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A solitary play turns into a wild foursome.

Kira would always avoid her husband as much as possible after his friends were gone on those nights. Dennis was a beast in bed as it was. With alcohol in his system, he got to the point where he'd end up hurting her accidentally.

Kira smiled as she looked upon her sleeping lover, water still trickling over her skin from the shower. It was at the times Dennis was asleep that he seemed innocent. He was a large man; stood at 6'2'', broad shoulders and chest, great build. He was quite lovely to look at.

Slowly Kira moved to the bed and sat on the edge beside Dennis. The tie in the towel covering her loosened at her breasts, falling open a little. Gently Kira reached toward her husband, running her fingers lovingly through his tousled sleep-tangled hair. With a soft snort Dennis rolled toward her, almost purring. Subconsciously his hand snuck out of under the blanket and reached for his wife, grasping her upper thigh to squeeze affectionately. "Mornin' doll." He rolled over onto his back and his eyes opened just slightly. Suddenly Kira's heart leaped, something changed in her mind. Something savage and lustful. Before Dennis had awaken completely, Kira was atop him, her thighs wrapped around his waist, her towels having fallen off somewhere in the move from the edge of the bed to where she was now. With a surprised gasp Dennis looked up at her and before he could speak, he was silenced by a savage passionate kiss. All he could do was murmur. His hands reached up to grasp the woman's hips, squeezing and feeling her affectionately.

It wasn't every day his wife woke him and aroused him without his say-so. In fact... it was the first time. It was quite a pleasant feeling actually. When Kira's hand groped his balls, he let out a low muffled moan and broke away from her kiss. "Kira... what...?"

Kira only smiled down at her husband, feeling him up as his manhood tightened quite nicely in her hand, stroking him softly. Her voice was soft and passion-ridden. "Nothing, baby..." she leaned down to kiss him, biting his lower lip softly, tugging in play. "Just relax."

With a low sigh, Dennis did as he was told, laying beneath the woman placidly, letting her have control for once. Kira had always been good in bed. She knew what she was doing and in the three years they had been married, the girl had learned all his hot spots. She taunted him now, her lips and teeth working over his chest, nipples and stomach. He praised her and only urged her on with his moans and sounds of pleasure.

Presently Kira nibbled along his flank, up to his neck and back down the other side. Her hips rocked into him to give him the rhythm to focus on. His cock throbbed with desire, twitching every now and then as her hand kept working at him. She was wet, he could feel her heat as she rocked into him. "Damn Kira..." his words were taken with another groan. Kira's lips had found the head of his cock, nibbling at him.

Dennis didn't know how many times he had ordered Kira to give him head. It was uncountable. But damn did it feel good when she just did it, rather than being told to. He had never felt something from her so savage and needful. He may have married a submissive woman due to his own dominant preference, but he was a man. Though he hadn't known it, he liked his woman to have control once in awhile. It felt good.

Dennis was panting now, his fingers entwined in Kira's hair as she gave him the blowjob, but he didn't hold her or control her. He let her have control, just stroking the back of her head and neck lovingly. "Oh God Kira..." he groaned again, shuddering as he felt the head of his cock touch the back of Kira's throat. Kira's fingers wrapped around his sack, toying with him, making him quake. "Oh... oh Kira... I'm... I'm gonna cum, baby."

Kira just smiled as she heard her husband's voice and breathless panting above. She stroked his inner things and squeezed sensually, toying with his balls every now and then, torturing her husband as only she was allowed to.

Dennis's breathing deepened, getting more an

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