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A master and his whore are reunited.

Dinner was now over, including the best part of the meal. I closed my pants and Izabella straightened out her skirt and pulled it down around her ass. It was my turn to pay for dinner and I used a credit card, adding a generous tip for what we considered to be excellent service.

As we left, all the men were again eying Bella's beautiful legs. She turned to me and said in a soft voice "George, I feel like bending over and giving all these guys a real thrill." Because her panties were still in her purse, it would have really been a thrill for them, and Izabella would have enjoyed it too. She resisted the urge though, and we walked serenely out to the parking lot.

On the way back to her apartment, Izabella again opened my pants, pulled out my cock and balls and began fondling them. I drive a large pickup truck because I like driving a large pickup truck with a roomy interior and I keep the seat pushed back. Bella turned sideways and had plenty of room to put her head between my belly and the steering wheel and suck on my cock. The drive to her apartment house was a short one, so she was just preparing me for the love-making that was soon to come. "Here we are", I said when I pulled up in front of her apartment house. Somewhat reluctantly, Izabella removed her mouth from my cock, which was stiff and ready by then, and got out of the truck. After stowing my cock away and zipping up my pants, I followed her through the door, up the stairs and into her apartment. Inside her hallway we stopped and hugged and kissed passionately. I lifted her skirt and caressed her bare hips and ass and then we both headed for the shower.

Izabella turned on the shower and while it was warming up we shed our clothing. Bella has a beautiful figure with large, firm breasts and a curvy ass. Her bathtub is large and enclosed in glass with the shower nozzle on one end and a flat area that is used as a seat on the other end. We took turns washing each others backs and then I soaped up the front of Izabella's beautiful body, actually doing more caressing than soaping, but who can blame me. After the soap had been rinsed off, I took one of Bella's luscious titties in my mouth and began slowly sucking on it. She gently washed off my balls and my cock, which was now stiff again. "Let me sit down", she suggested, pulling me toward the other end of the tub.

Izabella backed up and sat on the flat end of the tub while I followed her, and knelt with one hand on each of her beautiful mounds, keeping my mouth firmly wrapped around one of them. The warm water was still washing over my back as I sucked on her beautiful titty, my tongue flicking and licking the nipple and tracing the areola. I moved my mouth to the twin of the first beauty and continued flicking and licking and sucking. Bella leaned back on her hands, her head against the end of the glass enclosure, enjoying the attention I was paying to her gorgeous glands. Even through the smell of the soap, I detected her delectable juices running in her pussy again, so I began licking my way down her firm belly. I stopped at her belly button and she giggled, and said "Keep going George. My pussy is the wettest part of me." When I reached that wettest part, I started licking the insides of her thighs, which are an erogenous zone for Izabella. Then I switched my attentions to her adorable pussy.

I began by licking up the drops of juice that clung to the edge of Bella's love hole, so they wouldn't go to waste.

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