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Mark meets Tanya's sister, who's not pleased to meet him

she pushed open the door and was greeted by an older man she thought he looked Asian but she was not sure.

"Nice to meet you Gabby please sit down," the older man sat her down in a comfortable chair across from his desk.

"Sir, what is my job here your message was very unclear,"

"Don't worry dear I will explain that. Know let me introduce my self my name is Mr. Ko you may call me sir or master." Mr. Ko opened his top drawer and removed a piece of paper.

"Gabby this is your contract please go over it and sign it." Mr. Ko handed her the contract.

"But I can't read it," gabby looked at the paper it was in some kind of language but did not know what language.

"Oh I'm sorry it just states your duties here and your employment for two years or longer depending how well you do." Well Gabby did not really trust this guy but the money was good so she just signed it and handed it back to Mr. Ko.

"Thank you Missy will show you to your new room, but first you just signed to be one of my new sex slaves good day i will call for you later" he finished talking and Gabby assumed that the girl that walked in was Missy. She looked about the same age as Gabby but maybe a little older. Gabby got up not knowing what she got herself into probably something very strange. Missy was dressed in a short skirt and a small gold top.

"Let's get you changed into the uniform," Missy brought her upstairs to her new room. It looked like she was sharing with three other girls each bed was a different color: Gold, yellow, red and pink. It looked like the pink bed was hers.

"Please take off your clothes," missy asked.

"Is there some where I can change?" asked Gabby, she really did not want to undress in front of Missy.

"No we dress and undress in front of everybody it doesn't matter its part of the job. You will get used to it." Gabby started to undress when she was completely nude Missy started walking around her.

"Good your shaved the Master will like that here's your top. You are new so you wear pink I have been here for a while so I wear gold. Everybody wears different colors based on how long somebody has been here. Are you good at sucking cock and pussy?"

"What? Am I good at what," Asked a shocked Gabby.

"You know what I asked. Their parts of the job are you"

"Yeah I guess but what is my job nobody has told me anything."

"Well let's see how good you are," Missy removed her skirt and went over on the bed with her legs open.

"Come here I have to see if your any good," Gabby walked over to Missy. She could not believe this what has she gotten her self-in. she looked at Missy's shaven pussy and began to lick it. If this was part of her job, she was going to be the best pussy eater they have. In less than two minutes flat, Gabby got Missy to cum all over her face. Gabby looked at Missy and saw sheer pleasure all over her face.

"That was great your gold at pussy eating know lets try cock sucking." Gabby felt something poking her back she turned around and saw a cock in her face. The guy was Ryan but he had a gold shirt on know.

"Let's get to it," gabby could not believe it. She started to give Ryan the best blowjob he has ever had. She sucked on his cock and then moved down to his shaven balls. She did that for about five minutes going back and forth between the cock and balls when she was not sucking on one she was rubbing and squeezing the other. She got her reward he started to cum inside her mouth.

"I wonder if she will swallow?" asked Missy and Ryan shook his head no, but she surprised them she swallowed it call then licked his cock clean.

"Wow I guess your gold at that too the master is going to love you," said Ryan still coming down from his sexual high.

"Why don't we introduce her to the rest of the house," Missy grabbed Gabby and started to dress her in pink shirt and black skirt. Then she added some gold lipstick to the outfit.

"Now you have to wear these at all times except for bed you sleep naked but you might be woken at any time if the master wakes you.

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