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A little dinner and dancing gets their fire going at home.

She then started to unbutton her shirt exposing her amazing tits. Then she undid her bra and let her firm breasts hang out for me to see. Her tiny nipples were rock hard. She then slowly undid my zipper and reached inside. She pulled out my rock hard thick 9in dick that was throbbing. She started rubbing it harder and harder and I thought I was going to cum right there in her hand. As she was about to get on her knees I bent over to suck on her hard nipples. I started sucking on her right breast and put my other hand under her skirt and started rubbing her soaking wet pussy through her panties. She started to moan harder and harder but not too loud so no one would hear us. She moved my hand and got to her knees.

She knelt right in front of me and pulled down the rest of my pants and boxers. M started licking the shaft of my cock. Up and down up and down before she got to the tip. With one quick motion she took my whole cock in her mouth. Slowly in and then slowly back out. She took her time with it. Then started rubbing my cock harder while she was sucking. She took her other hand and started playing with my balls. I was so horny I thought I was going to cum in her mouth right there. I leaned back to enjoy the view some more then heard someone talking outside the room. I got so nervous because I was sure someone would try and come in and see what we were doing. Then we heard the voices grow silent as they walked away. This did not stop M at all. She kept sucking and sucking. Then she took her hand off of my balls and started rubbing her middle finger around my asshole. I have never had that before and it felt amazing. Then with one push she put her finger in my ass and started to finger and suck faster and harder. She could taste the pre cum dripping out of my dick. I knew I didn't want to end hear so I pulled out of her mouth and told her it was her turn.

She stood up and I leaned her back up against the wall. I started by kissing her neck then her cheek then her lips. Then stuck my tongue in her mouth and kissed her deeply as my right hand was pinching and rubbing her nipples. After kissing her soft lips I went lower to her tits. I started to suck the left and rub the right. I would suck on those little nipples and even bite on them a bit which drove her crazy. Then I got down to my knees and slowly unzipped her skirt. As I pulled it down she was wearing this tiny black see through thong. I started to kiss the outside of her panties on her pussy while grabbing that tight ass of hers. Then I slowly pulled down her thong to expose her fully shaven pussy that was dripping wet. I stuck my tongue out and slowly licked up her whole pussy. She let out a huge moan like she was ready to cum right there. So I started to lick harder and harder making her legs tremble. I was licking her clit so hard and even nibbling on it at times. Then I took her pussy lips in my mouth and started to suck on them nice and soft which brought more moans on. At this point I didn't even care if someone walked in, this was the best experience of my life. I then stuck my tongue deep in her pussy and starred to move it around and around deep in her pussy then pulled out and started licking more. I thought at this point I should return the favor and while I was licking her pussy I took my finger and rubbed in around her tight little asshole. Then I plunged my finger deep in her ass. She was panting so hard and kept saying, "I think I might cum I think I might cum". I just kept fingering her ass and licking that pussy of hers. Finally she yelled out "Fuck me, fuck me!"

So I immediately laid her on the ground and got on top of her.

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