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" Teri answered slowly as if a secret was being dragged out of her. "I was so shocked at the venomous contempt in her voice that I slapped her face. Then I commenced to give Nancy a reality check about why she was still breathing."

Reaching out Bill brought Teri's quaking body down to his and hugged her deeply. "Thank you for your staunch support of my character. Right now I think that Nancy needs to feel your compassion and understanding rather than experience your self-righteous indignation. Enjoy the rest of my coffee and have a cigarette. Then I will release you to check up on Nancy."

Half way through her cigarette Teri asked, "Was there anything else you noticed about the woman on my bed?"

Bill chuckled before responding, "Nancy's scent, while subtlety different from your own, is ambrosia. Now finish your coffee and check on her. Too much time alone right now is dangerous."

"Okay," Teri said, "It's not often that I get to see the dirty old man in you."

"I may be a voyeur, an exhibitionist and even a letch," Bill said with a lewd grin on his face, "but I am never a dirty old man." His hands were quicker than Teri's reaction. Bill proved his point by successfully tweaking Teri's nipples with one hand and massaged her pussy with the other.

"For that unwarranted attack on my person," Teri said with mock severity, "you shall have no dessert after supper."

With a scowl on his face Bill replied, "And if I insist?"

Teri changed her voice to that of entreaty, "Oh sir, surely you wouldn't ravage this person with a guest of the opposite sex visiting our home."

"What if our guest should hear your wanton cries, become exceedingly aroused and wished to participate. Would you deny my advances then?"

Teri suddenly became serious, "You're not kidding are you?"

Reaching out and grasping Teri's hands Bill said, "Teri my love, I could never endure the loss of your love, compassion and trust by being so crude."

"Thank you for being who you are Bill." Teri said in a contrite voice, "It is one of the reasons I fell in love with you. I will follow up on your line of reasoning and check on Nancy."

"Please think about something to eat. Coffee and cigarettes make a lousy diet."

When Teri entered the bedroom she found Nancy sitting on the bed with a towel wrapped around her head. With a quiet voice Nancy asked, "You're not still mad at me, are you?"

"I wasn't mad at you Nancy." Teri said with honesty and sincerity, "I reacted to the level of contempt I heard in your voice about the man I fell in love with. The insensitive boy-man of some forty years ago no longer exists. He has suffered the trials and tribulations that life hands out. Bill has matured and adapted. I think you can overcome your resentment and be a good friend."

Nancy sat on the bed in silence. Suddenly she asked, "Janice, I mean Teri, do you think I'm attractive?"

Teri walked across the room and slid open a closet panel revealing a full-length mirror. Holding out a hand Teri said, "Come stand in front of me and I will give you my answer."

Nancy stood and stepped in front of Teri. Never one to slouch she stood tall and straight. Nancy noticed for the first time in their long association that Teri's head was several inches above her own. She squealed when Teri fitted herself against her back.

As her hands became visible to Nancy Teri said, "I think and feel that you are beautiful Nancy. All three parts of you." Pointing to Nancy's head, Teri continued to speak, "Your mind, your soul, and your body."

Nancy watched the image in the mirror. Teri's hands were now pointing to the area between her breasts, which Nancy felt was her soul. The final display of hands swept above her head and then pointed down at Nancy's feet. Tears filled the corners of her eyes as Nancy saw and felt Teri's hands on her breasts.

Teri knew that she spoke the truth so she continued to reassure Nancy about the beauty.

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