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"So Sir this way, are you enjoying your first day so far?" Stella asked. She was wearing a white shirt with red cardigan, a black tie with silver stripes white stockings and a red pleated plaid skirt that was as short as that Tracy girls earlier, strange attire I thought.

"Er well yes Stella so far so good." I replied.

"You will like it here Sir and we all will look after you."

"Does that mean you will all behave for me Stella?" I asked.

"Ha I can't promise that Sir but you know." She answered.

No I didn't "know" what was she talking about?

We arrived at my rooms and walked in, I was shocked it was decorated and furnished in modern style I was expecting a room from a Dracula film.

Stella walked in front of me and facing me with her hands on her hips smiled and said, "So do you like what you see Sir?"

My eyes fixed on her for a second and I quickly distracted myself by looking around the room as there was a tension, a tension of being alone with a young lady dressed as she was.

"Yes Stella the room is very nice I think I will be quite comfortable here." I replied.

"Good but do you like what you see Sir?" She replied.

"Yes I do very much." I replied looking at her this time.

"Good so I will see you in class tomorrow instruction is over for the day so I am off bye Sir." Stella said as she brushed past me, I just looked at her tits as she went past, then onto her arse, and her thighs her bare thighs between the top of her stockings and the hemline of her skirt. She looked back at me and smiled as she closed the door.

"Oh shit" I said to myself as I sank into the leather sofa. I had a choice that evening weather to stay or go. I stayed, it was going to be tough but I wanted it, my adventure at the Manor was about to begin.

As I sat I suddenly realised I had no change of clothes, I needed to go back all the way home and get my things. Why could I not have been given another start date so I could prepare and get things ready. I left my room and walked down the stairs dreading the drive ahead. But as I got to the entrance door there came a familiar voice.

"Hay there Sir Where are you going Sir?" It was Stella.

"Oh Stella I need to drive back and get some stuff, you know clothes and some other stuff I came with nothing you know."

"Oh ok Cool could I come for a drive with you?" She asked.

"Hm not sure about that, is that aloud Stella?" I asked.

"Of course I am nineteen you know, we can go as we please." She replied.

I thought about it for a few seconds and crazily agreed. As we were driving I began to think to myself I am at this place for the wrong reason. All my training was slipping away from me, I had not had sex for over a year after I split from my girlfriend. Now I had this girl in my car horny as hell, she smelt good and I knew what she wanted from me tonight.

"You sure live far away don't you Sir." She said.

"Yes Stella hence me staying at the Manor." I replied.

"I could see that makes sense I mean by the time you would get home it would be time to come back." Stella laughed.

"Yes your not wrong there Stella." I replied.

"You have to be careful with the coaches at that place you know, I could tell you some of the things they get up to, shit you would so not look at them the same way ever again they are a handful." She explained.

"Well I would rather not know, Stella and anyway it is their business Stella not mine." I replied.

"Oh ok point taken Sir." She replied playing with her hair.

"Nearly there now Stella not much further to go."

"Cool I would love to see your place I bet it is a real shit hole." She said laughing still playing with her hair.

"What makes you say that Stella?" I asked curiously.

"It is a known fact men who live alone live like pigs. I mean you do live alone don't you?" She asked.

"Well yes I do live alone Stella and I do not live like a pig."

"Oh I am sorry Sir its just what we are told, I mean they teach us funny things you know I did not mean to offend you."

"No offence taken but I will have to change things then won't I

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