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Samantha had no idea of what she was getting into.

They spoke, apparently knowing each other. She was as silent as I; our eyes only glancing away long enough to allow the knowledge of each man knowing the other. Her Master's hand glistened with her moisture, my own Master's cue stick looked wet from my own cum. The two men looked at both of us, realizing some sort of sudden connection we had developed. I would have given anything to have her join us in playing, but Master and I have one particular understanding, we might allow another female to come into our playtime, but no other Dom or man ever touches me, so this girl with a Dominant would not be considered, at least not in the sense I was thinking at that point.
Once the two men began talking, I and the other girl were left alone to get acquainted. Her name was Joy and we were close to the same age and as we quickly were becoming aware we had a lot in common.

Master excused Himself from talking to other Dom and took His shot at the balls on the table sinking two, Still His turn He more or less ran the table until it came down to the eight ball. He took a shot and missed, finally my turn again. I had been watching but still I was distracted, as I had also been talking and getting acquainted with Joy.

"Pet." Master's voice made me jump, "It's your turn, love."

I looked over the position of the remaining balls, when I saw the shot I wanted to take I walked around the table near where my Master and the other Dom was standing, I started to bend over, the feel of being exposed as my skirt rode up and I remembered I had no panties and was now in full view of this other man talking to Master. I blushed and wanted to stand up and rethink which shot I wanted to take.

"Pet," I heard my Master say, "take the shot you have picked, but if I were you I would widen my stance."

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to calm my nervousness, when I opened my eyes again I saw Joy standing on the other side of the table, our eyes locked together I felt braver. I moved my feet apart making my skirt ride up on my thighs till the hem laid flat against the curve of my bared ass. I bent over, my heart raced and I felt the hot heat rushing to my cheeks. Off to the side of me I heard my Master's voice saying "Good girl." Of course I missed the shot and hit the eight ball instead, sinking it and losing the game.

"True, it looks like your girl there may need a little help with focusing."

"Yes, I can see that." Master said but without any annoyance in His voice.

I had started to stand back up but I felt Master's hand at the small of my back. "No, pet, stay as you are for a moment."

Master's hand softly caressed the curve of each exposed cheeks of my ass, I shivered a little and felt the goose bumps raising to the surface. Master chuckled a bit and then I felt the hem of my skirt being raised even further up and over until I my backside was completely and totally exposed. Joy's eyes and mine still locked in a deep stare. Master's hand ran smoothly over my skin and then was gone for the briefest of seconds, then when I felt His again, I felt the stings of my ass receiving a bare handed, bare assed spanking, right there in the middle of the billiards room with God knows how many onlookers.

The swats took only minutes to deliver, but they were strong steady swats that made my ass glow. I felt the heat of each strike but I also felt the wetness between my legs beginning to pool and drip down my spread thighs. Once Master stopped swatting He ran His fingers over the raised welts His fingers had made, then I felt Him slide His fingers along the crack of my ass and down till He could thrust two fingers deeply inside my wet cunt. I moaned softly and wanted to beg to cum, I was so close and Joy's eyes were penetrating just as hard as His fingers.

"Master, " I stuttered, as my body started to shake with need "this slut needs to cum, may I?"

"My slut needs to cum huh?" He asked as His fingers wiggled and plunged in and out.

"Y-y-yess, please!" I begged.

He waited till I almost could

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