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Loving wife pulls out all the stops to please her man.


She tossed her stuff onto the other end of the sofa and opened up the card attached to the roses, it read :


I hope you like these. I wanted the most beautiful girl in the world to have the most beautiful flowers in the world. Put them next to your bed and look at them often, just as I look at you often.

That was it, no signature, no clues, nothing. This intrigued Tonya, but also made her a bit nervous. She got up and went upstairs to find a vase. After putting them next to her bed, she sat there momentarily, just staring at them, trying to figure out who on Earth would be sending her roses. She knew for sure, it wasn't Ray.

The next day, the phone rang, it was Andrew.

"Hello dear," he said.

"Hello Andrew," she answered back, twirling her fingers in her hair nervously.

"What are your plans for the day?" he asked.

"Nothing yet," she said, "Why? Would you like to get together and do something?"

"I can't, not until tonight anyway, I have to work," he said, "I just wanted to know how you planned on spending your day, and I wanted to call and say hello and to let you know I had a great time with you yesterday."

Tonya smiled and giggled, agreeing that yesterday was nice, "Listen, Andrew? Did you, by any chance, send me roses yesterday?"

"No dear, I didn't, why do you ask?" he said.

"Oh, it's nothing, maybe they were meant for my mom," she answered quickly, not wanting to raise any suspicion or cause any ill feelings.

"Ok well, I need to get going," he said, "Don't wanna be late for work."

"Ok, Andy, I'll see you tonight?" she asked hopefully.

"What did you just call me?" he asked, obviously very upset.

"I called you Andy, is that ok?" she said.

"No, it's not, I prefer Andrew, don't ever call me Andy again," he snapped back, "I really need to get going, I'll call you later and we'll make plans for tonight."

"Ok, sure Andrew," she said, a bit puzzled.

After she hung up the phone, she tried to understand what the big deal was. Wasn't Andy short for Andrew, or had she missed something? Oh well, she thought to herself, I guess he has his preferences.

That night, Andrew called again, instructing her to meet him at the diner across the street from the gym. He thought it would be romantic for their first date to be at the first restaurant they had eaten at. She agreed and quickly slipped into a slinky black dress and black heels. After making sure James would be ok, she eagerly bounded out of the house, headed for the diner.

As she pulled into the parking lot, she immediately noticed Andrew. He was standing out front in black dress slacks and a white button up shirt. They both jokingly remarked to each other that they may be a bit over dressed for dinner in a diner, but thought it would be fun to stand out from the other customers.

An hour into the meal, Tonya excused herself to use the ladies room. Andrew stood up as she stood to leave. A few minutes later, she returned, having refreshed her make-up and perfume, ready for the rest of the evening.

As she drank her club soda, she began to notice the customers in the diner were suddenly talking very loudly and the lights seemed to be much brighter then they had been before.

"Are you ok, Tonya?" asked Andrew, taking her hand in his.

"No, not really. I'm not feeling all that great, could we go outside for some fresh air?" asked Tonya.

"Sure, just let me pay the bill and we'll be on our way," he said, standing and walking towards the cashier.

Tonya's ears began to ring and her vision was becoming blurry. Her stomach seemed to be in knots and her pulse was racing. Andrew came back and offered his hand, helping her to her feet.

"Come on, dear, let's step outside, maybe some fresh air will snap you back into shape," he said.

She struggled to her feet. Her legs felt like jello and she was sure she would faint at any moment.

"Let me get you to my car and I'll drive you home, you can't drive in this condition," said Andrew.

Just then, Tonya fainted in his arms.

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