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An interplanetary scavenger finds something unexpected

We made small talk for a while laughing at each others jokes, during this Sarah accidentally spilled some of her water, it was almost as if slow motion as I waited for the cold water to splash me and sure enough it was cold making me jump, Sarah then laughing, looked down and said,

"Oh baby if looks like I got you all wet" joking again, accept this time she wasn't laughing, looking me straight in the eye she lent down and kissed my chest where the water was, teasingly licking it off me.

Tammy feeling embarrassed by the situation said "Ok well I better leave you two to it" Sarah then moving up and taking control as she does, "No Tammy I need your help, you cant go anywhere" Tammy not sure what to say or where to look just sat there startled. Sarah moving her hand to her face and gently pulling her face down to my chest where the water was, she then Whispered in Tammy's ear "I need your help to clean the water up"

I felt Tammy's soft tongue then touch against my chest, the sensation shooting through me to feel another girl touching me, knowing how naughty Sarah can be I was wondering how far she would take this, I felt both girls continue to lick the water off my chest their exploring tongues starting to travel further over my body.

I was now feeling the effect this attention was having on me and it was now easily visible under the sheet, I could feel myself fully hard and throbbing, my hand moving down to slowly move over Sarah back caressing her, I felt her move away and then pull the sheet lower down.

I looked at her, I could see she was looking directly at Tammy's face as she lowered the sheet, there was no hiding now how I was feeling, I was standing upright and throbbing, even though it was dark I could see Tammy's face flush her mouth dropping open as she saw me, Sarah was playing her games and I could tell this was going to continue.

Sarah then proceeded to move so she was kneeling beside me on the bed, she took Tammy's hand and guided it to hold softly around my throbbing cock, then I felt her tongue slowly move over the tip of my cock circling the head and then slowly moving her mouth down the shaft, the feeling of her warm lips on me making me gasp, I could feel that Tammy was starting to relax now as her hand started to move so slightly up and down on my shaft.

Sarah lips were sucking on the head, I knew I was not going to hold off long with the attention of 2 girls with me for the first time, the thought was driving me crazy, Sarah then knelt on the bed and in one movement pulled the shirt over her head now totally naked, exposing herself to Tammy for the first time, I could see that Tammy had a peek at her, I think she felt shy because she pulled her hand off me and looked away, not knowing what to say.

Sarah then moved of the bed and moved behind Tammy, she whispered in her ear "Don't worry just relax, lay back and I will look after you" with that she slowly guided Tammy to lay back on the bed, her dress now falling slightly open when she laid back the material moving to expose the nipple of her right breast, I could tell she was nervous about the situation of being with a girl for the first time, not to mention me as her work mate.

Sarah though was clearly the one in control here, I watched as I saw her lean forward and move the side of Tammy's dress away, then leaning down and sucking on her nipple, the sudden intake of breath from Tammy sent a shiver up my spine as I watched her, she moved away and put her hands behind her shoulders, guiding her to sit up, Sarah then proceeded to remove Tammy's dress leaving her fully naked, then laying her back down again.

I could now see the contrast between the 2 girls, Sarah was a small, short girl with her straight medium dark hair, and her small firm perky breasts, in contrast to Tammy's more curvy shape, she had larger breasts, her curly blond hair long enough to tickle down against them, and she was completely smooth over her pussy with no hair

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