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A cure for my boredom.

"Can I touch his cock?" Joan said as she ventured further into the bedroom.

Allison looked at her Mom and felt sorry for her, she probably had not had sex in years and women in their 60's didn't get much of a chance of re-kindling any passion.

Allison nodded and was shocked at herself, in fact now the thought of watching her Mom play with her husband's cock made her feel a bit giddy.

Allison curled herself round as Andrew continued to fuck her arse with the vibrator, so that she could see him sitting on the side of the bed.

Joan reached out and started to stroke Andrew's cock like it was the first time.

"It's so hard and hot," Joan said.

Allison watched as for the first time another woman played with her husband's cock. She watched as her Mom's hand gained momentum and she was soon moving her hand up and down his shaft very fast.

"Oh yes Joany, wank me off darling, make me cum," Andrew panted.

"Suck him Mom," Allison said, desperately now wanting to watch her Mom's mouth take his cock.

Joan knelt down and took Andrew's cock into her mouth, not for the first time of course, but Allison didn't know that.

Allison sat up again to watch better and as her Mom gave her husband a long blow job, Allison found herself finger fucking herself.

Joan didn't want Andrew to cum yet, so she released his cock and sat on the bed and started to kiss him, mouths open, tongues entwined. As she did this she managed to strip her clothes off, down to her bra and panties. She turned to see her daughter masturbating whilst watching them. The sight nearly brought Joan to orgasm, Ally was sitting there with 2 fingers pushed deep inside a totally bald cunt and also groping her right breast with her left hand.

"I want to watch you suck him darling," she told her daughter.

Allison moved forward ready and willing to do her Mom's bidding. She bent down and started to suck her husbands cock, knowing that just a few minutes earlier it had been in her Mom's mouth and that thought drove her wild with passion.

Joan stood up and released her tits from her bra and then say beside her daughter. As Allison was bent over Joan reached down and slowly started to stroke her daughter's tits that were hanging down over Andrew's legs.

Joan shook at the first feel of her daughter's boobs, knowing how naughty and perverse this was but not being able to resist the lust she had within her. Allison made no sign of resisting as she continued to suck Andrew's dick, so Joan moved round behind her daughter. Allison's arse was up in the air and her pussy lips and arsehole were glistening with wetness. Joan stroked her daughter's arse and then started to rub her pussy lips, easing them open with her fingers.

Allison moaned as she felt the fingers move to her cunt and then gently inside her.

"Can Mommy lick your pussy and arse darling?"

Allison was too far gone to resist, the lust was so intense it was like being drunk on alcohol. She took Andrew's cock from her lips and turned to her Mom.

"Yes Mom, lick me, make me cum please."

Joan dipped her face into Allison's upturned arse and used her tongue on her daughter's arsehole and wet pussy. This was a whole new experience for her and it was amazing. She pushed her tongue deep inside her daughter's cunt, finding her clitoris and stimulating it with her tongue.

She heard Andrew tell Allison to stop because he wanted to cum over her Mom.

So Allison released his cock but didn't move from her position on all fours, not wanting her Mom to stop.

Joan came up for air and saw Andrew standing by the bed slowly rubbing himself.

"I think we'd better let him release some tension," Joan said to her daughter.

Allison got up and let her Mom lay down on the bed.

She looked at her husband who was staring at her Mom's body whilst wanking.

Joan lay there with just her panties on and started to massage her own large breasts.

"Cum all over her," Allison said.

Andrew knelt on the bed between Joan's legs and Allison grabbed his cock.

"Oh yes baby girl, make your hubby spun

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