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The next day, Tonya needs her cousin.

I asked Faye to make dinner for the three of us for a night during Hank's visit. I sent Hank some erotic private shots of Faye and explained the plan. He agreed to follow my lead and follow wherever events led.

I asked Faye to at least dress up a bit for my benefit. I told her that Hank and I had often competed for the same girls and I wanted him to see that I had married well. Faye is cute and very shapely. While her medium/large tits with brown silver dollar areolas and fat nipples are her best feature, her slim waist and long, shapely legs add to her sex appeal.

Faye knows that I'm a leg man, so getting her to wear hose with a garter was not a big challenge. She fought me on the length of her skirt, so I compromised and encourage her to wear a more modest but thin dress. My ace in the hole was that the dress buttons up the front, so I figured the effect could be the same. It took some effort to get her into a quarter-cup bra, but again, my sorrowful story of Hank beating me out of hot girls convinced her to go for it and she chose a pink and black number that exposed her nipples. The dress was thin enough that there was clear evidence of her best "points".

Hank showed up and though he was quite a bit grayer than 20 years before, he was still lean, tall, and good looking. Plus, he is a charmer, always with a kind word and a gentle manner. Faye was definitely put at ease and ready to have an enjoyable evening.

We went out to a sophisticated and young local restaurant with a happening bar. In the bar, we each had a couple of cocktails while waiting for a table. I had tipped the hostess, requesting a booth. The booths have curtains that make for extra privacy.

Well, Faye was feeling no pain, she has a low limit, and we ordered her favorite wine, which proved irresistible to her. Two glasses and she was a fun girl. Needless to say, Hank and I had sandwiched her. I was sitting on her left and started feeling up her leg, gently stroking in a non-aggressive way. Hank and I went to the men's at the same time and I suggested that he try feeling her leg, kind of accidentally at first and then gently if she didn't react.

We returned to the table and had a lot of laughs, mostly on may failed episodes decades before. I was gently rubbing her right leg and then with a wink to Hank, withdrew and he started rubbing her right leg. If she noticed, she didn't show it.

In my gestures while talking about the good old days, I let my hand start to brush across Faye's tits. Her nipples were definitely reacting but we were talking and laughing and she hardly noticed when I managed to unbutton two from the top. Now when Hank looked over, he could clearly see her nipples. I was hard as a rock and took Faye's left hand and brought it to my bulge. She gave me a good squeeze and started to recline a little lower on the bench seat. I could see that she was fading and decided that we better move the party back home.

The valet guy got a great look and Hank enjoyed the ride back with Faye's dress parted and showing her stocking tops and her tits bobbing in and out of view.

We got back to our house and I suggested that she go to bed. Faye's kind of contrary and insisted that she could stay up with us. As expected, be passed out on the couch. I unbuttoned her dress all the way and gently pulled her panties down to give Hank a full view of Faye's sexy body. I wasn't surprised to see wetness on her thighs. I told Hank to step out of the room, just down the hall while I tried an experiment.

After he was out of sight, I pulled my dick out and put it in Faye's hand. Her eyes fluttered open long enough to ask what was going on. I told her that Hank was sound asleep in the other room but that I was horny as hell. I asked her for a blowjob and she resisted. So I stuck too fingers into her pussy until she started to moan. Her eyes were closed but she opened her mouth when I stuck my hard on onto her cheek.

She sucked me while I continued to pump two and then three fingers into her pussy.

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