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A mother and son lose their home but find each other.

She wrote down the required information, her hand shaking from nervousness and her cheeks burning in embarrassment. When she was done she silently pushed the papers back towards the man and turned to walk away, but not before catching a final leering stare.

Elsie walked shakily up to the bar and ordered double shot of whiskey to steel her nerves. The bartender waved her away when she tried to hand him the money. "Contestants get the first drink on the house," he yelled to her over the roar of the crowd. Elsie smiled in gratitude and sipped at the whiskey. It burnt it's way down her throat, making her immediately feel calmer and steadier. (I can do this!) she thought to herself. (It doesn't matter how many creeps stare at me tonight.... I'll be walking out of here 5 grand richer.)

"Is this thing on--Oh! Great! Hello, everyone, and welcome to the 3rd annual Best Behind contest at the Sugar Shack!" A trashy looking young woman was speaking into the mic on stage, looking out into the sea of horny men. "I'm Candy, your hostess for this evening. We have 10 beautiful girls here tonight, ready to fight it out for the top prize of $5000, and of course the honor of being able to call their booty the best!" The crowd whooped and whistled at this. "First up, let me introduce our knowledgeable judge, Neil Braun!" she gestured to a good looking blond man that sat on the edge of the stage, who waved at the crowd. "Neil is of course the esteemed owner of the venue we're all having such a blast in tonight!" The men whooped and clapped louder, obviously proud and jealous of the guy.

"Here's how the contest will work... Each girl will get 3 minutes to impress Neil and you guys with a dance up here on the stage. Then Neil will take a minute or two, or ten if thats what he wants--" the crowd laughed at this "--and examine the contestant's ass, and make a few comments for you boys down in the audience. Remember to cheer on the girls you like the best, your input is very helpful to the judging process! After all of the girls have had a chance to show off, Neil will take a few minutes to tally up the final scores and then announce the winner. Are you ready for the contest to begin?" The crowd shouted and cat called in appreciation. "First up.... Tawny Wilson!"

A skinny blonde girl climbed up onto the stage to thunderous applause, wearing a very skimpy cowgirl get up. The trashy woman who had introduced her went over to a stereo at the back of the stage and turned up the volume on the music. Tawny began skillfully gyrating and dancing to the beat, turning around and bending over to show the crowd her small but pert ass.

Elsie knocked back the rest of her whiskey, turning back to the bartender to order another. She was feeling very nervous now. (How on earth will I get up there and dance in front of all these men? And have my butt judged by the owner of the club.... it's going to be so embarrassing!)

Elsie turned back towards the stage as the song came to an end and the crowd applauded for the dancing girl. Neil Braun had already stood up from his chair at the edge of the stage and was walking over to the young woman, who stood looking nervous and unsure. Elsie could see that Neil was a powerful, handsome looking man, and felt her stomach flutter.

The crowd whooped as Neil walked up behind Tawny, putting his hands firmly on her ass and feeling it, a smug grin on his face.

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