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Their gazing eyes followed the arching trajectories of the successive streamers that my exploding shaft was delivering. Kate pushed her crotch back onto my pubic bone, squashing the pool of semen that had been dripping from her open cunt. I tugged at my rigid shaft, feeling my warm cum flow between my tightened fingers, and unloaded my final cumspray over Suzie's drenched bosom.
My empty balls retracted into my scrotum, but already, I could feel a fresh load of sperm building up in my overactive gonads. As always, my turgid cock remained rock-hard despite the unprecedented scale of my cum outpouring. The fact that I was surrounded by five horny teenage beauties certainly helped me in maintaining a rigid erection !

__ Phheeww ! You fucking hosed me down with your stuff ! __, exclaimed Suzie, her eyes remaining closed because a thick strand of my goo had filled her sockets. She collected the sperm with her fingers and slowly licked it off. Finally, she was able to open her eyes and looked down at her drenched melons. __ Sshhiit Timmy ! Look at all that gunk ! __.

__ I'm completely drenched too ! __, puffed Danielle. Her firm bosom was literally covered in thick ribbons of my spunk. Globs of sperm kept falling off the sides of her heaving tits to join a large pool of semen on the floor.

__ Now, it's my turn to ride that monster ! __, said Lisa. She asked me to fuck her standing up, which is one of my favourite positions. Kate winked at me. I think she wanted me to show her friends my cock-lifting trick. When I'm hard enough, which I definitely was at the time, I can lift a person clear off the ground while supporting their weight solely on my huge shaft. I approached Lisa, her massive rack pushing against my upper abs, and slowly bent my knees, enough to nudge my fifteen-plus incher between the folds of her legs. She was surprised at first, but when I raised my knees up again and her feet left the ground, she cooed with delight.

__ Oh, Timmy ! Shhit ! I'm sitting on your huge cock ! I can't believe it ! __. With that, she stuck her tongue inside my mouth and we kissed lustfully. The ther girls gathered round to admire the lewd spectacle on display. My surging shaft was at a right angle with my body, and Lisa's bubble butt was resting on it at mid-point. The giant mushroom head was extending way past her buttcheeks and it was leaking pre-cum at a steady state. I malaxed her fleshy hooters while she ran her sharp nails around my broad shoulder, clawing at the slabs of hard muscle. I raised her body further with my arms to dismount her from my entrapped monster cock. When her pink gash was level with my one-eye snake, I bucked my hips furiously, impaling the first few inches into her slippery cunt.

__ Uunnnngh, owwww ! You're sssoo big Timmy ! Uuuuggghhh, fuck me you stud ! __, she panted as I plowed her innards with my massive dong. Karlee watched my hulking frame pound the shit out of her helpless friend while she frigged her virgin cunt. I could hardly wait to take her cherry with my immense prick. However, I was right now concentrating on the exquisite sensation of Lisa's spongy canal squeezing the corded veins of my gnawly shaft.

__ Take my big cock, Lisa ! I love your cunt ! __, I said. I flexed my huge muscle-stalk after having pushed about eight or nine inches to encourage her impending climax. After a couple of minutes, she had already reached the first of many mind-blowing orgasms.


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