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She gives the gift of woman-woman love to her new friend.

Using his left hand, he took hold of his erection, which he rubbed again a couple of time between her cunt's lips, then he aimed it against her rear hole.

At that moment, just before he got into position behind her, I experienced a strong urge to shout at him so as to make him stop. Instead, I had to watch him open her butt's cheeks with both hands and gradually moved his body forward while aiming the tip of his cock over her rear hole.

He had no trouble at all pushing the thick head into her ass; it became evident to me that he had often fucked that hole before.

I couldn't believe my ears and eyes when I observe her reaction to the presence of his cock in her rear hole. She kept pushing back against him while at the same time demanding that he shove it deeper. After a couple of seconds, she reached between her legs and griped his balls with her right hand, she proceeded to squeeze them while pulling as if trying to force him deeper within her rectum.

After fucking her a long time that way, he finally came into her rear hole -- judging by the spasmodic tightening of his butt -- and as soon as he pulled out of her, they both felt on their back next to each other.

They rested thus for a long time, then I listen to them as they talked. They were both making fun of me, Rachel told him that I had often beg her to let me take her ass, but she has always refused her ass to me since it belonged to him only.

As I listen to her telling her lover why she had always refused her ass to me, it took all of my will power to remain calm. I had to fight a strong urge to show myself, an urge to climb through the opened window and strangle her. She had happily and most willingly given to another man what should have been rightfully mine only.

The only thing that prevented me from rushing into the bedroom and creating pain to both of them, was the promises that I made to myself at that moment. The very next time that I was going to be with Nancy, I was going to take her rear hole, with or without her consent.

I had to pull away from the window for a while so that I could no longer hear what they were saying about me. By now I was crying and I felling sorry for myself, of course this further served to feed my anger toward both of them.

At that moment, I regretted the fact that I hadn't brought a camera with me and thus have access to proofs of her cheating.

By now I knew that I was going to file for divorce, I needed convincing arguments of her cheating in front of the judge and try and get custody of Sandy. Seeing your wife, the woman that you love, secretly having sex with another man is a devastating experience. I could no longer endure to watch them or listen to what they were saying, so I quietly walked back to the truck.

Rachel came home at her usual time after work that day. She immediately went upstairs to take a shower while I finished preparing supper for the family just like I usually did on those days she was working. We didn't talk much to one another but we both paid much attention to Sandy who was telling us all about her day at school.

That same night, while we were in bed I used her body again. She tried to protest and to prevent me from having sex with her but I simply climbed on top of her and didn't let her weak protest stop me. At first she tried to talk me out of it, claiming that she was sore from all the fucking I done with her recently, but when she realized she couldn't convince me, she gave up and let me have my way with her body.

After fucking her in the missionary position, I made her place herself on her hand and knees on the bed and I proceeded to fuck her from behind. A few minutes later, I held her tight with my right arm around her waist, then pulling myself out of her cunt, I used my left hand to guide the head of my cock against her rear hole.

The instant she realized what was my intention, she began to try to move away from me.

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