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Lauren learns to obey, or else.

I rushed out to the car and jumped in and sped off down the street and around the corner, then turned suddenly into a drive way that wound around a little, but stopped well before reaching the house. I sat back with a sigh. Jeffrey looked at me with total bemusement etched into his face, and I grinned at him, "Oh this is Wendy's, but she's away for the weekend" I said. He looked even more bemused!, "Well, we have to give Cindy some time to work on your dad, don't we?, but don't worry, we'll be back before the action really starts" I said.

Enlightenment finally dawned and he started to grin, and his grin widened even more when I reached over and started to stroke my hand up and down his thighs,, each stroke getting closer and closer to the growing bulge in his boxers ... then I was sliding it inside and clasping my hand firmly around his hard shaft, and he was groaning rather than grinning! Then I was easing it out into the open and into my hot welcoming lips, and he was shuddering ... leaning back into the car seat, legs wide spread as I stroked and sucked his beautiful cock. Mmmmmm, I did so love having a firm young cock in my mouth! Oh I took my time, playing him like a fisherman playing a trout, bringing him to the edge, then holding him back, making him whimper and buck and cry out for release, then letting him simmer, mmm I sure did love sucking on his hot young cock, and I made sure he loved it too, until finally I relented and pumping hard and sucking hard, allowed him to explode his juices down into my eager throat ... and I sucked and licked and lapped up every copious drop of his cum! Leaving him momentarily at least, a shattered boy!

I turned his wrist over and looked at his watch, Mmm, we'd been gone just over half an hour, plenty of time for Cindy to have worked her magic, time to get back and join the party. Jeffrey hurriedly stuffed his depleted cock back into his boxers as I started the car and reversed out of the driveway, sitting there with a silly grin plastered all over his face.

I pretended to be annoyed and upset when Mom and Jeffrey left, stomping up and down the patio muttering about how inconsiderate mom was, always forgetting, always ruining things with her last minute rushing about, but all the time I made sure I was wandering up and down in front of Brian, giving him a good close up view of my tight teenage body. Once I even stopped where mom had been sitting and bent over to pick up her glass and put it on the table, hearing the sharp intake of breath, totally aware that when I bent down the thin string of my bikini bottoms disappeared so far into my ass crack as to be almost invisible, giving Brian every impression of seeing my completely naked ass. When I straightened up and spun around, his eyes were still glued to where my ass had been and his eyes were filled with lust, just like I wanted them to be! I grinned to myself.

"Oh well" I finally said, "There's no point in waiting around for mom, I was going to take a dip, would you like to join me Brian?... oh ... smile ... you don't mind me calling your Brian, do you?"

He gulped a little, his eyes still trying desperately not to fall to my breasts or my pussy, "Uh ... I ...uh .. don't mind at all, guess a dip would go down well now" he said, but made no attempt to get up ... and I knew why .. grin... his bathers were just about losing the battle to contain his rampant cock!

I turned away from him, hearing his slight sigh of relief, and walked to the edge of the pool, stood there for a moment, lifted my arms above my head, giving him another good look at my tight ass, then dived in.

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