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Mike shares Ella with his Buddies During the Football Game.

Just before I graduated as an ensign, I was accepted to Georgetown. I graduated in 3 years and had five years after that in the Navy. I was and still am a JAG officer in the reserves. As you know, I go away once a month and two weeks in the summer."

"I'm very impressed" said Penny.

"Anyway, I was taken under the wing of Roger Buckwell who was also a friend of my Dad's. We worked together for almost ten years until he was elected to the bench. Since many of his colleagues retired, after he left, I became the managing partner. Thankfully we did well in M&A's and corporate law. Then, about three years ago, a young woman walked in off the street looking for a job. I took a chance and hired her. She excelled and was eventually promoted. I'm hoping to eventually promote her further." Penny smiled.

"What about your marriage. Tell me about you ex-wife and all."

"Not too much to tell. We met in law school. Dated after and got married. I guess the law was all we had in common. She was a straight arrow and had little personality. I guess we loved each other but not in love like a married couple should be. Anyway about three or so years ago, we just decided to move on. As you know it was final about two years ago. We are still cordial but she moved down to Houston and we don't see each other except at functions. We don't even text anymore." Penny got a big smile.

Things were going smoothly and Penelope was in her seventh month and was showing quite nicely. Charles was in his office when he received a phone call. Afterwards, he called Penny into his office. "What can I do for you Mr. Vanderwalls" she asked with a grin.

"In this case, you better address me as Commander Vanderwalls. I have been requested to do my two week reserve duty early. How would you like to accompany me to Naples Italy?"

"Are you serious? I've never been out of Texas."

"I'm totally serious. We need to expedite your passport. I have friends who can do that. I told them I want to bring my own paralegal and the Navy miraculously agreed. We'll be back in a couple of weeks so should be home in plenty of time for your delivery. Now here, take my credit card and go buy you a few new outfits. Hurry up woman, we have to get going."

Ten days later, the couple was in Italy. They worked during the day, took in the sights at night and made sensuous love. Three weeks later they were back home; a good two or three weeks ahead of the due date.

The couple had been back about a week or so when one night Penny woke Charlie up with a loud scream. The bed was wet. Her water had broken. Charlie, being a man and never having had kids, began to panic. He was about to dial 911, when Penny realized what had happened and calmed him down. It's ok honey. We just need to get me to the hospital. Of course, Charlie was still as nervous as a mouse in a cat house. Penny, being a woman however, had to take the time to stop and shave her legs and make sure she was all nice and clean. Once that was done, Charlie damn near broke a speed record getting to the hospital. It's a good thing babies always decide to come around 3 A.M. when the traffic is lighter.

Twelve hours later, Charlene Paula Layne came into the world. She was perfect with all ten fingers and toes. Fortunately, she looks like her mom. At 6 lbs. 11 ounces she was a healthy baby. Penny insisted that Charlie come into the delivery room. He even cut the cord. He then had them draw a blood sample for DNA testing. With Penny's permission, he called her parents and told them the good news.

While she was sleeping, Penny's parents made it to the hospital. Charlie recognized them by the way Ruth looked similar to Penny but with a scowl. Paul was about 5'11 and 190 or so. He seemed like the typical cowboy type. "Mr. and Mrs. Layne; I'm Charles Vanderwalls, Penny's friend."

Ruth spoke up.

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