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College students find tender healing.

He started to turn and walk away. I said, "Excuse me Grandma. You told him not to make the bet, didn't you? You not only know she cuckolded Nick Peterson, you know who she did it with. Don't you?"

She turned and spoke through clenched teeth. "Yes, I know who she got to father her children and yes he is in this room right now. I told her to get an abortion but she wouldn't, she thought it would be more fun to spend her husband's money to support another man's kids!"

"Fun? She lost. Her husband is the man who raised me, not the man who can't control his pecker. I'd like to ask him how much he paid her to screw him. I'd like to know how many times he did her to start Maureen and me. I wonder if she was worth what he paid?"

The nervous man I'd been watching yelled, "I didn't pay her anything! She came to me and begged for it!"

Kay was standing behind me and whispered, "He's Nadine's uncle, James."

"Wow! Nadine didn't go far did she? I feel badly for Donna. She would have been branded by the things all of you did. I wonder, James, if your wife knows you are Donna's father too? Maybe Donna will need to leave Idaho to find a husband. All the stupid young men in the county will figure she's easy. Not her fault. Yours. Just as it's not her fault we're half brother and sister. James is my biological father and Donna's too!"

The woman who had been on the phone earlier screamed, "You fucking bastard! You promised me you'd stop fucking around after Ben was born! You promised."

My grandfather said, "Why don't you just leave? No one wants you around here!"

Kay said, "I do. I've thought of him as a cousin all my life. He's not. Not biologically. What we've learned since he got here last summer is that he works for my Dad and his uncle by marriage is my Dad's brother. I learned that the Great Spirit loves him and honors him as a man. I don't want him to go. I want him to stay. I carry his son and we are linked!"

Steve was standing twenty feet away. He said, "I don't want him to go. I'll call him my brother all the days of my life. I trust him with every life in my family."

Aunt Sue said, "I don't want him to go either. When he got here about ten months ago he was a boy. He has proven his Dad taught him well and now he's a man. I love him as if he were my own son and I proud to have him as my daughter's husband."

I looked at my grandfather and said, "I had no intention to say anything to any of you tonight. If I hadn't sensed what I did I would have waited to say anything until the sixth when my mother, Nadine, will be here. But protecting Donna was too important. James had every intention of having sex with her tonight. James has been having sex with most of the women and some of the girls in the family for years. Hell, Maureen is almost twenty!" I faced the crowd and said, "What you do about having a family like this around you is up to you. You might wonder has James kept it in the family of have other men's daughters and wives been used by him?"

A man in the crowd said, "Let's beat the shit out of him!"

I held up my hand. "Beating him won't repair the damage he's done. Won't save Donna. But if all the women and girls he's hurt come forward perhaps he can be put somewhere and we can keep the women of the county safe."

The sheriff came out of the crowd and cuffed James. Donna's mom came up to her and said, "I'm sorry. Let's go home." She put her arm around Donna and led her out the back door. I watched, knowing Donna still wasn't safe. Safe from James, but who knew about the rest.
Pale Feather hooked my arm and turned us towards the door. She said, "I've had enough dancing for one night. How about you?"

Steve, Walt and Sue followed us outside.

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