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More erotic happenings of a Midwestern girl.

Soon her other hand slid beneath her shirt to begin caressing her other breast. Amy fell back onto the trampoline and just sat there for what seemed an eternity before opening her eyes.

Lifting her head she looked down at her shorts, she realized that she had grown quite wet while she had been massaging herself. Her tongue flicked out to moisten her now dry lips. Tentatively she touched a finger to the thin fabric covering her crotch, amazed when it came back wet. Her mother's many warnings and threats fell quiet as she slowly touched the tip to her tongue.

It was a strange, alien taste but not an unwelcome one, she quickly realized as she slid her long, delicate fingers beneath her shorts and over her panties. Withdrawing them she saw that there was even more liquid to be had.

Again she slid her fingers into her mouth, taking her time as she was determined to savor it this time around. Her tongue wrapped around her forefinger and drew her juices into her mouth. The corner of her mouth turned up in a smile and she was ready to delve deeper into her depths when she heard a loud gasp.

Quickly Amy climbed to her knees and felt her jaw drop as she watched the young man slide his tongue between the woman's legs, his tongue deftly licking at her sex. She looked down at her own shorts and wondered if anyone would ever do that for her.

When the couple disappeared back into their home, laughing and grabbing at each other, Amy turned around and realized that she was out where anyone could see her from inside the house. The young blonde quickly dismounted the trampoline and pulled one of the lawn chairs out onto the side of the house under the old oak tree.

Dropping into the cheap plastic, she braced herself against the chair's back with her feet and spread her legs wide open. She slid her hand down beneath her panties and in between her pussy lips, pausing as her lips closed around her digit.

She slid it in and out a few times, tightening her jaw as she did her best not to groan with each passing. The sensation was like nothing she had ever felt before; mother had always said that good girls have nothing to do down there.

Her hand took on a mind of its own and willed her delicate fingers to dance over her pussy quickly, roughly, softly, changing tempo seemingly at random. Amy didn't care, she was just along for the ride and was enjoying every second of it.

Margaret finished toweling her hands dry and looked out upon the yard, her brow wrinkled in consternation as she failed to see her daughter. She slammed the door shut and walked over to the huge contraption that she had never liked and glared across the yard. Nothing seemed out of order at first but she soon heard a low sound coming from the side of the house.

As she turned around the corner, finally deciding to open her mouth and call for her daughter, Margaret stopped dead in her tracks.

Amy opened her eyes and did what she couldn't do before, she stopped.

Margaret rushed over towards her daughter's side and grabbed her by the wrist with tears in her eyes. Amy knew that her mother was devastated, but she couldn't understand why when it had felt so good. She wondered why her mother had warned her against such things even as the older woman dragged her to her feet.

But she wouldn't budge. Amy opened her mouth to demand an explanation from her mother when the woman slapped her soundly across the cheek. She stared dumbly at her mother as her tongue slid across the growing side of her mouth, savoring the growing taste of copper. Without thinking, she did what she thought she would never do, she swung back.

Margaret fell to the ground, her knees grinding the grass down into the dirt and leaned forward, shaking as she held her hands against her face. The shock plain in her eyes, Margaret finally managed to look up and nearly winced at the smoldering anger she witnessed in her daughter's eyes.

Her mother then glanced down at the wet spot before her, mere inches away from he

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