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Couple fulfills a long-standing mutual fantasy.

But hey Ville was paying. Then they went and bought some HIM stuff for her, some custom t-shirts for Ville...

Missy asked Silke if she had a corset. She didn't so Missy took Silke to a shop where they sold them. "But I don't need one." Silke said.

"Ow come on, I saw how you looked at me yesterday... And you would look stunning in one."

"Ok I'll try one on and then I'll see."


Bam sat himself down while Missy and Silke looked through the corsets and dresses. Silke found some gorgeous dresses but didn't think they would look good on her. So Missy pushed her in a dressing room and ordered her to undress. Missy gave her a few corsets with skirts and a few dresses.

"Try them on and then we'll choose the one we think Ville would like best!"

"Missy I'm not parading around in the store!"

"Ow yes you are! It's just Bam and me... we've seen you in less!" Missy winked. So Silke started with the first one. A black and red corset with a plain black skirt. Silke asked Missy to lace her up. When Silke got out, Missy instantly said it wasn't was she was looking for but Bam said it looked good.

Silke tried on the next one. Again a black and red one but this time with a floral motive and a red skirt with a black lacy one over it. Bam whistled: "Damn Hottie looks hot!"

Missy said: "Let me take a look, turn around will you..."

Silke turned around and walked a bit. She liked this one. She felt great in it. Missy let her hands run over the skirt. "Well its ok but still not that wow effect I'm looking for!" She gave Silke a pat on her ass and said "ok the last one!"

This was a completely black one. With a long tight black skirt. Silke really liked this one. She stepped out and Bam and Missy just looked at her. Silke took a few steps and showed what she had on. She felt uncomfortable.

"Well say something!" she said annoyed.

"Breathtaking darling, really gorgeous! This is the one you should take!" they both said.

"Really? You don't think it's too much or something? Will Ville like it?"

"Hottie Ville will not like it, he will love it! And it will be perfect for the party at our place soon!"

"Ok I'll buy it then, and now we're getting the laptop back, I can't wait to see how it turned out!"

"Oh it's so cute Silke! I want one too!" Bam yelled as he saw the laptop.

"Then let them make an other one but this one is for Ville! Maybe this way he wants to learn how to work it." Silke replied.

"O but he can work it, he just doesn't like it that much. Although I'm sure he's gonna love this one!"

Now Silke just had to program the thing in heartagram style!

"Can we get something to eat now?" Bam wined.

"I wondered when you were going to ask that." Missy smiled.

When they sat down, Silke's phone rang.

"Miss me?"

"Who am I supposed to miss?" Silke joked.

"Someone that misses you?"

"But so many people miss me..."

Bam and Missy were laughing, Bam moaned in the phone, "Silke I miss you come back to bed."

"Yeah darling come and finish our game." Missy replied.

This was too much for Silke and she got the giggles.

"Yes darling, I miss you. How is recording going?"

Ville sighed "It's boring, I want to be with you, but you seem to have fun?"

"Yeah Bam and Missy are fun, but I have presents for you."

"OE presents, bring them over please? I want my presents!"

"Ville don't be a baby! You'll get them tonight."

"Did you get everything you needed?" Ville asked sweetly.

"Yes I did and some more..."

"So you can come over to the studio? Bring Bam and Missy!" Ville begged.

"Sure Seppo won't mind?"

"No he won't, he's going crazy because I miss you!"

"Ok we'll grab something to eat and come over darling."

Silke told Bam and Missy so they ordered, ate and left for the studio.

Ville was swearing in the microphone until he saw Silke, he signed that she had to come in. Silke looked at Seppo. "Please go in! He's been a pest the whole day, nothing else is working, so please!"

Silke went in, "What's wrong darling? Why are you so mad?"

"It's just a stupid song and I don't feel like singing

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