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Amy struggles with revealing her Powers to her husband.

"ANGH! WAIT!" He shouted, flushing red as much from embarrassment as lust when his balls began unloading their cargo into my deep gullet. I sucked him down with a humming purr of approval, letting my eyes lock to his. Got you they said.

I pulled back and looked up at him, licking my lips. Sweat was beading on his brow, yet the whole act had taken almost no effort at all on my part.

"Gee Coach, I feel like that was fast. Was that fast? That felt fast!" trash talk, I knew, was a huge part of fuck-fighting.

"You teenage fucking suckslut! Don't think that just because you've got a nice set of pouty dickslurping lips you own the goddamned world! You've got way more to learn about being a true fuck athlete. For one thing, I'm still fucking hard!" he launched out with a stinging dick-slap made harsher by the thick gobbets of slobber from my throat still making his shaft glisten, the big cock cracked across my cheek like a club, but I rolled with it and came back with a horny grin; I had him.

Now I understood why Lucas had been so aggressive about humiliating him and standing up to him. It wasn't personal. It wasn't like he was a bad person, but this kind of contest of wills was the real essence of fuck-fighting, a serious contest of wills. Luke had asserted his dominance over the coach as he would any opponent in the arena, now it was my turn to do the same.

"Ah ah ahhhhh, big boy, you came, that means I call the next shot." I grabbed his huge dick in both hands and jacked him up, trying out some of the moves I'd seen the tug-job champion work the line with. I wasn't even close to her level, but some of the finger rippling techniques did seem to get through to him a little.

"This isn't a sanctioned fuck-fight!" He protested, it shouldn't matter whether he came first or not, this was the fuck-fight equivelent of a street-brawl anyway.

"You're right, which means there's nothing to stop me from doing... THIS!" Now I reared back, slapping his shining shaft between my tits with a heavy thud that almost knocked the wind from me. But I did it to fold my huge tits around him from both sides, squirming and shimmying up and down, giving him the very beginnings of the most sumptuous titfuck I could muster. His cock was still lubed with plenty of the spit I'd left on it, and big wads of drool had been dredged out of my throat to drip onto my tits before too, so this was one wet ride for his monstrous meat pole.

He howled out like a wounded animal even though there was a rictus of perfect joy on his face.

"Admit it you donkey-hung old bastard," I said,

"These are the biggest fucking tits you ever got that humongous hog between!"

"NGGH!" was his only response at first. I picked up speed, not letting him adjust to any one sensation, working on squeezing firmer than less firm, clapping my tits together one moment, shaking my chest back and forth the next so his was getting one big boob more than the other from one instance to the next. I alternated the big globes away from each other, playfully tossing his cock around between them, but always always always assaulting it with over 34 inches of my pristine young tits.

"Confess and I might stop!" I taunted.


I didn't stop. In my defense, I had said, "Might".

He spunked off for the second time in under ten minutes, his big gun shooting a wad the blasted directly into the underside of my chin and splattered down over my melons, baptizing them with real fuck-fighter seed for the first time (it would not be the last!) to my lusty delight.

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