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I then moved closer and closer to her pussy. I felt Bridget's finger on my chin, and looked up to see her smiling at me. I leaned in and kissed her, giving me my first taste of my sister. She then broke the kiss, and pointing me back to the wonderfully bare pussy in front of me. I leaned down, and slowly licked around Emily's lips, then up and down them, before finally sticking my finger between them as I nibbled on her clit. I heard Emily moan into Bridget's pussy as I worked on her pussy, my tongue and fingers alternating back and forth between her clit and pussy. She began to moisten more and more, and I heard her moaning more into Bridget's pussy and licking less. Finally, Bridget sat up, moving away from Emily's face. Emily was too far gone to notice, and began to moan louder and louder as I worked my full magic on her. Finally, she began to cum, and I sucked down my sister's sweet nectar as it spilled out onto my face.

As she came down from the orgasm, I saw her begin to realize that it wasn't Bridget doing the licking. She sat up suddenly, and saw me kneeling there, my face covered in her juices. I smiled, and I saw her face alternate between shock and awe. Finally, Bridget spoke:

"Emmy, isn't he so good at that? I just had to show you."

My sister nodded, still staring me in the eyes.

"You should feel his cock. It's the biggest thing I've ever taken. You have to try it."

"I - I don't know, Bridget." I could see Emily was a little freaked out by what had just happened. After all, she had just had her first lesbian experience and been eaten out by her brother one right after another.

"Ok, fine then. How about this? I'll take it out and play with it, and you jump in when you feel comfortable." Bridget was determined to make this happen, I guess.

As my sister lay back on the couch, Bridget moved over towards me and began to kiss me. I could smell the aura of pussy in the room, and tasted it on Bridget's mouth. The taste of my sister's forbidden cunt, which I too had just sampled.

Bridget quickly began to rip off my clothes as she continued to kiss me. In no time at all, I was down to just my boxers, which her hand had found its way into. I groaned as she pulled my cock out and began to jerk it. Bridget then began to kiss down my body, her hand pistoning up and down.

I looked over to see Emily rubbing her own pussy with one hand, while the other massaged her breast. I smiled at her, and she smiled back, tweaking a nipple in front of me. At that point, Bridget's lips touched my cock, and I closed my eyes in pleasure.

Bridget was quite an accomplished cock-sucker, and she had pull out all the stops tonight. I'd never felt anything like what she was doing to me, as she ran her lips up and down my cock, her lips tracing lines around me. I looked down and saw her curly red hair bouncing up and down in time with her neck movements. She looked up at me, and smiled around my cock, before pushing her nose against my stomach in an exquisite deep throat.

I came out of my trance long enough to check on Emily. The sight of this curvy redhead attempting to give my penis CPR had apparently gotten her pretty worked up, as she now had 2 fingers deep inside her own cunt. It hit me then that I had never realize what a fantastic body my sister had until now. She had one of those lithe, athletic bodies like Jennifer Garner, and a great rack with no sagl. Her long, tan legs were spread out almost into a split as she fingered herself.

Bridget had taken me out of her mouth, and began to suck on my balls as she jerked me. I ran my hand through her hair, and she smiled up at me, then looked over at Emily. Her hand continued to run up and down my dick as she asked my sister: "Do you want to try? He tastes wonderful."

Emily bit her lip as she looked at Bridget, then nodded.

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