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Wife discovers his secret and suggests a course of action.

I kissed her neck and behind her ears, traced my tongue around her lips and whispered, "Open the robe for me Anna. I have been dying to see your naked body for months."

"Oh Jim, what are we doing? This is not right." She opened the robe and I stepped back to drink in her tiny beauty. It was all I remembered and more. Little firm tits virtually jutting out like cupcakes, the nipples pointing straight at my chest. Small waist and lovely round hips framing her shaved pussy.

"God you are beautiful Anna. I love looking at you. You shaved your pussy. Did you do that for me? It looks delicious."

"Oh, I don't know why I did it. But yes, I was thinking of you." Anna was virtually writhing in anticipation.

I smiled and fingered her nipples and said, "I told you that it would be nipples first, and they look ready." They were ready all right, literally bursting. I bent and tasted one and then the other. But then I said, "Take my cock out Anna. I still remember your hands holding it the first time."

As we backed apart to provide room, I slipped my fingers down to her pussy, rubbed the shaved mound a bit, and then slipped two fingers in along her slit and massaged between the lips and her legs.

She worked on my belt and zipper as I sucked her nipples harder and harder. She was groaning and fumbling trying to keep her mind on getting my cock out.

She slipped her hand into my shorts and grabbed my cock, using the other hand to push the shorts down. "Ah my God," she moaned, "It feels bigger even than the last time. It is so thick. I want it in me. But we shouldn't be doing this."

My fingers had now begun to explore her slit. Did you ever notice how a woman with a shaved pussy feels totally naked? I slid one knee between her legs spreading her to allow my fingers full access. Her cunt was smoking hot. Her clit was swollen and firm. I spread her pussy juice around between her legs and back to her butt hole. I rubbed the lips between my fingers before sliding both fingers into her hole, one each side of her clit.

"It is ready Anna, sit on the bed and let me taste you."

"Oh no, oh no, I never counted on this, I am not sure Jim." She sat on the edge of the bed and spread as I kneeled between her legs.

I looked at her and inserted one finger in her pussy hole. Our eyes locked as I pulled the finger out and licked it. She realized that I was serious and closed her eyes in surrender and settled back bracing herself on her elbows.

I was slow and deliberate, using my hands to spread her legs, working my mouth up between them from her knees to her pussy. I hovered over it, sensing her tense and then raise her hips upwards. The clit was jutting out of the slit and I flicked it with my tongue. Her body jerked in response.

I moved her legs up over my shoulders, and kissed her lips while circling around them with my tongue tip. I pressed my tongue flat on the pussy lips and rubbed. She gasped, using her hands to pull my face tight against it.

"Oh my goodness, this is so bad but so good. I have never had anything like this; your tongue is driving me mad. Oh Jim, take me any way you want," she prattled on as I tongue lashed her from butt hole to slit top.

I stood up in front of her. My cock was pointing straight at her face as I held her head. She look startled, her glance going from my cock up to my eyes and back. I felt my cock stiffen more as she took it in her hand.

"Taste it Anna. Use your tongue on it." I grit my teeth as she flicked her tongue on it. "Run your tongue around the knob." I groaned as she grew more adventurous. By this time she was holding my cock like an ice cream cone.

"What now Jim, it is too big for my mouth. What do you want me to do? Just tell me," she moaned. Actually she was doing quite well and I had no complaints. "Take it in your lips Anna, as much as you can, it will feel so good, don't worry."

She took more as I pressed her head to me.

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