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She gets her fill of him.

The two girls pulled Sarah over to the table. They placed her bum on it and then pulled her over onto her back. She was on the table, face up, legs facing the crowd. A camera focused in on her pussy area as the girls lifted her legs high and wide, spreading her hairy cunt open for all to see. Then they each took a pussy lip and pulled it open. Up on the screens, you could see everything. Her stretched open pussy, the pinkness contrasting with the brown hair around it and her clit peeking out, all soaking with her juices. The girls held her legs and pussy lips as the men bent down, examined his prize and then licked furiously at the tasty cunt before him.

Sarah came on the spot. She shuddered in obvious orgasm. So did I.

The licking went on for 4 minutes. Then Amy strode back up the stage and pulled the man away. She looked into Sarah's eyes again and then bent down and stuck her tongue right up Sarah's cunt. On the camera you could see Amy twist her tongue round Sarah's clit and thrust in and out of her hole.

"Our last round tonight is for the gentlemen only, so hands off Amy and get back to your seat. Our highest bidder will get his cock stroked by Sarah, until he cums over her tits, who's up for that!!!!!" exclaimed Rob.

Clearly, quite a few had already cum in their pants, so the bidding was less frenetic. A 40 year old guy won, went up, dropped his pants and removed all his clothes. The sight of Sarah getting off of the table, onto her knees in front of him was too much to bear, I got hard again. She stroked his cock with one hand, what a glorious sight. It was too much for the guy though, he came too quick with the lamest cum shot you had ever seen, it didn't even get on Sarah's skin anywhere, just kind a few drops on the floor. Quite a disappointing climax, so to speak.

"That's all everybody, the private show will start shortly, tonight's star is our own Amy, with friends" said Rob, "thank you all for coming and could I ask you all to give a big round of applause for Sarah". The crowd cheered, and started leaving. I was lifted up by the three men around me "that means you too mate, Rob will make sure that your friend gets home Ok tonight, you're out of here."

I was ushered to the door and kind of shoved out in the cool night.


Next day, Sarah didn't turn up for work. She didn't answer my call, or my texts. I thought she might be tired after the night before, or unwell. Three days later I was really worried, what had happened? Did she hate me? Was she ill?

On the Monday, she turned up for work as usual, was friendly and polite to everyone, but very standoffish towards me. I must have really offended her, by taking her to that club I thought. I tried to corner her in the stairwell, but she just shrugged her way past me, avoiding my eyes all the time.

It was only two weeks later that I understood. A DVD disk got posted though my door, no cover, just a disk with a Post It on it "I hope this explains. S"

I poured a glass of wine that evening and put the disk in the DVD player wired up to my 40 inch TV. What I witnessed shocked me to the core.

The first ten minutes were a very edited version of what had happened during the auction, it showed Sarah removing her clothes, getting her tits and pussy sucked and giving a guy a rubbish hand job.

The next scene must have been taken after most had left. There were around 12 people there, Amy, her two assistants and around 9 men. Sarah was in a dressing gown on the stage. Rob was still holding court.

"These 3 are the cameramen, over from the Putney camera club tonight", Rob said "you focus on her head and mouth, you on her pelvic area". To other he motioned, "you have your special camera, only use it when I tell you".

The lights were turned up, loud music started and a title screen appeared. "Sarah", it said simply. Clearly there had been a change of plan about this "private" show.

"Get her in position" Rob commanded.

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