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He wins a fembot in a radio call-in contest.

Applying a generous amount to his cock he rubbed the tip of his dick on his mothers asshole.

"Mmmm yes Master, I want it!" She cooed.

Eric pushed into his mother's tight asshole and watched it stretch around him just like it did for the beads. Sara grabbed the rungs tighter and winced as nothing this large had ever entered her anally. He continued pushing more and more of his rock hard cock into his mother.

"You're so big Master." She said through clenched teeth.

"You like having a cock in your ass don't you!?

"I love having your cock in me Master."

The entire length of her sons dick was now resting in her virgin anus, well, no longer virgin. She could feel his heart beat through his dick. The intense vibrations from the Magic Wand causing her pussy to drool a constant stream of wetness. And the cool lube being poured on her stretched out asshole.

"Fuck me Master, fuck my asshole!"

Eric did just that, slowly at first, then picking up pace. Before long he was fucking his mother's ass like it was her cunt. She still winced each time, but it was out of pleasure and pain. She enjoyed the hurt of her asshole being stretched and violated. She could sense that Eric was no longer in control, that he was lost in ecstasy, and he was now fucking her to make himself cum.

"That's it Master, fuck mommy's ass!" She said trying to push back and match his thrusts.

"Fuck your whores asshole nice and hard!"

Eric could barely hear what she was saying, he was blinded by his impending orgasm, his stamina was no match for her tight asshole.

After a few strokes he was beyond the point of stopping. So with one last forceful push he buried his cock fully in Sara's rectum. She screamed, her ass burned from being filled and stretched by her son's dick. Not one part of him felt bad as he flooded her anal cavity with his jizz. Squirt after squirt he twitched each time.

Out of breath he pulled out of his mother's ass, gave it a good slap and returned to his seat behind the camera.

"Did you enjoy having your ass fucked?" He said while still panting.

"I LOVED it Master, because I love pleasing YOU!"

Eric turned off the laptop and released his mother. Helping her off the saw horse so she could stretch.

"Thank you Master." She said for his kindness in helping her.

He kissed her on the forehead and squeezed her butt.

"What time is it Master?"

"About 1:30am. You should get to bed, you've got another long day ahead of you." He said with a smirk as they both made their way to the bedroom.

While Eric got ready for bed Sara just stood still, awaiting orders.

"You can get cleaned up, but leave the stockings and collar on." He instructed while climbing under the covers.

"And the ring?" She nervously asked.

"That's yours" he was barely able to finish the sentence before he was snoring.

Delighted, Sara stripped, and went to the bathroom to clean up. She wasn't prepared for how undignified it was too get cum out of her ass. Never the less she did her best and left the bathroom. Upon walking into their bedroom she saw her son sleeping peacefully, she leaned over and whispered in his ear.

"i love you baby."

Sara fell asleep just as quickly as Eric did.


Sara woke to a lovely sight, the time, rarely was she able to sleep past 7:30 8:00 AM, even on the weekends. She wiped the sleep from her eyes again to make sure it wasn't blurring her vision. But the time was correct, it was 10:32 AM! Overjoyed by this news she gingerly got out of bed, as Eric was still fast asleep next to her. She made her way to the kitchen and put the coffee on, pulled the cast iron out and started on breakfast.

"Hmmm what would Master like?" She thought "Bacon and eggs of course."

Sara wasn't exactly dressed to make breakfast, she wasn't dressed to do anything really. Anything other than fuck. Never mind that, she would please her Master if it killed her.

Not long after she flipped the bacon she heard the shower running.

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