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Boredom leads to an unexpected BDSM encounter.

"Listen, I really care a lot about you," she paused for a moment. "I'm willing to try this. Let me be with you. I haven't been with another girl but I want to try to be with you in that way tonight," she whispered into my ear.

Was I dreaming? I could not believe the words coming from her sweet red lips. But no matter how bad I longed to be with her, I didn't want her to do something she would regret. I wouldn't do that to her no matter how much I wanted her bare body next to mine. I broke her hug, averted my eyes, lowered my head again so as not be tempted by her beauty, and replied, "You don't know how bad I want this, but I can't ask you to do that. I want you to be sure. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I forced you to be with me tonight. I don't want one night to ruin our friendship. You mean to much to me to lose."

Her blonde eyebrows raised in surprise with my answer. My hand still shook nervously as I fidgeted. She placed her hand on mine holding it tightly. "The bond I have with you is deeper than what I have with anyone else. You're the most important person in the world to me. You have given me your love unconditionally. I've never been as comfortable with anyone like I am with you right now. I respect that you bared your soul. I want to be closer with you. I really trust you. Don't worry. You aren't forcing yourself on me. I want this. Listen, no matter what happens tonight, I know we will last as friends. What we have together can't be broken. Our connection is too strong."

"You mean it?" I lifted my head and rubbed the tears off from my cheeks as I stared into her deep blue eyes. She didn't have to reply since her eyes revealed her answer.

"Yes," she whispered and smiled warmly. I felt like pinching myself. Could it really be true my dream is becoming reality? She gradually leaned forward and tilted her head; her soft moist lips met mine for the first time kissing me softly, swiftly. Oh my God! She kissed me. In disbelief, I closed my eyes, relishing the moment of bliss and yearning for more. Again, she brought her lips to mine, but this time more bold and the kiss lasted much longer. As her lips met mine, some of her red lipstick transferred to my lips. This boosted my confidence as my hands raised to touch her face. I gently held the side of her face, caressing her warm cheeks and we kissed again deeply. The knots in my stomach were gone, replaced with butterflies. I drew away and she took a deep breath. My finger wiped away a smudge of her red lipstick on the edge of her bottom lip. She smiled as she gazed into my eyes. She leaned in again as her little nose softly rubbed mine. I tilted my head and her lips returned. She slowly parted her lips as my hand ran through her hair. Her wet tongue darted to touch my lips. Taking her cue, I opened my mouth eager for her tongue. Her mouth widened as our tongues danced together as one. When we finally released our mouths from our passionate kiss, I opened my eyes as we both breathed deeply in unison.

She whispered, "I like kissing you." I smiled as I felt her caress my hand no longer trembling. A feeling of elation overcame me as I kissed her again. I felt risen from the darkest hell which I had been only moments ago. Her hand released mine as she unbuttoned her shirt. Everything went into slow motion as I watched her reveal her naked self. I closed my eyes almost afraid my urges would soon be satisfied. For a few moments, I was lost in my thoughts until I felt her hands on my waist. My eyelids popped open and I saw her wearing only her undergarments, hose, and shoes. What beautiful lingerie it was! Intended for him, but I would stare upon her wonderful body gift wrapped in lingerie. He would never appreciate it anyway. An exquisite embroidered bra and panty set with little red roses delicately sewn into the plush black fabric. The bra pushing her luscious breasts showed me the curves of her feminine form.

My lips met hers again.

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