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Sharing makes for a better relationship.

Before I was done I needed to move a few lamps to get better light in certain places. By then both Bob and Lois had removed their robes and joined me. Then Bob said..."If it's not asking too much, Lois and I would feel more comfortable if you were totally nude while taking photos."

I looked at Lois so as to get her thoughts before responding. When I did she said..."I'd feel much better too if you were also naked Lacey. I hope you don't mind us asking?"

I gave it some thought, then replied..."No I don't mind, and it's not asking too much. If I was you I'd probably request the same of the photographer based on the circumstances."

With that said, I undressed and once I was naked Bob commented on how much better I looked nude than he imagined.

"My compliments to you. You're a stunning woman for your age. At least to this old man's eyes."

"You're truly very kind, but not very honest. In spite of that, you flatter me. Which at my age is not easy to do. Thank you."

Then to change the subject I asked them both to get on the sofa. "I want a few pics of you two simply kissing and fondling each other at first. Keep it simple, but try to act as though I'm not here. Then once Bob's cock is at full attention we'll go from there."

With that said Bob and Lois got on the sofa and began kissing and groping each other. I made sure to get plenty of pics of Lois working Bob's cock with both hands and of Bob sucking on Lois's nipples while fingering her pussy. It didn't take long for Bob's cock to respond by becoming hard and erect.

Once it was I told them it was time to get some pics of it in Lois's mouth, cunt and asshole. But no way was Bob to ejaculate until I said so. I wanted just the right pics of when he cummed. Where and how.

"I know, I'm kind of acting like a director of a porno movie. But when it's all said and done I want for you Bob, the best pics you can imagine to masturbate to. You too Lois. So please bear with me."

"We understand."...said Lois. "Now what would you like us to do?"

"Time for some anal."...I replied.

Then I asked Lois to bend over on the sofa face down with her tummy on the arm rest and her toes barely touching the floor with legs spread wide. I told Bob to have at her fully exposed asshole with his lips and tongue. Which he didn't hesitate to do. Much to Lois's delight.

Bob first licked then tongued Lois's bumhole. And deeply when it came to the latter. He had a long tongue and it must have felt wonderful inserted in Lois's asshole. Lois was meowing like a kitten as Bob expertly tongued fucked her anus. His tongue was stiff as a finger as he bobbed his head back & forth in a steady rhythm. With each forward thrust of his head his tongue would penetrate Lois's asshole a good inch or more. I could only imagine how nice it must have felt.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. Once Lois's asshole was fully primed, and lubricated from Bob's saliva, he lubed up his cock with lubricant.

I first got a few pics of Bob's cockhead poised at the entrance to Lois's now loosely puckered bumhole. Once I did I told him to feel free to fuck Lois in the ass. As soon as I did Bob literally rammed his throbbing cock into her inviting bumhole. Just the cockhead at first. Once it penetrated Lois's anus he began a steady in & out humping motion. Ever so slowly, and deeper and deeper until his nearly 8 inch dick was totally embedded in her ass balls deep.

While taking pics of Bob ass-fucking Lois I found myself getting horny and wet. Something I was hoping to avoid, but wasn't very successfully. Hard not to when you enjoy anal sex and you're watching your best friend getting her ass fucked up close and personal.

Plus I found it interesting to see someone getting ass-fucked as close as I was to things.

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