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A challenger approaches!

Miss Dushku said she blacked out after she was pulled into the van and remembered nothing until she awoke in the Mercy hospital emergency room early this morning. Hospital personnel said she was carried in by a very large man who laid her on a couch called for help and just walked out the door. The T-shirt Miss Dushku was wearing had been torn apart but she had not been sexually assaulted

Miss Dushku's publicist told reporters, "Miss Dushku will be going to an undisclosed location to recuperate as soon as she is released from the hospital, and was at the moment unsure when she would return to work but had indicated she would return to finish her current film as soon as she was well enough."



A man was shot twice in an apparent drive by shooting last night in the south central section. Police have identified the man as 26 year old Walker Robertson, an area resident who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, he has no record and no gang affiliations and apparently just got caught in the crossfire

Hospital spokesman said Mr. Robertson is in critical condition, he sustained two gunshot wounds one to the shoulder and one to the lower back. Mr. Robertson is in a coma due to massive blood loss, his prognosis is unsure at this time.


Walker Robertson was me; Robertson was my mother's maiden name. Walker was my father's middle name. Danny as usual was prepared for almost anything, I still think he used an alias to throw Eliza off as well as the cops.

Four days had passed and Eliza was feeling better but she was going crazy trying to find out how and where Michael was. She called Jakes', but when Jake answered, he acted like he didn't know what she was talking about and hung up on her. Then he called Danny as instructed.

Jake felt bad about lying to Eliza, he liked her and loved Mikey but Danny was right, it was better if she stayed away.

Later that night around 11:30 Eliza awoke with a start to find Danny sitting next to her bed.

"How are you feeling?" He asked.

Eliza just stared at him, "Where's Michael?"

Danny replied in a monotone voice, "He was shot twice"

Eliza started to cry," Is he...dead?"

Danny just stared blankly at her, "No but he was shot in the back and he may never walk again!"

Eliza was totally overcome with grief, "I'm so sorry..........I love him, why didn't he listen to me and stay at the hotel....I

Danny raised his voice a bit, "If he'd listened to either of us you'd be dead, he killed the man who was going to rape and kill you, he saved your life and it almost cost him his own!"

Eliza now angry, "What happened? I thought you had this figured out?"

Danny simply said, "The unexpected, but forget about that now do you remember what Ox told you about keeping us out of it?"

"Did you see the paper; Eliza screamed "I told the cops nothing OK!"

Danny smiling now, "Good girl, you really can take direction."

"FUCK YOU DANNY. Where is Michael I need to see him."

"Eliza finish your movie and go home. Just let him be, he doesn't need to re-live this ever and if he sees you it will never end." Then Danny went in for the kill, "Mikey may never walk again and the bullet that hit him in the left shoulder damaged the nerves and its 50/50 at best if he'll ever play guitar again so do all of us a favor and leave him alone before you do anymore damage!"

"I'm sorry Danny I never wanted anyone to get hurt especially Michael please believe me, I love him!"

"If you really love him Eliza, let him go!"

Eliza started to cry again and a nurse walked in, "Excuse me sir but visiting hours are over, who you are."

"Just a fan ma'am, thanks for the autograph, Miss Dushku my little brother will love it; I hope you feel better real soon."

'It was my pleasure." Eliza said wiping her eyes and waving goodbye to Danny.

"Was that man upsetting you honey?" The nurse asked.

"No .

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