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Three lovers meet in the City of Light.

Jason and Ken could hear their conversation.

"Jamie, are you sure they came this way?"

"No, I'm not completely sure, but what other way could they have gone? Polk is out watching the Baker Street exit and he's not seen them. The only other way is out through the academic buildings, and that area's completely lit."

"Alright, let's keep looking. This time I want to get 'em. It's the third time this weekend and I'm sick of this."

The officers split up, riding their bicycles in opposite directions. Jason and Ken frantically crawled towards the library, now a huge forbidding open space they had to cross to make it back to the dubious safety of the dark walkway on the other side. To their relief there were very few people milling about in the courtyard. They crashed through the bushes and dashed into the lit area. There was a whistle and some clapping as they frantically ran to the dark exit on the other side. They had to pass a single female student who was weighted down with textbooks. That wouldn't have been a problem except for one awful detail. The woman turned around and the two naked, sweaty, mud-covered students found themselves staring right into the face of their RA. They were so shocked they stopped dead in their tracks.

Cecilia was not pleased. She shifted her heavy armload of books as she called them over.

"OK you two, get over here. Now!"

Reluctantly the two streakers approached their RA. There was no point in running anymore. They were busted. The police radio crackled in the distance as Cecilia glanced over at the dark path. She could see a light approaching and illuminating the bushes. She rushed to set her books down, almost dropping them.

"On your knees, quick!"

Jason and Ken hesitated. Cecilia slapped their shoulders.

"Get on your knees!"

Just as Jason and Ken got on their knees, the two security officers rode into the library courtyard. Jason could hear one of them announce into his radio.

"OK, Polk, we got 'em."

"10-4. Good job."

What Cecilia did next totally shocked her two companions. She was as calm as could be, putting on an acting job that should have won her an Oscar.

"Officer, is there a problem?"

"Yeah, young lady, there's a problem! These two are under arrest!"

"Uh, sir. This is Tri-Alpha pledge week. It's their initiation. We do this every year, and we've never had a problem. Didn't your supervisor tell you?"

The male officer turned to the female.

"Jamie, did you hear anything about this?"

"No, I missed the nightly briefing. But I think she's right. If it's the Tri-Alpha thing we gotta leave 'em alone. I remember that from last year."

The female turned to Cecilia with a totally disgusted expression.

"Alright young lady, just get these two out of here. I don't care if you're a Tri-Alpha or not, you need to keep this initiation crap away from places like the library. Show us some decency for once." The officer then pulled out her radio. "It's a no-go, Polk, they're Tri-Alphas. Sorry about that."

Jason and Ken breathed a huge sigh of relief as the officers rode off. Well, that was one problem resolved, but now they had another. They stood up and looked at Cecilia. Her expression was not pleasant.

"Here, you two take my books. Now let's get back to Huntington Hall before anything else happens."

Cecilia took the muddy camera and fliers from Ken and Jason, as each stooped down to pick up a stack of books. Jason was dumbfounded she had been trying to carry so much back to her room with no assistance. With her next words he realized carrying that heavy load unassisted had not been her intention.

"By the way, Jason, I tried callin' you over the last couple of hours because I needed you to help me with these books. So now I know why you weren't pickin' up. This is really great. I'm really proud of you."

Jason said nothing.

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