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But that was it, because her body was just too wound up and The Black Canary clearly was not prepared to be denied. Yes, Laurel suddenly became incredibly confident with her actions, making it that much more intoxicating, and pushing Nyssa over the edge of one of the strongest orgasms of her life. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another until she could no longer think coherently and she became nothing but a screaming, writhing mess.

Laurel was very familiar with this state, as she had been constantly been put in this state of euphoria countless times now by this beautiful woman, and it was so intoxicating to finally be able to return the favour like this. After all, Nyssa was very fixated on being a top, and therefore always in control. Always being the one to fuck her bottom into an orgasming mess.

But not now. No, for this brief shining moment the mighty Nyssa al Ghul was completely out of control and helpless beneath her, and it was beautiful. And so, so freaking hot. God, Laurel wished she could savour this wonderful moment, and truly appreciate the sight before her. But she couldn't. No, she was too busy making sure Nyssa continued feeling this way, and swallowing cum.

She'd swallowed plenty of cum over the years, and most recently Laurel had practically been on a diet of almost nothing but Nyssa al Ghul cum, as her dominant top was constantly sitting on her face and riding her until Laurel was practically drowning in girl cum. But this was special.

This was the opportunity to swallow Nyssa cum straight from the source, when it was Laurel who was actually in control, and Laurel just couldn't pass that up, even if it meant briefly sacrificing the pleasure that Nyssa was receiving. So she quickly pulled her tongue out of her, wrapped her mouth tightly around that entrance and at least tried swallowing everything Nyssa had to give her.

That first time she actually succeeded, which was a rarity, but the same couldn't be said for the following climaxes. Partly because Nyssa was once again grinding against her face, either because she wanted to reclaim control and her dominance, or she was just completely out of her mind.

But mostly because it took a surprisingly long time to make Nyssa cum again, at least compared to when the roles were reversed, and Laurel had to remind herself that it was Nyssa's pleasure which truly mattered and this moment. And always, as far as she was concerned.

So for the next few minutes she more or less kept her tongue inside Nyssa, no matter what the circumstances were. Although in the process a lot of cum just automatically shot down Laurel's throat and into her belly were it belonged. Just not as much as she would have liked.

Eventually she began rubbing her face directly into Nyssa's pussy, making sure she was thoroughly marked as the personal pussy licker of Nyssa al Ghul. Oh yes, Laurel loved being marked as Nyssa's, and it was a mark she would wear proudly as Nyssa inevitably returned the favour by fucking her, probably with her strap-on, and probably up the ass. Or at least, Laurel certainly hope so.

Although maybe she could earn herself a spanking first if she did something she knew she was forbidden from. Namely slipping a couple of fingers inside Nyssa's cunt. Although when she wasn't immediately stopped Laurel wrapped her mouth around Nyssa's clit and pumped those fingers in and out of her as fast as she could, getting an extra hard orgasm out of her woman in the process. Sadly though, that was when it ended.

Nyssa's eyes went wide when she felt Laurel's fingers inside of her.

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