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Kim hesitates to tell Stacy her true feelings for her.

I pinch a little harder as you hesitate... then you reach up with shaking hands and unbutton your blouse, opening it slowly... rubbing and cupping your heaving breasts as you show them to the appreciative crowd. The nipples are obviously hard, and my mouth moves down to slowly lick across one as you moan again. "Good girl," I say, starting to rub your clit again as I suckle at a nipple for a moment... God, it's hard... and you're DRIPPING wet into my palm! It excites me so when you get like this.

Then I stand up and pull you to your own feet; telling you that you're still going to pay for teasing me. I turn you around and push gently on your shoulders to bend you over the table, lifting your skirt again as everyone gets a better view of your rear and the hot cleft between your legs. You look back over your shoulder, getting a little bit embarrassed again as you wonder what's next. Then I tell you to spread your legs so that your fans can see. You hesitate, then you feel the *SMACK* of my palm on your ass... a quick slap as you feel the heat of my hand. You moan again as you spread your feet slowly, still a little shy. Another *SMACK* as I say "Hurry..."

This time you comply... your legs shoulder width apart, still looking back as you're bent over the table... blushing in a mixture of pleasure and shame, with your ass pointed right at the crowd... two large red handprints still burning on your cheeks... you know that with your legs spread like this they can see your shaved lips, all swollen and dripping, and your own hand that has started working your nipple. I tell you you're not warm enough yet, as I continue to spank you - a slow rhythm, one butt cheek and then the other, letting you catch your breath for just a moment between each slap. You're getting wetter and hotter at the show you know everyone's getting, as well as with the punishment that you love.

Then my swats stop; you start to turn your head to look, but feel my hand pushing you back to the table as you hear me moving something behind you. Then you jump as you feel a slightly cold, thick liquid dripping onto your asscrack... just at the top... you wonder what it could be as you feel it slowly oozing down...lower...lower... finally with a tickle reaching your puckered little rosebud. My fingers touch you there then, massaging gently in circles around the rim of your ass. You gasp again, pushing your ass back to meet my touch as I slowly start to work a finger inside, the oily liquid easing the path into your tight hole. I pump it in and out all the way to my knuckle as as you moan louder... and then I surprise you with a sudden *SMACK* from my other hand...

Again pumping... and *SMACK*.

And again.

Loving the way your body jumps with each one, the way your ass clenches at my finger, and the way you look bent over like this as I prepare you. I have two fingers in you now - as deep as they will go as I twist and probe... still spanking you slowly with the other hand as I tell you this is what happens to naughty teases. Your butt cheeks are on fire, but your moans and gasps only get louder - and your pussy is running down your thighs it's so wet and hot.

Then you hear the sound you've been waiting for as I unzip my fly right behind you. I pull my fingers from you, seeing your now-lubed hole slowly tighten again... then immediately line up the head of my cock and start pushing slowly forward... you moan in that slight pain this time as you try to adjust to the size... the head of my dick finally popping inside you as you cry out... I pause for a moment to let you adjust... and to revel in the exquisite tightness... and then I start to push deeper... slowly but firmly... feeling you stretch wide... a low moaning cry/wail of pain and pleasure the whole time as my cock fills your ass. God what an incredible feeling! Finally I'm buried to the balls as I rest for a moment, enjoying the sheath around my hardness as you look at all the people watching me sodomize you.

Then, I start to fuck you - no more gentleness, but long, hard strokes filling you deep

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