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Elunara discusses emotional attachments

As I laid on my stomach, she climbed onto the bed, and sat on my lower back. I closed my eyes and concentrated of the weight of her tight butt on me. Good thing I was lying on my stomach. She gently put her hands on both my shoulders, and left them there. They were still pretty cold from the metal trusses, and gave a strange sensation. I sighed, I couldn't help myself. That one touch calmed me, left me defenceless. Her hands moved to the centre of my back, and slowly traced my spine. I shivered again. She kept going, right to the spot where she was sitting, and held her hands there a moment. I froze. Was she touching herself there? But before I could tell for sure, she slid them up my back again.

Softly, she tugged at the bandages. "Turn around." I realised I had become pretty hard by now, so I asked why.

"To fix your bandages. They're not on right." That didn't convince me one bit, but what did, was the fact that she grinded herself down on me before lifting herself to let me turn. She couldn't see my tent from where she was sitting anyway, so I turned.

I groaned in horror when she sat down. Her ass was pressing right against my hard-on. She couldn't possibly not have felt that. Her face showed no sign of it, though. She just smiled down at me (God, her smile) and tugged at my wrappings. I began to feel a little dizzy, I assumed it was the loss of blood. The bandages hardly moved at all, but neither of us paid attention to that. Her hands dwelled over my chest, forgetting about them. Softly, she spoke.

"What is your name?"

-"M-.. Martin."

She leaned in, and whispered to me.

"Martin... Do you know how excited I am, Martin?"

I'm not sure what she meant by that, but it went black before my eyes a second time. Only briefly this time, it helped when I opened them. She leaned forward, grinding back against my pole. Her breath caught, and mine just stopped. Her face came closer to mine. I discovered her eyes were actually a soft hazel brown, right before she closed them, and her lips touched mine. Our tongues met, sliding against each other, savouring the gentle touch. For a split second, time stood still, and life made perfect sense. She quickly broke the kiss, and slid off me. Before I had the chance to ask, she sneaked over to the door and turned the lock. I knew the 'doctor is at work' sign was flashing now, so we had nothing to worry ab-... Worry? Why would we worry? What was she going to do? We can't just...

She sat on top of me again, and kissed me, more hungrily this time. Her breasts pressed against my chest, I could feel her nipples right through her shirt. My mind said goodnight and switched the light off, due to a lack of blood and oxygen, and hormones took over.

My hands drifted to her sides and found their way under her worker's shirt. She groaned encouragingly, and they traced up to her breasts, discovering she was wearing nothing underneath. Trembling, my fingers slid over her nipples, which were getting harder by the moment. She raised her arms suggestively, and I pulled her shirt over her head. Our kiss broke off to do so, and her tongue explored my lips before invading my mouth again. Her hips drew circles over my groin, and I bucked my hips up involuntarily, pressing my hardness between her legs. That seemed to trigger something. She sat up, and yanked at the buckle of my belt. I could see her perfect tits clearly now, her nipples, hard like pebbles, pointing teasingly at me. In no time, my pants fell down on the floor. She laid down on top of me, and jerked my shorts down. With a little help from me, they joined my pants next to the bed. With a soft gasp, she glanced down. She reached and touched the tip gently. My head dropped into the pillow, and I almost came right there and then.

Trying to concentrate not to let go so soon, I boldly tugged at the button of her jeans.

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