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Granddad and Anja head to the South of France.

"Black, handsome, and muscular," Mona paused, smiled conspiratorially and then indicated for her friends to draw closer. "And they've all got big black dicks, and I'm talking dicks, not cocks," she giggled.

"For real?" Elsa asked, both her eyes and Amber's were wet with anticipation.

"You ought to check out their website to believe," Mona answered. "There're hordes of ladies out there that are really dying to get fucked. I watched a couple of their videos, and I tell you, the guys are just what we need. I'd already written down the agency's phone number and since I've got a gold membership, I can make a request right now. You girls still with me on this, or should I just drop it?"

"Are you kidding?" Elsa nearly screamed in the confines of the restaurant. "Go for it, girl! Make the call."

And so she did. They were set for an appointment tomorrow.


The following afternoon, a Nissan Jeep parked in front of the Excelsior Hotel and disgorged three black men who went into the hotel and headed straight to one of the awaiting elevators. The three men were Booker, Tyrone, and Baby D., from the Tongue Patrol__ agency, and they were expected. They got off at the right floor and it didn't take long before the found the room they were looking for.

Tyrone knocked on the door, and it was Mona who answered. She was dressed quite seductive today, and her makeup accentuated her beauty. She was ecstatic seeing it was the guys and let them in.

"Girls," Mona announced as she led the men further into the room where her two other friends, both of them dressed as well to impress but more to seduce, were lying on the bed waiting. "Girls, the boys are here." She introduced everyone and then selected Tyrone for her mate while Elsa had Booker and Amber had Baby D.

Each man settled with his appointed woman in different corners of the room. Mona and Elsa wasted no time unbuckling their men's jeans to get at what awaited them while Amber performed a sexual striptease dance over Baby D's thighs, rubbing her over his crotch while Baby opened her dress and began sucking on her breasts one at a time.

"My God, you're so big!" Elsa grinned as she took in the sight of Booker's humongous member. Her hand could barely go around its girth as she gave it a couple of strokes before planting her mouth over the purple head of his dick. Mona had Tyrone on the bed and they were performing a '69 on each other. Mona dug into her sucking with relish, slurping her tongue over his shaft while Tyrone nibbled and probed his tongue into her pussy. Meanwhile Amber half stood up to enable Baby free his jeans and pull them down his ankles, and then cocked her panties to a corner, searching for her pussy opening with his cock in hand and then driving it in. Amber held her breath at the same time gulped in air the moment she felt Baby's cock penetrate her wetness. Her pussy was crying to be well fucked, as it hadn't been fucked in a long while now. She wrapped her arms around Baby's neck and went ahead bouncing and grinding her ass against his throbbing pistol.

Booker extricated Elsa from his cock, got up from the couch and had her kneel over it. Elsa, unlike her friends, wasn't wearing anything underneath. She held up her skirt and shook her large round bum at Booker, urging him to come and give it to her. Booker acknowledged and came forward, shoving his cock hard and into her accommodating pussy. Instantly he felt Elsa's pussy walls wrapped itself tight around his shaft. Elsa cried out as she felt him pull out of her, and a couple more strokes of fucking, her body began a pulsating shiver that enveloped her body.

"Ohhh God! Ohhh God ... I'm gonna cum ... I'M GONNA CUMMMM!" she cried aloud, her hands gripped the head of the couch as she felt a rocket explode inside her body with orgasmic delight, the likes she'd never had in a long time. Booker didn't relent from pounding her ass, loving the way it bounced back to meet his cock which was now coated with her cum.

Mona still had her lips hammer-locked around Tyrone's cock, but when she loo

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