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Her captor gives Lily a little pleasure in the bath tub.

"Well I'm not sure you'd talk to me about it."

Debbie laughed. "Can you recall me ever being unwilling to shoot off my mouth?"

"Well my dear charming senior sister, although it's none of my business I'm concerned you are wasting your life; you are not allowing good things to happen for you. You worked to restore me and now in similar fashion I feel obligated to work on you."

"Well if you must know I've been thinking about that too. I know I'm going nowhere and what I'm doing is beginning to bore me. I think I should take a job to provide the feeling er possibly satisfaction that I'd be back being industrious again."

Carrie said, "Then do what you advised me: make a clean break and go somewhere to start afresh."

"Go where?"

Carrie sighed. "I don't know. Come here."


"What you'll come and live with me for a while?"

"Yes. Give me a couple of weeks to arrange my affairs such as putting this house on the market."

"Oh that's great but I remind you this apartment is only a studio."

"Well it will be like going back to college days and room sharing."

"I guess but we have moved on and you're so messy. I can enquire if management can transfer me to a larger apartment."

Debbie said, "That's probably a good idea but wait till I arrive and we discuss it. If the job market is no good there I may have to move on."

"We have a big marketing department and I'm friendly with Marlene the manager. Perhaps she could place you or refer you to contacts. She'll know plenty of people in marketing."

"Okay, now who is this guy who is about to plunder you?"

"God you always had the knack of making sex sound sexy."

They laughed, cementing the bond of good sisterhood although their age difference was seven years.

* * *

Over dinner next evening Carrie told Frank about Alan's death and how she'd not been there at the time.

"Well it's not possible to be with some one all the time."

"I was away having it off with a former boyfriend who really liked having sex."

Frank didn't quite fall out of his chair. "I see, meaning that your husband didn't?"

"Um possibly many women would think he was quite okay in bed."

"But not you?"

"No but I found out too late. We were married. This was the first time I'd cheated on him."

"God that must have left you feeling hugely guilty, I mean being away when the accident happened although death would have been instantaneous I guess."

"Yes death was instantaneous and yes I was left burning in guilt."

"Oh you poor darling."


"Am I not permitted to be sympathetic?"

"B-but Bondie, I was expecting my confession to leave you disgusted."

Frank scratched his jaw. "You gave you the reason and I didn't find anything unacceptable about that."

"Oh god, thank you."

Frank reached across and took her hand and squeezed it. "If you must know I'm even more than interested in you. It appears you have passion."

Thinking if he wanted a passionate woman he could be more than interested in Debbie. She told him all about Debbie and that she was coming to stay with her.

"She sounds all woman."

"Yes well men appear to think so."

"Well who knows what men are interested in," he smiled. "You know if she wants a job in marketing I could get one of our partners Rick Bradshaw to talk to her. Although he's not yet forty he's managing partner this year. He and his wife are having a trial separation and so he could be interested in dating your sister. You said she was thirty-six didn't you, and a natural blonde?"

"Yes but is the agreement for a trial separation meant to be a license to hare off to date sexy women or males?"

"I wouldn't know about the basics except it's meant to give a couple time off and for them to decide whether to attempt reconciliation or to divorce."

"Why can't they be clear-headed about it and make a decision without that rigmarole?"

"The system is probably devised for adults who are not that decisive."

Carrie laughed and said oh yeah.

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