teeth from side to side, in a chewing motion, I thought to myself, she's done this before, when all of a sudden, she let my cock go and stopped squeezing her tits.

Susan placed her hands onto my chest and pushed me gently back.

As I moved back she indicated with both her index fingers pointing down towards her pussy and said, "Down there sonny lets go."

Susan pushed her pussy forward, as I lowered my head, and started to lick, and eat her out. She was wet, her pussy lips were puffy, and as I moved up to her clit and nibbled on it, Susan would cry out with pleasure, either with a, "Yes that's it," or a, "Fuck."

She pushed my head into her pussy, hard with both hands. I had my arms under each of her thighs and then back over with my hands on the front of each of her thigh pulling them into me as I ate her.

I flicked her clit around with my tongue, and sucked on it, Susan was getting wetter by the minute, then she shouted, "Oh, yes, sonny, Oh, yes."

Her hips were thrusting, as she screamed, "Fuck, sonny, fuck, oh yes, yes, yes, I'm cummmin, aahhh." She came with a shudder. Still pulling my face into her, her orgasm lasted for about thirty seconds, as her hips thrust in short spurts.

Then, as she relaxed her grip on my head, I relaxed my tongue action.

Unwrapped my arms from around her thighs, and got hold of her pussy lips. I spread them apart and stretched them out. Again, I stuck my tongue out and licked her slit up to her clit, her clit was hard, and I flicked it with my tongue. I sucked on it, and Susan started to thrust again, it wasn't long before Susan cried out again, "Fuck sonny, yes, oh yes, just there, don't stop, don't stop, fuck, fu..."

She came, her juices flowed, and I kept nibbling on her clit and pulled on her pussy lips, prizing them further apart.

I took a moment to look at her pussy, and could see her entrance. It was pink and pulsating. It was oozing with clear running juices. I rubbed her pussy lips together, and over her clit. I pulled her hood back and sucked on her clit and ran my tongue over the tip.

Susan remarked, "You're a dirty little boy aren't you?" She patted my head, "Nice one sonny, well done, nice tongue, now let's see what you can do with your hands?"

Susan adjusted herself on the pillow, bringing her knees up and widening her le

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