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At that time I didn't know if I was embarrassed or what. But by the time we got to the car, I was horny and I told Harry I wanted to be fucked again. He said he knew a good spot.

He drove away from the ocean and turned on a little road next to the intercoastal waterway. A mile or so down the road, he turned on a dirt road back to the river. It was beautiful, thick grass, little sandy beach, big shady oaks, and a view of the boats as the sailed by. He got another condom out of the glove box and told me to get out. He dropped his shorts and told me to suck on his dick until it got hard.

I had read about blowjobs and was dying in giving it a try. I just hope I did it right. I got on my knees in front of him and took as much of his dick in my mouth I could. I sucked the air out of my mouth and move his dick in and out my mouth. I must have done it right because he was hard in just a few seconds. I took his dick out of my mouth and told him that it was hard and to now fuck me.

He grabbed me firmly and spun me around and bent me over the hood of his car. I hear him open and put on the condom. I felt him behind me as he placed his dick at my opening. He then pinned me against the car as he drove it all the way in hard and then forcefully pounded away. I came twice and was on my way to a third as he came. I told him more that I was about to cum again.

He said he couldn't and that I had to finish myself. I sat up on the hood, laid back and started to finger myself off. I opened my eyes and Harry was standing between my legs watching me. That was all I need. Harry sat me up and tenderly kissed me as I continued to cum.

After washing my pussy in the river. I still remained naked under my dress. Harry leaned me against the car and kissed me again. Harry said he hoped he wasn't to rough with me that last time.
I told him it was all right. It kind of made me feel like a slut being treated like that and I liked it. I told him one of my many fantasies was being a sex slave and being forced to perform sex for a group of men.

He told me he could probably arrange that. I told him someday maybe. Well, we did it a couple years later with six of his buddies, but that story will be for another day.

He was also concerned he had pushed me too far, too fast today.

I told him not to worry I really enjoyed today and that I had done a lot of new fun things today I thought I might never try.

He asked me to name some of them.

Well, 'first' I hope I had become a better kisser.

He said I was doing very well.

'Second' I got my tits felt up and I liked that. 'Third' and 'forth', I got naked with a man and got to see a live naked man. 'Fifth', I had sex for the first time, which I really enjoy.

He said, "Yea, I think I created a monster."

'Sixth' I got to suck cock and I can't wait to do it again. 'Seventh', other people have seen me naked and having sex, and I can't believe how much that really turned me on.

He said, "You might be turning into an exhibitionist, which in my opinion isn't a bad thing."

And I like wearing almost nothing in public and I think I actually enjoyed my accidental exposure this afternoon.

"Yep, you're becoming an slutty exhibitionist Julie," he said. I just laughed and kissed him.

He asked if I was ready for more fun.

I asked what he meant.

He said that the fireworks and then the street dance started in a couple hours and that we needed to get ready. He then asked me if I wanted him to wear the shorts he had on now or the tight cut-off jeans shorts. There was no decision on my part. I immediately said the tight cut-offs.

He asked, "Why?" I told him I liked the way his ass looked in them.

He asked if he could fix my dress a bit. I asked him what was wrong with it besides the torn hem that got hung on the barstool.

He said that since I like showing off, he would like to make it a little bit shorter.

I liked the idea and asked how much shorter.

He told me to raise my arm as far as I could and hold it.

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