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First class, first punishment.

There were no blemishes, no cellulite. It was round and womanly.

He applying the liquid to her fine derri__re. He enjoyed coating her thighs and legs. Jan giggled.

Sam stood. He was behind her and whispered in her ear so only she could hear him. He said, "You told me some naughty things you like. I'll try to make all of them happen on this trip. One thing you mentioned was sex in public. We're both going to enjoy this. I'm going to touch your breasts and finger your pussy under the guise of putting sunscreen on you."

She sighed. What he said had an impact on her. She felt herself getting wet. She said, "So it's not enough that you've made me be nude in public. You're going to fondle my privates?"

"I am."

Sam cupped both her breasts.

"Oh!" she cried out.

He roughly handled them as he spread lotion on her pendulous boobs. His dick thickened and lurched. It touched her butt. His hands swarmed over her stomach and abdomen. He didn't hesitate to slip fingers between her thighs and apply lotion on her sex.

"Oh! Mmmm," Jan moaned liking his touch.

Isabella wasn't upset that her daughter was being groped in public. She was an adult and from the sounds Jan was making, she could tell that she was enjoying it. She was worried they might get in trouble.

She came over to them. She had a towel on her hand. She said, "Break it up, you two. I'm no expert on nude beaches, but I think you guys are pushing the line. Nudity is fine, but sexual acts are frown on."

She reached between the two people and grabbed Sam's erection with a towel cover hand. He felt her embrace. It startled him and he looked her way. Isabella said, "This I know is definitely a no-no. You can't flaunt a hard-on. Cover your dick with the towel or lie on your stomach."

Jan giggled at his predicament. She said, "Lie down, stud. I'll put lotion on your back because friends don't let friends get sunburned."

Sam grinned and did as she said. Jan straddled the small of his back and spread sunscreen on his muscular shoulders. She bent over to whisper in his ear. Her large breasts hung low. She moved from side to side. She said softly so only he could hear her. "Do you feel it? Do you feel me dragging my erect nipples across your back?"

"Ohhh. Yes," he answered quietly.

"Can you feel my pussy sliding against you? You made me wet. It's pouring out of me. I'm rubbing it on you. Can you feel it? Can you smell my arousal?"

"Oh God! You're killing me. Yes, I feel it. Yes, I smell your lovely scent. I'm not ever going to be able to go into the ocean. You've given me a hard-on that will never go away!"

Jan lifted her torso and laughed at his predicament. She said, "Just a little payback for turning me into an exhibitionist."

"What was that dear? I didn't hear you clearly," Isabella said.

Jan slid down Sam's body and cover his butt and legs with sunscreen. She said, "Sam and I were talking about the joy of being nude on this beach. You ought to try it. It's exhilarating.

"You know Mom, you've nothing to be ashamed of. You are attractive and have a rocking body. Something half the nude people on this beach can't say."

"Thank you for the compliment, but I'm happy as I am."

Sam's erection eventually went down. He and the ladies made it to the ocean. It was wonderful. The bluish-green water was clear and warm. They all frolicked like children.

Then Sam and Jan walked naked and proud across the white sand to lay out in the sun. Isabella envied them and said, "Is there anything worse than a wet, clingy bathing suit against your skin?"


"Shall go back to our room?" Sam asked after they had spent hours enjoying themselves at the beach.

"You mean back to our villa, darling," Jan said with an exaggerated accent of a rich aristocrat.

Everyone laughed. They gathered their things and returned to the villa. Jan grabbed Sam's hand and tug him in the direction of the fenced in back patio. She said, "Mom, Sam and I are going to use the outdoor shower. "She giggled and added, "You might want to stay away from the back windows."

Isabella went inside.

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