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The rememberances of a loving husband.

The next series of rocks were more steep and difficult to climb, so Wana took out some rope with a metal claw at one end of it from her backpack. She swung it up until the claw hooked onto something sturdy before allowing the two to climb up.

Suddenly, they heard the hostile growls of apes. They seemed to be getting closer.

"Quick!" Wana instructed, watching them scurry up the wall of rock until they reached an opening at the highest peak.

When she turned around, she saw a pack of large white-haired apes approaching her slowly with murderous looks in their eyes. Their dicks were long and humongous. Are they gonna leave me here to die? Was that part of the plan?

She unsheathed her sword and swung it viciously at the creatures as they lunged at her. A severed hand landed on the ground, then a bloody arm, then a bunch of fingers. She thought it was over until she saw more apes closing in on her. An endless army of them it seemed, all growling and snarling menacingly at her. A few of them hopped on rocks above her, ready to pounce.

As one jumped at her, she hacked off its head with one swift blow. Blood flew everywhere. Before she could strike again, one of the apes above lunged at her from behind, knocking the sword out of her hands. Another ape grabbed it and ran off. The ape that jumped her was still on her back, riding her like a wild steer. She tried to throw him off but his hairy legs were wrapped tight around her torso. He pulled her long dark blonde hair, trying to rip it off and she screamed in pain. She looked up for a second and saw Tilly and Rayna squatting down at the opening above, watching her helplessly. They had pulled the rope up a little to prevent any apes from climbing up. Smart move, Wana thought. Still wonder if they're going to ditch me.

Wana tried to reach for the dagger in the sheath that was strapped around her muscular thigh but an ape tore it off. The one riding her back tried ripping off her hair once more and she winced. After she got a second wind, she grabbed the creature's left arm and hurled him off her and he landed on the ground with a loud thud.

A circle of them surrounded her, saliva dripping from their evil, wicked grins. One of them rushed at her and she took him on, the two of them wrestling viciously. They were locked in a vise-like bear hug for a while, doing a bizarre dance across the floor it seemed. The other apes simply watched, howling and hooting lecherously. She tried breaking out of the bear hug by pounding her fists down hard on his furry back but it proved futile. He squeezed harder and she started feeling out of breath. His ugly, smirking face was inches away from hers, and she could smell his horrid breath. His saliva dripped profusely all over her large breasts and bare chest.

She slammed her fists on his back again but he didn't let go. Finally, she knocked her steel Viking helmet against his face with all her strength, and he released his grip. She kicked him hard in the balls and he cried in agony, falling down on his knees. She delivered another powerful kick to his head and he dropped to the floor.

Another giant ape stepped into the circle and wrestled her, trying to tear off her cape, but she managed to get behind him and lock him into a tight bear hug. He tried breaking loose, but her embrace was firm. She glanced up again and saw that Tilly and Rayna were still there. Maybe I was wrong about them. The Queen grabbed the ape's big penis and pulled with all her might, causing him to scream bloody murder. She ended it by wrapping her brawny arm around his neck and breaking it.

"Your Majesty!" Tilly shouted, throwing the rope down to her. "Hurry!"

Wana grabbed the rope and quickly climbed up the wall of rock. She felt something tug beneath her and saw some apes climbing after her.

"C'mon, you're almost there!" Tilly said.

One of the apes grabbed her huge, muscular calf and tried pulling her down but she kicked him in the face

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