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He has non-stop sex with two women.

Her body was sweaty and trembling. She was gasping for breath, her heart racing. My God, what had happened? She had never felt anything like that before. A man who could give her an orgasm like that... Wow! A man like that could own her! Julie had been willing to put his pleasure ahead of her own before. Now... well, she just wanted to make sure he felt every bit as good as he made her feel!

She rocked back and forth against Greg's cock slowly, still too sensitive from her orgasm to go to fast or too hard. He seemed to understand and let Julie set the pace. His hands gripped her hips firmly, but he let her rock herself back and forth, sliding him in and out of her still spasming pussy.

Julie didn't know how long she rocked like that, back and forth on Greg's cock. She was in a bit of a post orgasm haze, only partially aware of the world around her. The warmth in her belly and her limbs, the soft buzzing in her head eclipsed most of her surroundings. She just rocked on his powerful member, letting the sensations wash over her as her body quivered and trembled.

Eventually, Julie's breathing returned to normal and her eyes began to function again. No sooner did she feel herself return to awareness than Greg began to thrust himself into her. He stood behind her, next to the bed where she was on all fours. His hands had a firm grip on Julie's nicely curved hips and his thighs smacked against her tight ass.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Julie panted with each pump of his shaft. Somewhere in her head she was thinking that she wasn't ready for this yet. She was still half delirious from the force and duration of the orgasm she had just experienced. She could hardly think straight as she felt him fill her up, over and over... a little more forcefully each time until their flesh was slapping together audibly.

Julie braced herself on her elbows, her mouth pressed into the pillow to muffle her cries. Had she screamed? She didn't know. She wasn't even sure if her eyes were open. All of her existence boiled down to Greg's cock and the way he pounded it deep into her, stretching her pussy as he poked his length almost into her abdomen. He was thrusting so hard and so deep, it almost felt like little punches to her belly.

Then, over the buzzing in her ears, Julie heard a SMACK! and felt a hot stinging sensation. At first she couldn't tell what or where, but then he slapped her ass a second time and she realized what had happened. Greg was slapping her ass cheek. And slapping it rather hard.

And she liked it. She really liked it.

"Oh, God!" she squealed as his hand delivered another stinging blow. What the hell kind of woman was she that she was getting into such rough treatment? He continued to fuck her, driving into her repeatedly with his strong thrusts. And as good as it felt, Julie found herself bracing for... no, anticipating, another slap. As the stinging faded, she wanted him to do it again.

God it was so hot... his big cock pounding her while he slapped her ass! Was it the sluttiness? The actual pain? The dominance it implied? Julie's head was whirling and there was no way she could say what it was that made it electrifying for her. All she knew was that she wanted another slap on her ass to punctuate his fucking.

"God, slap my ass!" she panted, impatient to feel the stinging impact again. But Greg didn't respond right away. He continued to manhandle her by her hips, plowing his sizeable tool into her. Julie rocked back hard into each of his powerful thrusts, absorbing the impact with her stretched pussy. Then, without warning, another SMACK! on her other ass cheek.

"Aaahhh!" Julie cried in response, loving the firm power of the blow, savoring the sting it delivered. It combined so exquisitely with the heat and adrenalin Greg's thick cock was churning up within her. It was a spectacular mixture of pleasure and pain that gripped her insides, took her to a new plateau of stimulation.

Oh, God! If the orgasm she felt buil

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