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A worker and her boss do more than work.

That's a recipe for disaster for many of them. Credit is far too easy to get these days."

They arrived back at the apartment building and struggled with all their packages. The cab driver was not helpful at all, hence his tip was very small. He snarled something in a foreign language before pulling away.

"Does that go on here all the time?" Jesse asked as he watched the yellow taxi disappear around the first corner.

"No ... but it isn't rare," she sighed. "Some of these drivers can't speak enough English to understand where you want to go. The company owners claim they have to have at least a working knowledge of the language and the city, but I doubt that's true from what I've experienced. If I'm in any doubt about them, I write out the address and hand it to them. Then there are no excuses."

Jesse kept his opinion to himself. He wasn't impressed with the lack of courtesy the driver showed and was pleased that Eve hadn't tipped him. Was rudeness another part of this new world he could expect?

He'd noticed that other than the cab driver, no cash had changed hands despite all their purchases. A plastic card seemed to be enough, and it wasn't only a credit card, Eve advised him. She called it a debit card, one that took the money directly out of her chequing account. The device the driver gave her was electronic with no wires, yet she was able to connect to the bank with it. Amazing!

They managed to get most of the parcels up to the apartment, leaving only a couple of awkward ones in the locked mailbox area. Jesse returned to the little enclosure with a key card and emptied the box before bringing the remaining parcels up to the apartment. He had yet to see anyone on his travels in the elevator or in the lobby.

"How many people live in this building?" he asked Eve.

"There are seventy units, but some aren't occupied. For instance, 1402 is empty. Apparently it's owned by someone from Hong Kong, but I don't think there's even any furniture in the place. That's become more common as people from other countries buy property to speculate that inflation will bring them a nice fat return when they go to sell the place. Most of the people living here work during the day, so there isn't much traffic to contend with on the elevator."

"This world is getting stranger and stranger," Jesse said as he flopped into the swivel rocker by the front window.

"I'm sure it must seem that way to you," Eve agreed. "I guess the rest of us have just gotten used to it. As we go along, I'm going to try and teach you what you need to know about how to live in this century. Some of if will be easy, and some of it will be difficult for you. You'll just have to trust me. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. I'm here to help you adapt ... remember?" she smiled.


Mica arrived home just after six, having spent the last two hours with Tony Birani, his friend and schoolmate. Tony lived on the sixth floor with his parents and younger brother. The Biranis were of Lebanese origin, and Tony's father was a successful businessman in the plastics industry. Tony and Mica were in the same class at school and had developed a friendship before either realized they lived in the same building.

"Hi Mom," the boy said as he closed the front door and unburdened his backpack.

"I'm in the kitchen, Mica. Come and meet Jesse," she called.

Mica dropped the pack on the sofa and headed for the kitchen. He could smell dinner and was immediately hungry.

"Mica, this is Jesse Peterson. He's going to be staying with us for some time."

Jesse smiled at the young lad. "Hi, Mica. Nice to meet you."

"Yeah ... nice to meet you too," the boy answered less than enthusiastically.

"Where's he going to sleep, Mom?" was his first question.

"In the guest room. I've cleaned up your things and put them in your room," she noted.

Mica didn't look pleased, but knew there was no point in arguing about it.

"Sorry to mess up your life, Mica," Jesse said, still smiling.

"Yeah ... sure," the boy said, heading for his bedroom.

"Dinner in ten minute

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