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A flirtation becomes more.

"Do not touch me Lucian; you have lost that right since you allowed yourself to be fooled by a piece of tail." Kiryn snapped

Lucian looked down at Kiryn his face twisted in pain.

"I am sorry for what happened to you and I admit that it was my fault. Will you not forgive me or at least try to?" Lucian asked his voice hoarse with his emotions

Kiryn tilted her head and looked into Lucian's eyes and knew he meant every word that he said; still she could not bring herself to forgive him yet. He had promised to protect her and he had failed her, even if he had been possessed long before she came here it was because of him that she had been tortured.

"I don't think I can do that yet, or if that will ever be an option." Kiryn said before turning away

Looking down again at Lita, Kiryn picked up the fallen piece of paper and walked over to Malachi handing it to him and staying by his side. Her mind was in chaos as people helped Lita to her feet holding her in place as Malachi looked over the yellowed parchment. Lucian had moved away from Lita and kept looking over at her, anger burning in his eyes. Kiryn knew that Lucian felt terrible for what he had done, what he had allowed to happen, but to simply forgive him was beyond her. She wasn't sure she could ever fully trust him again, but maybe one day he could earn some of it back.

Kiryn was startled when Malachi stood up quickly his eyes blazing as he looked at the struggling red head. His anger was almost strong enough to truly burn a person's flesh and Kiryn laid her hand on his arm, hoping to calm him. A low growl rumbled from Lucian as he saw the contact but he held himself from coming towards them. He hated that his mate was touching another man, but he could see in her eyes that she wasn't ready to let go of what happened and he couldn't blame her.

Malachi laid his hand over Kiryn's and took a deep breath ignoring his brother whose growl intensified at his action.

"Do you not see what is happening here? That woman is causing you all to lose your minds!" Lita cried out

"You will be silent now; else I will not be able to hold myself under control enough for us to hold a proper meeting over your actions." Malachi warned

Lita fell silent and even stopped struggling but what was more disturbing was the smug smile that crossed her face. Before anyone had a chance to react, she had jerked her arm free from one of the men holding her and threw a dagger at Kiryn. A scream sounded in the room and Kiryn felt blood splatter over her but it was not hers. Lucian had moved in front of her quicker than anyone could have seen, only the hilt of the dagger showing from right over his heart.

Kiryn stared wide eyed as Lucian smiled at her, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth before he pulled the dagger from his chest and tossed it to the side, before collapsing on the stone floor. It was obvious from his lack of healing that the blade had been coated in something and something deep inside Kiryn broke free. A wild hidden heat spread through her as she looked at Lita who was suddenly pale and staring at the spot where Lucian had been.

Kiryn walked around the table, her steps measured even as the blood cooled on her skin while Lita's gaze remained fixed where Lucian had gone down. The woman did not look up until Kiryn was right in front of her.

"Why did he protect you?" Lit asked truly confused

"He protected me because I am his mate no matter the current circumstances." Kiryn said

Without giving a second thought to her actions, Kiryn pulled the sword from the guard's belt standing next to her and ran it through Lita's heart, jerking the blade upwards. Blood arched over her even as Lita's eyes went wide.

"You cannot win this Kiryn; Darthax will obey my orders even in my death." Lita said

"Then he too will die, just as you are."

After the last softly spoken word left Kiryn's mouth, she jerked the sword up again and brought the blade through Lita's neck sending blood arching over the meeting table.

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