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I became more comfortable and let my towel fall beside me. My cock was finally calm and the new suit showed no signs of arousal. Then Sammie came back.

She had cooled off in the pool alright, but what I failed to realize at first was that the sexy white suit of hers was now as transparent as wet tissue. Her closely shaved mound was clearly exposed, as were here nipples which stood out as if made of rubber. She made a point to take her time toweling off in front of me. Thank goodness I still had my glasses on. Her light skin glistened in the bright hot sun. As she finally sat down, she adjusted her chair to face mine, saying something about the sun being too bright. I noticed a slight wry grin on her full lips as she laid back down. She was doing this on purpose! That little hussy.

I took the opportunity to jab back at her for her past remarks, "You might as well go nude Sam.'" I said.

"Oh, so you are checking us out?" She replied.

I was a bit cornered now but countered, "It's hard not to notice when a girl walks by naked."

"I can see... it's very hard." She chuckled. playing with her words.

The group picked up on her allusion and turned to me, their eyes locked on my crotch. I had forgotten the towel was now beside my chair. With all her teasing, my cock had become rigid as a tent pole. I looked down to see my new suit accenting the situation to the utmost. My erection was straining against the thin fabric, even the veins on the shaft were clearly visible. I tried to adjust myself but the friction only made matters worse. Now the head was peeking out and a drop of precum was shining in the crisp Florida sun. As a last and obvious resort, I reached for my towel, and tried to sit up. I made some lame excuse about a headache and began to gather up my things to head back to the room.

Sammie said, "Oh come now Jase! Don't run off! Here, take this. It'll help your head." And she handed me a pill.

I took it quickly without thinking. She giggled as I chased it down with the cool glass of iced tea she offered. Sammie leaned over to Virginia and said something quietly to her. Virginia gasped and looked toward me. Then I heard them all begin to whisper to each other and taking quick glances in my direction. I thought it was just the erection I was sporting. I apologized for my condition and told them I guess I need a new swimsuit. The situation had embarrassed me to the point that the pressure in my cock had started to subside. I closed my eyes and laid back trying to forget what just happened and think of baseball.

Just when I thought my trials were over, the situation worsened. My cock suddenly went from half mast to a full raging hard on. All was still well though. I still had my trusty towel to camouflage me. This went on for what seemed like an hour, my ever stiffening shaft beginning to show even through my cover.

Then Sammie asked, "Feeling better?"

Now I knew something was up. I raised my dark sunglasses to see that they had formed a little semi circle around me. Even Ann Marie had adjusted her chair for a closer look. I was startled.

"What?" I asked.

"I just asked if you were feeling better." Sam cooed.

"He looks fine to me." Said Ann.

Sammie acted worried. "Oh no, I think I gave you the wrong pill. That was my boyfriends Viagra!"

Sitting up now, I took off my glasses and found all of them looking at my crotch. Ann's full tits were now tipped by small sharp nipples, her hips curved as she sat up in her chair. Virginia was to the right, her mouth half open her eyes darting between Sammie and my flagrant bulge. Kim was behind Virginia, one of her hands resting on V's shoulder, the other covering her mouth unconsciously. I knew I was in trouble.

"Looks like you've created quite a situation her Sam.'" Said Ann.

My heart jumped at the sound of her voice. She sounded calm and composed, but very interested.

"I'm really sorry guys!" I stumbled on my words. "I'll head up to my room, sorry, really." I said.

"No, no that's not necessary.

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