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Nat's gift leads to a morning of frustration and orgasms.

Hurriedly I pumped her harder and faster. The drops of rain were splashing off her back. Then just as I exploded in her bowels the sky opened up pouring down on us. After yanking my cock from her bowels I ran around picking up our clothes. We ran to the cars and got the wet clothing on.

We had no where else to go so we decided to go home as we weren't about to return to work. But, Clitina decided it would be weird if we returned at the same time so headed off to the mall to get some things she needed including more lube for her ass. I was a bit sexually frustrated as I got home two hours early.

As I approached the house I thought I heard some yelling and shouting coming from inside. It kind of sounded like Dick and Muffy. That was very unusual as they got along very well together. Cautiously opening the door I saw instantly what the commotion was all about. My wife was riding my son like a cowgirl and he was pinching and squeezing the shit out of her huge boobs.

My gut reaction was to yell and make a big scene. Then, I remembered that I was fucking our daughter in law and people who live in glass houses should not throw stones or some shit like that. My eyes seemed to be frozen on the action not to mention my pecker was betraying me and was hard as a board.

"Come on fucking whore ride me; harder you fucking bitch," Dick howled as he twisted her swollen tits in his hands. My wife had thrown her head back in ecstasy with her eyes closed. Resisting temptation to yell I had a seat in a nearby chair and watched figuring they would eventually see me. Part of me didn't want to spoil their orgasm.

"Come on mother fucker you can squeeze my boobs harder than that; come on stretch mommy's titties," Muffy replied gasping. Her pussy was slamming down on our son's hips. I could tell my son was about to cum when he quit squeezing his mom's tits and held on to them for dear life and began grunting.

His mother was mumbling something incoherent. Then a roar came from each of them with Dick cumming moments before his mom. Her eyes still closed Muffy settled down on Dick's hips and just reveled in the bliss of the feeling running through her. As she slid off she opened her eyes looking directly at me and in horror yelled, "What the fuck!"

"Hi guys don't stop on my account. You both look like you are having a lot of fun," I calmly spoke. I admit that I wasn't at all calm on the inside but new ideas had already began to percolate in my mind. I decided that I could have a lot of fun and soon all anger was replaced with pure unfettered lust. My son was still so horny that he continued to caress his mom's thigh.

The truth of the matter is that Dick didn't know what to do. He figured that he would let his mother do the talking for them. But, feeling uncomfortable he didn't know what to do with himself so as he waited he gently stroked his mother to keep himself calm; at least that is what he told me later when he tried to explain his actions.

As Dick just laid there Muffy and I talked. It was about as friendly a conversation as a couple could ever have after seeing your wife fuck your son. The conversation went around for awhile before I turned my attention to my son.

With it now clear that I wasn't going to leave her and she could even keep fucking Dick as long as I could fuck another woman Muffy settled back down beside her son. Then I got an inspired idea and told her, "Muffy I meant it you all should continue. Why don't you suck our son's cock while I talk with him? Now, Muffy, I've been awful nice about this so I want to see you suck his cock."

My wife thought for a second and realized that I was serious. I guess she decided that there would be no harm as after all I had already watched her fuck him. So slowly she leaned down and swallowed up her son's hard shaft. Turning to Dick I said, what gave you the idea that you could fuck your mother?"

"She did," he answered as calmly as a man could who was having his cock vacuumed by a very talented woman.

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