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Ty surprises Jasmine with a pair of handcuffs.

She stood before the full-length mirror, under the fluorescent bulbs overhead, and prayed, Please let this be part of the dream! Let me wake up and see that I'm still a girl! She closed her eyes, opened the robe, removed the garment, and let it drop to the floor. Then, grimacing, she opened her right eye a slit and consulted her reflection in the mirror.

Quickly, she closed her eye again--tightly--but not before she'd confirmed that the penis and testicles were still there!

She was a boy!

Well, no, not a boy. Not exactly.

After all, she has breasts, and her buttocks were full and round, like a girl's, and she still had a pussy--behind her male genitals. If anything, she was a hermaphrodite, a person with both male and female sex organs. Ugh! she thought, opening her eyes again to consult the mirror. Having a penis and testicles was really gross!

Gingerly, she took the flaccid member in her hand or, rather, between her thumb and first two fingers. The skin felt loose upon the shaft. Experimentally, she rolled the column of flesh back and forth. The penis twisted and jiggled. Odd, she thought. She gathered the loose scrotum in her fingers, pulled the wrinkled flesh gently, turned it in her fingers. The skin was surprisingly soft, she thought--and, like the penis--odd. Male genitals, though not unattractive, were alien to her; after all, she was a girl--or had been, until a few minutes ago. She supposed that her pussy would seem as strange to a boy who suddenly came into possession of one of his own as the cock and balls she'd recently come to own seemed to her.

As Buffy handled her cock and balls, the penis swelled and stretched, thickening and stiffening until, after a few moments, it stood upright before her belly. She smiled at herself in the full-length mirror, considering the rigid erection that jutted from her girl's groin. She'd always wondered what an orgasm felt like to a boy and, more specifically, what it would feel like to ejaculate, shooting semen from a penis. Now that she had male genitals of her own, there was no need to wonder any longer. She could know exactly what an orgasm felt like for a guy, and she could know exactly what it felt like to spurt semen out of a bloated, rigid prick.

She made her hand into a fist, gripping the erect penis firmly but gently, and pumped her closed hand up and down, pulling and pushing the flesh back and forth upon the straining shaft. At first, she didn't feel much, other than an insistent hardness throughout her prick. However, as she continued to pump her fist up and down, a tickling sensation flooded her loins, and she gasped. Her breath came quicker, in short pants, and her heart beat faster. Her thighs quivered, and her anus fluttered. She quickened the temp of the up and down thrusts of her hands upon the stiff-standing, swollen member, and her cock lurched in her grasp, twitching and jerking. Her balls rose to form a tight clump at the base of her member. She moaned softly, trembling all over. Suddenly, thick, warm semen was spewing from the purple glans of her penis. The first streamer was followed by a second and a third. The semen continued to erupt from her cock, spurting against her belly, her breasts, and her pubes. All the strength seemed to flood from her, with the issue of her seed, and she leaned back against the bathroom's tile wall, her heart pounding, breathing in rasping pants. Her fingers were sticky with the creamy semen that had spurted from her loins. She wiped the viscous seed on her thigh. Her thighs were wet with the juices that had flowed from the labia behind her scrotum, and the inner walls of her cunt were drenched.

Buffy continued to lean back, against the cool tile of the wall as she labored to breathe and willed her racing heart to slow.

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