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When the mask is there, it's playtime.

By now my nipples were jutting so hard through my peekaboo bra, that I could have poked his eye out, as he continued pleasuring my breasts.

He then laid me sideways across the bed, and softly kissed his way down my torso, right through my wispy white baby-doll outer wrap, lingering at my hips and my navel. Again he teased, completely bypassing my skimpy purple panties, to lovingly kiss my inner thigh about 15 times.

He then kissed his way across the very top of my panties, directly over my thick, dark, bush. Instead of kissing lower down the front of my panties, he teased me again, skipping my panties entirely, to land about 15 more delicate kisses on my opposite inner thigh. So CLOSE to my wet, horny pussy and my throbbing clit, yet not actually making contact yet. He was driving me CRAZY with lusty desire for him, and he knew it!

He started kissing his way up my inner thigh, inching ever closer to my pussy. Then he teased again, moving back up to kiss directly over my thick pubic fur again. He then SLOWLY kissed over my clit through my panties, while pressing his index finger against the front of my lacy purple panties, to push them just slightly into my open slit. This exposed just a hint of my outer pussy lips to his gaze, and I hoped soon also to his tongue.

Holding my panties just inside my entrance, he slowly kissed in a big circle all the way around my exposed pussy lips, before returning to the top of my pussy to kiss and lick at my panties over my pubic hair, then taking a few more delicious licks through the fabric over my clit, and finally using his tongue to push my panties even deeper into my juicy slit.

His kisses and soft licks returned to my inner thighs, then moving inward to my pussy lips, and finally kissing and licking inside my slit, and moving up to my clit. I wanted him to unsnap the crotch of my purple panties, but he teased me. His fingers pushed my panties to one side now, giving his sweet kisses and licks completely-unobstructed access to EVERYTHING now, without unsnapping my panties. His pushing my panties to one side seemed so much more urgent, more raw, than if he had taken the time to unsnap them as I had wanted. I knew that his way was MUCH better, and it made me want him even MORE, if that was possible.

He took 15 or 20 slow, swirling, circular licks against my clit, barely exposed under my pushed-aside purple lace panties. I bucked my ass up off the bed, and swayed my hips side-to-side. Moaning loudly and uncontrollably now, I came in a thick ooze on his handsome face. He eagerly licked and sucked it up, and when I was just panting (instead of gasping) for breath, he moved in to again kiss my clit.

"MMMM, baby, right THERE!" I yelled as I came again. I don't know why some women fake orgasms. The real thing is SO much better, and faking it teaches men to repeat patterns that do nothing for you. I can't fake it with my Frank, especially during oral sex, when he expects (and gets) a faceful out of my pussy--you can't FAKE that!

He then inserted his long, thin, middle finger into my moist depths, and he let his fingertip massage my G-spot. As he did this, he sucked my still-throbbing clit up into his mouth, alternating swirling licks with gentle nibbles.

I literally screamed in pleasure as I orgasmed through my clit and my G-spot at exactly the same instant. Have you ever heard of having a clitoral AND a G-spot orgasm at the same time? Either one alone is FANTASTIC, but both at the same time, you've died and gone to heaven! The juices that ooze out from around my clit are thinner and more watery, sometimes they gush rather than ooze, but it is NOT piss. The fluids from under the cliff-like G-spot are thicker and creamier, more like a man's come. Both are different from each other, and from the moisture that lines a woman's inner walls.

I have never been with a man, other than Frank, who could mak

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