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Thief steals more than cash.

He pulled into a very expensive development and parked his car. I parked across the road and got out. I walked over to him and he lead the way. Once inside his condo he headed straight to the bar. "Scotch Ok?" he asked.

"Sure, make it a double." I replied. His condo was very nice and I noticed all the golf pictures in the den. We never talked about sports. "So, you a golfer?" I asked.

"A fanatic about the game." He said handing me my drink. "I play as often as I can. I like Westfields and the new Stonewall course. You play?" I replied I did and had played those courses.

I was standing looking at a Payne Stewart picture when he walked up behind me and leaned into my back. "I liked him." He said over my shoulder. He moved his chin to my shoulder and then lightly kissed my neck. "And I liked your kisses." He said softly.

"Me too." I said. I turned around and our mouths met. He pressed my back against the wall and kissed me. I felt his hard cock against my thigh.

He moved back and said, "How's your scotch?"

"Fine." I said catching my breath.

"Would you like to see the rest of the house?" He asked knowing my reply. He lead down the hall and showed me a huge bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub. His bedroom had large walk-in closet and a big king size bed. It was dimly lit with a couple of lamps. A great love nest. He took a drink of his scotch, sat his glass down and walked over to me. He pressed his mouth to mine and eased in a little scotch. I drank from his lips.

I reached over and sat my glass on the night stand. We wrapped our arms around each other and our mouths locked together. He slid his hands down my back and cupped my ass. Pulling my hips to his, our hard cocks touched. I ground my cock against his. "Let's get undressed." He said. We backed away and I unbuttoned my shirt. My hands were shaking. I took my shirt off and leaned down and took of my shoes. He was dropping his pants to the floor as I undid my belt. My pants soon lay on the floor also. We both stood there in our briefs; mine black, his white. His big hard cock pressed against the cloth. He pulled back the cover and sheets on the bed. He took my hand and we lay down on the bed. "I have waited for this for a long time." He said running his fingers over my chest.

"Me too." I said shaking. He ran his fingers over my nipple and it grew very erect. He leaned over and kissed my nipple and then lightly sucked on it. God, I was so fucking hot. I held his head as he made love to my nipples. He licked, sucked, bit and kissed them.

I pushed him back as I wanted to taste his skin too. I drew my hand slowly up his abdomen and ran my fingers over his hard nipples. They were very hard and enlarged. I leaned over and ran my tongue over the hard skin. I sucked it between my lips. He softly groaned. I moved from one nipple to the other. Giving each all my loving attention. But I wanted more. I wanted a cock. His cock. I kissed my way down to his stomach and slid my tongue into his navel. It was like a small pussy. But my prize was still a little lower. I lay my face on his stomach and looked down at his bulging underwear. I moved my hand to his leg and caressed the inside of his thigh. I moved my hand higher until I touched the bottom of his brief. I cupped his balls. Here I was in bed with a man and caressing his balls. I loved the feel and the moment. I moved my hand up and over his hard shaft. It was now or never. I pulled the top of his brief down and the head of hard cock appeared. It was large and almost a dark purple. I ran my thumb over the head. God, it was so soft and smooth.

The head of his cock was like a small helmet sitting on his shaft.

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