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Faithful wife discovers her husband's infidelity.

"Wh...what would you. I mean, what would I have to do." I asked quietly.

He looked at me for a moment before answering, "Go down on me, suck my cock."

"Is that all?" I asked slowly. I was so nervous that I was trembling.

"That depends on how well you do it." he answered. "If you do a real good job I'll let you off at that, if you fuck it up... Well, lets say your sentence might be extended." He waited for my reaction, "Well?"

Closing my eyes I nodded, "I'll do it."

The trooper set the ticket pad on the dash and picked up the mike and called base, telling them he'd be "busy" for the next half hour. Turning to me as he reached around to the back of his Sam Brown, "One thing more, I'll have to cuff you."

"Cuff me? Why?" I asked

"So you don't try and grab my weapon." he said as he pulled out a set of gleaming handcuffs.

I tried to talk him out of using the cuffs, promising to cooperate and not try anything, but he was adamant in his determination to use them, and when he indicated that he was going to recommence writing I gave in.

He put them on snugly, tighter than I thought was necessary, and I told him so as he unzipped his trousers, and pushed them and his undershorts down to his knees.

He told me to shut up and get busy. Struggling to adjust to the cuffs, I hadn't really been watching him, but now my attention was drawn to his cock.

It was huge! I would guess at least eight inches long, far bigger than my own. Fear went through me, as well as revulsion. He reached out and grabbed the back of my collar and said, "Are you sure you ain't a homo?"

I found my voice, "No, I'm sure."

"Good, I wouldn't want you to like this, it wouldn't be a punishment if you were into it." Pulling my face down to his cock he continued, "Get to work. Start kissing, and licking and sucking on it. DON'T BITE IT! Or you'll be real sorry, and when I come, you swallow it, you understand?"

"Yes, S...Sir" I stammered.

Slowly I stretched out my tongue and licked the tip, it was soft and warm to the touch. Moving closer I worked my way down the shaft, licking, and kissing it. Trying to remember all the things my girlfriend does to me. Reaching the base of the shaft, I ran my tongue back up its length, along the underside. I did this half a dozen times, until the cop roughly ordered me to suck on it. Opening my mouth as wide as I could, I engulfed his cock. Moving my head in a rhythmic bobbing motion I worked on him for several minutes like this. Twice he hissed under his breath for me to "watch the damned teeth." Each time I adjusted as best I could. Finally, with an irritated snarl, he grabbed my head with both hands and pushed me down on him, forcing his cock in deeper than I had been taking it. Gagging as it pushed its way down my throat, I found it difficult to breath, both from the obstruction and because my nose was buried in his pubic hair. After a moment or to like this, he pulled me up slightly, and allowed me to catch a quick breath, before shoving me back down. This went on and on, with my hands cuffed behind my back, I had no way of bracing myself, and had to go where pushed.

The rhythm and tempo increased, I found it increasingly difficult to breath; but I noticed that his breath was also getting shorter. Not having any experience at this, I failed to recognize his orgasm until it was too late. Choking on the sudden flood of scalding hot, salty semen, I did swallow some, but the vast majority of it dribbled down his shaft, and formed clumps in his pubic curls.

When he had finished pumping his load into my mouth, he pulled my head back. Seeing the clots of cum he cursed. "You fucking little twat, I told you to swallow it!"

"I tried..." I began.

"Shut up, and get down there and lick it up." He barked angrily. I bent my head and lapped feverishly, if futilely, at the curly nest of hair. I could feel hairs sticking to my tongue, even getting caught in my teeth. He continued speaking, "Your sentence continues, your not getting off with that sorry excuse for a blow job."

After several minutes of my licki

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