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I reached out and briefly intertwined my fingers in hers and she gripped my hand. Gently, I slid it down over her stomach until our fingers tangled in her public hair. She nibbled on her bottom lip, her eyes still clenched shut. In the half light of the bedside lamps she looked more beautiful than ever and in time it was the image I would find the simplest to recall.

I lightly touched the folds of skin beneath her pubic hair and felt her melt. Still holding her hand in mine, I slowly rubbed her and whimpering, she yielded and moved her legs apart.

I slipped my hands between her legs and touched her warmth, my fingers gently sliding over her moistness and fidgeting between her folds of flesh. She slid down the bed until she lay flat on her back, her head just below the pillow, and gently, I dipped my index finger inside her. Releasing her hand from mine, I turned hers over, so the palm was flat against her pubic bone, with my hand on top of hers and pushed my index finger, and hers underneath, inside her. She groaned and as she pulled her finger back out, she ran it slowly up the folds of her labia and found her clitoris with owner's precision, causing her to twitch as her excitement flourished. I withdrew my hand from hers, pleased that she didn't stop when I did.

As she played with herself in a totally relaxed slow-motion, I kissed her lips, licking them as I tasted her. She was lost in herself and did not respond, so instead, I worked my way down her neck to her breasts, taking each nipple in turn into my mouth and nibbling on it until it stood stiff and swollen.

I continued my journey south and kissed her stomach and was pleased to be closer to her hand as it still worked with a gentle intensity around her sensitive button, her finger exploring the folds of skin and occasionally dipping into her pussy.

As I kissed past her navel, I could smell her scent and see her honey coating her finger. Above me, she groaned between snatched, short breaths.

I kissed down her right thigh to her knee, my tongue always on the prowl as I moved south, my eyes never once leaving her fingers.

I slipped off the bed and watched her masturbate. As her arousal intensified, the motions of her hand increased and she pushed her middle finger inside herself, using her index finger and thumb to massage her button. Her groans became moans and in between each, I could hear the soft squelch of her finger as her tight pussy began to flood and sucked on her finger with each penetration.

Her hips began to thrust upwards to meet her hand and her middle finger was joined by her ring finger as she slipped a second inside.

Her fingers shone with her juice and my gaze switched constantly between her hand, as she brought herself towards orgasm, and her gorgeous face, her teeth still biting her lip and her forehead creased as she controlled her own lust.

"Fuck." She giggled, embarrassed at her own voice. "Ummm." It was a long, drawn out moan and she began to rub her clitoris more forcefully with her thumb. "Yes. Oh yes." She muttered and then suddenly, her eyes snapped open and she focussed on me at the end of the bed. She pushed her fingers into herself with urgency and bucked her hips to meet her thrusting hand.

"Oh. God. Oh. Yes." Then she paused and was silent. She sucked a huge breath into her lungs and let out the longest sigh that for a moment seemed would never end, then her body went limp and she was silent again.

I watched her for what seemed like an age until she opened her eyes again.

"Like that?" She asked.

"Exactly like that."

"Well it seemed to work." She said, her smiling face flushed and contented.

"It certainly did." I said referring to her orgasm, not realising that was not what she meant.

"Not just for me." She said and sat up against the headboard and pointed down the bed at me. I looked down to see the batteries had been recharged.

"Like I said.

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