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Mason & Elizabeth's game backfires.

"Yeah, tongue me slut!" alecia cooed, grinding her hips backwards.

Toy continued to play happily inside alecia's cunt, moving one hand down to rub her clit, using the tips of two fingers to rub quick circles over the hard nubbin. Her own desire was growing, causing her to moan into alecia's cunt, the vibrations themselves sending ripples of pleasure through alecia's body.

alecia reached back and grabbed Toy by the hair, pulling her up slightly, "My ass... my asss... tongue it bitch... hurry!" alecia pleaded.

Thinking about the cum she had drank for that very hole just a few hours before, Toy dove into the tight ass, fucking it with her tongue. With the hand rubbing alecia's clit, she extended her thumb and sank it into alecia's cunt, fucking her with it as her fingers continued to assault her clit. Both girls moaned and whimpered under the heat of the shower. Toy's tongue and fingers adding pressure and speed as she did her best to bring alecia off.

"Oh fuck yes!" alecia screamed, a balled fist pounding on the tiled wall in front of her. "Do it you dirty cunt, make me cum with your tongue up my ass!"

Toy whimpered and thrust her tongue in harder, bopping her head like she would sucking a cock, only this time fucking a tight little ass.

alecia screamed as her body shook, pounding on the wall with her fist. "MASTER!!!!!!!" she cried..."MASTER I NEED TO CUM... PLEASE!!!!"

The shrill cry roused Jimmy from his slumber, wondering what now. "What? Huh?" he said slightly groggy.


Jimmy grinned. 'Gotta love showers' he thought to himself. "Oh you do?" he said, dragging it out. "Just whats going on in there that you need to cum?" he hollered back.

alecia's body went rigid as she did her best to stave off her orgasm, pounding the wall repeatedly. "Oh fuck Master... PLEASE PLEASE!! I CANT TAKE MUCH MORE!!!... She's THUMB FUCKING MY CUNT, fuck.. fuck oh God!! ... RUBBING MY CLIT AND SHE'S... oh shit damn fuck ahhhhhhhhh please!!! .... FUCKING ALL HELL OUT OF MY ASS WITH HER TONGUE!!"

Jimmy rolled onto his back, cupping his hands behind his head as he looked to the ceiling, imagining just what his lil slut looked like at that moment. He looked around the room, just for the sake of looking, then looked at the clock, watching a minute tick off. Sighing softly, he grinned and finally hollered back to the bathroom "OK SLUT, YOU CAN CUM NOW."

He listened quietly as his slut came. A series of high pitched squeals and yelps found his ears. He imagined Toy was having to hold on tight to keep alecia somewhat stable. She squealed, she cried, she begged. All in all he could tell she was having a great cum. Suddenly he heard a loud thump echo out of the bathroom.

"What was THAT?" he called out. It was Toy that replied. "It's ok, she's ok. I think her knees just gave out and she fell to the floor. She's got a little dazed look in her eyes Sir"

He smiled to himself, "Oh she's ok, she always gets that look after a great cum." Sure that she was ok, he closed his eyes again and drifted back off.

alecia's eyes fluttered as she looked up at toy, regaining her senses and trying to stand. Toy reached out to take her hand to help her up, and the two embraced in a deep passionate kiss, there breasts rubbing deliciously together.

"Mmmm you clean me almost as well as my Master does" alecia cooed.

"He cleans you?" Toy asked.

"Of course! Master takes great pleasure in keeping his little slave slut clean, soft, and shaven." alecia grinned, reaching down to rub her smooth cunt lips.

"Are... are you going to clean me now?" Toy said shyly.

"Yep, just like my Master instructed!" alecia smiled as she turned to grab the shampoo.

Following Toys regime, alecia took great care in bathing Toy.

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