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At the mercy of machines, controlled by strangers, loving it

I begged him to let me go and live with my Aunt Sharon so that I could stay here, but he refused. He doesn't trust her and he says if I stay here, I'm all on my own and he won't speak with me again. Oh God, what can I do?"

Angela looked up at her father and asked "Daddy?" She hoped her wise father would have an answer, maybe let Michael stay with them. Years later, Tom would admit to making the most foolish decision of his life.

"The boy needs to go with his family," he said, trying to stay calm. He was, in truth, enraged with Michael's father, but trying not to make matters worse. "You're both young, you'll move on. If it's meant to be, time will bring you back together." Angela ran upstairs, sobbing uncontrollably. Angela's mother came out to see what was wrong and went upstairs to see to her daughter. Michael left, also in tears. It would be long, horrible years before he saw his Angela again.

A month later, her heart still shattered, Angela discovered that she was pregnant. They tried to find Michael, but no one knew exactly where he had gone. His mother's sister didn't know. Angela didn't know what to do. "I'll tell you what you're going to do," Adrienne said to her daughter. "You're going to have your baby. You loved that boy and you'll love his child. Who knows, it might be the only grandbaby I'll ever have. Lord knows, your sister doesn't seem to be in any hurry," she smiled, trying to lighten the mood. "Your father and I will help out; we have plenty of room and plenty of money. You can finish your education and get a good job and maybe, in time, Michael will find his way back to you. If not, you're a knockout -- you'll find someone."

Angela did as suggested. She got a good education and got a fabulous job with the city. She could provide easily for her kids, which she discovered early on, would be twins. She loved them from the moment she saw them and they wanted for nothing. She doted on them, so did her parents and their loving Aunt Annie.

Angela decided that she needed to live life a bit. Her virginity was long gone and when she had a chance, she let her hair down. Her folks loved having the kids, so she went out clubbing a night or two a week with Annie. It proved to be a good idea.

Annie was her first experience with another girl. They were a bit tipsy and the men they were with dared them to do it. Angela was unaware that Annie had asked Shane to suggest it, because she really wanted to sleep with her best friend. She thought knowing she had one lover who adored her might bring her out of her shell a bit.

Angela really enjoyed kissing another woman. So much, that she almost caused a scene at the club. Shane knew the score. When his lady was going to score with another girl, he made himself scarce. He drove the girls home and then, he and his buddy split. His pal was smart enough to know he might score another date with the luscious blonde if he gave her enough space.

"Oh God, it's probably just the wine, but that was fun," Angela remembered thinking as they tumbled into Annie's home.

"No way, it wasn't just the wine," Annie smiled as she took off her heels. "I've been trying to tell you for years that you could probably enjoy a girl-on-girl fling if you tried it. So come on, let's go for it. My bedroom is right over there and it'll help sober you up."

It did that and much more. Angela learned things about herself. She learned that her feelings for Annie ran much deeper than she had known. She learned that there was nothing wrong with being a bit wild in bed and that a woman in lingerie got her horny. She learned to suck a nice pair of boobies and that a shaved pussy was hot. She became a free-thinking bitch in the course of a few days. On her next outing with Annie, she turned to Shane and said "Annie told me I'm coming home with you tonight. This time, unlike when we were a couple, you're getting in my panties." Then playfully, as Annie had suggested, she lifted her new leather mini. "Oops, my mistake," she giggled. "I'm not wearing any."

Shane got the fucking of a lifetime f

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