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The bigger they come the harder she falls.

"Mmmmmm...fuck me...ooooooh...oooohhhh...ohhh, fuck me...fuck me...yer makin' me cummm...again...cumming!"

Finally she came, this time panting and almost screaming, as the orgasm passed through her body. "Fuck meeeee...fuck meeeeee...fuck meeeeeee...cummmming...mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm...cummmmmming...cummmmmming!"

My dick couldn't hold it and began streaming hot seed into her belly. She tightened her grip and said "Goddd Robbie, I love when you shoot in's so fucking warm."

After what I'd describe as a strong, exhausting orgasm, I spoke through my laughter, "Shittttt that was fucking hot...always thought that tool was underused. Did you like it?''

She hopped down from the bench, re-arranging her panties and shorts, and gasped a little before saying, "Never took my boots off...we fuckin' know how to do it in the garden. Don't ya think...uhhh...we need to garden together more often!"

Her big smile was met with my grin, "What do you think, sweetie?"

We went in to take quick shower and waited for Bryan to get home. Dinner was under control, so we sat down with some wine, discussed what we wanted to do that night, especially what we wanted to do with Bryan. After all he was on all weekend...I think he was taking Monday this was the start of his weekend. We had dinner ready and I handed him a cold beer when he walked in the door.

"Thanks dude...I'm glad to see you're still here...I look forward to it," and he hugged me. "Well, what's up?"

"You, tell us about your day, first...then we'll tell you about ours...and we can discuss what we have planned for you this evening."

We went into kitchen and I helped Tara, while he shared his day with us; Tara grilled salmon and I made roasted potatoes with salsa verde. We cut up fruit to make a fruit salad

He put his beer down and asked if he could help.

"Maybe go cut some fresh mint and rinse it...we're almost done."

Glued to every detail of our gardening, he hurried right back...he wanted every detail and thought surely there would be some potting bench sex or pee-sex in his future. Something any guy would enjoy.

After a long, relaxing dinner, we watched a movie with Tara snuggling between us on the couch. When we took drinks out to the patio, Tara looked at us and declared she was horny and Bryan missed out on the gardening; he just smiles at the two of us, knowing where things were headed.

"We need to do something about that."

"Fuck yes, we need to do something!"

We laid him out on the chaise; his ass was right at the edge and she knelt between his legs. She grabbed him, "Look at that hot man...this dick...Honey, you'll be getting everything you need tonight!" Already hard, she flicked her tongue over the head, before wrapping her lips around it and burying her face in his pubes. I stroked myself to hardness and watched her push him to moans of's always hot to watch them.

Joining the fun, I straddled the chaise to put myself in his face and he raised his head, to take it in his mouth. Working his lips and tongue over its length, getting it all shiny with spit, he grabbed for my ass, to get more. "Fuck I got more for ya, buddy!" Leaning forward, I worked it deeper to satisfy him.

It wasn't long before his breathing was strained. Stabbing her mouth and throat, she pushed him to the edge, working it harder and harder. Moaning with increasing intensity, he was tensing up and ready to cum. I looked back to see her pull off a little, now just nibbling on the very tip...of that beautiful, swollen, purple head. I knew that'd do it...he was going to drop a load, soon...really soon. I said, "Mmmm Tara, that looks freakin' tasty," and just kept pumping into his face, moving my hips back and forth and moaning.

She pulled the dick from her mouth and screamed, "Baby...cum for me...cum for me!" Targeting her chest, she blasted his seed all over those perky tits. With Bryan finishing, I pulled out and said, "Sweetie, play with that pussy and let us watch...I wanna watch...yer so fucking hot!"

She grinned and sen

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