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A mother and son lose their home but find each other.

She leaned back against the soft moss which covered the rock.

"Fuck me, Frank. Deeper," she moaned.

Frank lifted one leg up over his shoulder while the other stayed around his waist, and adjusting his angle, thrust deeper into her. The head of his large cock lodged tightly against the back wall of her pussy, causing her to gasp and grab his shoulders in surprise.

"Oh yeah Frank, that's it! Fuck me baby. Harder."

Her inner slut was definitely out and in control today, which was just fine to Frank. His normal disposition as a passionate, gentle lover was gone, replaced by a feral lust. The raw animalistic sensations that had been aroused in both of them must have been caused by the untamed wild of this area, the natural instincts to mate replacing their artificial inhibitions and leading them to a total release of sexual energy. Frank pounded into her pussy, ignoring the water which hammered his face, taking his breath away. Tara's fingers clawed at his arms and back and he savagely gripped her ass. As Frank leaned through the water to catch a breath and saw Tara staring at him, her eyes on fire with animalistic passion. Her scarlet hair hard turned to a dark blood red which clung to her and whipped about as they coupled, enhancing the raw sexuality which radiated from her like an uncontrollable force.

"Yeah Frank, fuck me. Fuck me with that big monster cock of yours. Stretch me till I hurt Frank." She was growling through clenched teeth and it was too much for him. He leaned through the water and pinned her roughly to the moss covered rock. She grunted as the rocks dug into her back and drove her fingernails into his ass, trying to pull him deeper. Roughly grabbed a breast and squeezed her nipple roughly, just like she liked. Tara responded by sinking her teeth into his shoulder and neck.

With a guttural growl, Frank exploded inside her. The force of his cum shot send Tara over the edge too. As their orgasms rocked their bodies they growled, spasmed and clawed at each other, fingers leaving red marks. Her pussy squeezed and milked his cock and he unleashed his seed into her and when their orgasms subsided, Frank collapsed into Tara's arms. They stood there, Frank's torso crushing her deliciously against the moss covered rock, growling into each other's necks as they tried to catch their breaths behind the water fall. The water crashed across Frank's back and mist covered their faces. Finally, Tara started to chuckle.

"Holy shit," she said, still short of breath, "so that's what they mean by Jungle Fucking."

"Literally," Frank replied to the pun. He reached up and stroked a strand of hair from her face, is gentleness returning. "I'm sorry Tara, did I hurt you? I don't know I just kinda lost control."

"You and me both," she said. "My head is still spinning. Wow, must be something in the air."

"Yeah, I don't think I've ever seen you like that. Or me, for that matter."

"Caribbean air, the jungle paradise, doing it under a waterfall; I guess it brings out the animal in us," said Tara. "Fuck Frank, when I felt you cum it was like a bomb went off in my body. I just exploded when I came."

"Well, I can honestly say this was one in a million. How many people actually get to fuck under a waterfall?

Tara laughed. "I daresay everyone who finds this place?"

Frank laughed. "You're probably right. Still, I can honestly say I'll never forget this day."

"Me either," said Tara with sudden tenderness. She kissed Frank softly on the lips, all traces of the animalistic lust gone. "Thank you, Frank."

"You're welcome, Tara." With a sigh and another kiss he said, "we should probably be getting back, eh?"

"Tara sighed and unwrapped her legs from his torso. As they headed back to their clothes, Frank thought he saw a figure duck back into the jungle. A flash of blonde hair and thin legs. Frank looked out of the corner of his eye as he bent to pick up his cloths and got a good view of their voyeur. It was her alright.

"Hey Tara," he whispered, "don't look now bu

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