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Hubby's boss samples her wares.


"Baby girl, just look at me."

Turning her head, her eyes lock onto his, with his devilish little grin he repeats the same thing, his tongue running slowly up the entire length of her thong, stopping at the top for a moment just staring at her, in a teasing sort of fashion, dragging his teeth over her thong, as he takes his hand slapping her ass cheek softly, she shrieks as her body tenses, placing his hand flat on the small of her back, pulling her thong to the side with his teeth, slowly slipping his thumb in between the crack of her ass, teasing her rose bud gently, his tongue gliding slowly up and down the length of her pussy lips, ever so softly his tongue encircles her clit, driving her body into spasms.

Feeling her insides twisting and turning she didn't want him to stop, ever so slowly he begins to slide his thumb inside her rose bud as his tongue began to slide up inside her ever so wet, so tight pussy all at one time.

Her ass pushing back against his thumb wanting more inside her, her pussy beginning to grind against his mouth as her hands came to rest on the edge of the tub, her fingers grabbing onto the side, her back arching, her soft moans now turning to screams, his thumb working in and out of her a little harder and faster as his tongue slid deeper inside her, finding her g-spot concentrating on it.

"OH FUCK DADDY, PLEASE OH GOD PLEASE DON'T STOP!!!" she screams out in her sexy little whiny voice that her daddy loves so much.

The harder and faster that he worked on her g-spot, and inside her rosebud the faster and harder she would grind against his mouth, his moans and growls now growing louder as he knew what he was about to create.

"Come on baby girl, cum for daddy, give it all to me, daddies hungry."

With that all in one swift yet gentle motion he pushes his thumb inside her rose bud up to his very last knuckle, as he pushes his tongue now as deep inside her as he possibly could, that was all it took, feeling her muscles inside her pussy grabbing onto his tongue as Kim's body shivered and shook, her screams so loud they echoed off the walls of the tub, his hand wrapped around her leg pulling her in closer to him, holding her in position as she released all her love juices that her daddy wanted so badly.

As Kim's body began to come back down she began to shake, Darnell stands up, standing behind her standing her up with him, wrapping his arms around her, holding her tightly, not tight enough to hurt her but tight enough so that she knows he's there; holding her close to him.

"I love you baby girl." He whispers softly in her ear.

"I love you daddy." She whispers in her soft sexy little voice.

Slowly she turns in his arms, facing him she rests her head on his chest, he reaches in the shower turning it on, as the water warms up he takes her face into his hands looking deep into her eyes, kissing her softly yet passionately, taking two steps back slowly he unbuttons the buttons on the shirt she's wearing, only to find to his enjoyment that the only thing under that shirt is her.

Gently he takes her breasts into his hands massaging them ever so gently, taking her nipples between his first finger and his thumb twisting and tweaking them lightly, she moans softly as her head goes back, placing his hands flat in the middle of her back holding her from falling back, gently he leans in taking one nipple into his mouth, sucking, licking and nibbling softly, her eyes close as she enjoys the sensations that are running through her being.

Slowly her hand roams down his side over his hip coming to rest on his now hard, rigid, bulging mass that tents against his shorts, massaging it ever so gently, raking her nail tips over it lightly, yet firmly enough to send wave after wave of erotic sensations through his entire being, as he moans softly.

Little by little she begins to open his shorts, wanting that mass in her hand, lowering his shorts over his hips, slowly and gently encasing his member with her hand, his b

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