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I've always known she had tattoos but I had never dared to ask about them. I feel tattoos are very personal. She had a full sleeve done on her left arm and some on her back as well as on the sides of her stomach. I couldn't help but stare and watch from a distance.

"See something you like?"

"You, but you know that. Hurry the foods going to get cold." She threw on a muscle shirt and a pair of basketball shorts. A girl could get used to seeing such a sexy body everyday.

"How was your day at work?" She came over, gave me a soft kiss and sat down.

"Not too bad. I went to Cedars for a consult and my last client canceled so I was off earlier than usual."

"That's good; more rest time for you."

As we started eating we talked about our days and I remembered my conversation with Autumn.

"I'll call as soon as I'm done eating. I spoke to San on my way home from work. She wants her, she really just wants Autumn to be sure. She's had the straight girl dump her before after being together for three years."

As we ate together, I couldn't believe how lucky I was. Toni was constantly thanking me for dinner and complimenting my food. I think I spent the whole time blushing. She cleaned up after dinner and washed the dishes while I made some work notes. She called Autumn and calmed her down a bit. She has this way of explaining things so simply that it clears your head and helps you think straight.

I wonder if that's why she's so comfortable with us being together because it is just that simple.



How did I get so lucky to have such a sexy woman who wanted me?

"What are you thinking?"

"How I got so lucky with you." There's that blush. She's so fair skinned that she looks delicate, and, when she blushes, she turns crimson. Not to mention how perfect her chest looks when it matches her face. Oh shit, Miranda's only wearing a towel.

"See something YOU like?" I hate it how easily she takes control of a situation.

"Drop it." OH shit, she dropped it. "Fuck me."

"Is that an offer?" Her pussy is bald, and I mean damn she is so beautiful. She is all woman everywhere- as opposed to what, I don't know. I mean she has child bearing hips that have caused me to drool on many occasions because of the sway in her walk and her stomach looks so soft and womanly.

"A woman can only take so much, Toni. Are you going to take me or do I have to beg?" Damn that would be a sight- Miranda on her knees begging. Slowly but surely she was making her way over to me.

"Miranda." I was sitting on the bed and I knew if I didn't move she would come to me but why was I resisting? I had wanted this from day one or two and I still did want her. Sometimes Miranda loves to kiss me to give me her answer why not take a page from her book.

I stood up and pulled her into me as I wrapped my arms around her waist.

"If you were the devil I'd be on my way to hell."

I kissed her with every ounce of energy I had, but my hands had a mind of their own, searching and touching every part of her body available to me. Her back was silky with a path leading down the center to her backside- a tantalizing ass that I knew I had to avoid if I was going to stop this. My hands came around to her hips that have swayed me into many daydreams.

If I didn't stop myself we would move forward and I wasn't ready. I was scared shitless; this wasn't just some fuck in my bed. No, this was Miranda, the woman I want for more than just one night.

I pulled her onto the bed and sat her down.

"I'm sorry but I'm not ready." I pulled out a shirt from my dresser and handed it to her. "Miranda, it's not that I don't want to because, believe me, I do. But I want to make sure I do everything right and I'm scared that if you sleep with me you'll lose interest."

"I feel like the high school jock and his girlfriend is a virgin making him wait." I knew she was anxious with me but her smile told me she understood.

"I know; I'm the frustrated virgin, remember?"

To hold her in my arms was perfect.

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