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Charley goes wild at a Scandinavian sex spa.

I squatted down and straddled his body, taking that dick in hand and working the big shaft into my cunt, lowering myself, impaling that greedy pussy of mine on his thick tool. After fucking male ass, this lucky stud was now going to get to fuck some very prime female cunt. I was feeling rough and frisky. These were my boy toys. If I wanted them to suck each other's cocks, rim each other, or fuck each other up the ass, that's just what they were going to do. If I felt like having their cocks all to myself, these bitch boys were going to oblige. I was in that kind of mood, wanting to have everything my way, in charge, wanting to use these boys, these men, anyway I wished.

"Mmmmmmh, that feels good," I growled, looking down at Rick, riding him.

"Got it all warmed up fucking the guys, now you get to fuck me. Then I looked over at Dave. "Dave, get it up here, right by my face."

Dave waved that big gleaming dick of his in my face like magic wand, the dick that had plowed Mike's ass and Rick's. Now I wrapped my lips around that beautiful dick and started sucking it, that cock hot and slick from having fucked all that male ass. I fucking loved chewing on it now!

Then I felt my husband getting behind me, slapping some grease into my crack, then pressing the tip of his cock against my asshole and driving that beautiful hard baby of his home. God, I always love it when Mike fucks me up the ass. And now I had a big cock in my cunt while he was doing it, and another one between my lips. I was one happy, cock-fulfilled bitch!

"Cum inside me, boys, drain your big heavy balls in my mouth, cunt and ass," I told them as I pulled my lips away from Dave's cock for a moment. And they soon were to obey, as they'd been obeying all evening. "Because if you give me plenty of cum, later on I'll have a big surprise for the three of you."

God, I felt so fucking full down there, Rick's massive cock filling my cunt and my husband's buried in my ass. And I knew the two of them could feel each other's stiff cocks grinding against each other, thrusting inside me together, their dicks separated only by the thin sheath that separates a woman's vagina from her rectum. That's one reason boys enjoy these double penetrations so much. Not only do they get to have their cocks clenched by a hot cunt and tight asshole, but they can feel the undersides of their cocks pressing and moving against each other. It's as close as a straight guy usually gets to enjoying another man's cock. And that's sort of how my husband's cock love began, when he was sandwiching me with another stud.

God, how I loved this! Fucking and sucking studs who only minutes ago had been fucking each other up the ass.

"Cum for me, fellas, I want some semen. I want, need for you to cum."

The first signs came from Rick, under me, his face flushed, eyes closed, mouth open, groaning, his body twitching. And then the throbbing of his cock in my cunt as he arched his body upwards, Rick unloading deep inside. Almost at the same moment more throbbing, this time between my lips, as Dave emptied a huge load in my mouth, that mouth filling with semen, soon overflowing, dripping out of the corners of my lips and down onto my big, swinging tits. I fucking loved it! I fucking love cum! I can't get too much of it. And then more. My husband this time, his cock pulsating deep inside my ass, feeling the cum shoot against my hot, humid rectal walls, a sensation I always crave, one I reserved for myself today. The boys may all have gotten their assholes thoroughly fucked, but I alone got to take a big load in my ass.

And with my finger down at my clit, and Mike finishing up inside my ass, I let myself go, enjoying yet another blistering orgasm courtesy of all this cock and all this cum.

"I'm one happy slut, boys, thank you," I told them with a smile, meaning every word as I lifted myself off of Rick after Mike pulled out of my ass.

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