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Kathy is introduced to the alien benefactors.

He wasn't done, though. He shot another thick stream on my lips, cheek and nose. I pulled him back in my mouth to catch the last of this shot and felt his cum dripping down my cheek. I couldn't do anything about that right away because I was still holding that fire hose and it was still filling my mouth.

When I was finally certain that he had finished, I pulled my lips back from his softening rod and used my finger to push the cum from my cheek and nose into my mouth. I heard Tim and Murphy comment on this. I didn't care what they thought. Neither did Tyrone, for that matter, he was deep in his post-orgasmic haze. I guess I was deep in my own post-orgasmic haze, too.

After I'd swallowed the cum I'd pushed into my mouth, I sucked some of my own cum off of my hand and then I sucked Tyrone's cock back into my mouth. I wasn't trying to get him hard again. I just needed to suck on his cock. He started to pull away from my mouth and I reached between his thighs and put my hand on his ass, pulling him back into my mouth. I guess his cock was sensitive and he wanted to give it a break. He started to pull back again. As he did, my hand slipped between his ass cheeks and my fingers lit on the bud of his ass. This stopped his retreat. I was thankful for that because for the moment when his cock had been out of my mouth, I had felt empty. I needed to suck on his cock.

I pressed a little harder on his rosebud and felt just the tip of my finger penetrate the ring of muscle there. It was smooth and hot and I could feel it grip my fingertip tightly. And, remarkably, I felt his cock stiffen slightly. Wow! That was so exciting. He had shot an enormous load in my mouth just seconds ago and here I was resurrecting his rod. When I first sucked him back into my mouth after he came, I had no intention of getting him hard again, much less of get him off again. But now I sure did.

So I changed from just gently nursing on his cock to sucking it hard and sliding my tightly-clenched lips up and down his shaft. And I began gently thrusting my fingertip in his asshole.

He quickly lost all interest in removing his cock from my mouth. His hands went to the back of my head and guided me, gently but forcefully, along the length--or, rather, part of the length--of his shaft.

I had a mission now. I was going to get him completely hard again and I was going to make him shoot another load in my mouth. There was no turning back.

Surprisingly, it wasn't taking much effort to get him on track for a second shot in my mouth. He hardened pretty quickly and I could tell that the tension was building in his loins. I couldn't control my movements on his cock any more. He was holding my head tightly and using my mouth to satisfy his growing lust. I didn't control that at all. But I could control what happened backside. I focused on penetrating his anal ring. Little by little I worked my finger deeper into his ass. I'd heard that you could milk a guy's prostate by pressing in just the right way in his ass. That's precisely what I intended to do, or at least try to do. I was going to get every drop of cum out of this guy.

When I was two joints in, I could press forward with my finger and feel something that I thought might have been his prostate. Whatever it was, he liked it when I touched it. I heard him moan and felt him push back on my finger to intensify the pressure.

I had enough experience as a cock-sucker to know when I guy is getting ready to unload in my mouth. But I was still a little stunned that Tyrone was hard and ready so soon. So I was surprised when he roared again and I felt that familiar, salty, tangy taste flood my mouth. I pressed hard on his prostate and I think I could feel the effect as he shot several more jets of hot cum in my mouth.

I sucked gently but insistently on his cock to get out all of the cum that I could. But when he finally pulled back from me, I didn't resist again. I'd had all that I could take. I let my finger slip from his ass and his cock slip from my lips. I was done. Filled. Satiated.

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