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Bi transvestite has fun with hunky Eddie.

All of the cocks were engorged and rigid. The women were caught up in total bliss writhing in the sensual delights. Sexual sensuality permeated the air surrounding the crowd.

Amy, a large woman, covered her husband David's long, thick cock in mango juices to give him the blowjob of a lifetime. He just leaned back, enjoying Amy's playful nature with the fruit juices. These were causing him to become very sensual. Moans could be heard from both of them as she slowly slid her mouth up and down, taking in the tiny bits of fruit and the flavor of its juices. David's cock was getting rock hard as her hand slowly caressed his balls along with the rhythm of her mouth. Amy was enjoying the pleasure of sucking his cock in this new way. It was delightful to taste the mixture of his cum with the fruit juices. Gradually, he got into the sexual pleasures, shifting them into the sixty-nine position to get some of the same delights his wife was having. They continued this way until he could on longer stand the intensity of desire of wanting to get his cock inside of his wife's pleasure cavern. It only took a few moments in each others embrace before they exploded simultaneously.

One free-spirited Nigerian couple went for the potato salad. Emerson plastered the tasty cool salad all over his lady's ample breasts, before nibbling it off. NyAshia never took her eyes off his tongue as her hot slippery love canal danced upon his hard dark cock. He enjoyed the contrast of the salad's light color on her dark skin made him hotter. Being so hot, his erection shot up inside of his wife making her jerk in sexual passion. Emerson's tongue made circles over her very erect and hard nipples. As his tongue danced over her skin, she danced on his cock, moving up, down and sideways. This continued with her breasts bouncing into his face, until they both orgasmed. As they came down from their sexual high, she began to lick the salad off his face. She nibbled at his cheeks and planted a kiss on his scrumptious lips.

There was a mixed group of five individuals of fifty plus years. The single gentleman, Oskar, with graying brown hair, was laid out on the blanket and then covered with food by his four friends. Being ticklish, every time someone took a piece of food off him or licked him, he laughed causing the food to jiggle and shift on his skin. The two women played with his nipples as they licked them for all the tasty juices that had worked their way into his grayish chest hair. The other two men sat back drinking their beers and watching their wives teasing him. The two women nibbled their way down to his semi-erect cock. They teased him by licking the sides of his rod before their lips met in a kiss on his tip, which was already dripping with precum.

As the women played, the other two men joined in, licking their wives' exposed, succulent female petals. This led to an impromptu orgy on the beach for this group. The men licking and sucking on the ladies' sensuous parts and the women both reaching for a cock or a set of balls to lick and suck on.

With all the juices having been licked off, the group shifted their positions. Smearing a new round of mixed fruit nectar on each other's bodies, Dayanne, the cascading blonde beauty, laid down in front of her husband, Jakob. He had strong shoulders and arms to shift her into a position that made it easy for him to begin licking her pussy. With her legs spread open and over his shoulders, his tongue toyed with her pussy getting the fruit juices mixed in with her sweet cherry juices. Her inflated clit presented itself to him as a delicate offering of love, which he eagerly accepted. He moaned in glee at this new sweetness that he had never tasted before.

Oskar watched as Dayanne's body started to stir from the sensations building inside of her.

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