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A young lady and her mother meet an older man.

He caressed my breasts and teased my nipples, as I stood in the darkness wearing only panties. Tony wasted no more time. Tugging so fiercly at my panties, that he nearly ripped them off of me. I was completely naked. Tony took me into his arms, hugging me so closely that every inch of my body was touching him. He eased me back onto the floor after a few moments of intense kissing and groping. I began removing his clothes with a more desperate sense of urgency.

We stood facing each other kissing passionately. As we were kissing, I ran my hands up his chest to his neck and began tugging at the buttons on his shirt. As I reached the last button Tony let the shirt slide off of his arms and onto the floor behind him. Getting down on my knees in front of him, I grasped the button of his pants and eased it open. As I pulled the zipper down his eager cock sprung to life as it was freed from the pants. Tony put his hands on his hips and began pushing his pants down, letting them fall to the floor bunching around his feet. I slipped a hand into his boxers and began stroking his cock as he stepped out of his pants and kicked them out out of the way. I pushed the boxers out of the way and began licking his hard staff. Tony pushed his boxers off of his hips and let them fall to the floor. He was entirely naked. I grabbed a handful of ass in each hand, and pushed his body towards my face as I forced his cock into my mouth until it touched the back of my throat. I gagged but only for a moment, while my throat adjusted to his solid shaft filling my mouth. I began sucking, my head bobbing backwards and forwards with the motion of his body. He was moaning with pleasure. Tony reached down and lifted me to my feet. He held me close to him, whispering in my ear, that we both needed to cool off.

He opened the back door and stepped out into the heat of the dark night. It was quiet and peaceful outside. I placed the towels on the ground near the pool, which I had gathered before stepping outside. We both entered the water. The warm air felt cool against my wet skin, and my nipples became very erect. The only light was that of the moon cascading off of the water in the pool, as well as reflecting from the sheen of the water on my milky white skin.

Tony made himself comfortable on a step. I sat on his lap facing him, with my legs wrapped tightly around his waist. We were instantly kissing each other deeply. Tony began kissing a trail down my neck and down to my breasts. He began nibbling on my erect nipples. I reached down between our legs and began stroking his cock. I would tease myself as well, rubbing his hard shaft against my clit. I raised up and repositioned myself right on top of his cock. I pushed myself down onto his lap, allowing his rock hard shaft to fill my insides. I could feel the water mixing with the wetness of my own juices inside of me. We began thrusting together. My breasts were bouncing wildly as we thrusts ourselves over the edge. We held each other for what seemed like forever, before deciding to go back into the house. Tony got out of the pool and wrapped a towel around his waist. He reached down and assisted me out of the pool. I shivered as the warm air pressed against my wet skin.

We tiptoed into the house, with a shower in mind.

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