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Sarah can't sleep after watching Janey & Carmel.

Next election, all Representatives out of office. One third Senators out of office. Many changes take place in government bureaucracy. Lawyers out, business people in. Want William President, he say no. Hold me please."

Delicious handed Teddy to Gwen, and they smiled at one another.

Teddy said, "Head please."

Gwen looked around not knowing what she meant.

Delicious told her that Teddy wanted to take her head in her hands.

Gwen bent her head, and Teddy placed both her hands on her temples. Gwen felt something that she couldn't describe, but she knew it was from the contact with the little girls hands.

Teddy frowned as she gently moved her hands away.

"Little tumor behind right eye, must get fixed where grandpa went."

Gwen said, "I just had a physical, and they didn't see anything."

Delicious put an arm around Gwen. "Gwen, if Teddy said there is a tumor behind your right eye, it's there. Please get it checked. If she wants you to go to M.D. Anderson, go there. My father had pancreatic cancer, and they were able to save him."
William said, "I will have an appointment for you tomorrow morning."

Gwen looked at him and said, "Who died and made you God?"

Teddy said, "Only God perfect, we try hard not make mistake."

Teddy kissed her mother. "I love my mommy. I make mistake. I try harder."

"I love my Teddy. Mommy make many mistakes. She's trying harder too."

Five minutes later William put his cell phone away.

He said, "That was easy enough."

Delicious asked, "Who was at the hospital on Christmas Day?"

"The assistant administrator; someone has to be there to keep the hospital running."

"The hospital has to be short staffed this week, how did you get Gwen an appointment so quickly?"

"He told me I couldn't get her in for a simple set of x-rays, and have them read by a radiologist in no certain terms. I told him I wanted his best x-ray technician, and his chief of radiology to be there tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. He said I could go straight to hell. It's not going to happen.

I told him it was a shame the hospital was going to miss out on a $5 million donation. He said the chief of radiology and their senior x-ray technician would be there waiting for her."

Gwen's mouth dropped open. "You paid $5 million for me to have x-rays, and have them read tomorrow morning?"

"It's tax-deductible."

"You're out of your damn mind."

"What good is a doctor who is blind in one eye?"

I put my arm around Gwen's shoulder, and kissed her head.

"Gwen, Young William spent $5 million to make sure you stay healthy, and has given money to a charity, which happens to be a tax deduction? William senior's businesses will most likely make $100 million in the next 24 hours. Do you think he is going to miss the $5 million his son spent on you today?

Things are going to happen to you that you never saw coming. If you want to buy a hospital or build one, all you are going to have to do is write a check. The man who stumbled over you this morning is going to be the richest man in the world. The more money he gives to charities, the more money his businesses will earn."

"William told me it was all legitimate, is that the truth?"

"His father's businesses are all legitimate. However, William Senior has been forced to deal with some very unsavory characters through the years. Junior has never been involved in any of those transactions. Whether senior tells Junior about it is up to him. I can tell you from personal knowledge that William senior was instrumental in getting the former vice president of the United States not to run for president. The man was an anathema to this country, and William found out through sources that were not so clean themselves what he was up to. We could not have a president that was owned by subversive influences.

William came up with a plan that forced him to expose his weaknesses.

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