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Perhaps there really is a parallel universe.

"Are you deliberately being embarrassing? What are you trying to achieve here?" She frowned.

"Actually I've achieved my aim." I said smugly. "I'm talking to you."

"Pardon me?" She looked confused.

"You've been ignoring all my attempts at communication so I devised a little scheme that I thought would do the trick, even if it was only for you to tell me to take a running jump. Again." My smug grin began to sag as I saw the discomfort on her face.

"I'm... I'm sorry about that. I needed a couple of days to get to think about things. You telling me I was the subject of 'Light Up My Life' caught me off guard; shocked me in fact."

"And then?" I probed gently.

"And then I realised what an ass I'd been." She went red. "I said some stupid and hurtful things and I was too embarrassed to get in touch with you and say sorry."

"No. You shouldn't feel bad. I didn't say what I wanted to say in the right way, it came out twisted and was easy to misunderstand." I hung my head.

"Thank you for that." Elizabeth Mary said, lifting my chin and looking into my eyes.

"Friends again?" I asked.

"Friends." She said, hugging me.

"Could...could we be more than friends Lizzie?" I asked nervously, using her shortened name for the very first time.

"Maybe, if we work at it." She smiled. I'd missed seeing that smile in person for a long time. "Hey! What gives? You called me Lizzie!"

"Everyone you know seems to call you Liz or Lizzie so I thought it was about time I did too. If that's all right with you Elizabeth Mary Patterson?"

"Of course it is, you nitwit." She threw back her head and laughed.

I smiled with joy. I'd finally got something right. A thought that had been teasing me popped up into my mind.

"Lizzie, how would you like to come and sit in for a while when I record my next album? I still need to finish off writing a couple of songs but that won't take long now."

"Won't that reveal your secret?" She asked matter-of-factly. "I know you've been keeping my name out of the press."

"That was more to protect you than me. And I think I've rather let the cat out of the bag with tonight's little escapade, don't you?"

"Very probably I suppose." She giggled.

"So, are you interested?" I persisted.

"Well, I would like to see how it works, the whole process I mean. It's always interested me." Lizzie said thoughtfully.

"It's a deal." I said. "You do know my studio is at my home, don't you?" I asked, the thought suddenly coming to me.

"Aren't they always?" She smiled back.

"I mean you can stay over, if you want. No hanky panky, I swear." I added as I saw that look cross her face again. "My housekeeper won't allow it." I grinned.

"Who is your housekeeper then? Your Mom?" Lizzie laughed, the green in her eyes sparkling in amusement.

"Funny you should say that..." I reddened.

"It is?" She burst out laughing. "Are you sure you're a rock star? You're supposed to be throwing TV's out of windows, not looking after your Mom."

"Says who?" I grinned now.

"Isn't it in the manual?"

"There's a manual?" I managed to look dumbfounded, but couldn't keep it up. The two of us burst out laughing.

"Why do you call your Mom your housekeeper Dave?" Lizzie asked after we'd recovered.

"It's an in-joke. She wanted a job title when I put her on my payroll." I shrugged. "She said if she was being paid she should be doing something. I told her she didn't have too, but she wouldn't accept it unless I made it official. In any case she's there more than me so it works out nicely."

"It sounds logical when you put it like that," She mused, "just not very 'rock star-y' I suppose."

"Not really if you put it like that." I held out my hand. " "But is it a deal? You come and see how I record an album."

"How long? For the whole record I mean."

"Depends. Sometimes we can get most of it down in a few days, sometimes it's longer."

"Well, I think I can take a few days off soon, so the answer is yes." She gave a shy grin.

"Great!" I could hardly contain myself, grinning from ear to ear. "I'll let you know when as soon as I know."


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