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Geeky sister proves her sexual abilities.

Now, it is important for you to know that I am not doing this to Susan because I hate her or even to punish her for something she has done. She will not admit it but she loves it. Look at her nipples, hard as nails sticking through the holes.'

I tweaked hem both. I pushed my fingers through the gap in the crotch.

'As I knew it would be, wringing wet, as I suspect some of you may be. So, any of you girls that have moistened at anything I have said or done today or any guys that may have a hard-on, should easily be able to adapt to the lifestyle, as I will continue to call it. If there are any more questions catch me around the floor, ring me or even better invite us round to your flat and we can talk it over in peace, with a bottle of wine and with most of our clothes removed. It may increase your 'minutes' listing. It is now nearly ten o'clock, at which time the cameras will start to roll. We have an extension to one o'clock so there is no rush to do anything, the drinks will remain free all night and the remains of the buffet is still there against the wall. I have a couple of games that we can play in due course and I really hope that by the end of the evening we will not be wearing quite so many clothes. That of course is up to you. One last thing for couples who want to stay monogamous is to say that groping is not sex, as Bill Clinton would have said, and between consenting adults it is both allowed and enjoyable. Groping is a particularly ugly word, perhaps I should say fondling. Fondling does not have to lead to sex. So, to summarize, if someone wants to fondle you, perhaps you could see it as a compliment. That is todays thought for the day. Thank you for coming. I hope you enjoy the rest of the party, and I look forward to having more conversations with you over the next few weeks.'
I was a little surprised. My talk had obviously gone down fairly well as I got applause, even muted cheering as I finished. Maybe it was just because I had finished. I moved to the bar to top up my glass. I had a dried mouth and it felt like I had been speaking for hours.

'Did I miss anything?' I said to Darren.

'I don't think so. You were great. I am not sure Susan will ever talk to you again,' he grinned.

'Look at her, circulating with the two wine bottles. She has not done the buttons up. And no, I didn't discuss it with her beforehand. She hates to love it. But she does. Right, we should circulate too. Did you get my hint about the groping. Give it a try. Watch me.'

I walked up to the nearest group of people, Joanne was talking to Emily, Graham, Patsy and Louis. 'Hi Joanne, I am sorry I did not get a chance to talk to you before I started speaking, how are you?'

I kissed her cheek, slipped my hand around her bottom and pinched it hard enough that she jumped slightly, alerting all the others that I had fondled her. She rubbed her bottom back hard into my hand. It was pretty obvious what she was doing.

'I am fine thanks Alex, looking forward to these monthly parties of yours. Will they be here?'

'Very probably, certainly for the first one or two. We mostly live around here so can have a few drinks and walk or take a cheap cab. We may find somewhere better but the landlord, Les, seems to like us.'

I moved my glass into the other hand and turned towards the other four in the group. 'How did I do? What are your first reactions?'

I slipped my hand around Emily's waist and lowered it over her bottom, not a pinch this time, just a caress. She took a deep breath and I saw Graham, her partner, looking at my hand. 'I thought you were very honest,' she said. 'I am not sure what we think yet. Like you, we were never told quite what was expected of us, but like you we could never afford our own flat so would have to go back to living with parents. We have only been together about six months but are really happy, aren't we Graham?'

'Very much so,' he said.

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