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She tells of the humiliations she suffered in college.

Neil stroked Janet's legs gently, not trying to ease them apart but letting his hand glide softly over them. Under the skirt and trailing up and around the edge of Janet's pussy, rubbing her lower stomach and the trailing back around the edge of her mons, his fingers tantalisingly out of reach.

Neil had no intention of hurrying. He knew that while Janet was submitting to and enjoying his caresses, it was no guarantee that she'd let him go further. Any sign of hurrying or greed could easily tip the balance against him.

Janet felt Neil's hand running up her leg and under her skirt. She could feel herself tensing slightly as he approached her pussy, wondering how she would react when he actually touched her there. She nervously anticipated that first touch, even through the distraction of his kisses. Then she felt his hand gliding past her pussy across her stomach and down along her other leg, circling but not touching.

Breathing harder Janet waited, cursing the delay. She broke off her kiss and tilted her head back to look at him. What was he doing? This time as his hand started its journey back up, stroking one leg while his fingertips ran along where her legs were pressed together, Janet found herself relaxing, with her legs drifting apart. Now his hand was approaching her sensitive areas again, but with her legs now slightly parted Neil's hand drifted that little bit lower, his fingers grazing against her mons, sending little ripples into her.

Now that Janet and relaxed her legs and let them drift apart, Neil slipped his hand between them, lightly touching her mons before continuing up and over her lower stomach. Coming back down however, he slid his hand over Janet's mons firmly, cupping her mound as he traced its shape down. Resting his hand when his fingers touched her legs, he waited.

With Neil now almost fully cupping her mound and just resting his hand there, Janet waited. Was he going to push further down or move away? Neither, she quickly realised. It was her move. Either she shut him down or she moved her legs further apart so that he could continue his exploration. Janet could feel panic and excitement rising within her, knowing that if she parted her legs then she was effectively agreeing to having sex with him. Did she really want this? Along with the panic and excitement she could feel her resolve and determination rising. She did want this. She'd been wanting it since the day before when he made that first teasing remark about a shaved pussy. She shifted on Neil's lap, giving him the room he wanted.

Neil returned to kissing Janet while his hand tested the warmth rising from her soft mound. Coaxing and stroking, squeezing and manipulating, he was sending tremors of excitement deep into Janet, who was eagerly welcoming them. Neil could feel Janet firmly pressing her mons hard up against his hand, encouraging him to handle her. His fingers traced back and forth along her slit, not entering but persuading her lips to swell and spread a little.

Now Neil dipped his head down to Janet's breast, softly kissing and biting. Biting hard enough to leave love marks, branding her for the night. Now his fingers slipped between her lips, first seeking and lightly probing her vagina and then moving around to where her clitoris awaited his attention.

Her decision made, Janet had no intention of backing down. Even as she felt Neil's fingers sliding into her, her own hand was busy, dropping onto his lap and feeling the bulge that lay concealed there. But not concealed for long as her busy fingers undid the zip and sought beneath the cloth for the prize she wanted. Easing it free of its hiding place, she played.

Neil had the feeling that things were moving too fast, but was damned if he was going to slow them.

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