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She submits to her needs.

As he closes the space between us I it dawns on me he is clad only in boxer shorts; shorts that do little to hide just how right he thinks this is.

I am wrapped in him a moment later. I can smell a subtle cologne, and heat. His kiss pushes my head back, bruising my lips with the intensity. I moan into his mouth as his hands knead my breasts, my nipples hard and aching against the lace.

Wet kisses trail down my neck as his fingers caress their way around my back and unsnap the bra. I hold my breath as he slowly pushes the straps off my shoulders, until the bra falls from my arms. I fight the urge to cover myself. His Ex was small and slim - tiny pert breasts and no hips. I want to hide my curves....

He groans at the sight of them. His hands cover them, rubbing and circling. My gasps fill the room as he pinches my rosy nipples until they are rock hard.

"Don't close your eyes Lily. Watch..."

I stop my eyelashes from fluttering closed and watch as he drops to his knees in front of me. He gives them both a final twist, almost to the point of pain.

A hiss leaves my lips as he draws each nipple in turn into his mouth, sucking hard and biting lightly. I can feel the wetness between my legs growing. I'm throbbing and hot.

I sink to my knees, joining him on the floor. His hands cup my breasts as I kiss his mouth, tasting him, and at the same time forcing him to on to his back.

Kneeling over him, a break the kiss, and let myself drink in his body. My hands follow my eyes, trailing down his chest to his nipples. A kiss each one, lathing my tongue over the buds as he did to me. Then down further - eyes, hands, then tongue... His tight stomach clenches beneath my kisses.

As I reach the band of his boxer shorts I pause and look back up his body to his face.

"Yes yes," he urges breathlessly.

I tease at first, drawing out the sensations - stroking his large erection through the thin cotton. I use my hot lips and breath.

"Oh god..."

I pull at the elastic and suddenly Steve's hands appear and yank the boxers.

I can't help but let out a giggle, "All good things come to those who wait."

"I've been waiting to cum in you since that night we talked."

My eyes flash with a million different responses to that comment, but instead I lower my head, grasp the base of his hard cock in my hand, and drag my tongue along the 7-inch length.

I take my time with him, licking the shaft and sucking the bulging head. My hands cup and lightly squeeze his balls, drawing pants of pleasure from him.

Finally, I suck his cock into my mouth an inch at a time. Slowly I draw him in and out of my hot mouth. As his cock leaves my mouth, I lightly scrape my teeth along the head, before licking and sucking him back inside. As I start to suck harder, and to draw him in deeper, I feel his hands tugging at my hips. With a grunt from him, and a squeal of surprise from me, he changes my position, lifting me to straddle his legs.

His cock pops from my mouth as he roughly pulls me into a better position. I wait with baited breath... He flips my skirt over my hips and I feel his breath on my inner thigh. Fingers ease into the crotch of my panties, pushing the fabric to one side, and rub at my pussy lips.

I start to rock on his fingers, urging him deeper, as I wrap my lips around his cock once more. As I suck his cock harder and deeper into my throat, his thumb finds my clit. I lose myself in the moment - so many sensations at once: the taste of his pre-cum, his tongue lapping at my juices, his fingers plunging deep inside me, and his thumb circling my clit.

My moans vibrate around this cock as I suck him into my throat, my lips stretched tight at the base.

Without warning he lifts me again. I feel the floor at my back as I hear the ripping of my panties. The satin and lace bite into my skin with a sharp pain, before they rip away from my body. Then his lips are on mine. I can taste myself as his tongue moves in my mouth. His lips are wet with my juices.

I glance down between our bodies.

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