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Neil pursues Janet.

"That will not get you to work on time now will it. We can plan something later" she grinned. "Maybe even spend the weekend together?"

"Spoil sport, but I'll accept the weekend in bed with you as compensation" Jessica said kissing her on the lips again before heading out.

"I'm pretty sure I said weekend together, not a weekend in bed together" Tessa laughed as Jessica left.

Tessa was gone by the time Jessica got back from her run, which was both a blessing and a curse if she was honest with herself. Leaving with plenty of time to spare Jessica headed for the office, and by 07:45 she was just passing the coffee shop when she had a thought from the day before. Popping in quickly she placed her order and 10 minutes later she was upstairs waiting in the small reception room.

At 08:15 Samantha strolled in looking as fantastic as she did the other two times Jessica had seen her. Jessica was envious of her wardrobe, it appeared no matter what she picked she always looked so damn sexy.

"Good morning Jessica, nice and on time I assume despite your date last night?" Samantha quipped. "I'm not sorry I'm a bit late in case you're wondering, I prefer people to be waiting for me rather than the opposite way round."

"Good morning Mistress" Jessica said blushing slightly. "I hope you are well today, you look lovely I might add"

Samantha sighed and just about managed a smile. "You'll learn I'm not a happy morning person like you, I need my coffee before I start to feel human. Flattering will only get you so far" she joked.

It was at this point Jessica jumped up smiling and held out the coffee she had stopped to get. Samantha stopped and looked at it, before picking it up and studying the side.

"This is for me?" She said confused.

"Of course Mistress. I noticed the empty cups on your desk yesterday and figured you'd appreciate me getting you one in the morning. One of my previous bosses - one of the nice ones that is used to be the same first thing." She said smiling.

"Well aren't you full of surprises. It's even got skinny milk and an extra shot just how I like it" She said. "This is the third thing I've seen that tells me you are perfect for me in every way!" She joked. "Flattery and bribery - now that will get you much further!"

Jessica looked confused "Third thing Mistress?"

"Yes, along with the coffee let's see there was the fact you have read so much of my work as well." She said

Jessica giggled. "That's true, what's the last one?" She said confused.

"You have impeccable taste in lovers just like I do" she said smiling and giving her a nudge. "I'm glad you having fun and making friends already, just don't let it interfere with your work ok?" She warned. Jessica nodded as her face flushed crimson red.

"Anyway, come into my office and take your place, I need to outline what I expect from you between now and Monday"

Jessica nodded and looked around for a note pad, she nearly ended up pulling an entire stack of papers over onto herself at one point but before long she walked into Samantha's office.

Samantha was just starting up her PC and drinking her coffee as Jessica walked round the deck and knelt on the floor at her feet. Samantha looked down at her almost in surprise.

"I'm impressed" she said "I was expecting you to be all shy and silly like yesterday when we first started."

"I'm slowly figuring out Mistress that I don't need to be that shy meek person from Plainseville anymore" she said smiling.

"Good, very good Jessica." Samantha grinned and sipped her coffee. "So onto the rest of the week. I am leaving today on the 13:45 flight and back Sunday afternoon. My flight details are here somewhere." She said waving at the paper on her desk."

After a few minutes of frantic searching she gave up, sighing.

"First job, organise me!" She pleaded.

"I have a terrible reputation, fairly earned I will add, for being late and unorganised.

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