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Redhead slave is the prize in sexy game of chess.

She closed her eyes as she felt his other arm reach for her, gently skimming over her floating breasts. She felt, but did not see his face coming closer to hers and realized that she was holding her breath. When the anticipated kiss did not happen, she opened her eyes to find his dark ones scrutinizing her face.

"This is happening a little fast for you, isn't it?" he said, not taking his eyes off of hers for one moment. She nodded.

"You've never done this sort of thing before either, have you?" he continued, still gazing into her eyes, filling her with liquid warmth. Wordlessly, she shook her head.

Trey leaned back against the side of the hot tub and took a deep breath. His response to this woman had been so intense he hadn't even considered the possibility that she hadn't walked this path before. For that matter, he wasn't all that experienced in the art of seduction himself. While he'd had a few extra-marital encounters in his life, it wasn't a practice of his and certainly not with the sudden intensity of this one.

He glanced over at Vanessa and found that she was still staring at him. "Did I read you wrong?" he asked.

For a long moment, she was silent and he could actually see the battle raging in those lovely dark eyes. Finally she spoke in a firm, if quiet voice.

"No. You didn't read me wrong."

Relieved, he let go his breath in a rush. "I didn't mean to intrude...it's just that when the door opened and I heard the spa running...I just had to come and see you for myself..." His hand curled around her shoulder once more, fingers gently caressing the wet flesh. "I don't know what it is....but you get to me, lady. Big time."

Vanessa let her head sink back onto his arm, closing her eyes again, a soft smile playing across her lips. When they opened again, she turned and looked him straight in the eyes again. "This is probably going to be the biggest mistake of my life," she whispered, licking her lips in what he knew was nervousness, but very sensual none the less. In the next moment, those lovely lips were pressing gently, tentatively against his own. The kiss was tender. Trey loved her taste and excitement build within him as the kiss lingered. Gently he pushed his tongue into her mouth and he could feel her opening to take him. French kissing had always turned him on and he loved the way Vanessa sucked gently on his tongue as he pumped it in and out. As he withdrew his tongue he was pleasantly surprised when he felt her sliding her tongue back into his mouth. Trey loved this. He sucked her tongue lightly and swirled his tongue around hers, as the kiss grew more passionate. This kind of slow, leisurely, intimate kissing had always been a particular favorite of his, only intensified by the fact that he was already excited with his hard cock sticking out and against the body of this lovely lady. Trey even felt a little light headed as they both seemed to get more into the kiss, holding each other ever closer. It felt as if their two bodies were melting into one as they stopped to look in each other's eyes. He couldn't help but smile and as he did Vanessa let out a sigh. Both began to laugh and Trey hugged her tightly as they held each other.

She blushed, even as she felt his fingers gently caressing her shoulder. There was a part of her mind that couldn't accept this situation. That part of her wouldn't accept her naked body in this hot tub, arms and legs entwining with those of a complete stranger. Yet there was another part of her, a deeper more primal self that knew this man. The most ancient of womanly knowledge that sensed a hunger that could match her own. Like lava bursting forth unheralded from a long dormant volcano, this voice shouted down her civilized self, shoved her in a closet, locked the door and tossed the key.
When she looked up again at Trey she could see the question in his eyes and tears almost sprang from her own dark ones as she also realized that the civilized man in him would get out of the tub, don his clothes and walk away if she said the word.

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