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Two contestants on a quiz show rape the "expert..."


"It isn't great sex until we get messy and sweaty," Lauri giggled.

"And I sure as hell don't need a pill like some of your other guys did, then again, you're so hot in bed, you probably wear those geezers out."

"But not you," she giggled again. "You're always up and ready to go."

Mike nuzzled her neck. "Oh, I'm 'up' all right, baby."

"Mmmmm, I bet you are," she said, climbing between his thighs and taking his cock into her mouth, the slurping noises she made as she took in his willing tool inch by inch while Mike groaned in delight.

His cock popped out of her mouth; Lauri then licked the shaft and sucked gently on his dick head, then dipped down to nibble and lick his balls, licking her way back up his shaft.

Lauri then downed every inch of his meat until he was in her throat, her not taking her eyes off of him as she performed deep throat on his cock.

Mike's groans grew louder and his hips bucked with every stroke Lauri made with her hot mouth.

"Fuck, baby, you can suck some cock that would put young chicks to shame!" he called out.

His encouragement made her suck him even harder, his groans almost at the point of yelling.

"Shit, baby, don't stop. Suck it!"

Lauri blew him deeply for a few more minutes before pulling her mouth off his throbbing member.

"I think someone is ready to fuck," she purred at him, climbing onto his cock and guiding it in her.

She then began bucking wildly up and down on Mike's hard on, her thighs clutching his hips as she fucked him, each of their moans almost drowning out the other's.

"Is this what you wanted, baby?" she panted as she rode his cock harder. "You're a horny young stud, aren't you? Does banging an older woman turn you on? Is that why you enjoy fucking me so much? Oh, God, Mike, your cock is just perfect in my pussy!"

Mike grabbed her hips in an attempt to push her further down on his member.

"Come on, baby, fuck me harder," he grunted. "Give that dick a good ride!"

"God yes!" she panted when he bucked his hips up to meet her thrusts. "I love this so much. Fuck me good!"

"Ride me, baby, you're so fucking hot," he panted back.

"Oh God...Mike, I'm going to cum!" Lauri called out, not letting up the bouncing on him.

Mike's hips thrust up to match her own before she came hard for him. When she finished, Lauri climbed off, got on all fours with her full bottom in the air.

"Fuck my cunt," she told him. "But I want you to cum in my ass!"

"You are my dream woman," he groaned in delight. "Baby, I would love to fuck that ass!"

"You can when you are ready to cum," she said. "But I want you back in my pussy now."

Mike didn't have to be asked again before he slammed his entire cock into her and pounded her pussy, both of them soon in a fucking frenzy.

"Oh fuck!" Lauri yelled. "Fuck!"

"Mmmm, here it is, baby. You're a horny little slut for a woman your age, aren't you?" he grunted.

"Harder, baby," she panted. "Fuck me harder."

"You want it harder? How about I put my whole cock deep in you and go even harder? You like that, my fuck slut?"

"God, yes!" she screeched.

With that, Mike buried his tool all the way to his balls deep into his older lover, fucking her so hard that his balls were slapping against her ass as the bed shook.

His teeth gritted and he tensed up in a way that Lauri knew very well; Mike was going to explode at any moment.

Mike popped out of her in one pull, grabbing the KY on his nightstand to lube her asshole and his own dick.

He then gradually and slowly buried his pole inside Lauri's willing ass, screwing her slowly at first, then speeding up little by little.

"Yes!" she cried in pure lust. "Take my ass, Mike! Fuck it!"

" love it in the back, your ass is so fucking tight and hot!" Mike called, pushing more of his prick into her pink asshole.

"That's it, baby," she panted, looking back at him. "Put some more of it in my ass. I want to feel you cum in me."

Once Mike had buried his entire member in her butt, his pumping increased to the pace he had when he had fucked her pussy, g

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