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Mom arrives in the South of France for a visit.

Yuri frowned and touched his forehead and chuckled.

"Do, I have to answer?" His smile was white and flashed in the light from her campfire.

"Yes, err or a good lie." Yuri laughed again.

" A good lie then, see a fire blocks the view of the night sky and I came out here to look at the stars. City lights are so distracting." It was a good lie, many a trip Valerie had foregone a fire just for that reason.

"Okay, stargazer sit down and I will make us some coffee." She hoped the fire hid her blushing cheeks. What had come over her?

"Are you inviting me over? " Again the white smile. Valerie nodded, for some reason he needed her to answer the question.

"Yes." The answer was barely a whisper almost lost in the crackling roar of her fire. Yuri, stepped forward past the number eleven sign. The air around her moved, like the sudden change when a door is opened in a small closed room. She set some water, in a blue tea pot, to boil over the fire. "All, I have is instant" His gaze fell on her, it seemed to have weight, a presence, like a hand caressing her. Valerie, was thankful her back was to him at that moment. Afraid of what his eyes could do to her. "Afraid or curious?" The little voice whispered again in her head. Shut up, she told the voice.

"Why," Yuri asked. "are you here?"

"I needed to get some private time." She had to turn around to face him. Yuri nodded, he was standing by the fire his eyes staring at its dancing yellow and red flames. Yet it still felt as if he was staring at her. Her blush deepened, her face almost hot. The kettle whistled, the steam scream shattering the quiet and breaking her out of her trance. She had moved closer to him and not even realized it or had he moved closer to her? Valerie shook her head and started to spoon Folgers's instant coffee into two steel mugs. His hand closed around her wrist. She looked up started to say something..but looked into his eyes, dark black, deep.

"You don't want to be alone though, do you?" It was more of a statement than a question.

"No." She whispered, Yuri's eyes seemed to drink her in, to hold her, stroke her. Yuri's smile widened. "I want it." Her lips whispered again, what the hell has gotten into her?

"Ask me." She smelled pine and knew that he wouldn't touch her unless she asked him to, her body quivered in want and fear.

"Please." His fingers brushed her hair from her eyes, they traced a line down along across her ear and along her jaw. He tilted her head back and up, his eyes on hers. His smile now a thin line, all lip. Valerie closed her eyes, and leaned against his hand. She could still see his eyes, even though hers where closed.

"You need to do better than that." Yuri's voice floated around her. "How does a girl ask?"

What am I doing, Valerie asked herself. She felt, the words come up into her throat. "Please touch me, sir." She knew better than to use his name. She felt the amused chuckle rumble through him, almost like a cats purr. The air was cool, as fingers unbuttoned her shirt exposing her skin. The fire roared behind her its heat on her back, night air cooling her skin. Full of need, gasping it, he traced a line down between her breasts.

"Better, but you need to ask again." Her mind reeled. What did she need to say, or do? Valerie , leaned back the pine needles pressed against her back, she stretched out her arms, completely open, vulnerable, to do with as he wanted. Something in her mind clicked.

"Anything, anything" Valerie whispered. Yuri's lips warm wet, touched her cheek, his body on top of hers, his hands on her wrists holding her down against the cold ground.

His shirt the material rough against her aroused nipples .

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