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Bill makes his boarder show her appreciation.


"The gag wasn't in there that long. I thought you might be hungry."

"I'm starved. Untie me so I can make us some lunch."

"Lunch is on me. Just sit back and relax."

She let out a long sigh. "Like I have a choice?"

"No. Open up."

When she opened her mouth she was rewarded with a straw. The seltzer was cold and bubbly, and she tasted the fresh lime he had squeezed in. "Thank you," she said when she had had her fill. "I was so thirsty."

"You're welcome. Now it's time for lunch."

A spoon brushed her lips and she opened wide. She was rewarded with a rich creamy soup. "Mmmm," she said with her mouth full. "Potato leek. This is so good on a blah winter day. But I certainly didn't make this, and I know you didn't. I didn't even smell anything from the kitchen."

Another spoon entered her mouth and she quieted, enjoying the feeding. "If you must know, I got it last night from the deli. I nuked it just now and I'm spoon feeding it to you. Any other questions?"

"No, sir."


The soup was soon finished. When no napkin came she cleaned her face as best she could with her tongue. "That was wonderful," she said.

"Glad you liked it. There's two more courses to go."

A waft of something fruity drifted past her nose and then a cold smoothness brushed her lips. Her tongue darted out and a smile crossed her face. "Strawberry?"

"Yes, and they're not cheap this time of year, either."

The berry brushed back and forth across her mouth, its juices smearing her lips. She opened her mouth and the berry was offered. Taking a bite, she savored the fruit, rolling it around, the flavor filling her mouth. Another bite and the berry was gone. Two more followed. Sweet juice rolled stickily down her neck as she tried her best to slurp everything in.

"This is the last one," he said. "I think you'll like it." When she opened wide she was rewarded with the largest, juiciest berry of the bunch, and this one was dipped in chocolate, the delicious dark kind. She squealed in delight as she gave it a little lick.

Just as she bit into the berry she felt a pinching tug on her nipples. He had grabbed the chain on her clips and gave it a gentle tug. She inhaled sharply but continued eating. He tugged again on her next bite, and again as she finished the treat. As she swallowed, she said, "That was unexpected."

"I'll bet," he said, and tugged again, a bit harder. She moaned, leaning forward as far as she could to relieve the pressure on her nipples as they stretched. He released her chain and she relaxed against the chair back.

When her composure returned he stroked her hair. She looked up at him with her covered eyes and kissed his hand. "Would you care for dessert?" he asked.

She smiled and licked her lips. "I thought the berries were my dessert, but sure."

"Okay then. Here it comes."

The heels clacked on the floor before her as she heard dishes being placed on the floor. Once more she smelled chocolate as something waved under her nose. The treat rubbed across her lips like a fine truffle. When she opened her mouth the treat was popped in. All six inches of it. "Glurphh..." was all she could say as the chocolate coated cock slid in and out of her hungry mouth.

"I know how much you love chocolate," he said. "So I took the liberty of bringing a little extra dipping sauce home. I have to say it feels pretty good to dip your dick into warm chocolate, but what I'm feeling right now feels even better. What do you think?"

Her only answer was a blurbling sound as she greedily sucked at him. Her head bobbed back and forth, her hands clenching behind her back, frustrated at not being able to grab the intruder in her mouth and play with it.

"That's it, get every drop. You're doing a great job," he said, bucking his hips to match her rhythm. "In fact, you're doing such a great job I've got a little reward for you."

Suddenly, the rubber intruders in her pussy and ass that she had almost forgotten about came roaring to life, vibrating in her lower orifices.

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