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"Yes, please! Dale's cock is so perfect, I just wanna..."

"You're not supposed to know the plan," Emily interrupted, "Dale and I were going to seduce you."

"Change of plan," whispered Melanie as she stepped toward Emily and kissed her tenderly, lovingly, on her mouth. As they embraced, their kiss grew stronger, their breasts mashed together, and their breathing became deeper and more laboured. Melanie cupped Emily's breast and ran her thumb across her ever hardening nipple. Emily shivered as the sparks shot all through her with each touch to her nipple. Melanie broke the kiss, only to take the other of Emily's breasts in her mouth.

Emily's moan was loud. She held Melanie close to her chest as she enjoyed the different and wonderful feelings going on at each of her tits. "We're supposed to be going to the pool. Dale's gonna..."

Melanie broke her suction on Emily's nipple, "If Dale is even a quarter as horny as I am, if we're not there soon, he'll come looking." She stood back up and once again kissed Emily's mouth. "Do you want him to find us here, or maybe on your bed?"

Emily's eyes flashed as she grabbed Melanie's hand. They crossed the hall and went into Emily and Dale's bedroom. Emily tossed the t-shirt she'd briefly had on into the hall so Dale could find it on his way back to their room. She didn't know why, but it sounded good. Then she gave Melanie a light shove to the bed. Melanie fell on her back on the bed and spread her legs. She knew what Emily wanted and she wanted it, too. So very badly she wanted it. They didn't tell each other, but both hoped that Dale would walk in at any second to find them this way.

Emily knelt between her daughter's open legs, smiling as she took in the beauty of the only pussy she'd ever made love to. She wasn't going to wait for Dale. She wasn't going to ruin the spontaneity of this. And now, even more than all of the times before, she so wanted to taste Melanie's juices.

No matter how many times Emily kissed Melanie's pussy, she'd always start with a few light kisses. And, no matter how many times Emily kissed Melanie's pussy, this would always drive Melanie up the wall. And of all the women that Melanie had sex with, Emily was truly the best. As soon as Emily's tongue touched Melanie's very swollen, very hard clit, Melanie was in heaven. Her moans of pleasure rivalled those of Emily's when Dale would happily fuck Emily senseless.

Meanwhile, down at the pool, Dale had looked at his watch for the third time in 5 minutes. His erection had long gone. "Where the fuck sake are they?" he muttered to himself, almost angry at having had to wait so long. "It's been almost an hour." He decided not to wait any longer. Melanie probably wasn't wanting to "go for a swim". As he closed the door behind him while entering the house, he chuckled to himself "Probably for the best. Y'know, the best laid plans and the best planned lays..."

Suddenly, he heard a very familiar noise emanating from upstairs. They'd started without him! "That's ok," he thought. "I can certainly work with this."

All sorts of sexy pictures of what Emily and Melanie could be doing with each other ran through Dale's mind as he took the stairs, two at a time. Nothing had prepared him for the actuality of what he saw when he arrived at his bedroom door.

There was Emily, wearing a barely there red bikini bottom, kneeling between Melanie's wide spread legs, her face buried in Melanie's muff. Melanie was on her back, one hand kneading a breast while the other was at the back of her mother's head, fingers entangled in her lovely auburn hair. The sounds Dale had heard were actually from Melanie, not Emily as he first thought. Like Mother, like Daughter.

He watched as Melanie's legs wrapped around Emily's back as she pulled Emily even closer, if that was at all possible, into her. "Yes, Mummy, yes! Fuck, yes! I'm gonna cum! Mummy..." With that, Melanie's body was convulsing and Emily was holding on for dear life, doing her very best to not break her mouth's grip on Melanie's spasming fanny.

Dale stood unde

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