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Sabine begins to really like being nude.

I'll make dinner when I'm done in the shower."

Laura watched her sister disappear into the bathroom as she considered what she had said. She thought about James staring at her legs and getting turned on; turned on enough to masturbate in the shower...to his own mother. The dampness between her legs grew as she struggled to ignore it.


After a fitful night, trying NOT to be aroused by the thought of her son looking at her as a sexual object, Laura got up as Lisa left for work. She made some coffee but needed to clear her mind of the incestuous thoughts floating around in there. She needed to concentrate on how to proceed with her divorce as well as issues at work. She went out onto the back patio to meditate. Meditation had worked in the past when she wanted clarity before a court case and to help strengthen the rapidly eroding barrier she had created to shield herself and her son from the unnatural urges she was feeling.

An hour later Laura felt no more clarity than when she started her meditation session. She was clear that the delicate remnants of her wall wouldn't need much of a push to fall to pieces. She got to her feet frustrated and marched into the house. She closed the sliding glass door a bit harder than she intended, scolding herself for that. She paced around like a caged animal for several minutes before deciding she needed to get ready for work. After refreshing her coffee, Laura headed back to her bedroom.


James sat up straight as he woke from another erotic dream involving his mother. His breathing was elevated as was his body temp. Once he realized it was just a dream he sank back to the sweat soaked sheets and stared at the ceiling. He knew it was wrong to feel that way about his mother, especially after she caught him in bed with his aunt. Not that the situation between him and his aunt was any better but Lisa was just so sexy. His thoughts drifter back to his mother, wondering if she had a wild side like Lisa that might allow her lighten up. She definitely was beautiful too. He remembered back to the previous morning, watching her rub her nylon encased foot against her calf.

James moved the blinds to see if his mother's car was in the driveway. He didn't see it. He sat up and looked toward the street, no Mercedes. He settled back to relieve his aching balls. Slowly at first, his hand moved up and down his steely shaft. In his mind he could see his mother's foot gliding up and down her leg. A long low moan escaped his lips as he visualized every detail. The curve of her sole, the faint color of her skin beneath the semi-sheer material, how her toes fanned and flexed with a silky web between them made him stroke faster. He wanted to feel her legs in those pantyhose; run his hands over them. Another moan filled the room. He was getting close to cumming.

"I love those sexy black hose," he said in a lustful voice.

He switched gears and now his mom was sitting on his bed, at first fully clothed then just in her nylons. James was breathing faster. She sat between his legs and surrounded his throbbing dick with her silky soles. Slowly stroking him as she smiled with delight, 'Do you like that honey,' she asked in a sultry voice.

"Yes mom...I love how you're stroking my cock," James answered out loud. He was so close now.

The door to his room suddenly opened and Laura entered, walking straight for him.

"MOM!" James shrieked, wide eyed as he frantically tried to cover himself.


Laura was passing James' door when she heard him moan. She froze. She recognized that moan. It sounded just like the one he made in the shower. He was masturbating again but was he thinking of his mother or his aunt she wondered? Laura couldn't move, like her feet were glued to the floor. She leaned closer to the door. She didn't hear any more immediately and began to think she had imagined the whole thing and then came a second moan.

Her heart w

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