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"Mmmm, it's nice to just sit down, after being on my feet all day," Jennifer averred. "And it's especially nice to be so comfortable. You are all making me feel so at home."

"Would you like your shoulders massaged?" Shiri enquired sweetly.

"Oh, that would be divine," Jennifer sighed.

"Alright, turn a little away from me. Why don't you put your legs and feet up across Karen's and Jimmy's laps. I'm sure they won't mind soothing them as well."

Jennifer gladly complied with Shiri's suggestions. Shiri started rubbing Jennifer's shoulders, also working her hands up to Jennifer's neck and gradually down her back, moving under and inside the towel, where it covered her back. Jennifer stretched out her legs across Karen and me. The towel rode up her thighs fairly far, revealing perfectly shaped legs. I started massaging her feet and lower legs, while Karen took on her thighs. Jennifer lay back into Shiri's grip and relaxed further as Karen and I worked on her. Shiri deftly kneaded Jennifer's neck, shoulder, and back muscles, and worked in circuits around to the top of Jennifer's chest, above the towel. Shiri gradually inched her fingers down around the sides of Jennifer's breasts and inside the top of towel in the front, as well as the back, and Jennifer didn't appear to object to that level of familiarity.

If anything, Jennifer seemed to be thoroughly enjoying this healing attention. She squirmed her bottom a bit above Karen's lap, little realizing the surprise waiting for her under Karen's own towel. My lap was beginning to reconfigure somewhat, with Jennifer's feet resting on it and moving to my ministrations.

Shiri now had been granted full access to Jennifer's breasts from the outside, and was working her hands in further and further under the front of the towel as well. Jennifer was sighing steadily and breathing heavily. Shiri leaned forward, put her face near Jennifer's neck, and breathed warm breath along that stretch and forward to her ear. Shiri then nuzzled Jennifer and began kissing and nibbling her neck and ear, as she moved the front of the towel down from Jennifer's breasts.

Jennifer turned her face around toward Shiri and presented her moist lips. They kissed gently, then more deeply, inserting their tongues into each other's mouth. Shiri's robe was coming undone, and she let it, allowing Jennifer access to move her eager hands across those magnificent breasts. Jennifer's own breasts were free now, and a sight to behold in their own right. Much like Christine and Karen, Jennifer had high, medium large, firm and tapered breasts, with puffy areolas and big thick hard tips. Shiri was feeling them now without restriction, returning the favor.

Karen meanwhile was working her hands further and further up inside the bottom of Jennifer's towel. Jennifer didn't seem to mind. I think Jennifer must have been aware of my own arousal, though she was occupied on other fronts, because her feet were rubbing my groin through my towel, clearly touching my growing erection and teasing it. Karen's hard-on was growing unmistakable, and her towel was falling away from her tits.

Christine, who had been sitting in a chair, watched everything with great interest. Her robe was open, her breasts out, and she had one hand caressing a breast, the other buried in her pussy area.

Karen now had her hand right up on Jennifer's pussy and started working it into the groove there. She found Jennifer's clit, and was surprised to discover that it was unusually large, both in height and in diameter. She pinched it between thumb and forefinger, pulling it like a small cock. Jennifer moaned. Shiri bent and started sucking one of Jennifer's distended nipples, adding to the urgency of the moaning. I opened my towel and brought Jennifer's feet into direct contact with my dick. I added some jelly from a tube nearby, and got my dick sandwiched between her feet, which I clasped together around my lubed dick and began fucking affectionately.

Karen's towel was now wide open, too.

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