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Jennifer gets a very special night out.

She's still afraid, I realize, but not of me. Her feelings must be so big and so sudden; I can't imagine what she might be going through right now.

As we kiss, her hands begin to explore my back. She takes a big fistful of my shirt and pulls it up. I feel my shirt tail slide from under my belt, and she plants one warm palm flat on my skin. That's when the fear hits me too.

What have I started? Her hand is so soft, so warm. We can never go back after this is over. She rakes her red nails across my spine. Do I deserve this marvel that is Laura? One finger slips under my belt and touches the crack of my ass.

No fear anymore. I reach up to grab her jacket, and she lifts her arms just long enough to shrug it off. I drop it on the floor beside us and stick one foot out behind me to kick the office door close. Most of the staff has gone home, but you never know.

"Promise me," she says.

"Promise you what?"

"I don't know. But promise me, and I'll know if it's right."

I lean my face down so my lips just brush the cup of her ear. "I promise I'm here for you," I whisper, and as my breath puffs into her ear I feel her shiver against my body. "I promise to be yours, and you can decide what's too far and what's far enough. I promise..." I can't think for a moment. My heart is racing. I never thought this would ever happen, it was a choice of an instant, but now it's real. "I promise myself to you for as long as you'll have me."

Laura slides her head down to bury her face in the hollow of my shoulder. Neither of us moves for a moment. We're like statues. But every frightened, fluttering breath presses her further into my body, and her skin is so warm under my hands. I wait for her to decide what's next.

Finally Laura's hands slide around to the front of my body and she grasps me by the belt. "I promise you the same," she says, so soft I almost can't hear her, then she pulls me away from the door and out into the middle of the room, where we sink gratefully into the carpet.

Her blue silk blouse has big square buttons, and I take my time sliding each button through its hole. I let my fingers linger at her breasts, and just the thumbs dip into her cleavage, hooking lightly under her bra, the tips resting on her soft secret skin. She unbuckles my belt and opens my fly. We both pause in our rhythms and lean in together for another kiss. Her tongue is so warm, so firm, more even than I could have dreamed about.

Laura sits up just a moment to shrug out of her blouse, and turns to let me admire her body. Her timing is so perfect, and so is her frame. She's no rail-thin fashion model, in fact she's maybe got a little more than average on her bones, which she's hidden well under her clothes. But each ounce is in just the right place, with firm breasts and a gently curving belly, arms so smooth, muscles lightly toned by years of running.

I roll up onto one elbow and kiss her gently on her navel. She giggles softly.

"I love you," I say into her belly.

She strokes my hair with her soft slim fingers. "I need you," she whispers back.

I lie down and let her pull my shirt up over my shoulders without unbuttoning. Only then does it occur to me that I'm not as athletic as her, she might think I'm too soft. My body probably looks flabby and slack to her. But she cups her hands over my nipples and presses me over onto my back.

Laura straddles me. We're both shirtless now, and as she leans down to kiss me, I reach up to unhook her bra. She lifts her arms so it slides off, and as we press our bodies together her bra is caught between us. When she rises I can see her breasts. She has the most crimson nipples I've ever seen, now erect against her creamy pale skin, with gentle areolas moving back. I'm amazed how little her firm round breasts move as she sways back to open her jeans.

I raise up my hands to cup Laura's breasts, and she smiles down at me.

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