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Wife takes grisly revenge on cheating husband.

He talked about price and bulk orders. Ken and Brian both asked a lot of questions. They haggled on price, particularly as they needed 200 of the monitors initially, with a possible further 800 for the project they might use them for.

It was hard business, but with no rancour - something that George had missed, was enjoying, but wouldn't want to go back to full-time.

At last Ken spoke. "Okay, on one condition we'll do a deal at the price you've quoted." George was always wary of conditions - sometimes conditions were mountains.

"One condition?" asked George. "Well, try me. What's your condition?"

It was Brian who spoke. "That you suck our cocks."

George wasn't sure he had heard right. Was it something about fitting stopcocks? "Didn't catch you, mate..........."

Ken who spoke. "You want the deal, you suck our cocks."

George sat stunned. Business had never gone down this path before. His mind churned it over. The rumours they had heard about this company. Strange demands from the bosses. Strange company relationships. But for George there was one problem - hiding the instant erection he had. George said nothing as he moved surreptitiously trying to hide what was happening. As he squirmed to accommodate his discomfort. Brian and Ken weren't fooled. They knew. George knew that they knew.

It was Brian who stood up first, quickly kicked off his shoes, undid his trousers, dropped them to the floor, removed his underpants. He reached down to George, grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bed. Brian lay on the bed, his back on the bed head, put his hand in George's hair and simply pulled George to his cock.

Brian had never done this before. He was stunned at the size of the cock - 7 inches, quite thick. Of course, experience of people doing it to him, instinct, dreams, he knew what to do. For several seconds he paused, then reached out with his lips and kissed the cock, then pushing his tongue between his own lips to allow it to lick the cock just in front of his face. George was terrified. It was everything he ever dreamt of.

At first George was very tentative, then as Brian appeared to enjoy what he was doing, grew in confidence, began letting his tongue rove all over the cock. He even went to the tip, tasting the drop of pre-cum, running his tongue around the circumcised head. All the while Brian kept his hand in George's hair, moving as George's head moved.

Suddenly George felt a hand rest on his ass. Begin to run around his ass. George was suddenly aware that as he was kneeling in front of Brian his ass must be sticking in the air. As he made to move he suddenly felt Brian's grip on his hair tighten, stopping him move away. The grip remained tight as George felt hands reach under him, undoing his belt, undoing his fly, resting for a moment on his cock.

George had stopped, but then let his tongue lick again. He felt the hands pulling his trousers off his waste - his underpants as well. He heard Brian order: "help him!"

George lifted one knee to allow Ken to remove the trouser leg, then the other. He felt very exposed, his ass sticking in the air, his legs apart to keep balance, as he licked this man. He suddenly felt very exposed as he felt a finger tickling his asshole, exploring, caressing. George was so embarrassed, but his cock was throbbing in pain of hardness. George was embarrassed but he continued to allow his tongue to play on the cock his face was being held close to.

After a few moments George was surprised to feel the hands stop playing on his ass, but seconds later he jumped as he felt something cold put onto his asshole - he knew it was gel of some sort. He squirmed as he felt a finger push through the ring of his ass - no-one had ever done that to him. He was ashamed to admit - he liked it. Wanted it.

He continued to lick the cock as the finger probed inside him, using the gel as lubricant.

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