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Undeniable attraction amidst secrets and suspicions.


This sounded hopeful, and I was having to exercise great control not to gaze at her pussy - or, rather, where there might have been a pussy, if we take that to mean pubic hair. Because her mons was hairless, and it was split by the vulval crevice extending up the pudenda. Her minge was like a little girl's, though larger. Such a quim on a mature woman, bare and even virginal looking, was exciting, and touching. We dried ourselves and dressed.

Her attic suite was a series of inter-connecting rooms. Large, airy studio, packed with tables, easels, chests of materials and pictures on the walls, all by the boys. Little utility room. Storeroom, with racks of canvases. Bedroom with bed, chair cupboard and chest of drawers.

Over a frugal lunch she sketched her autobiography, which included a vast deal of travel and participation in numerous art movements between the Wars. But she showed no signs of nostalgia, and was more interested in her present projects, which included a Theseus and Ariadne sequence, in which the couple was to be largely nude, and for which I was to model Theseus. She showed me the already sketched Ariadne, a busty young woman, in a loose tunic, showing one generous buttock. The face was not yet drawn.

Then she said, 'Get your clothes off, then.'

It seemed now quite natural to undress while she fetched a large pad and pencil, though it was strange when she touched me for the first time, pushing and prodding until the pose was right. The sketch didn't take long and she told me to relax.

Then she said, 'Now you're naked there's a question to ask you. Would you like me naked, too? You liked what you saw in the boat-house.'

'I certainly would,' I told her.

'Right,' she said, 'But I must warn you I need a lot of attention, and I don't want to start unless we can go all the way. Mine's a chain reaction, building up till I reach the peak. So you'll need to keep going and not let go.'

'That sounds marvellous,' I said.

She nodded and stripped. 'I don't wear underwear any more,' she said. 'My titties are pretty firm and I don't leak any more. In fact, I'll probably be rather dry. But we can take care of that.'

She led off to her bedroom and the sight of her bottom ensured that I was erect by the time she stopped me by the bed. She moved the pillow, so that she could lie down with her bottom on it. Then she opened her legs and motioned for me to get between them.

I bent forward to kiss her or her breasts, but she said, 'I only do kissing with women. Men are for inside.'

So I focused on her vulva. The major lips had parted but the inner ones were tight shut, as if glued together. They were so neat, as if zipped up, as if there were no opening hidden within, and the clitoris was not visible.

'Open it,' she commanded, and gently I parted those delicate petals by placing my hands either side and drawing them like curtains.

There was a little sucking sound as they separated, as the seal was broken, which was so moving. The vulva was pale pink and though the entry was visible it looked almost closed, and so vulnerable I hesitated to go further.

But she bade me, 'Try and go in,' and I applied my cock-tip and pushed a little. 'Hmm,' she said, 'Harder,' and I forced in an inch.

'Try this.' She reached a bottle of oil from the bedside table, and I poured a little into my palm, withdrew my penis and coated it. 'Into me, too,' she instructed and I poured some oil into the upper end of her groove, whence it tricked down to the opening.

'Now!' she said, and I slid in a little way, more readily. She pushed towards me and little by little my cock sank home.

'It'll loosen up in a minute,' she said, 'Keep moving.' And as I slowly eased in and out her lubricant slowly increased.

'Now look at me,' she said quietly, and I found myself gazing into those pale blue eyes, which were wide open. The only signs of age were round those eyes, crow's feet and a hooding of the lids, but the eyes themselves were bright.

'Keep looking.

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