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Family love starts on the couch.


I pause for a moment while I gather my thoughts.

"Well there is something.... but it's difficult for me to say Emily as it's highly personal."

"Tara please be assured of absolute confidentiality and discretion of anything you tell me. Trust is at the very heart of the way Tick Tock operates."

"OK then. Well this is not easy to say Emily, but I not a genetic woman. I am actually a transsexual."

Emily pauses and looks at me calmly and then a little kind smile appears on her pretty face.

"That's amazing Tara. I've always known there was something unusual about you but I would never have guessed it in a thousand years."

"I hope this doesn't change anything about my role here?" I ask nervously.

"No not at all. In fact we have very rich clients who would appreciate someone like you so this will make a valuable addition to the team."

"Tell me, when did you make the transition?"

"Well I have felt like a women ever since I can remember but I transitioned when I was twenty years old."

"How fascinating. What was it like making the change?"

"Physically it felt very natural as I have always had an effeminate body, with one exception, but socially it was very difficult in a university environment."

"Yes of course, of course, I can imagine. Do you mind me asking what surgery you have had?"

"No not at all. I've had some work done to my nose, lips and implants in my breasts and buttocks. Of course I also take hormone treatment."

"Well you are one of the most beautiful young women I have met."

"Thanks that's very flattering coming from someone like you Emily."

"Do you mind me asking if you kept your.....your...."

"My penis...everyone asks me that." I say laughing.

"Yes" said Emily blushing.

"Yes I am going to keep it. I enjoy the sensation of being able to penetrate someone else too much and besides it's too good a specimen to lose."

"That's intriguing. So are you saying you're well endowed too?"

"Well put it this way, when I was a teenager the other boys in the changing room called me 'pony'."

"It's almost impossible to believe that you have a penis with that knock out figure of yours." Emily looks flustered and tries to refocus.

"Tara, as I've mentioned before, it's important that we are absolutely open with one another here and I thank you for your candor so far."

"No problem it's great that you are so understanding about me."

"I find you absolutely mesmerising Tara. I would love to see your body."

"Oh I'm sorry that was terribly forward of me." Emily says with some embarrassment.

"Don't worry it takes most people by surprise and it seems to be a natural reaction." I say smiling.

"Would you be prepared to show me your body Tara?" Emily asks as she locks the door to her office and closes the blinds.

"Well...well it's a bit weird on my first day but in the interests of trust and my career I guess it's ok."

"Good, very good". Says Emily as she sits on her desk.

I stand up, remove my suit jacket and then slowly unbutton my blouse. I then reach one hand behind my back, un-clip my bra and place it on the seat.

"Oh my goodness Tara, you have beautiful breasts. They look so natural. Are those double D's?"

"Yes all bought and paid for." I reply laughing.

"They contrast beautifully with your tiny waist. You must work out a lot."

"Thanks Emily, yes I work hard to look the way I do."

I then unzip my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I am now standing in my high heels and my sheer panties are straining to control my growing erection.

"Gosh. I have never seen anyone like you. Now turn around for me Tara."

I slowly rotate in my heels for Emily.

"Mmm.... I'm very jealous of your bubble butt and your legs are to die for. You have a better figure than any woman I know. You are truly stunning Tara."

Emily stands up from the desk and looks me up and down slowly as she moves closer to me.

"How utterly exquisite.

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