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Imagination can help the lonely of heart... sometimes.

Even then, I couldn't tell what she was thinking, only that she was looking into my eyes. She took another step closer and began to reach across me into the shower.

"Oh, careful," I smiled in my cheekiest tone. "I'd hate for you to get your shirt wet."

She gave me a bemused smirk, her lips pressed together and her eyebrows arched. Then slowly, her smile began to spread across her face. "That would be a shame, wouldn't it?"

With my best Cheshire grin, I watched Anna take a step back and remove her fuchsia scarf. Immediately, my heart tried to thump its way out of my chest. My cock, too, stirred, beginning to lift away from my thighs.

Anna's teeth disappeared behind her red lips as her expression became more sultry. Still holding onto her scarf, she undid the buttons of her white, slim-line shirt. Then turning around, Anna peeled it off her shoulders and laid both carefully on the vanity. The delicate contours of her back tapered perfectly into her navy pencil skirt, and her pale skin contrasted beautifully with the black straps of her bra.

She turned quickly and strutted over to me, the roll of her hips more pronounced than I had noticed before. Her bra was filled to capacity, with the soft light of the shower room casting heavy shadows in her cleavage. She tilted her head and smiled as she reached the shower. Then licking her lips, Anna reached back across me for the shampoo.

Anna smiled brightly up at me, her blue eyes ablaze with mischief. Her breasts pressed against my chest, the pliable flesh bulging out the top of her bra with the pressure of the contact. Droplets of water sparkled on her skin as they dripped onto her squashed mounds. And from the corner of my eye, I could see the spray of the shower coating her outstretched arm in a wet sheen.

"Here you go," she whispered, taking my hand and placing one of the tiny bottles in my palm. "Here's the shampoo."

"Thanks," I gasped, feeling the end of my growing cock brush against her skirt. Then, almost instantly, I let the shampoo drop, causing Anna to giggle at the sound of the plastic bottle bouncing on the tiled floor.

Fuck it!

I pounced, cupping the side of her face and drawing her up to me. With a fleeting glimpse of her eyes closing, together with her full, red lips gaping open, I mashed my mouth to hers. We kissed passionately, devouring each other in a frenzy. Our tongues danced, warm and wet. And the taste of her: so wonderfully fresh.

I lost myself in the kiss, every soft, wet caress a dream to my exhausted senses. Still holding her head, my left hand found the silken curve of her bare waist. Her hands slipped across my chest and stomach, one of them finding a hold around my cock. It was an agonising tingle that filled me with warmth, well above that of the hot water.

Pulling Anna's lithe body close to me, I squeezed her tightly, trying to wring out every last drop of pleasure from her. Her mewling whimpers startled into a squeal. I had accidentally dragged her too close to the spray.

She pushed against me and took a step back, still keeping her lips locked to mine and her hand around my shaft. I was all but dragged from the shower by my cock. Letting go of her for just an instant, I wrenched the taps off on my way out, only managing to reduce the flow to a fast, splattering trickle before they were out of reach.

Getting my hands back on her tiny waist, I drove her into the maroon vanity, with her heels scuffing backwards on the dark tile. Anna grunted into my mouth as her ass squashed against the counter. My arms encircled her, my hands roaming all over her naked back. Anna threw hers around my neck and ground her pelvis against my aching cock. I revelled in the smooth contours of her skin, and traced the delicate groove of her spine from her bra strap to the waistband of her skirt.

My lips were tingling, almost numb.

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