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Jack and his sisters have a visitor, and an intruder?

The light turned green and neither of our cars moved at first until I began to pull away, much to their disappointment. They sped up to catch up with us and continue watching, but as I pulled off, my girl raised her head and pulled off my cock.

Full of seduction and sluttiness, she said, "I want you to fuck me now! I want you inside of me!"

I smiled down at her horny face and said, "I don't think I have that kind of money."

"I don't care. I want your cock inside me. You can have me free of charge. Now pull over, I can't take it anymore," she greedily answered.

With a smile I agreed and pulled over into an empty parking lot and she went back to sucking on my cock. As I stopped and turned off the car, she rose up off the seat and turned her back towards me and leaned over still on her knees. She bent over slowly and stuck her ass out, giving me a great shot of her wonderful ass, with her dress pull all the way up. She turned to me and sluttily said, "You can fuck me, but first you have got to eat my wet pussy and ass. Now come here!" After saying this, she grabbed my shirt and pulled me down onto her ass.

Without hesitation, I dropped my head onto her ass and kissed her soft cheeks several times. I bit her slightly on one of her cheeks and she showed her liking by moaning. I kissed my way around her ass towards the crack and grabbed her white thong with my teeth and began pulling it down with my mouth. Once I had pulled her thong out of her ass and down around her knees, I lifted my head into her open, waiting pussy and began to slowly lick around the sides. My tongue left a saliva trail up her thighs as I kissed and nibbled at her. Next, I slowly ran my long tongue up and down her pussy. She was so wet and horny. I pressed my face deep inside her thighs and pushed my tongue into her open hole. I spanked her ass with my hand as I worked her pussy hard and deep with my tongue. I ran my hand up and down her thighs as my mouth and tongue ventured to her tight asshole. My hand slid up to her pussy and I began rubbing her clit with my fingers as I eagerly ate her ass. Moaning loudly and arching her back, she reached back and grabbed my head with her hand and pushed my face deeper in between her warm soft cheeks as I licked her ass. I worked my tongue back down to her pussy and continued rubbing her throbbing clit as she started to rock back and forth and fuck my face.

"Eat my pussy, baby, yeah just like that," she moaned as lapped her wet snatch with my protruding tongue.

With my face buried in her pussy, I began jerking my cock off, now even hornier than before.

I moaned to her, "Oooh yeah slut, fuck my face. You taste so good."

To which she replied, "Don't stop baby, keep licking." And I did steadily for a few minutes until she said, "Lick my ass again before we fuck."

With the anticipation of fucking her sweet, tasty pussy, I obediently ate her ass and slide my tongue in her tight hole as I furiously rubbed her pussy and clit.

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