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Bree Meets Sigourney, the love of his life.

Lokesh's cultured ways mattered. He was a sensitive and inventive lover. He continuously tried things which she had never experienced and was always looking to see it gave her pleasure. She had no way of knowing how a virgin could be like that. The truth of the matter was that Lokesh had seen so many sensuous and erotic scenes in movies of all sorts that not only had he many things to try out, but he also kept checking if Laxmi's reaction was as shown in those movies.

Sometimes it was as expected, for instance when he took her from behind. Sometimes it exceeded expectations especially when he sucked her to violent orgasms. And at other times, it felt short, notably she had mouthed him beautifully but never really made him cum or swallowed it the way he had seen it in movies.

Perhaps the uncle was similarly cultured but based on the case he made out, the action he pleased for, he was unlikely to be experienced or imaginative. But this cock, impressive in its size for unparalleled. She had never had anyone so large. The slick and immediate wetness between her legs was in anticipation of a mega-fuck and similarly sized orgasm.

"What do you want to do?" she asked, gently stroking him back and forth, but not in her grip. Her hand was small. She herself was small-ish in front of his large frame. She merely continued to stroke the base of his cock without constraining him so that it leaped, jerked and bobbed on its own, with precum leaking now at the excitement of being touched by a woman.

He could not remember when it had ever happened.

"I just want you to take charge of me," he mumbled in heated passion.

"That's twice in a row," thought the maid. And each was at the other end of the age spectrum. One turned just 19 and stepping into manhood. And the other staring at matters of old age -- though the hardness belied that. Not the size -- the hardness. That he had a large cock was one thing and that it was able to achieve such a full erection was quite another matter.

Laxmi knew because of certain other older men who had tried their luck with her. many had desire in the mind to fuck her but were not able to bodily take her. even when she had allowed it, it had not always worked. So yes, Nagaraj was impressive in his willingness and ability.

"Do we have the time?" asked Laxmi, her fingers capturing the viscous fluids and using it to tease his cockhead.

"Ah," gasped the old man, his nerves tingling like that of a young man. "I don't know. When does he return?" he managed to stutter.

"In a couple of hours, though he has come early to have me," whispered Laxmi. Her pussy was now bubbling with warmth. She needed something. But what? Unlike her other untutored lover, this one seemed to view himself as the center of all sexuality and his cock at the center of that universe.

"So, we cannot be sure," whispered Nagaraj rocking back and forth trying to make her form a sheath of her hand sufficient to pleasure her.

"we may get caught," she replied, dropping to her knees. The monster was now in her face. She tugged it down and left it to spring back up. Flecks of his precum spattered on her face and hair. Involuntarily she pursed her lips to avoid the spray. Then, quite contrariwise she kissed the moist and dripping bulbhead.

"Laxmi!" wailed the man above her head. He had barely ever been caressed, let alone kissed.

She walked down the pillar with her lips and judged that it was not something she could take into her mouth in any meaningful way. At best, she could take the cockhead and swirl her tongue around it. Anything more would most likely choke her.

And that gave her a proper estimate of size. She was not going to let this guy mount her. it would be brutal and dangerous. He might tear her apart, especially since his passion was on edge.

"You think he will come?" asked the uncle nervously about his nephew.

"I don't know about him," replied Laxmi, standing up and this time she did try to hold him in her fist.

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