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A meek man gains confidence - with a little invisible help.

But that, I noticed, was the oddity - I wanted him. Suddenly, I had the urge to open my legs to him that I'd never once had before in the past five months, and I actually did move my knees further apart so he could rub against me more effectively. At the same time, I hoped he wouldn't notice my action.

He did though, and suddenly I felt his hands on my ass, lifting me. Before I could help it, I was sitting on the table, next to the test tubes, with his tongue still in my mouth and his hands now roaming under my blouse. I pushed him inches away from me with some effort.

"We're in a lab," I reminded him. "You can't just-"

"I don't give a shit!" His hand swept the rack aside in one angry motion, and it landed against the far right wall in an explosion of glass and blue liquid. While I was frozen, shocked at this display of aggression, he attacked my mouth once more. His hands wandered to the button of my pants and opened it before I could prevent it, and he had pulled them halfway down my hips before I grabbed his wrists.


"Shut up!" With one giant, angry yank he succeeded in freeing me from my pants and went to work on my blouse. When I continued to push his hands away, he grabbed a fistful of the silk material and pulled me close, choking me.

"Stop fucking struggling! I've put up with you this entire goddamn semester. You know what got me through this lab? You did! You were so fucking condescending that it made my blood boil, and I fought my way through just because I didn't want to see the damn smugness on your face when I failed! I've fucking had it with you!"

I sat frozen while he removed the rest of my clothes, no longer fumbling with buttons and clasps, but simply tearing my blouse and underwear off my body. I'd had no idea he felt this way about me, and hearing him scream at me was just one further shock to my system.

"Please... don't," I said feebly while he cupped my bare ass and pulled me back against him, kissing me once more. The rough material of his jeans was rubbing up against my clit, and this time, I really did let out a moan, much to my own surprise.

"Slut," he said in between kisses, while one of his hands wandered up to cup my breasts and pinch my nipple. I arched my back eagerly against him, wondering when I had made the decision not to get the hell away from him. He broke the kiss then, burying his hands once more in my hair while I busied my hands on his fly and button.

"Fucking whore," he whispered in my ear, panting heavily when I brushed up against his cock with my fingers. "Bitch. Arrogant cunt!"

"Stupid idiot," I hissed, my heart pounding wildly. "Just one goddamn time I'd like to see you actually look up a word instead of leaving it to me to point out your millions of mistakes!"

"Just one goddamn time I'd like to feel like an equal lab partner and not like your fucking clean-up boy!"

"You could have if you'd earned it!" I had finally freed his cock and wrapped both my hands around it, jerking it. Aaron moaned and kissed the area around my throat.

"There's no way I could ever have proven to you that I'm capable of doing this, not with you being such a condescending, coldhearted bitch the entire time!"

"I didn't have much of a choice with you acting like a horny fourteen year old!"

He gave a short laugh. "Now who's the horny one?"

Indeed, I was moaning, furiously grinding against his thigh and massaging his cock at the same time. I gasped when he pinched my nipples again, then brought my lips closer to his ear.

"Any other frustrations you need to vent?"

I was grabbing his hand and trying to get it to cover my pussy, but he refused and pulled away.

"Plenty. But now I'll need you on your knees."

He lifted me off the table and onto the floor.

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