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A series of my innermost fantasies.

"Well," she said, a smile starting to form on her face, "maybe you do have something I haven't seen before. Miss. Robertson was right; fucking impressive."

I glanced down to my semi-erect member. Most of the guys in my glass would have killed to be in my position. I tried to think of something to say, something dynamic. "Thank you." was all I managed.

"You will call me Miss." she said.

"Yes," I replied quickly, "Thank you, Miss."

Her eyes left my dick and looked around. "You're here late."

"Yes, Miss. I was helping Mr. Marshall to put the equipment away."

"I see. Well, I am going to shower."

"In here?" I asked.

"Is there a problem?"

"Wouldn't you be happier in the female changing room?"

Her eyes once again found my penis. "No..." she said slowly, "I don't think I would." She looked at me, smiled and dropped her towel.

It's an odd feeling, when you feel most of the blood leave parts of your body and rush straight for your genitals, but that's what I felt happened. I tried to look away; I really did. But I couldn't do it for long. Miss. Watson was standing there, her fine hourglass figure on display. Her breasts were somehow larger when freed from the constraints of clothing and she had a single, well kept line of hair at her crotch. Miss Watson hung her towel next to mine and walked passed me, her perfectly large, pert breasts bouncing a little as with every step. She chose the shower to the left of me, turned the tap and let the water run down her body. She looked at my rock hard dick. I went to turn away.

"What did I say about facing me?" she said.

"Yes, Miss. Sorry, Miss." I turned back around.

"That's a really big cock." she said. "It must be about ten inches when it's all hard?"

"That's right, Miss."

She made a small impressed noise. "Jerk it for me."

"Miss?" I asked, a little puzzled. "I have a girlfriend." I don't know why I added this, she knew it already.

"And?" she replied. "From what I gather your girlfriend doesn't seem to have an issue letting other girls at that monster. A blow job from two girls, I believe?"

"Four." I corrected, almost absent mindlessly. "Miss." I added quickly.

"Four? An impressive number for an impressive cock." I hesitated. She looked at me expectantly. "Well, on you go."

I moved my handed slowly to my hard dick and took a firm grip on my shaft and began slowly jerking it. I had a thought and stopped. "What if we're caught?"

"Mr. Marshall has gone home, the door is locked and the cleaners don't clean in here until the morning," she replied, "we're fine. Now jerk that big cock."

I continued moving my hand backwards and forwards. Any shyness I had suddenly left. I felt confident.

"That's it." Miss. Watson said. "Go a little faster." I obeyed. "I've been wanting to see your cock for a full week now," she continued, "I wanted to see if the young ladies weren't exaggerating."

I was still jerking my hard dick and had built up a little more speed. "Do you like what you see, Miss?" I asked.

Miss. Watson eyes locked onto my hard member. "Very much so." she replied. "I'm getting a bit horny myself." With that she put two fingers seductively into her mouth, ran them in between her wet tits and into her pussy. She let out a moan, looked at me and said "Go faster."

I would have done that without her saying anything. After a minute of watching each other I asked "You like this don't you?"

"Yes. What I wouldn't give to suck on that big, hard cock." Miss. Watson ran her free hand up her stomach and pulled on one of her erect nipples. I must of subconsciously started tugging faster as she then said "Slow down, you're not in a rush for this to be over, are you?"

"Absolutely not, Miss."

"What was it like, having four girls suck on that monster? Did they enjoy it?"

"They did."

"They must all be cock hungry bitches like me." Miss Watson let out an audible moan, her breathing had got noticeably faster too.

"Are you enjoying watching me jerk my dick for you, Miss?"


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