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Pinter captured by the Mok'Gul Orcs: Highmaul Pt. 1.

With the hand holding the gold, he reached over her head and dropped the coins onto the floor next to the bed before shoving her down the soft bed.

She looked back at him, uttering a coarse oath.

"Do you think you can treat me like a piece of gutter trash, just because you pay to use my body, you horse's ass?" She snarled.

Her eyes widened when they fell on the coins lying on the floor.

"Yes." He replied simply. "Unless you'd like me to take the coins back....." he trailed off.

For answer, she spread her arms on the bed, moving her legs apart to bare her naked body to him. She leaned, her perfectly curved back arching slightly.

Satharil curved his lips, knowing full well how much he had offered her. Enough for her to accept a beating.

He disrobed smoothly and trailed his palm across her smooth, soft back, cupping her delicate buttocks with both wide hands. She quivered beneath him. Whether from anticipation or rage, he did not know.

He pressed his thick, already erect shaft up from behind against her sex.

She's completely shaved, he felt and smirked.

Ilaine moved her hips when he didn't enter her, trying to push back with a frustrated growl.

"You don't dictate when I begin, do you, whore?" Grabbing her hair firmly in one hand, he twisted her head and forced her to face him. Her eyes glowed, her lashes delicately curved and trembling. The whore's lips were parted.

"No" She said, her voice still sharp.

"Exactly.." He kept her hair firmly in his hand and slammed into her with brutal force, groaning loudly at the sudden feeling of her tight, warm, wet sex enveloping his cock from glans to lower shaft.

"Ancestors" He breathed "You feel perfect..."

In response, she raised her hips slightly, looking up at him with a mixture of desire, amusement and hate. She bared her teeth.

"mmm...come here, you little...bitch." He reached with his other hand, pulling her upper body up against his by way of her chest.

"Enjoying...yourself?" Her voice was slightly strained and the fingers which gripped her surprisingly fine sheets quavered, alternating between digging into the fabric and releasing.


"You talk too much when I fuck you, Ilaine. If I want you to talk" He grasped her hair harder, tugging her head up and eliciting a surprised gasp from her. "I'll tell you, bitch." He whispered, baring his teeth and nipping her upper lip.

"How...aah..dare you!" She trembled when he pressed her head down again.

Satharil smirked. He knew very well what kind of background she came from. It was part of why he hired her so often. A young noble's daughter from a very...matriarchal family fallen on hard times years ago. Her kin was dead and Ilaine was making her living the only way she knew how.

It was really quite amusing if one considered it. Years ago, during his youth, he had pursued her with the intent of marriage, perhaps even love. He had approached her with a dowry suitable for one of her status.

Yet she had spurned him. Spurned him in favor of a suitor with more money, more status and heir to a house.

Until that house itself had fallen, of course.

Then, once Satharil had returned from his years of training, he had spotted her in the alley purchasing a sack of apples she would have had one of the servants throw into the garbage while still a noblewoman, and cradling the fruits as though she would have gold -- back then.

Once he had found her in this...hovel and understood the extent of her fall, he had laughed for a full minute with her glaring like a basilisk, groping for a weapon that was no longer there.

Then he had bought her body the first time. Oh, how she had hated that. She had actually tried to refuse him at first, only accepting when he offered gold instead of the usual silver.

He moaned, slapping her firm ass with a large palm and making her yelp. His other hand squeezed her soft, golden hair, pulling the thick tresses.

She made a hissing sound like that of an angry cat.

"Shut up, Ilaine

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