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Ex tries to force her, but she turns the turns the tables.

Their lips separated and he looked into her eyes. Staring back at him, she nodded.

He slowly unbuttoned the top button of her blouse, then the next one. He reached the last button and parted the silk to each side. The girl's modest breast fit neatly into her lace bra. Her flat stomach was soft and pale. She stood up in front of him and shrugged the blouse from her shoulders, and it fell to the floor. She grabbed the bottom of his T-shirt, and he lifted his arms over his head as she peeled the shirt from his hard body. He put his hands on her hips and slid her skirt down revealing matching panties. She turned her back to him showing off her tight little butt. She reached between her shoulder blades and unclasped her bra. Letting the straps fall from her shoulders, the bra slipped to the floor. She turned back around, her arm and hand covering her tiny mounds. Almost bare, she blushed a little and grinned at him.

He stood and stepped toward her. He placed his palms on her slender hips, pulling her close. She put her arms around his neck and their chests pressed against one another. When their lips parted, her hands made their way down to his belt. She unclasped the belt and then unbuttoned his jeans. The zipper was next. She slowly slid the zipper down. She guided his jeans over his hips until they dropped. He stepped out of the fabric that had gathered at his feet. The two were now standing in nothing but their underwear. The ample bulge in his boxer briefs made her body tingle. He quickly grabbed her by the hips and picked her up. She threw her legs around his waist. Her tiny nipples were pointing strait at his face. He took one in his mouth and sucked gently then slightly nibbled. She let out a gasp and moaned softly.

He turned and put her down on her back. The mattress accepted her gently. His mouth never left her small tit. He brought one of his hands up to the other small mound on her chest and lightly pinched the nipple. Her small breast was enveloped in his large palms as he gently squeezed. She couldn't contain her moaning when his other hand found her wet slit. He rubbed her through her panties. He could feel the juices soaking through the lace. He grabbed the elastic band running around her waist. She lifted her hips as he slid the panties passed her ass. He threw the small wad of lace on the floor and looked at the perfect body lying in front of him. The girl felt shivers running through her nubile body as he ran his hand over her bare vulva. She was ready.

She nodded at him again. He stood up and pushed his boxer briefs to the floor. As he climbed onto the bed, she watched his swelling member as it grew harder. His girthy rod was about six inches long. He came to rest next to her on the bed.

He looked into her eyes questioningly, and her eyes gave him the answer. He rolled toward the night stand and reached into the drawer. His hand emerged with a small square package. He removed the condom and slid it down his broad member, climbed on top of her, and positioned himself between her legs. After one last silent conversation, he slowly slid his penis between her little labia. He pushed further as a wince escaped her. He felt a pressure against the tip. He pushed through and she let out a shout. He lowered his body onto hers and held her. After a moment, he pushed the rest of his cock into the tight hole. She moaned.

Her tight pussy was soaked with juices as he slid in and out of her deflowered vagina.

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