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Whore makes a bad mistake and pays for it on New Years

Her flat stomach, punctuated by the dark hollow of her navel, was smooth skinned above the brief panties, moulded to the curves of her pubis.

I traced a fingertip along the line of her bra, over one breast, into the deep valley between and then out over the other; she moaned quietly. I looked deeply into her eyes, dark brown and soft with anticipation. I could feel the warmth of her breath as I inhaled the sweet fragrance of her desire. I kissed her on the lips. Teresa returned my kiss, parting her lips and tilting her head slightly. Our tongues met and explored as the kiss deepened. Eyes closed, and sighing with pleasure I put my arms around her and unhooked the clasp of her bra. Teresa gasped as she felt the release of tension and I broke off the kiss, passing the bra to Sam who took it without comment. I gazed with pleasure at Teresa's breasts, they were firm and well shaped, the perfect pink circles of her areolas surrounding delicate nipples.

I kissed her again, sucking her tongue into my mouth, absorbing the taste and scent of her. My hands slid to her breasts, tracing their curves with my fingers, loving the firmness of her flesh under my touch. I kissed her face and then her throat, gently biting and sucking her neck. While my hands continued their exploration of her breasts, my lips moved downwards, at first following the hardness of her breastbone and then finding the increasing softness of her cleavage. Teresa's moans became more intense as my lips and tongue did their work. I worked round her breasts, nibbling and sucking, enjoying the feel of her firm flesh against my lips and then, when I had teased enough, cupped her right breast in my hand and closed my mouth over her nipple. I felt the soft skin of her areola pucker under my tongue and I began working the nipple itself, sucking it and rolling it in my mouth, feeling the sensitive bud grow and harden against my lips. Teresa's groans became louder as I pleasured her breasts, coaxing and teasing with my fingers, lips and tongue. Sam, all the while saying nothing, looked on, drinking in the sights and sounds of our pleasure.

I was hot now. I called to him, no longer caring about the upcoming destruction of what was clearly some very expensive underwear. I wanted Teresa naked. "Give me the knife," I ordered. I wanted the pleasure of removing the last vestige of her clothing for myself. Sam reached again into his pocket and withdrew the small silver knife. Opening it he offered it to me, handle first.

"Be careful," he said, "It's sharp."

"Don't worry", I replied and placing the back of the knife blade against Teresa's right hip, sliced neatly through the leg of her pants. "You're right, it is sharp," I said, moving to repeat the action on her other hip. The knife cut easily through the final restraining band of lace and I allowed the shredded pants to fall to the floor, dropping the knife onto them. As it fell, Sam winced but said nothing, simply reaching down and retrieving both cloth and blade before stepping back into the shadows.

Naked now, obviously aroused, her body glowing in the candle light, Teresa was a magnificent sight. Her hair, tangled from Sam's earlier ministrations, framed her lovely face with its dark eyes and parted lips. With the chains holding her arms high and her legs apart, her proud breasts with their fully erect nipples, still glistening with traces of my saliva, she was perfectly displayed. The flat belly and, below it, the small patch of dark hair covering her mound of venus completed the picture. I drank in the view, hungry for her body, all my senses alive with anticipation, but first it was my turn to show what I had to offer.

I confess that I am rather proud of my body.

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