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White girl gets spiked by a black guy from the bad side.

In-Out-In-Out. I have to breathe quickly on the outs to keep myself from passing out. What good is a passed out whore, I wonder. You thrust harder and harder. I am no longer gagging as that I can no longer feel my throat. Your cock starts to twitch to alert me that you are going to cum. You thrust faster now, with more urgency. The first spurt hits the back of my throat. I cough and choke on your cum. Despite myself, I push you away in a panic and gasp for air. You continue to cum on my face. Cum shoots into my hair and across my forehead. It shoots into my left eye and onto my lips. I desperately try to lick up the rest.

You heave heavy breaths. I am ashamed for pushing you away even if it was to save my own life. I can't look up past your wonderful cock. I see one more drop of cum about to fall and be wasted. I put my lips around your cockhead and suck out the few last remaining drops. I lick you clean as you put your hands in my hair and pet my head, like I am some adorable pet. Which I am. I feel proud. My mouth has finally been of some use to my master.

"You look like a disgusting cunt. Go wash yourself off. Wear my robe so that no one sees you naked," You tell me after a few seconds of silence. My heart swells. You are proud and happy with me.

I sneak into the bathroom, careful not to let your roommates see my cum-streaked face. I look at myself in the mirror. I smile. I look like a real whore. My hair is a mess and has a streak of cum in it. I can't open my left eye all the way, because of the glob of quickly drying cum on it. I feel so proud to look like a real slut for my master.

I re-enter your room. You are at the computer checking some emails. Not knowing what to do, but not wanting to bother you either. I decide to kneel next to your chair. I look up at you expectantly. I wait for you to acknowledge what a good set of fuckholes I am. You don't even glance at me. My ego is deflated. I remember my place and am once again your submissive bitch. Without glancing at me you reach down and pull on my right nipple. Twisting it in your hand as you read your email. You pull on the sensitive piece of flesh. I moan slightly with pain and grimace. You look down and see my discomfort and again it turns you on. You continue to torture my right nipple, before moving on to do the same to the left. I know my nipples will face more abuse before the weekend is over. You pull your hand away too soon and I start to whimper. I want to feel at your hands. You slap my face. Again reminding me of my place as your slut.

I quiet myself and wait again for you to acknowledge me. Nothing happens. It is then that I remember your words to me about being a well-trained whore. I crawl under the desk and between your legs. I move to suck your dick again, not necessarily to make you cum again, but to just pass the time and relax you. As my hands slowly creep up your strong thighs, you push me away.

"Don't touch me right now," you say. The words sting. Have I done something to upset you, I wonder. "I just need to concentrate on this work. Find something to entertain yourself."

Not having brought anything with me on this trip as I had planned on us using each other to stay entertained. I crawl into a fetal position underneath your desk. I kiss your feet and settle in to take a nap at your feet while my master worked. After a few minutes you put your feet up on top of me. Your right heel digs into where my waist dips before swelling into my hips. The sole of your left foot rests squarely on my face. I kiss your feet again and sleep.

Sometime later, I'm not sure how long I slept, I felt you hands on me. One hand roughly grabbed my left arm and other pulled at my hair. Fearful that it wasn't you, I start to pull away.

"What the hell is the matter with you dumb fucking cunt?" I relax at the sound of your voice and allow myself to be pulled out from under the desk.

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