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The next morning is only the beginning.


I always knew I'd make a good counselor if I tried. I gently pulled away from her so I could see her eyes. "I can see that. So don't be sad, okay? I'm not mad at you."

Lily sniffled, then smiled. She was still exceptionally cute, even with reddish, puffy eyes and tears streaking down her face.

"Thank you, Jessie. Oh, I feel so much better now." She pressed into me again, this time hugging me tightly. Over her shoulder I noticed that her legs were both in the air. The realization suddenly gave her the weight I thought she should have, and I fell back onto the bed.

"Ah!" Lily cried as I pulled her down on top of me. It was a painless fall, thankfully. Her full but soft breasts were mashed right into mine, and she had kept her face from smacking me by catching her hands on my arms.

It was a strangely erotic position to be in, and the look in her eyes told me she thought the same. She giggled, cheeks glowing rosy red. Were they like that from the crying, or...?

I let out a soft sigh, and my eyes darted between hers. She started to lower her head, then stopped, biting her lip. I saw the look, that fear that I'd reject her again.

It reminded me of her face a moment before, when she had essentially told me her dreams were being crushed.

Whether I was smitten or simply sympathetic, I didn't know at the time. All I knew is that I never wanted to see that look again. So I smiled and took a deep breath through my nose, stretching my back just a little to press my chest into hers.

She slowly began her descent again, and my lips parted in anticipation. Her hair tickled my neck as it slowly rolled past.

That first contact, her pursed lips covering my lower lip, felt like a gift from above. The tingling on my neck spread like an ocean wave, crashing over my chest and down into the valley of my legs. Hers were spread wider than mine, exposing my uncovered thighs to the cool air.

She held the kiss there for just a moment, then gently lifted her head again. I raised my own in a desperate attempt to catch her sweet lips, and she happily obliged, planting them firmly on mine and breathing in sharply through her nose.

"Mmm..." I moaned as her tongue lightly brushed the inside of my lip. She let go for just a second and a warm breath escaped her lips, making me want it back even more.

When we kissed again I went all in. My tongue explored her whole mouth and I tugged on her upper lip. We appeared in the middle of the bed then, conveniently eliminating the extra space left under our feet when we first fell.

Lily started a gentle rhythm with her hips, between our tender kisses. Forward and back, ever so gentle, teasing our sensitive clits through the thin layers of fabric and lace. That kind of friction felt like I was touching myself through my clothes, only many times better.

As her pace quickened and she increased the force of her movements, I knew I had to be soaking wet. I broke the kiss with an audible smacking sound and cocked my head back, cooing.

"Ooh..." My hands clenched into fists as I raised my hips, pressing myself tighter into her. Lily drew her tongue up my neck to my chin and drove me wild. My legs spread wider of their own accord, increasing the area her mound had to grind against mine. In response she mashed her crotch into me and held it, then quickly released and pressed even harder, causing us to bounce.

"Aah!" Someone screamed and I couldn't tell who, because she did it again. My mind was numbed, thoroughly overwhelmed by the pleasure cascading over me with each impact. The jig her breasts were dancing over mine had my nipples solid, enhancing the pleasure twofold.

Though I could hardly see, my lips found hers again and I desperately sucked on her tongue like candy. I only lost my grip on her tongue when the strongest of orgasms overtook my body, drawing rhythmic gasps with hints of squeals out of me. All senses but the sexual dulled, I barely heard my own voice as I rocked and rolled my way through the climax.


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