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A Christmas treat.

Another moan escaped Alexis' lips as she subconsciously shifted her legs more open. In this new position the unkempt man could see her pink pussy petals and the tiny opening to her sweet love canal. His cock was now completely erect and pointing directly at his messy beard. His ink stained fingers pulled back his foreskin to reveal the purple head of his stout prick. A tiny pearl of moisture oozed out of his stiff dick and he spread it around the head of his cock as he gazed at the sleeping girl's naked treasures.

His voice was ragged with lust as he recited the final verse:

There was a Young Lady whose eyes,
Were unique as to color and size;
When she opened them wide,
People all turned aside,
And started away in surprise.

The older man's finger probed into Alexis' steaming pussy. It was wet and slippery from the female juices that his fingers had stimulated. He felt her pussy contract lightly on his finger as he withdrew it from her pink wetness. He smelled his finger with delight and then thoroughly licked his finger clean, tasting the sweet nectar of Alexis. He set his book aside, stood and let his trousers and undergarments drop to the floor. He gently opened Alexis' legs as wide as possible and shuffled close to the bed. With two fingers he held her bare pussy open and simultaneously stroked his hard cock with his other hand, pointing it directly at her shiny wet cunt. He grunted with pleasure as he ejaculated directly upon on her innocent and unsuspecting pussy. His watery sperm seemed to hiss and steam like dry ice as it splattered on her pink folds. His cock erupted successively three more times; each with less volume but all landing squarely on her hairless pussy lips.

Rosy dawn light filtered into the room as the sun peeked over the horizon. Alexis sleepily stretched her arms over her head. Her eyes opened just a crack and then rubbed them firmly because she thought she saw a hazy vision near her bed. She opened her eyes wider and smiled drowsily when she realized it was her white lace curtain wafting in the warm morning breeze. She felt a contentment that she rarely felt this early in the morning. A pleasurable warmth emanated from between her slim legs. She surmised she had had a sexually oriented dream because her pussy juices were flowing down her slender legs. She could not remember details of the dream but she felt curiously satisfied and sated. Alexis stroked her wet clit with her finger and couldn't remember ever being so well lubricated, especially first thing in the morning.

Her clit was soon engorged and throbbing with pleasure. Alexis thought the summer heat had affected her body in some erotic way because soon she was arching her back and pressing her thighs together to increase the pressure on her love button. She cried out in pleasure as the first shock wave of orgasm flowed through her body. Alexis twisted and squeezed her nipples with her other hand, never stopping the relentless assault on her gushing pussy. She pushed two and then three fingers into her willing cunt, cupping her fingers to massage the secret spot on the inner wall of her vagina. Her sexual liquids squirted on to her palm as she whimpered in ecstasy.

Alexis slowly sat up on the edge of her bed and felt the large wet stain on her sheets. She thought it odd that her sheets felt so slippery from just her own womanly fluids. Pinching the wet spot between her thumb and index finger she was able to collect a small amount of the unusual substance. She smelled it and then touched the tip of her tongue to her fingers. The viscous liquid was slightly salty and burning and unlike her female juices which she had tasted many times while masturbating.

As she licked her fingers clean Alexis noticed an old book artfully arranged on her nightstand.

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