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There was no way that I was going to have her taking off the sexiest outfit I had ever seen now, just before it got good.

"I want you to get on your hands and knees, doggy style, for me; but keep your legs together. I think it's time to try a new position." I ordered.

"Oh good, I thought we might end up doing the same old things." She replied in her purely evil bedroom voice. "I guess I should have known after you forced your dick down my throat so far that I gagged, that this is gonna be good. You didn't even look like you felt bad, I'm proud of you."

"Did you gag? I'm so sorry!" I apologized immediately and felt absolutely awful.

"Matthew! Shut Up", she argued. "I all ready told you, I'm willing to do anything for you. If you even think about feeling bad right now, I swear to god, I'm going to go change into sweat pants and a hoodie."

"Fine, you want it that way, I'll play along." Now I was really going to get into it with her.

Before she could respond again, I had forced her onto her back. I figured that if she wanted me to play rough, I would do it right. So instead of taking the time to pull her tank top off over her head, I just ripped it down the middle, exposing her gorgeous tits and making her expression go from devious to shock. My next move was to pull her little black underwear aside and lick her tight little cunt until she came for me. My favorite thing in the world (other than getting head from her) was going down on my girlfriend. She tasted good to me, and the sounds she made and the way her body writhed about under the pressure of my tongue on her clit turned me on like nothing else. So I took my time and made sure that I got her pussy dripping wet before I went in for the kill. I know exactly how to make her go from zero to orgasm, and when I do she usually forces me away to allow her body to run its course, but not today. When she started pushing away, I pulled tighter. That was when the screaming started.

Eventually I did stop, but only to mount her and pound my bare cock hard into her pussy. I knew that I had to get a condom at some point, but she was so wet, there was no way I was going to let this opportunity go to waste. Her warmth combined with the soaking wet feeling and her surprise at my ferocity were too much for her, and her body dove straight into another intense orgasm.

I decided, once she was finished screaming and clawing at my back, that I should get a condom on and return to my original idea.

"Now, can you please get on your hands and knees like I told you to earlier", I said forcefully.

"Okay", was the only reply she gave, other than obliging to my order.

Once she was in position and my member tightly wrapped in our favorite kind of condom, I squatted behind her and entered her soaked cunt from above and behind. Having never done this before, I was not prepared for how much tighter she would be this way. So I lingered there for a moment before slowly starting to thrust in and out.

"Do you like this? Just as a matter of interest, either way I'm not stopping yet", I asked her.

"Mhmmm", she moaned. "This is the most intense you've ever been. Are you enjoying yourself?"

"Like never before. I might just take control like this every time we want to fuck."

At that, I really started pounding her, and eventually lost control. I realized, almost too late, that I was on the verge of blowing so I pulled back and ripped the condom off. Quickly I spun her around and just as my cum exploded out of my dick, I shoved myself back into her mouth. I watched as she moaned and allowed every ounce of my load to fill her mouth, until she swallowed.

"Yum", she said while she wiped the drip off her chin and sucked it off her finger. "I am kind of disappointed though. We didn't last long at all. I took off tomorrow thinking we'd be up all night."

I replied, "Don't worry. I'm not even close to done with you. Since I'm still in charge, the next thing I want is some time to recuperate before I start using you again."

Her expression was all surprise and s

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