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Surprise lovers begin their new adventure.


"Have you ever eaten real Indian food?" Stan asked.

"I don't think so," Denise replied.

"Ghita, you know, in Production?" Denise nodded, and Stan continued, "She laid on a spread once, I can't remember what the occasion was. Several of us from work were invited. Huge amounts of food, looking and smelling thoroughly enjoyable. It was lovely, and you could tell that there was a lot of pride that went into it. I think that convinced me that, while there may have been a kernel of truth there once, the idea that Indian food is so spicy hot in order to hide the rancid meat is an old wive's tale, an urban myth."

"Oh. Well, Raoul was a fucking ignorant bastard at times."

Stan looked up at Denise in surprise. "That's the first time I've ever heard you swear. Even when you have some idiot telling you that "of course" he's remembered to 'File, Save' before switching off, you never swear. So tell me about Raoul, and why he was such a," and he curled his mouth into a wide grin, "fucking ignorant bastard."

Denise looked at him, then finished her mouthful and patted her mouth with her napkin while she collected herself. After a mouthful of water she said,

"Raoul was witty, handsome and charming. He was excellent in bed. I thought he was all I could dream of. Trouble is, several other women were led to believe the same thing."

"Oh." Stan said, flatly.

"Putting it simply, Raoul couldn't keep his dick in his pants if he saw a woman he was attracted to. He was attracted to a lot of women, too. In the end, I found out about six of them.

"We were not engaged or anything, but Raoul had given me a bracelet - and it gave me great satisfaction to walk in on a dinner he was having with one of his Other Ladies, take off the bracelet and lay it on the table next to her plate. I told her that it, and he, was hers now - unless Sandra, or Reyna, or one of the others wanted him.

"I walked away, but I heard her slap his face before I got out of earshot. I was very, very satisfied to do that, but when I got home I cried and cried. I'd loved him, we'd been together for four years, and though we'd never said anything I was sure he loved me back. Then he goes and breaks my heart."

"I'm very sorry," Stan said, quietly. "I shouldn't have pushed the issue."

"No, no, that's fine, friends share. I'm not going to let it spoil the night!" she said, but Stan could see she was being brave. Denise's eyes moistened. Stan changed the subject to some gossip from work, and no more was said of Raoul.

That night, Caron's concerned dark eyes told him he'd have to be careful. Elizabeth had been right - Denise was vulnerable, if she thought there was more than friendship possible - and there wasn't, not from his side - she could get badly hurt.

Before he went to sleep, Stan thought about tomorrow's schedule. He had a few routine things to do, then in the afternoon there was a peer review meeting. Anne would probably be ripping some poor guy's brain, as well as several week's work, apart.

His last thought was that it was unusual for him to think about work at all while at home.

- - - - - - - - - -

"I missed you last night!" Elaine said as he walked through the door.

Stan laughed, "Yes, we went for Indian food instead."

"As long as you two had fun, that's all that matters!" Elaine told him.

Stan walked through to his desk. "How'd it go?" asked Elizabeth, grinning. Stan's demeanour told her most of what she wanted.

"Nice meal. She told me about Raoul."


"Not here. Have a coffee with me in a few minutes, I'll tell you then." Elizabeth agreed, and they turned to professional matters.

An hour later, Stan still hadn't been able to get away, but finally it looked like he could take a break. He caught Elizabeth's eye and they walked together to get their coffees.

"Did you know that Denise had a long relationship go wrong?" he started.

"Yes, I remember. I don't know any details." Actually, Elizabeth was wondering which relationship.


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