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Two airmen have fun with Alex in a weapons magazine.

Then this evening, we will find some way to celebrate," Mel said as they were out in the open air.

"Will it be something similar to what we did last night?" Lisa asked still feeling in a naughty mood.

"Most likely," Eva said.

"If it would not be out of place, I would like to join in your celebrations," the leader of the Elders said as the other two Elders had left. They all looked at Lisa waiting for an answer. She did not need much time to think about it.

"I would like that very much... Elder ma'am," Lisa said, unsure how she should address the woman.

"It is settled then," Mel added.

"You can call me Elder Amelandiel, or Ame for short. After our celebration this evening, it will probably be weird to not use the short name."

The Elder went inside and Lisa walked with Eva and Mel back to their home. Mel said Lisa should walk naked so that everyone could see she had gotten the blessing of the tree and also let everyone get to see her great body. Mel was certain that would make a lot of big cocks hard under the dresses of the elves moving around on the tree.

The day passed with Mel and Eva showing Lisa around the tree: the big markets, the shops, the farms high up in the trees, the animal holdings and many different houses. It was as big as a city and it held everything Lisa imagined a city like this would need to hold. She hoped she would be able to have a closer look at things soon again but today was more for helping her get acquainted with the tree and she had the whole summer to learn all the specifics.

Finally back at the house, Mel and Eva asked Lisa what she wanted to eat and she eagerly said: "Cum-stew." She could not imagine anyone wanting to eat anything else, but Mel quickly got her to change her mind.

"Would you not rather have it directly from the source?"

It was a very good point. She would much rather taste it from the source. The warm, creamy, filling flavor was at its best fresh from Mel's hard cock.

"I would," Lisa answered.

Mel quickly moved over to the bed and pulled her long dress off, unclasping her cock from the leg strap before sitting down, holding her legs apart so that her cock was at full display - majestic even hanging limp. "Be a good girl and come and get it," she said and Lisa was quick to obey, removing her dress - knowing it is best to be naked when dealing with an elf girl's cock - and kneeling on the floor in front of Mel.

Lisa took a hold of the cock, noticing that it had already started to get some life into it. Lisa liked that. She thought it must mean that Mel must look forward to feeding her as much as Lisa was looking forward to getting fed. First, a big serving of meat, and something warm to drink afterwards. From what she had seen and her aunt had told her the night before, she could even have second and thirds - the perfect meal.

She started by pulling the foreskin back and admiring the bulbous head. She wanted nothing more than to suck on it but she knew that she also needed to show control. Instead, she started to lick the sides of the head as if she was cleaning it. It was working, as she could feel the cock grow in spurts of both size and hardness. She decided that Mel's cock did such a good job growing that she wanted to give it a treat, so she give the slit at the top a lick and it rewarded Lisa with another growth spurt and a big click of yummy pre-cum - a sweet little appetizer before the main course.

She felt that the cock was almost fully hard, and she decided to take a play from her aunt's book last night and she started to blow lightly on the head. It had the desired effect, and she felt the strong tool twitch in her hand. She blew at different spots, trying to find the most sensitive parts, and soon enough she felt the cock throb at maximum hardness.

"Just suck it, please; I can't take anymore," Mel begged and Lisa wanted to follow suit opening her mouth.

"Wait," it was Eva, who had also undressed and had moved up behind Lisa.

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