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Certain to offend some, uplift others.

"Well!?" she asked, her excitement palpable. She licked her thick lips absentmindedly and fidgeted in her chair, her firm, thick cheeks plenty of cushion. I knew those movements from home- Mom had a tingle in the back of her sopping wet, amazingly tight clam.

"It was nothing," I responded nonchalantly. "Just some dull sexual history questions."

"Yeah fucking right," Mom whispered in my ear. "Look around this waiting room, do you see a single MILF here not looking hot and bothered all of a sudden? Every horny old slut in the place knows what a freshly fucked pussy smells like, not to mention a big ol' load of baby batter. Come on! You blow your wad all over my pretty little face every day, you don't think I can tell when my baby had his balls drained?"

I gulped. I started to explain, but Mom cut me off. "Nat can suck your prick off, make you explode with her pussy or suck your load out with her asshole. Hell, she can do all three- God knows I've had every-hole afternoons. Just know that whatever little high school tricks she's got, I've had about 20 extra years of perfecting what I can do with every one of these holes." Mom looked at me earnestly, her watery blue eyes unwavering. "I've waited too long already. Every wet, tiny hole on this body is gonna be open for you after today, not to mention this rack," Mom shook her enormous breasts obscenely, ignoring the envious women looking our way. "But first, I need a perverted woman my age to instruct me how to fuck my boy, then to watch as I bang the shit out of you."

"Hannah!" Nat called sweetly, seemingly unaware that my mother had managed to stiffen my cock up to full mast again with just her perfect, dirty voice. "Dr. Brooke is ready for you."

We both stood up, various moms in the waiting room looking enviously at the bulge in my pants before looking back to their significantly older partners. Mom made a little skip, her boulder booty bouncing deliciously in her skirt. She took my hand, leading me forward to the doctor's office, her cascading blonde hair extending nearly to her hips.

We entered Dr. Brooke's spacious office, and I could not believe the sight before me. I might've noticed the enormous corner office, the soft carpet, the king-sized bed with luxurious white sheets, the mahogany shelves wall to wall broken only by a fireplace. I might have noticed these amazing surroundings if not for Dr. Brooke.

She looked nothing like any doctor I've ever seen. She was an Amazon- at least 6'1", although it was hard to tell with her sitting serenely at her desk. I had expected an older woman, but Dr. Brooke couldn't have been over 30. She didn't wear a white coat. Instead, she wore an outfit that would've been inappropriate even for Nat to wear to school. A white, spaghetti-string tank top barely hoisted her overflowing tits over the edge of her desk, her fiery-red hair spilling messily over her abundant chest. It was so tight that a bra would've looked absurd under it, but hardly any less absurd than the 3-inch-wide pointed circles of her dark nipples poking obscenely through the fabric. I've never seen cleavage like it, and I search for huge tits on my computer every damn day.

Mom took in the doctor's rack with admiration, not even pretending to look away when the physician looked up from her papers.

"Hi," Dr. Brooke smiled at each of us in turn. She dared Mom to meet her gaze, but my mother was just as mesmerized as I. "I hope you'll excuse my informal dress," she went on confidently. "If you can see the sweat drops dripping down my big boobies, you'll know why I'm not wearing a polyester coat." She laughed sweetly as I openly gaped.

"So sorry!" she exclaimed.

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