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her fantasy unfolds as time goes by.

Of course being Hank, he left those titties hanging free. Hank said charge the boys each $10 and my friends are free. Dollie is going to be their entertainment as long as it takes.

The kids paid as quickly as they could, gulped their sodas down, and asked which room? I told them to start without us. They looked goofy at me but went in a room. Can you even imagine what young kids are talking about at a time like this? Or during every waking minute until it happens? Hell they're probably still talkin!

Hank told the new girl to go with us. Watch until we were finished, if it takes all night. He told her she has a lot to learn. I'll swear Hank winked at me!

But I had my own plans. "No Hank, keep all the girls and everyone else out, including you, for at least an hour. I don't want the boys distracted away from Dollie."

Then Dollie and I went in to join the boys. I instructed two to stand on each side of the little raised bed thing. One of you kids finger fuck Dollie, one play with each boob, and the other be the nipple man, keeping her hot and juicy. Make up your own rules about how long you play and who goes next. Just don't fight over it. You've got all day. (Pretty close to those words)

Dollie seemed to have little to say during most of those games, other than panting and letting everyone know she was cumming a lot.

This time she said she has only a few rules, "Don't hurt me. Don't fuck me. Take all the time you need and make me feel good."

At this time, before the spider bite surgery years later, Dollie's tits were large enough for two grown men to fondle each if they weren't hoggish. By then her pussy was also stretched big enough to get a fist my size up to the wrist. Kids, surgery, weight gain, and lots of masturbation did this. Still, she was lookin good at this time.

Even though she now had a tummy from the weak tissue after surgeries, laying flat it looked nice. She was also wearing some kind of a beige panty girdle garter thing to hide her awful scar. But it didn't hide anything else!

Some of the kids complained when she said they had to take off their clothes too. But Dollie forced them. She said anyone who don't get naked can't play. I had no idea why she made that rule.

I'm thinking all of us males wore shorts and T-shirts, or tank tops. No one wanted to be first so Dollie told me to show them how to undress. I only wore shorts and a tank top. I was naked in no time.

Finally all four were naked, 5" to 6" erections aiming upward, and Dollie was giggling. She'd gently stroke each one now and then as they played their games with her. I sat on a stool in the corner to watch, sometimes masturbating slowly.

By her early 40's Dollie was taking all the masturbation she could get and never complained about it hurting. Rarely did someone have to give it a break or use Vaseline or KY jelly.

All four boys did a fine job making Dollie squirm and scream. I remember reminding the kids they could ram their fist all the way up Dollie's cunt. Everyone including me had smaller hands. I believe they all tried masturbating her this way some.

They'd complained about not getting their turn, someone taking too long, or getting in their way. But with four young horny boys, things went fairly smooth. Like always, I fondled a tittie or pinched a nipple now and then to show my approval.

This was my signal that I was enjoying the show and Dollie could continue. She'd smile and blow me an occasional kiss.

Seems like a few times after I squeezed a tit or rubbed her thigh she'd tell the boys "that's Denny's signal for you guys to keep having fun."

Whoever was dipping his fingers usually picked up the pace awhile.

There was a knock at the door and a girl's voice. "It's been way over an hour. Can I come in?"

I believe we were all surprised an hour passed so quickly. I either opened the door or told the girl to come in. It was the tiny new gal, Rosie, who had been our waitress.

Rosie seemed surprised to see my hard prick sticking up and four nak

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