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Aine discovers that she is to be the offering to the gods.

Costumes shimmered and crystallised into existence on the canvas, doubtless from the memory of the woman, alluring, sexual, fashionable. Her flesh was warmed by the sun, brown hair free and voluptuous.

Remzain watched as the painting coalesced and appeared to finish itself. It was a beautiful painting; the woman was quite gorgeous. Remzain might have loved to kiss that woman herself, so beautiful did she appear, and how much more so would a man have been attracted to her, any man!

Princil took his eyes away from the woman and straightened up, a smile developing quickly as his concentration ended. Warmly he encouraged her to come forward and see the painting which was upon the easel. Her hands raised, and she squealed with delight as she saw the result of Princil's work. She placed her arms around him and gave him a friendly kiss, obviously loving his representation of her.

"I really love it! How do you see all of that?"

"I only portray what is in the mind of my customer," he explained, "and partly what I see before me."

"You make me look younger, and even more beautiful than I ever was," declared the woman. "How can I ever thank you? Here is your money as agreed," she said. "Worth every penny!" she added.

She counted out the coins, which had been agreed earlier - a good earning for Princil, but his art was by no means as expensive as those which some magicians, who were not necessarily as good as Princil might charge. She said flirtatiously, "If you ever want to visit me for any other rewards of a different kind you would be welcome. You have read my desires perfectly."

Princil smiled, "Well I thank you Doral." One result of this kind of work was that the young wizard got very close to his customers. He could see deeply inside of them, as well as the outside of them. He did find that he felt more sexual towards them than he would have done otherwise. "Perhaps I will later, if you're sure you want me to."

She brightened even more as he seemed interested. "I would love you to come over and keep me company, give me a proper kiss!" She had not expected him to say yes, but it had been a genuinely felt invitation. She did not attract many young guys these days, although she had at one time. She told him where she lived.

"I will come over," he pledged. "I feel close now I have painted you."

There would be no further fee. Sexual companionship was, for most citizens, a free gift, freely given and taken, if both parties were up for it.

Remzain, who was right behind, understood the meaning of the exchange, and felt a slight twinge of jealousy that this stranger could enjoy her brother, while she, his sister, was not supposed to touch him. She admired Princil in many ways, the sexual being one of them.

Remzain joked with Princil when he returned to his easel, "You are becoming very popular with the ladies, particularly the middle aged ones." She winked at him.

"Many of my customers are middle aged," explained Princil. "Particularly for portraits. They seem to want to reclaim lost youth, but also to inject their experience and knowledge with majesty and beauty."

"I do wonder how many of them try to bed you?" she pried.

"Most of them are perfectly satisfied by their regular lovers, but I will admit I have had a number of advances."

"And I'll bet you have said yes to all of them."

"Maybe," he said vaguely, not wishing to appear too eager. "When you have seen into the minds of these ladies you can be impressed and enthralled by them."

Remzain remembered the picture he had once created of her portrait.

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