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Now bottomed out on his huge black cock, with her knees against the floor on either side of him, she began to roll her pelvis seductively. Pushing down hard with her clitoris, she would slide it along the length of his rigid cock as she moved her ass back towards his face, and then run the monstrous thing all the way back up inside of her as she moved her ass back the other way. Her rhythm was slow and deliberate, and provided an unbelievable ass show for Tyrone as he lay on his back, using the muscles in his buttocks to meet her undulations. She then began to run the middle finger of her right hand along the crack of her ass, starting from the top. Soon the finger was rubbing her anus forcefully with each pass. She slowed her movements a bit and reaching forward with her left hand to grip his thigh, she folded the finger inward and pushed it inside her lovely pink butt hole up to the first knuckle. She bit her lip lightly and bowed her head as she pushed on to the next knuckle.

Tyrone couldn't believe what he was seeing, and instinctively reached for her beautiful hips and pulled her down, burying the digit completely inside of her ass. She loved this and looked back over her shoulder at him through her fallen red hair. With pleading eyes she soon folded a second finger up inside of her anus and once again began to shake with orgasm. Tyrone watched in awe as his lover continued to ride his cock sensually while tearing at her tiny pink hole with increasing force with her own two fingers. When she looked back at him again with a face consumed with lust and positioned a third finger for penetration, he knew it was time he take control.

With his cock still fully inserted in her pussy he sat up, bringing his chest close against her smooth back and wrapped his arms around her tightly. From this sitting position, with her still atop his cock, he began to roll his hips into her, once again using his buttocks against the floor. She slowly slid her fingers away from her ass and gave way to his new movements, reaching back desperately to feel his ass muscles working. Tyrone then began to ease her slowly over to one side until they lay in a spooning position, with he at her backside. She then felt him withdraw his cock completely and position its gargantuan head at her backdoor. She had been afraid to even consider this in her fantasies, but now she wanted it so unbelievably bad. She reached and pulled her fleshy cheek to one side as he nuzzled the head closer and tighter until it pressed firmly against her tiny opening.

Suddenly she felt his warm breath at her ear. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you. We'll make it good. You are so incredibly beautiful."

She turned her head fully to the side in order to kiss his lips and tongue. As their lips met and their tongues played, she felt him start to apply gentle, but steady pressure. He used his hand to move his cock back and forth in an effort to wedge his huge cock head past her anal ring. She could feel her muscle being stretched, bordering on pain, but feeling so unbelievably good at the same time. She kissed him even more seductively tracing her tongue around his bottom lip and then sucking on it gently. This spurred him on and she felt her asshole slowly giving way to the mammoth intrusion as he pushed more forcefully. And just as she felt the entirety of the huge black head ease past her ring and into her butt, she moaned uncontrollably from somewhere deep inside. But at the precise same moment they heard Larry call out her name.

"Diane..Diane, are you in there?"

She felt Tyrone tense up immediately, and feared that he would surely withdraw his beautiful cock. She clutched at his ass and held him there.

"No..No, baby. Don't pull out. Please don't pull out. I don't care if he finds us. Please give me a little more of your cock baby. Whoa baby! Easy now. Easy baby. Yeah that's it. Oh my God, Tyrone! That feels incredible!"

Tyrone lay at her backside with his head up off the floor, listening for anything else from her husband.

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