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Jeremy brings Christy into the wonderful world of submission.

I started to look around and explore. There were all kinds of styles, with all kinds of hemlines and necklines and sleeve configurations.

"Um...what's best for me do you think?" I asked, sifting through some more poofy looking dresses.

"Hmm...well I'd hate for you to hide your legs...but a short dress for prom is a bit odd, especially at Polk. They always do long dresses. So we could maybe get you something with a leg slit? Show off a leg while still keeping it classy," Natalie said, pulling a dress from the rack. I nodded. I guess that was a good idea? I reminded myself that this was not my area of expertise, and I better just stick to Natalie's ideas. She picked a few more dresses for me, carefully holding each one up to my body to get an idea of how it would look.

"Okay so I have, like, five dresses here. Hopefully you'll like one of these. Now if we ca-SHIT! HIDE!" Natalie said, abruptly ducking me down behind a rack of skirts, almost causing me to fall and causing the contents of my purse to spill to the floor

"Jeez Natalie what the hell-"

"SHHH. Quiet. I think I see her."

"Who? See who? What?" I asked as I picked up the things in my purse. At least the tampon hadn't fallen out.

"ASHLEY WITTEN. That bitch. What the fuck is she doing here?"

"Oh shit," I said, moving myself into a position to take a peek above the rack we were hiding behind. I took a quick glimpse and, sure enough, there was Ashley, brunette locks pulled into a tight ponytail, wearing denim shorts and a tank top.

Natalie and Ashley used to actually be pretty good friends. Back in middle school and early high school, they were basically the two queen bitches, the most popular girls in school. However, a rift started to form as Ashley clearly emerged as the bigger bitch of the two, and it all came to a head when Ashley stole Natalie's boyfriend junior year. Well, Ashley won't admit that she did, but she essentially did. Rather than hating each other, Natalie and Ashley instead engaged in fake kindness and pettiness typical of high school girls.

"Okay, here's our plan. We emerge from here, and...uh...go shop someplace else?"

"Jesus Andy, can you think of a better plan?" Natalie snapped.

"Andy? ANDY? Natalie, we can't be doing this Andy shit right now. Ashley could frickin recognize me!" I whispered, almost giving away our position. I felt my heart rate begin to increase.

"Yeah, shit. You're right. Sorry. Okay, Anna, let's just take these dresses and try them on in another department? I'm sure there are fitting rooms somewhere else."

I nodded and gave another peek, and this time Ashley had her back turned, busy hanging up pairs of pants. I gave a nod to Natalie, and we quietly started to make our escape from the women's department.

"OH MY GOD! Natalie?" I heard a voice call from behind us. Natalie audibly groaned and turned around, resigned to the fact that now she'd have to deal with this shit.

"OH MY GOD! Ashley!" Natalie said in her "fake nice" voice. She put extra emphasis on the "Ash" part of Ashley. Natalie and Ashley approached each other and gave each other an incredibly too-friendly hug.

"What are you doing here?" Ashley asked, putting on a similar "fake" voice. I remained silent, not ready to face my first true test as Anna. I could almost feel my pulse without having to use my fingers.

"Oh, we're just shopping for prom dresses. You know how Polk has their prom next week."

"Yes I do! Who are you going with? I'm going with Carlos" Ashley asked.

"Cameron, he plays basketball over there."

"Oh that's exciting! Now, are these dresses for you, or for you...friend?" she asked, turning her eyes towards me.

"Hi, I'm Anna," I said, almost in my guy voice. I recovered just in time and put my feminine voice on. "I'm a really old friend of Natalie's. She said a friend of hers needed a date so I figured why not?"

"Oh that's exciting! Who's your date?" she asked, not quite in the same fake tone that she used with Natalie, but in a tone that sti

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