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Mark laughed "I'm not surprised really. The coastguard would be all over him, thinking he was a beached whale"

"How long before we get there do you think?"

"No idea, depends on the tide really. We might have to find a safe place to come ashore too. There could be rocks, cliffs or anything."

Luck was with us. The tide brought us onto a deserted beach well after night had fallen. We staggered ashore and collapsed onto the golden sand. If there had been any lights we would have investigated further. We just assumed this part of the island was uninhabited. We fell asleep after removing our life jackets.

I awoke first. I was thirsty and quite hungry. Yet I soon found something else to divert my craving. My son and I were clinging to each other in a parody of a lovers embrace in the damp sand. My bare breasts were pressed firmly into his back whilst my ruined bra had slipped to my midriff. My arm lay across his shirt covered chest as my hand rested on his flat abdomen. I let out a gasp as I saw his erect penis poking through the fly hole of his boxers. It was a perfect example of masculinity. Mark had a good sized shaft topped by a delicious uncircumcised head. This was only the second erect penis I had ever seen in my life. My husband was the only man I had ever been with. Seeing my son's hard flesh brought me alive in ways I haven't felt for years. I wanted to touch it. Taste it. I wanted it deep inside me more than anything. I reached out to touch it but Mark stirred. I lost my nerve and sat up in the sand.

As my sexual lust calmed down, I surveyed my surroundings. There were cliffs on either side of the beach. I realised how lucky we were to come ashore here. We could have been smashed into the cliffs. I tried pulling my bra up but to no avail. I threw it down into the sand in anger. I was marooned here in only a thong. I gently nudged my son awake. He sat up and looked at me.


"Yes Mark"

"I can see your boobs." he said sheepishly

"Firstly it was your idea for me to use my dress as a sun block. It's not my fault it got lost at sea. Secondly, I have learned that strapless bras are totally unsuitable for prolonged use in salt water. And the third point is my son is not the gentleman I brought him up to be!"

I made no effort whatsoever to cover myself as I began my rant. I could feel him trying not to look at my exposed chest.


"Look at me, Mark! I'm standing here naked except for my panties and you don't offer me your shirt!"

Mark's face went bright red as he jumped up. He realised his penis was exposed before me. My son quickly turned his back and began unbuttoning the shirt.

"Hey, are you hiding something from me?" I said

"Erm no. No. I was just looking for somewhere to get some water."

He handed the shirt over his left shoulder. I took it off him and put it on. The garment was a tight fit, barely containing my heaving chest. I thought for a few seconds and decided only to close the one button. The white cotton shirt came down to the middle of my ass cheeks. This left most of my panty clad lower half on view. If I didn't look so bedraggled I guess I would look as horny as I felt.

We had been shipwrecked for less than two days and my mind set had already begun to change. My feelings had become more primal, more urgent. I was looking at my son's lithe, muscular back and I wanted him. He was my rescuer, my protector. I could only reward him with my devotion.

"Come with me. We need to find some food and water. I don't want us getting separated".

"OK, Mark." I replied

We scouted further away from the beach. After a while we found a pool being fed by a waterfall. The surroundings were beautiful but we were becoming more concerned with sustenance.

"I don't think we'll be able to climb out of this beach easily. The cliffs are too steep and they would probably cut our bare feet to shreds. Luckily for us this water should be fresh."

I ran to the pool edge and was about to drink when Mark warned me not.

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