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I reach for my cat of nine tails and run the leather strips across your mouth. You open your mouth and curl your tongue around the buttery leather. I straddle your body, so you can feel my pussy press against your pubic bone and grind myself on you, letting my wetness mingle with yours.

Snap - I crack the whip lightly against your right nipple, and you cry out at the unexpected roughness. I run my hand gently over the hard tip of your nipple. Snap again, on the left nipple this time, and you hum against your lips - having sensed it was coming. I reach down behind me, and dangle the leather strips over your labia and snap goes the whip again - the tails barely touching your skin, but enough to get your adrenaline rushing. "Oh my god," you say and giggle a bit nervously. I lean over and kiss your lips, telling you "Shhhhhhh, you know I would never hurt you, precious baby." You nod, biting your lip, and I can feel your legs tense up.

I kiss and lick down your body, sliding my face down between your legs, breathing in your scent and approving of the shaven lips I see. I lay the whip across your breasts and stomach, making you aware of the touch of leather on your skin, and reminding you of the biting pleasure it can provide. I lick the inside of your thighs and see how wet your pussy is already. I run my tongue over the outer lips, and then the inner, pushing my tongue inside you - sliding it in and out slowly, like a small cock. I place my hand on the handle of the whip on your stomach - making you wonder whether I plan to offer pleasure or pain. I lick up and down your slit, wrapping my lips around your clit and sucking it slowly, feeling how large and hard it's gotten. I know it won't take much to make you cum the first time.

I slide the handle of the whip down and push it inside your pussy. Sucking your clit and fucking you with the whip. You start to moan and buck as you cum all over the handle. I lick small circles around your clit and flick it - making you twist and moan again. "Do you want more?" I breathe the question between your legs, blowing warmly across you.

"Yes," you say with no hesitation. I pull up suddenly and press your legs back, holding you behind the knees. I rub my clit against yours, feeling our wetness - lips against lips. I slide up and down until I am close to cumming myself. Snap goes the whip against your breasts. Your chest heaves upward and you gasp. I reach down with one hand to touch my clit and slide one finger - then two into your dripping cunt.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" I ask.

"Mmmmmmmm, fuck me," you groan, bucking your hips against my hand. I curl my fingers upward, reaching for your g-spot. I can't stand it anymore and I cum, spurting all over the sheets. I slide down and lick your clit, holding it with my lips and flicking my tongue back and forth - hard and fast, still fucking you with two fingers.

"Cum all over my face," I tell you. I reach up and pinch one of your nipples, and it sends you over again, as you cry out and your cum spills down my hand. "Yes, that's it, cum for me," I tell you.

I lie next to you and reach into the ice bucket, taking a cube and rubbing it against your lips. You suck on the ice cube and my fingers, sighing gently. I take the ice cube from your lips and run it over your nipples and around your belly button, finally sliding it up and down the slit between your labia. "That's cold!" you say and laugh with me. I bring the ice cube to my mouth and suck on it, leaning over to kiss you, and letting the cube slide into your mouth.

"Okay, time for refreshments," I tell you. I untie your hands and let you sit up, keeping the blindfold on. I bring over a bowl of strawberries and a glass of champagne, putting the glass in your hand and feeding you a strawberry. You lick and bite it seductively, laughing at me. I kiss your lips, and let you finish your champagne.

"Now, darling, get on your knees next to the bed," I tell you, and guide you off the bed, your legs a bit shaky.

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