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A secluded cove has its perks.

This had to stop. I felt like I owed Emmy one, but after that this chapter had to be closed.

And I was successful until I practically ran to my apartment two weeks later because of a case of screaming hornies. I needed some relief, but without Anna__s added stimulation I would have to schedule at least 30 minutes for the task "at hand".

I almost stumbled across Anna sitting in front of my door. I ignored one of my neighbors staring at her in awe and just helped her to her feet.


"Pater. You have a few minutes for me?"

"Um, I was in a hurry. I have another lecture in about an hour."

"And you needed some relief? Use me instead."

"Aaahhh, shit." That was my neighbor Tom. He stood there, clenching his fists, his face was contorted.

"Anna, I don__t know. Seriously."

Tom stared at me in amazement. "Peter! Are you completely braindead?"

"Tom, shut up. This is not that easy."

"Come on, look at her. If you don__t say yes, I__ll have to kill you as a matter of principle."

Anna just laughed. "Thank you, Tom. Peter, he__s right."

"Okay, come in then."

"Oh God, you asshole. Lucky bastard," moaned Tom.

"Tom, shut up, okay?" I said in a good-humored way. His right hand would be as busy as my cock soon. And he would never look at me the same way. And neither will I. Because I already hated me for being weak again.

We had a nice, short sex session of about half an hour, which gave us the time to use my miniscule shower.

"Can we repeat this from time to time, Peter?"

"Ah, I don__t know. You love him?"

"Don__t ask please."

"I need to know."

"Yes, I think I love him. He__s so handsome, charming, well built. But the sex is bad. No, not actually bad. He__s nice and caring enough. It__s, well... maybe it__s a little boring."

"And with me it__s the other way around? Good sex, boring guy?"

She just looked away.

Among the group of mostly un-laid and inexperienced nerdy guys that I still regarded myself belonging to, there was this theorem. Of course, it was not proven by much first-hand experience for obvious reasons. But it said that with a woman__s beauty, her self-centeredness and bitchiness increased proportionally. To stay away from those women and so on. I always regarded that as bull. It was like the advice not to jump to the moon because the atmosphere was too thin.

But suddenly I was exactly in the situation that rule applied to. I had attempted to jump to the moon and to my surprise it even worked. And yes, the atmosphere here was unhealthy.

It seemed that Anna didn__t really want either of her men. She just wanted to pick the best traits and combine them somehow. She hurt both of us in the process, but it didn__t seem to be a relevant aspect for her.

Okay, Peter. Time to jump back to Earth, where you belong to. It might be boring, but definitely more healthy.

"So you planned to keep me on the side, as your affair?"

"More or less, yes. But please don__t take that personally. I would really hate to lose you."

"You__re going to marry him?"

"Peter, I want to come clean. We are already married."

"Oh. How long?" It was getting even worse. She had lied to me about being a couple. She had cheated on her husband and I had unknowingly cuckolded him. Damn, this had to end.

"About a year. But that doesn__t have to stop us."

"You__re using me to commit adultery. That__s not right."

"Right, wrong. Who cares? He will never know."

"Everybody wins, huh?"


"Apart from him, of course. He gets cheated on. And apart from me. I will never have some kind of relationship this way. You want to keep me as your exclusive spare cock. So who wins? Ah, yes. You."

She had the decency to at least look pensive at me.

"Not a chance?" she whispered.

"No. It just isn__t right."

"You__re a good guy, you know?"

"Sure, that__s why I lose all the time."

"I think you won__t, in the long run. Take care."


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