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'I want to act out your writings,' she said.

"Good.Now go and write it on the walls of the other cubicles in here."

And with that instruction Becky undid the bolt, opened the door and pushed Sarah into the toilet room.

This was bad, if anyone came into the toilets right then they would discover Miss Price totally naked, with drying juices on her face and a large marker pen in her hand. She turned to knock on the door again but heard Becky snicker as she locked it again.

"Better hurry up Miss Price, get writing because I'll check them all."

So Sarah spent the next few minutes frantically locking herself in one cubicle after another and writing the same perverted message on the walls of each until they were all done and she scampered back to Becky's cubicle still with no one else coming in. Becky thought it hilarious when the worried teacher made it back.

"Good, now between now and next week I want every toilet cubicle in school to have the same message I want everyone in here to see it. Understand? You fail and I will make you pay severely."

"B-But Becky, I can't...."

Sarah cut off at the look on Becky's face. Becky very deliberately held up Sarah's panties in her hand and dropped them in the toilet then flushed it. The message was clear, disobey and the rest would follow.

"JUST. FUCKING. DO.IT. OK? And from now on you don't wear panties to work, that should remind you what you're here for. And another thing, your English class with Lloyd in it? I want you to start picking on him a bit more. Make sure he gets some nice difficult questions that make him come across like the idiot he is, but embarrass him while you're doing it. And don't think I won't know if you don't -- I know everything you do Miss."

Sarah was lost for words and just nodded dumbly.

"Right! Now it's time to get my juices off your face but first, I'm bursting for a piss, get down on your knees and stick your head by the bowl, I'll aim for your mouth see how accurate I am!"

This was so gross. Sarah hated Becky's enjoyment of toilet play and watersports and didn't realise that it was Sarah's dislike for it that drove her to do it as often as she did. But the teacher knew she had disobeyed her young Mistress enough today so slumped to her knees and opened her mouth by the side of the bowl. Resting her chin on it. Becky hiked her short skirt up again around her waist and pushed her pelvis forward, standing over her she was evidently going to take her piss standing up!

Sarah closed her eyes as a stream of yellow piss sprayed out and splattered against her face, although Becky was attempting to target her mouth it was all rather scattershot and Sarah's face was heavily coated by the time she had stopped to a drip.

"Head in the bowl bitch, let's clean you up nice and proper."

Sarah stretched further over and placed her head right into the bowl, the water yellow inches below her as Becky flushed. When it was all over and Becky allowed Sarah to stand up her face was indeed cleaned of the piss and Becky's juice and for the first time she was actually glad she had a skinhead for a haircut at the moment, with her long hair it would have been a right mess and she had class in less than ten minutes. Becky handed her her clothes back and gave a final reminder.

"Remember Miss Price, no panties from now on and I want every toilet in this school having that message on them by the end of the week. Every toilet, boys and girls!"

As Sarah hurried away when the bell rang to signal the end of lunch, she had to ignore her damp clothing and her lateness because she had much bigger concerns right then.......


Although the plan was frankly bizarre and dangerous, Sarah did exactly as Becky told her for the rest of the week.

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