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An ex-husband gets even with the ex-wife.

As you get into being a hot wife, seeing how proud and happy your husband is, you will gain self confidence about displaying your body. You may decide to start taking out the trash early in the morning wearing only a flimsy nightie. You may want to shop for groceries in a short shift that lets anyone see you have nothing on beneath it but your stockings and heels. If you work, you will occasionally "forget" to wear bra and panties to the office.

Now the next point is not for everyone and not absolutely necessary to be a hot wife, but many hot wives are strongly bi. Girl/girl sex is a great way to pass the long horny hours when hubby is away but it's also a great way to find women to bring to his bed for a threesome. (Husbands love WMW threesomes.) I have found nothing turns my husband on faster than seeing another little honey and me with our tongues buried in each other's pussies. And later I let him show me how grateful he is.

Hair is also important. You want a hairstyle that is attractive to your husband, not something that is convenient or easy to manage. Generally men like longer, curly or wavy hair. Variety is nice. If you are brunet, go blonde. If you are blond, try red or darker, perhaps darker with highlights. You have to find what works for you, but the important thing, is you are doing this for him. Don't ask him how he likes you new style; ask him if it makes you look sexier. When he says yes, make him prove it.

Finally a word on body type. Any "body" can be hot as long as you are neither anorexic nor seriously obese. In general men like rounder and fuller women than other women do. Before you decided to become a hot wife, you were probably keeping your weight down because of the expectations of other women, so it's likely you will can to put on a few pounds. On the other hand taking off a few pounds can say, "I want to be sexy for you."

So far we have discussed what you need to do in private. Being a hot wife, however, is as much or more about how you behave in public as it is about what you do when you are alone with your husband (or with him and one or two other women). If there is one golden rule of hot wife public behavior it is: DRESS THE PART. When you go out, remember you are NOT dressing for yourself. You are no longer dressing for other women as most women are prone to do. You are not even dressing just for your husband. You are dressing to show off for and tease your husband's friends, co-workers and rivals. You are dressing to attract and please other men.

Dressing to please and attract other men takes more time and work but take it from me, it will pay off tremendously in amount of attention you receive and how it affects your own "hot wife attitude". You should always keep in mind what the men you are trying to attract will probably like but in general follow this simple rule when choosing what to wear: "Think dress first, skirt second, and pants only as a last resort." This will be a radical change for many women but it's important to remember that most men prefer their women in dresses as opposed to pants. Short dresses and skirts are sexier to most men and they provide easier access in erotic situations. Any skirt or dress that's more than barely hiding your cookies should have a slit to show more flesh. Even a long gown can be sexy if slit nearly to the waist. You never know when you will have the opportunity to attract that certain man and you need to be dressed for the opportunity when it comes. The good news is that the hot wife lifestyle will probably make you feel like dressing up more and the more you wear dresses and skirts, the more you will find yourself wanting to.

Now I can already hear the objections.

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