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Man misses his lady, & takes matters in hand.

Needless to say, I packed my bags and moved into one of the spare bedrooms. Sandra was a lot of fun to be around, she was intelligent and hard working. She took great pride in her home and kept it beautifully.

I had noticed Sandra spent most of the time in her bedroom and when I went in to speak to her, I saw that she watched porno movies most of the time. She and our mutual friend, Bob, would sit and discuss the action on the television screen like critics. Somehow I ended up in there with them, laughing and talking about the sex on screen. At first I felt strange watching porn with another woman, I'd never done that before. But Sandra was so funny and easy going about it, it wasn't long before I relaxed and joined the conversations.

One night the three of us were in there watching a video and drinking margarittas. I'm not much of a drinker and it wasn't too long before I was slightly drunk. Sam had been sitting in a chair next to the side of the bed where I was sprawling. He started to rub my leg and slowly moved his hand up and under my dress. I lay frozen, not sure what to think of this, but it was getting me a little excited. He moved closer and started kissing me and cupping my breasts in his hand. I forgot all about Sandra being in the room. Sam knew what excited me and was busy doing exactly that when I realized my pussy was being licked deliciously and that he wasn't the one licking it!

I tried to sit up but he held me back and continued with what he was doing, which I did like very much. But my thoughts were spinning! I knew Sandra was doing a fine job with my pussy, and getting it very wet by using her tongue. I mentally shrugged, thinking "A tongue's a tongue, regardless of whose mouth it's in! And it sure feels good.." I let myself relax and go with whatever was happening. I felt her spread my pussy lips with her fingers, which were so much softer then a man's were. She started sucking on my clit and playing with it, using her tongue and fingers. My hips lifted as she slid a hand under my ass and pulled me closer to her mouth. Sam's hands were everywhere it seemed. Stroking my breasts, rubbing my shoulders and back, he pulled me into a sitting position for a moment, smiled at me and flipped me over on my knees.

Sandra ended up under me, still licking and sucking my sopping wet cunt. Bob was behind me now and inserting his hard cock doggystyle. The feeling was unbelievable! Getting fucked and sucked at the same time made me wild! I was beyond stopping if I had even wanted to. My hips couldn't decide which direction they wanted me to move, either way was pure pleasure. Bob's cock pumped in and out of my pussy in hard strokes while Sandra's tongue danced against my clit. I started to come saying "Oh yeah, that's feels so fucking good...yes..oh yes..fuck that pussy.."

It was strange to know a woman was licking my pussy, but hey, who would know better then another woman, exactly what would feel good? Don't misunderstand me, I love a man doing the job..but it only seems in reality a woman could do it perfectly right. After all, she's got one too and knows what she likes. At the time it's happening, I don't think it matters what the sex of the person doing the licking is.. I never even considered that I could be bisexual. Pussy was never something I thought about much, just a nice, hard cock came into my thinking! But now I would have to re-think things.

I had already cum hard twice but they weren't done with me yet, no, not by far.

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