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"This is crazy."

He laughed a low rumble from his chest that she could feel ease through her. Or, was it a growl? He raised his hand and grabbed a handful of her hair between his fingers. When he jerked her head back, she let out a small sound and it was immediately absorbed by his lips. His tongue was in her mouth and exploring. She welcomed him hungrily and was rewarded with a groan that made her thighs shiver. His other hand caught her around the waist and boldly rested on the swell of her ass, squeezed and pressed her into him. She felt his need for her. The size of him, the hardness, made her whimper.

"I need to taste all of you," he whispered, letting her up for air. His lips ran down the length of her throat. He kissed and he sucked, pausing at that special spot. His large hands weighed her firm, round breasts and massaged them expertly, making her solid nipples draw up into painful knots. His thumbs rubbing over them only teased the hard nubs through the delicate lace of her dress, making her eyes tear.

"Our minds and our bodies know," he repeated just as her nipples became exposed to the night air.

Then, they felt the moist heat of his mouth, sucking. His teeth caused her to cry out. The sound that sprung from deep inside her was met by a song of low howls in the night. They seemed to have come from the tree line. It was her imagination, she was certain. All of this had to be a dream. His hands and her body, the feel of them together was beyond explanation. She had no thoughts or words, only sounds. They were sounds heightened by the beating of her heart. But, her heart was not alone. It was like the music, a driving beat supported by others in a rhythm that made her hips begin to move. Her dress was already pulled up around her waist. His hands were already digging into her thighs.

"I want to taste more of you," he murmured across her torso.

Her legs were parted and the heat of his breath was upon her.

"What I want is to put my mouth here and feel you come under my kiss," he groaned.

Before she could fully comprehend his words, Asia's leg was over his shoulder and her clit was twisting in his hot mouth. She gripped his hair and hung on as she ground herself against him. She wanted this, needed it. How long had her body been waiting for this? The strength of his hands kept her from falling over. This was not simple lust or the act of passion. It was something else. It was something more animalistic, driven by the purity of instinct. It was the meat of sex. He was not just tasting her, but knowing her-wakening an unknown spirit within her. What this was swirled with emotion, nerve endings, music, heat and carnal power. It hit her with such an abandoned force that her entire body shook. Her hands went from his hair to her own, and she pulled to somehow try and ground the sensations that took her over. She could not hold back as he sucked and strummed her, seemingly from the inside. She exploded and unfamiliar images took form in her mind. The rush of running fast in between trees at the face of a mountain made her laugh. Him on top of her, skin to bare skin, fucking was like a memory revisited, making her come even harder.

"Cr__sdean," she cried out, straining.


"I will have you completely my love," echoed in her head as she approached the mansion. Her pussy was still pulsating, still hungry for him. Everything seemed so much brighter now. Even the stone of the patio glowed in the light of the full moon.

"What happened?" Paul questioned, reaching out for her. He had looked everywhere and on a whim had come outside to find her.

What could Asia say? I've just let some guy go down on me, had the most mind blowing climax ever and now I want him to fuck me senseless. Take me home. He is coming to me.

Instead, Asia pulled away, laughing.

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