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A journey into darkness and human depravity.

I spread my knees as I crawled and centred my cunt over his still hard cock. I had no idea how long he'd stay hard, I just wanted it hard long enough for me to put my pussy over him and get it inside me. I sat down on him and smiled and moaned.

"You so fucking good Robert. I'll probably have issues sitting down tomorrow but it felt so fucking good. Am I being too slutty baby?"

"I don't know if how I feel right now would allow me to contemplate anything as "too slutty". I mean I took my cock from your ass and forced it in your mouth. All I can say is I feel great, you may feel slutty but I see you as sexier than ever."

I slowly rode Robert's cock and could feel his cock and the cum he'd deposited in my pussy earlier and I felt so slutty. I liked the feeling. I flashed back to one of the porn movies we'd seen recently, not the home made one we watch that night, and I felt this was what those women must feel when they took multiple cocks, not the actors because I knew those cocks didn't cum in them, but for those people who led a swinging type of lifestyle, how it felt to have a hard cock in an already fucked cunt. I was getting wrapped up in how I felt I was building another orgasm one that felt it might be even stronger than any I'd ever had. Was I willing to be that kind of person? Was Robert willing to see his wife filled with someone else's, maybe multiple other cocks? Could I? Would he?

All those thoughts washed out of my when the tsunami of an orgasm rolled through me. I began to shake and shiver and rock my hips pushing my cunt onto Robert's cock so hard and my orgasm kept coming. I screamed out!

"Fuck, fuck, fuck."

When Robert came inside me and I felt his cum splattering my cunt I lost all control and came for what seemed an eternity. Next thing I recall is the sunlight streaming through our bedroom window. I was lying on Robert, his cock erect again was pulsing and throbbing on my belly. My pussy was sore but dripping and without a word I worked my sore cunt up and slid Robert inside me. I held him there and kept still as I sat up on him. His eyes blinked open and his hands reached up first to fondle my tits then to pull my head down to him and he kissed me deeply swirling his tongue in my mouth. He broke the kiss and said.

"I love the morning wood. Are you still feeling slutty Em? It's Saturday so we don't need to rush. Take me as slow as you can baby."

I did what my husband asked and slowly rode him. God he felt so good and thoughts from last night came rushing back. Once again I felt slutty and wicked.

"So tell me EM! What was it that got you so fired up last night? Were you thinking of that all American blonde or maybe some strange cock or cocks? Tell me baby!"

"Robert not now, I can't think straight when we're fucking. Please let's talk later when I can think clearly."

Robert grabbed my hips and pulled me almost off his delicious cock and I groaned.

"No baby! Pease don't stop, not now! I need that cock baby give it to me."

Robert adeptly rolled me on my back and placed my ankles over his shoulders before positioning his throbbing cock on my aching clit.

"No Em. I want to talk to the slut in you, I don't want you telling me what you think I want to hear, I want you to tell me what you are really thinking."

He slammed his hot hard cock back inside me and it was wonderful but when I didn't respond to his questions he pulled almost all the way out and stopped.

"Answer me slut."

As his cock slowly, too slowly for my taste, slid back inside my deranged cunt I capitulated.

"Robert I felt like a slut last night and I truly enjoyed it.

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