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A couple explores their fantasies while on vacation.

And there it was...

She sighed as she removed her headphones, pulling her dark shades down on her nose looking out over the top of them, " Are we almost there?" She noticed he was mouthing her words looking straight ahead, he knew his Shay. She couldn't help but laugh.

"Well, Tony, I need to..." he started shaking his head grinning and said "Uh Uh...Not going to work Shay Lyn. If you need to pee, cross them legs. I told you this would be a non stop drive."

She had pulled that trick on him so many times. And she would never except stopping at a rest stop or station. It had to be a Shopping Center or Mall. He knew she was trying it again. She smiled... knowing he knew it.

She tried all the things from her childhood to make the drive go smooth...counting 18 wheelers, trying to get them to honk, doing the slug bug thing when she seen Volkswagens and then she even filed her nails. She brushed her hair. He knew she was getting restless.

She propped her arm on the door facing and leaned her head on her fist. He smiled to himself, she was like a child and always kept him intrigued.

She sat and thought of things trying to keep her mind occupied as to not get so bored. She realized she was looking at his strong legs. They were so muscled and tanned. Not a lot of hair. She took herself back to a night when she started at his toes. Him laying butt naked on his tummy as she began to rub and massage his feet and his calves. She remembered his squirming when she was kissing and dragging her soft lips on the that sweet spot behind his knees. He was ticklish. As she moved up his hard thighs she could feel the heat radiating from his balls on her face. She had him roll over on his back. His hard cock waving to her as he stretched out his arms above his head. She placed the tip of her tongue on his balls. And started making little circles with her tongue. His moans were driving her crazy. She opened her mouth wide and took his right testicle in her warm, wet mouth and held it. Mouthing it gently.

She realized that the slight vibration of the Jeep was really causing her a nice feeling between her legs while she allowed those sweet memories dance in her head. She shifted her ass in the seat and pulled her body away from the door and was more centered in the bucket seat. Shay had to touch him. And then she noticed a Billboard. "Super Mall"...5 miles was all she caught as they passed the sign.

She reached to the front of his shorts. He jumped and let out a, " Whoa..!!!" and placed his hand over hers, giving it a little squeeze. She then slid her hand under the T-shirt.

He looked at her with his smile that always melted her, she quickly slid her hand under the waistband of his shorts.

He looked at her over the top of his shades and told her,"Hey...let me drive lady."

She smiled and told him, " I'm just going to help you shift the gears."

He replied while shifting in his seat, " More like stroking my gears Baby. Keep that thought in that pretty little head. We will be there in an hour or so." The whole time he was sucking his belly in, allowing her room to lower her hand. She took his growing cock.

"OK Shay...this is not cool while I'm driving," he replied with a little shaking in his voice.

She leaned over to him. Tugging at the waist of his shorts allowing his cock to wave in front of him between his tummy and the steering wheel. He filled his lungs with air so deep as she placed her head under his arm that was in control of the steering wheel, taking her mouth to his hard cock. She felt him shudder as she took him into her mouth and began to work her tongue all over his cock.

She was overtaken by the task at hand.

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