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A gentle ocean breeze ruffles the curtains you have hung over the windows and brings the scent of night blooming jasmine and orchids to my nose. I pass through the great room and am nearly overwhelmed as I stand at the door to our bedroom and gaze at your beauty as you sleep spreadeagled on the bed we have shared for so long now.

I cross the room with silent steps and bend to kiss you behind your ear. In the flickering candlelight I see you smile and murmur a soft hello as you turn and take me in your arms. I wrap my arms around you, bury my face in your neck and breathe in the scents of you.

Slowly I begin to lift my head, kissing each inch of your neck as I go. Your hands are now awake and stroking my back and a small gasp escapes you as I take your earlobe in my mouth. Our mouths meet and I can taste the lingering traces of the tropical fruits that grow outside our door. Our tongues entwine and dance to an ancient rhythm all their own. Tenderly I draw your tongue into my mouth as my hands begin to move of their own accord. Exploring your back and your shoulders as if they did not already know every inch.

Never interrupting our kiss I push you back into the pillow and my hands gently caress your face. Brushing the sun-lightened hair from your forehead I kiss your eyelids and your cheeks as my hands begin a slow descent across your shoulders until they find your breasts and cup them lovingly. A small moan escapes your lips as I find your hardening nipples and take each between thumb and forefinger and gently squeeze and twist them just how you like it.

I dip my head and take first one nipple and then the other into my mouth. As I take each nipple and twirl my tongue around it my hand kneads the other. I can feel your heart beating faster and faster beneath my head as my hand begins to travel lightly across your stomach.

I linger a moment as I caress the downy softness I find. Softened by seawater and it too lightened by the sun as there is rarely a need for clothes on our island paradise. I smile as I feel the wetness of your arousal and quiver slightly as if this were our first time. Your breath becomes shorter as my finger caresses your lips, gently parting them and circling your clit.

Your back arches and once again you gasp as I thrust first one and then a second finger inside you. I move my mouth from your breast and once again kiss you as I continue to stroke your clit with my thumb while my fingers move in and out of your body. You break our kiss as your head turns from side to side, your breathing quickens and your hips rise from the bed to meet my hand. Your stomach begins to quiver and I increase the speed of my fingers in your wetness. Your head is thrashing back and forth and I once again take your nipple in my mouth as your orgasm takes you away. You moan and shudder as each wave crashes through your mind like the ocean pounding the beach just outside our door.

Slowly your hips return to the bed and my hand tempers its attention. I laugh softly as you jerk when I flick a finger across your now too-sensitive clit, once, twice and then a third time as you begin to catch your breath.

I move my head back to your neck and once again breath in the scent of you, now mixed with sweat and arousal and excitement.

I lean up on one elbow and look down into your eyes, grinning at the smile of contentment and happiness on your face.

As your heartbeat slowly returns to normal and your breathing calms you reach down and take me in your hand and I once again marvel at the power you exert over my body. There has never been a day when you could not or did not arouse me in ways I had never known without you.

You smile at me and with a murmured come here you pull me on top of you. I am once again amazed at how well our bodies fit each other as I enter you with no need for guidance. Another gasp, this time from my lips as you draw me inside your warmth. I am nearly overwhelmed and remain still for a moment savoring the heat and the wetness of your body.

Slowly I begin to move, our bodies b

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