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Two friends learn about sex and are joined by a third.

"Very much so, and even I find it very erotic whenever he does, though mostly, he prefers shooting himself onto me instead while I watch him."

"Oh my God!" I thought to myself as I continued to sit there looking over at her.

" it ok then if I watch you?" she asked once again. "I promise I will not say anything to anyone of what I see here," she said with an edginess to her tone of voice, that told me she was actually aroused, or at the very least, becoming so.

"He uh...he uh.... likes to squirt it on you?" I then asked, my hand once again fondling my prick beneath the material, the movement not going unnoticed as I did so, Carlotta's eyes immediately drawn towards it.

"Oh yes, all the time," she grinned, "Every day in fact," she added lustfully, "and I too enjoy it when he does, I love seeing his creamy sperm splattering against my clothing, especially if I am wearing something dark in color."

I felt my cock suddenly harden even more if that were possible, allowing the material I had been stroking myself with to fall off to one side, now allowing her to see my hard swollen prick in all its majestic glory.

"You have a very nice hard stiff prick," she said in her somewhat broken English, though again I could hear a lusty edge in her tone of voice as she did so. "Have you ever cum on someone who is clothed?" she asked, "Or do you prefer just jerking off into a pair of panties or something?"

She could see it in my eyes that I had, even before I had answered her directly, her smile suddenly widening. "I prefer the later," I stated, though I think my answer wasn't as clear to her as I'd intended. Seeing the confused expression on her face, I made it a lot clearer for her. "I like squirting on women's clothes while they're wearing them."

Now she really grinned. "Would you like?" she asked.

There was no mistaking that. "Yes! Yes I would!" I replied enthusiastically.

"Not here," she said, and I thought when she said that, meaning here in my room.

"On here," she then said, as she unbuttoned her blouse, revealing to me as she did that she happened to be wearing a black lace bra beneath it. "Here," she said grinning. "You like?"

It was obvious to me, long before now even, that Carlotta had some reasonably nice-sized tits, though that's about as far as I'd ever let my imagination go concerning her. Now however, as she finished removing her blouse, sitting there beside me, her full breasts half spilling out of the top of her bra, I realized just how big they really were, the hint of a very dark areola just winking at me out of one side of one of them, as she readjusted herself, the lace in front giving a further hint as to the size of them as the thin almost see-thru material gave way not only to their coloration, but the enormous diameter of them as well.

"You cum on my tits for me then?" she asked hotly. "You spurt your semen all over them both yes?"

"Yes, yes...and fuck yes!" I told her, my arousal suddenly way off the charts as I now rolled, kneeling on the bed beside her, stroking my dick, rubbing it in fact against the front of her breasts, across them, feeling the soft material of her bra as I pressed the head of my dick against it, against her tits, then slapping my prick against her as well, all the while as she cupped them for me, urging me on with her sexy sounding accent, now punctuated with erotic words, thoughts and ideas as I found myself now having the time of my life!

"I like seeing you, play with your dick!" She spoke urging me on, "I like feeling it slapping my breasts," she added, watching me do that. "And I will like it even more...seeing it squirting all over my black bra, so I can wear it, your cum drying on it, seeing it later, and remembering the way your prick spurted all over them."

Just hearing that was enough.

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