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A friend's sister, older and more experienced.

For that is the most efficacious means for the disposal of Vampires."

Daniel winced at this graphic description. Jabez Evermann's smile did not fade as he added; "And in any case, when you taste so good alive, what use could you possibly be to me as another cold-blooded fledgling?"

The young man fumed visibly at this.

"You bastard! You just want to keep me alive so that you can feed on me! I'm just a pretty snack to you! Is that it?"

"Not 'just' that," Evermann retaliated in cool, unflustered tones. He looked Danny up and down in a way that heated the mortal's blood, in spite of his disgust.

"You cold-hearted, undead pervert!"

Evermann laughed quietly at that. "Oh, young one! You are a joy, for sure. And a deliciously accommodating guest, I will not deny it."

"You're keeping me here to fuck and feed you!" Danny growled at him. "You're disgusting. You're no better than any of Mister Zelarin's clients. At least they 'paid' for me!"

One pale eyebrow twitched upward at that. Jabez looked thoughtfully at him, the smile finally fading from his handsome, leonine face.

"You would prefer it if I gave you gifts? Did Zelarin do so when 'he' spread your legs?" he enquired.

Danny looked away, muttering; "Fuck off!"

"Just so," Evermann nodded. If he was offended, it did not show in his expression or his voice. "Then I shall explain something to you, child. You are alive today because Rayne Wylde had the compassion in him, even as a Vampire, to stay my hand when I would have bled you dry. It would have been in his best interests to take as much sustenance from you as your feeble body would give him, but he was merciful. And because I hold him in such high regard, I heeded his request."

"I don't understand..." Daniel faltered, a little awkwardly. 'What was Evermann saying? Had Rayne Wylde actually saved his life?

"Then I will speak plainly," the Vampire said. "Wylde is clearly a sentimental creature. Our kind are soul-less, as you presumably know. When we receive the Eternal Kiss what we were in life should cease to be. Of course, the memory prevails and for some this is a difficult transition. Rayne Wylde has tried to cling to his mortal habits. He obviously felt 'sorry' for you. If he has feelings for you then you are useful to me. Should his affection wane, then I might have to reconsider my hospitality." His smile became somewhat clinical as he added; "For now you are entertaining enough."

Danny shuddered as the Vampire shrugged off his robe once more and reached forward to pull the coverlet from his hands. Long, powerful fingers curled with impossible gentleness around his hardening cock and stroked it steadily to full erection. He let himself be drawn back towards that muscular body and closed his eyes as two more intrusive digits probed deliberately between his cheeks, pressing easily past the puckered ring of muscle and on into his twitching passage. He inhaled a sharp breath as he felt Evermann's deft fingers quicken their inward thrusting and the hand around his prick rubbed faster and more firmly. Soon the enticing tickle of smooth flesh against the sensitive gland deep inside his anus left him gasping more frantically and writhing in the Vampire's careful embrace. He rode on the Evermann's pumping hand shamelessly and whimpered his need and disappointment when those clever fingers were so abruptly withdrawn.

A small, hungry moan escaped his lips as he found those skilful probes promptly replaced by Evermann's glossy, silken cock-head. The Vampire's impressive hard-on met little resistance as it eased back into him slowly from behind. Danny shivered with pleasure as he was drawn back into his captor's arms and the fingers which so recently pleasured his anus, now cupped and caressed his throbbing balls and pulled him down firmly onto Evermann's huge, tumescent cock.

His moans grew more urgent and frequent as Jabez began to thrust again, his mouth soft and wet and hungry on Danny's bare neck and shoulder, sowing fresh shivers of lust through his skin.

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