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Aftermath: what happens after Tara & Seth escape their captors.

She sat on the toilet and touched herself for a minute or so, enjoying the sensation of her fingers on her clit and her labia, then inserting two fingers deep inside her pussy and feeling her juices starting to flow. She returned to the bedroom where Alex was still sleeping, lying on his back and snuffling, rather than snoring, gently. She pulled the sheet off him carefully and smiled when she saw that his cock was slightly erect. "I hope he's dreaming about me, the horny bastard!" Kelly thought to herself as she began to stroke his cock gently so as not to wake him.

Kelly had left her panties on the bathroom floor, and now she took off her nightdress too, sitting naked on the soft bed next to her still sleeping husband, her hand running up and down his now lengthening shaft. She looked down in the half light of the bedroom and saw her tits, the largest they had ever been, round brown nipples straining upwards with desire, and then her huge tummy, hiding her pubic hair and pussy beneath it. Her body looked really sexy, even in this advanced stage of her pregnancy, and she touched herself between her legs and on her breasts with her other hand as she continued to wank Alex gently. His cock was fully erect now; it was not especially long at around six inches but rock hard in the way that she loved and hot from the blood rushing to fill its girth, its circumcised head twitching as she stroked the glans and ran her fingers up and down its length.

She knew now that she had to come, and come soon, and that this was the way in which she might finally sleep. She adjusted her position, supporting her weight on her right hand and leaning over Alex so she could lick the side of his cock and balls, then she took the head of his straining member in her mouth and sucked it. This was finally enough to wake him fully but he quickly realised what was happening and did not break the spell, instead stroking Kelly's thick blonde hair to encourage her, at the same time twisting her nipples gently between the fingers and thumb of his other hand.

Kelly sucked and licked Alex's cock until she knew he was as hard as he could be and was probably getting close to coming. Not wanting to let that happen, she ceased the blowjob and instead straddled him, taking his cock in her hand and rubbing the head of it on to her large and throbbing clit. She was by now incredibly turned on from what she had been doing and the response she had had from Alex, and the pressure of his cock drove her nearer the edge.

Kelly eased her large body over her husband and then thrust down on to his cock, feeling it push up into her soaking wet pussy and fill her. Her body took over now, putting her needs for a massive orgasm ahead of everything else, and without thought to what her extra weight might be doing to Alex, she moved up and down on him vigorously, feeling his cock thrusting in and out of her as she did so. Her tits bounced almost painfully as she moved, and she slowed a little, shifting her weight so that she could put release her left hand, which she placed under her bulging belly in order to finger her clit.

She was gasping and moaning now as her orgasm approached, and she exhorted her husband to fuck her harder, whilst she rubbed her clit faster and faster. "Make me come, Alex, make me come, I need it so badly baby, fuck me faster, that's it, that's it, push your cock into me, God, yes, yes, yes, ohhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Kelly came hard, wave upon wave of orgasm pulsing through her sopping wet pussy for what seemed an age. When the wonderful sensations had subsided she eased carefully off Alex's cock, aware that she could easily squash him with her increased weight. For his part the whole episode had caught him unawares, and he had still not come, distracted near the point of his own orgasm by his wife's climax, and concentrating then on ensuring that she had gone over the edge as fast and as hard as she had so clearly desired.

Kelly was tired now, but she was not so crue

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