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She obediently spread her legs for him, all the while never dropping her burning, lusty gaze she held with her eyes.

"Yes Master." She said, "Yours."

Jack thrust his cock inside her and began pumping as fast and hard as he could. He could hear moans from Steph as she began to finger herself. But Jack didn't need to watch her. He was transfixed by the moment of pure lust that was shared between him and Jess. And as she felt the width of his shaft fill him up, she began to moan loudly.

"Fuck yes Master. Take your slave- Oh fuck! - I'm yours to command." Her brown and gold eyes never wavered. "Make Steph watch as you fuck your first- Damn so big! - slave." She began thrusting her pussy back into him, slamming her hips so he could fit more of his cock inside her. "I'm never fucking any other guy every again Master. Your cock is too good. It will never be like this. Never as perfect as the way you make me cum!"

Jack saw a change in her face. She was getting close. Her face hardened, but she kept the eye contact with him.

"You like my newly grown breasts Master? They're yours to play with. I'm all yours to play with. FuckYESTHAT'SGOOD!" She screamed as she came on Jack's cock. Jack himself was getting close to cumming.

"Do it." Jess said hoarsly, "Do it. Cum in your sister. Mark me as yours. Do it. Cum in your slave!"

Jack roared as he thrust one last time and then spilled cum like a firehose deep inside of her. Jess came again loudly as she felt his hot seed enter her.

Jack withdrew his cock from her. Immediately, Steph got on her knees and began cleaning his cock from all the cum.

"Damn." She said between licks, "You taste better than before." Jack smiled.

"It's because that's not just my cum mixed in there sis."

Steph turned around to look at Jess, who was streaking her pussy while pulling her breasts. She began sucking again, all the while staring at the sight of her sexy sister. "It's not that bad. Maybe, just maybe, I can get the full taste some other time." Steph and Jess suddenly began flashing mischievous grins at each other.

Right as the trio were enjoying the afterglow of their activities, the doorbell to the house rang. They all froze in place.

The doorbell rang again, echoing through the house. Neither of them moved. Jess looked at Jack, who looked at Steph, who looked back to Jess.

Then Jess's cellphone began to ring. She answered it.

"Hello?" she answered in the quietest tone that she could. "Oh Erin! Yes sorry I slept in! Give me a few minutes and I'll come downstairs!" Jess hung up the phone and looked at Jack and Steph.

"I am so sorry Master. I had invited Erin to hang out today before you took me as your slave. She thinks we're going to watch movies and read."

Jack remembered Jess's friend Erin. Erin had some assets that made her pretty attractive.

" We don't have much time so here's what we're going to do. Jack, go downstairs to the hot tub and turn on the jets. She won't be able to see you're naked. Steph go upstairs and shower. Then come down and join us."

"How long should I be in the hot tub?"

"We'll have you get out when we're changing to use it downstairs."

"Why don't I just go to my room?" Jack asked, "And if I'm the master why aren't I coming up with the plan?"

"Haha. I was just quicker than you. And it seems like everything is normal if we're avoiding each other while awake."

Jack didn't question it further. Time was running out. He needed to make sure that no one knew he was sleeping with his sisters.
Jack leapt from the chair he was occupying to downstairs. As he descended the stair, he for some reason felt like he was coming down for the first time. But that couldn't be true. He had this place for years.

Jack turned on the jets and sat in the tub. It wasn't too bad really. The bubbly water was covering him completely. And it felt nice to rest in the afterglow of his escapades this morning. As he let a sigh of relief, he heard Jess cry out loudly as she saw her friend outside.

"Good t

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