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Double exposure.

His dick was so hard... he didn't want to push her, but maybe...

Pulling back and letting her legs fall from his arms, David shrugged off his suit jacket. He'd already taken off his tie, when he'd first come home as he always did, but he began unbuttoning his shirt. Alanna pushed herself up, not moving from where he had placed her right on the edge of touch, just sitting up straight with her arms down at her sides. It was like they were meant to be together, she always did exactly what he would have liked her to do. Right now her eyes were following his fingers as he bared his body. As he undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants, her teeth bit into her soft lip in anxious anticipation.

Leaving his fly open, but not letting his cock free, he looked at the beauty in front of him, her hair tousled sexily from where it had rubbed against the couch as she'd writhed with orgasm.

"Stand," he told her, and she did.

Still on his knees he pulled the dress down from her body, leaving her in nothing but the bra which was supporting but not covering her breasts. Master leaned forward and kissed the top of her mound, his tongue flicking out to tease the entrance of her slit and the little bud nestled there. The sudden slick dart of pleasure made her gasp.


Immediately she sank back down, sitting on the edge of the couch, grateful that he hadn't made her stand on her wobbly legs for longer.

"Would you like to touch me again Alanna?" he asked, his voice soft, coaxing but not demanding. "Answer honestly."

Oh she was bad... she was not a good girl at all, but when he looked at her with his shirt unbuttoned and his body partially revealed to her, she did want to touch him. Very badly. And to feel the differences in their bodies with her own hands. But she couldn't say the word. She opened her mouth, wanting to say yes, knowing she should say no, and her voice got stuck in her throat.

"Nod or shake your head. Do you want to touch me?" His voice was patient with her, as if he understood how hard this was for her.

Alanna nodded.

Master smiled at her and took her hand by the wrist, bringing it up to touch his body. She sucked in her breath as her finger tips touched the hard muscles of his chest, his skin was so soft and small patch of hair on his chest was softly wiry. Touching him was so involving, as her hand explored, that she didn't even notice he had loosened his grip on her wrist and that she was the one controlling their movements. He didn't let go, because he didn't want her to stop touching him. The light teasing touch of her fingers was wonderfully erotic, knowing that he was probably the first man she had ever touched was an incredible turn on, and seeing her wide eyes get even bigger, her breasts moving as the pace of her breathing increasing as she touched him.

Putting some pressure on her wrist, he maneuvered her hand down his stomach. Alanna held her breath as her hand skimmed over the soft skin, Master angling her fingers so that the heel of her hand was facing up and her fingers were leading the way down to the forbidden area of his pants. When he pushed her hand down into his pants, his fingers closing over hers to wrap her hand around his hard cock, she thought she might faint. Then she remembered to breathe and she parted her lips, sucking in a deep breath of cool air, her fingers still wrapped around the thick, throbbing piece of meat. Seeing her pouted open lips, David wished that he dared introduce her to pleasuring him orally, but one step at a time. She was looking shocked just to have her hand around him.

Pressing down on her slender fingers, he began to move her hand up and down his turgid shaft, showing her how to squeeze and move, jerking him off.

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