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First day at a new job always proves interesting.

"Wonderful." Grace said with a happy sigh. "Better than I have ever had."

"That's great. Did it help?"

"I wish. But I'm not sure that getting involved with Drew, is the greatest idea. It's not commonplace where I come from. And this telepathic link between us, is rather distracting. I try not to think of any erotic thoughts but every time I feel his eyes on me, I can't help it." Grace ended in a wail.

"I can only promise that it will get better with time." Alexa said with a smile.

After a long morning, Andrew realized that he wasn't going to make it home without taking his chosen one. The intensity of his desire had only increased with every look that Grace had given him. So as lunch hour approached he waited for his sister to leave. She always had lunch with her chosen one every day. He was sure that they indulged in the same pastime that he wanted to indulge in with Grace. He heaved a sigh of relief when his sister told him she was leaving for her lunch. Quickly he followed her to the front of the office. As she paused at the front door, he stopped and spoke in low tones to her.

"Make sure you take a long lunch, Alexa. In fact you can have the rest of day off, if you want," he coaxed.

"Really?" She replied. "You've got it bad," she teased, before giving him a peck on the cheek. "Just make sure you lock the door behind me, little brother. I wouldn't want any customers interrupting your pleasure."

"Oh, I will," he said with a grin.

"I'll see you tomorrow. Have fun!" she said as she left.

After closing the door and locking it, Andrew took a deep breath, then he went in search of Grace. He found her in the lab working on a sample. Walking up behind her, he spun the chair that she was sitting in around to face him.

"What?" Grace squeaked in surprise.

"I need you right now," he growled before covering her mouth with his. As it had happened the night before, she went up in flames. He certainly knew how to use his tongue, she thought.

"And I'm going to run it all over your little body.," he growled before taking the lobe of her ear into his moist mouth. A rush of pleasure washed over her as he continued to suck on her ear before running his lips down her neck.

"Oh, God!" she gasped, before running her hands down his chest, to the edge of his pants. She toyed with the button for a moment before plunging her hand into them. He had said that he wanted her now, and she had been on the edge all morning. She was already so excited that she didn't need his endless foreplay. She wanted him deep inside her, right now! Pulling her out of her chair, Drew backed her up toward his desk. When they reached it, he turned her around so she was facing away from him. Giving her a gentle shove, he had her draped over it on her stomach. Grace moaned softly, hoping that he was going to give it to her now.

"Oh yes," he growled. "This first time is going to be fast and hard, little one. But don't worry," he continued, "I'm going to fuck your little pussy for the rest of the day."

"But Alexa," she started.

"Is at home. She won't be back until tomorrow," he finished as he pushed his pants down. Reaching over, he flipped her skirt up and growled. His chosen one hadn't bothered with putting on any underwear. Placing the head of his cock against her moist cleft, he gave a deep groan and buried himself to the hilt. "Oh, yes! Damn, your pussy is wet," he growled as he bent over her. "And I'm gonna fuck it hard." Grace could do nothing but pant as he started hammering in and out of her. Almost immediately she was on the verge of climaxing under him. He gritted his teeth and pounded even harder into her. Placing his mouth next to her ear, he whispered softly, "You're gonna cum all over my cock, aren't you little one? I want you to soak it. I want to hear the wetness of our bodies joining together."

Wrapping his arms around her body he rubbed his hand against her hard nipples and sent the other one between her legs.

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